Experimental Muscle Version 2.0


By John Liesch

Logan nodded then said, "And it just gets better." He flexed his pecs, pulling his shoulders forward and in. He pinched a hard nipple riding low on the great crest of muscle. Then he rubbed the chasm between his pecs and half his hand disappeared in the crevice. I found the soap and began lathering his chest. His abs, razor sharp bricks, raised a mass of bubbles. Logans hands stroked mine as I dug my fingers in his abs. He pulled my hands to his pecs the took mine in a fierce grip. As we massaged and kneaded each other's flexing pecs, I felt my dick stiring and lengthening. I threw my neck back and moaned in abandon. Thrusting my hips forward, my dick found Logan's and stiffened instantly. It was beginning to show the effects of the growth factor and my balls were definitely bigger.

Logan lifted me by my elbows and attacked one of my nipples. My soap slicked hands ran over his delts as big and striated as pumpkins. His 28 inch biceps, as big and hard as cannon balls, easily supported my weight. Logan's tongue sent jolts from my nipple to my dick. He knew just how hard to bite, relaxing the pressure just enough so that next time could be a little more intense.

"Yeah, work those tits, muscle stud." Logan's traps dwarfed my hands and I squeezed the wet, hard slabs with each assault of his teeth on my tit. He released my tortured nipple and let me slide down against his body. Another jolt racked my body as my nipple hit his pec. Logan grabbed my aching cock and bounced his chest against mine.

Logan leaned towards me and punctuated his words with kisses, "How--about--washing--my back." One more kiss then he turned around and leaned against the wall. It would take me hours to explore the rocky terrain of his back that sent the cascade of water pouring off his body in rapids and waterfalls. I thought the sweep of his lats was inhuman until he flexed them even wider. His legs were spread the width of his metre wide shoulders and still his quads created a tight fit for my dick. The thick columns of muscle along his spine formed a channel for water to run down and onto my crotch. Not even liquid hydrogen could cool my lust for this muscle behemoth. I did remember to soap up his back and suds lubricated the friction between his slabs of muscle and my shredded chest. My body fat had plummetted to zero and all that energy was at my disposal.

I felt reason decay and instinct take over with the power coursing through my muscles. My hips were jerking forward of their own accord. Logan reached around and guided my dick to his waiting asshole. We were both beyond words and none were needed. I used all of my remaining self control to slow my initial thrust to avoid hurting him, as if I could damage the muscle giant. But Logan wanted none of that and rammed his ass on my dick. My body went into overdrive and I fucked him harder than I had ever fucked anyone else. I threw myself against that wall of muscle again and again, harder and harder. Logan's ass clenched mightily against my pouding, expanding cock. Grabbing his shoulders for even more leverage and power, I added the strength of my 20 inch arms to fucking Logan. He was shuddering against my animalist fucking, my thrusts powerful enough to send ripples along his immense hard flexed muscles.

I shifted my stance and pulled his upper body back against mine. I bent my knees under his and took his dick at the base. Clawing his pec with my other hand, I pumped his ass and jerked his big dick. I bit his trap and barely made an indendation. I continued ramming my dick up his ass with one hand full of hard dick and the other massive pectorals. Logan raised his arms in a double biceps and roared.

"Yes, Yes, YES!" We chanted in unison, then, "Muscle, Muscle, MUSCLE!" My shout as I came shook the shower room walls. I kept on fucking while I shot load after load into Logan's incredible ass. His huge body began to quake with the force of his oncoming orgasm, forcing me to slow my fucking. Suddenly every muscle in Logan's freaky body flexed at once and an arc of cum hit the shower spray and rained down hot on my face. It felt as if I had hit a brick wall! I slammed to a halt and hugged him as tightly as I could, the last loads still leaving my dick. I opened my mouth to catch a huge spurt of Logan's cum and swallowed it. My stomach growled and I realized how hungry I felt. I strained to catch the last drop of his muscle cum that travelled the vast distance over his body.

Logan began relaxing muscle after huge muscle with suddering breaths. I pulled my dick out of his ass in short jerks, my muscles still vibrating with the force of my orgasm. Logan twitched and his glutes trapped my dick and the hard muscle pressed against a dick longer than I was used to. I pulled out and looked at my still hard cock.

"Wow," I whispered.

Logan turned around with a wicked look on his face and said, "Come into my lab and see what's on the slab."

We both burst out laughing. Logan looked as if he was enjoying this more than I was, if that were possible. I had barely reached a new equilibrium and he was eager to get me growing. I couldn't blame him, I was practically bouncing off the walls with the energy the growth factor had released.

"You have to see yourself, Mike. You look incredible."

I felt incredible, but my guts were roiling, demanding to be emptied while my hunger was growing. I had no choice but to make a detour to the toilet. We rinsed off and Logan headed back to the lab. I answered nature's call and then raced to the lab.


I was suprised my head didn't hit the ceiling as I moved. It felt like I was walking on the moon, my normal stride sent me bouncing into the lab. Then I caught sight of myself in the full-length mirror. Man! I just stood and stared slack-jawed. Engorged veins rode high and hard on every muscle. I would have thought it impossible to achieve zero body fat, but there was absolutely nothing between my thin bronzed skin and my muscles. Talk about striations! If anything, I was even more shredded than Logan. From bulked-up, off-season condition to the finest contest shape in minutes!

I started to notice other changes in my body. My appendectomy scar and stretch marks had completely disappeared and the slight assymetry in my abs was gone. In fact, all the differences between my left and right side were gone. This stuff worked better than I had ever imagined and I hadn't even drunk any growth fuel yet. I estimated that I weighed 220 pounds, and at 6 feet tall I felt little more than skin and bones in comparison to Logan. Where Logan resembled the cartoon character, Maxx Rep, I looked more like a lanky colt with a broad frame that would be able to support huge amounts of muscle.

And hung! My dick was only a little longer but half again as thick as it was before the shot, a vein-covered iron rod hard enough to drive holes through the wall. I was almost afraid to touch myself, afraid that what I saw wasn't real, but my heightened awareness of my muscles told me that what I saw was only too real.

I brushed the water from my hair and watched my biceps and triceps flex. Fuck, even my forearms were striated. A deep growl escaped my lips and I hit a most muscular. I was getting high on muscle. I went through my posing routine very aggressively, the challenge my posing implied clear on my face. I moved fluidly from pose to pose, able to flex in isolation every single muscle.

Effortlessly, I dropped to a full splits, I was now more flexible than a gymnast. Hell, I was more flexible than a contortionist. I grabbed my foot and lay my forehead on my knee. My tongue explored the bulges of muscle around my knee. My posing display turned into a muscle flexing self-worship session. I pushed up into a handstand and craned my neck to get a look at my back in the mirror. I lost my balance when I saw how defined my back was and my feet hit the mirror. I dropped my shoulders to the floor and let my ass slide down the mirror and was shocked when my dick hit my chin! Fuck yeah! Talk about dreams coming true! Lightening quick, I shifted my position and got a throatful of my own dick! Sucking my own dick was indescribeable! I pulled myself deeper and deeper down my throat, my moans of pleasure vibrating against my balls. Then my nose touched my balls and I felt them contract, triggering a powerful orgasm. I came in torrents. My own cum pulsed out of my dick down my throat. Man, it was hot! I swallowed my jism greedily, trying to sate my gnawing hunger, but not fast enough and it overflowed my mouth and onto my pecs. Then I heard a floor-shaking bellow and felt Logan's cum add to the pool on my chest and abs.

"Oh god, Mike! Fucking hot man!"

I twisted around and sat against the mirrored wall. Logan had his hands wrapped around his dick and even then two hands weren't enough to completely cover his dick. A long trail of cum covered the dozen feet between us. 360 pounds of muscle produces a lot of cum!

"Yeah! You didn't tell me I would be able to suck my own dick."

"I didn't know. It never occured to me. I was too busy getting off on my muscles."

"I can understand that. Man I feel great! Hungry, but great."

"I can help with the hunger. Each one of these containers should give you 25 pounds of muscle. You ready to get big?" Logan stepped aside and pulled up a cart loaded with growth fuel.

"Fuck yeah!" I bounded to my feet and reached for a container of muscle growth fuel. It was a lot heavier than I thought it would be, maybe three times heavier than an equal amount of water. I lifted the container to my lips and took a deep breath. Logan supported the container with one hand and my shoulder with the other. We turned to face the mirror and threw back my head and drank.

It felt like drinking molten lead, the liquid was so dense. It had no real taste, but it tasted great, like something my body craved. I didn't need to swallow, I just let the heavy liquid pour down my throat to my empty, waiting stomach. I managed to get a couple of quarts down and then I couldn't swallow any more, no matter how hard I tried. A hard, dense knot of fuel filled my stomach and even my throat. It took all my self-control not to bring up this muscle growing potion.

My throat pulsed as the muscles worked to push the heavy liquid into my stomach. Then something gave way in my guts as the fuel moved to fill my intestines and bowels. Greedily I drained the rest of the container and reached for another. Halfway through the second container, I felt what seemed like an explosion go off in my stomach, only in very slow motion and every ounze more of the fuel I drank seemed to intensify the sensation. Then the explosion seemed to fracture into a million iron splinters shooting from my guts to every part of my body. I dropped the container and yelped, not from pain but from the incredible feeling of being penetrated from in the inside out. It felt like a total body fuck. Still in slow motion, the myriad spikes of grow fuel expanding from my stomach to my muscles split into finer and finer branches like a ball of lightening shot in time lapse.

My skin became very hot and I had to stand away from Logan. My heart beat and breathing became laboured as my body struggled to move the fuel from my stomach to my extremities. My vision grew dim and everything but my body seemed far away and insubstantial. Even Logan seemed small and far away. I felt very heavy, as if I had swallowed a couple of 25 pound plates. I felt a tingling start in my skin that grew more intense with each beat of my heart. I wanted to scream but I couldn't and any movement I made intensified the sensations wracking my body from pleasure into gut-searing pain. My arousal before was nothing compared to now as I felt the waves of mass approach my muscles. Already I felt heavier and my limbs leaden. My dick felt so hard heavy that I was afraid it break off. But I wanted to grow!

Taking a huge breath, I pushed! The pressure increased beyond bearing, then like a damn breaking, like rain falling on a desert, I began to grow. One by one, randomly and unevenly, my muscles grew. I jerked and twitched like a puppet on strings as one muscle after another bulged larger and larger as each one became engorged with blood and fuel, like hundreds of cocks becoming hard and full, then growing even larger. Sensations like slow-motion orgasms accompanied each spurt of growth. First one ridge of my abs grew bigger and harder, then a second later another and another. Slowly but with increasing speed every muscle on my body grew bigger. My left pec pulsed with increased size and then my right quad. My serratus grew in a wave that I could watch roll across the muscles. My back felt like it was being punched as pockets of mass appeared one by one. My growth came faster as two then three then more muscles each absorbed the fuel and grew.

Then a rush hit me hard as huge wave of growth crashed into all my muscles. I screamed as my entire body expanded at once. My arms were already an inch bigger around and still growing. I savagely shook my head to clear my vision. Finally I could see my muscles growing but nothing, not even watching Logan grow, could have prepared me for the sight I saw. Relentlessly my muscles grew. Bigger. Harder. Wider. Fuller. I grew like a mutant weed. My dick hit 9 inches and kept on growing. Logan stood back, watching me grow and jerking off, letting me concentrate, at least this time, only on my own growth.

My quads grew thicker speading my legs apart, easily as big as Demayo's. My lats expanded and pushed my arms further from my sides. My traps bulged higher up my thickening neck. I was as big as Matarazzo and growing bigger, approaching the size of Dillet. My delts were huge and hard and my pecs were as big as Hernon's and growing bigger. I couldn't stand it any longer. No matter how it felt, I had to flex. I hit a most muscular that would put Yates to shame. My muscles screamed with pleasure, pain and strength. Awesome strength. I relaxed the pose or so I thought but my muscles seemed to lose none of the size they had expanded to. Excited beyond measure, I hit a lat spread that seemed to get wider and wider the harder I flexed.

My growth began to slow. I was almost as big as Logan was when I met him. Slowly, saving the best for last, I pulled one arm up into a biceps pose. My dick spasmed as I saw how much my arms had grown. Enraptured, I flexed my arms in a double biceps pose. My biceps were huge, over 23 inches, more than I thought I would ever acheive on my own, and this was just the beginning! And as I stood, flexing as hard as I could, I could see the peaks of my biceps become even higher, growing towards my clenched fist!

"ARRRGGHH!" Jets of cum flew straight up from my dick to splash against my protruding pecs. I dropped my arms and grabbed my cock which shot again and again. "OH FUCK!" I almost passed out as I came. I began smearing my cum over my pecs and my abs. Laughing, I rubbed cum over my arms and legs like it was oil.

I felt Logan's cum splash on my back before I heard him bellow. He rushed up and joined me in rubbing and feeling my brand new muscles. We writhed against each other, his pecs running up and down my back as I continued to jerk off and rub the resulting cum over my body. I felt Logan's hands run over my entire body, caressing and massaging my expanded muscles. He hugged me from behind and I could see how much closer I was to his freaky size. In fact, my shoulders were just about as wide as his. With Logan pressed against my back, we both hit a double biceps, our arms in contact and we both groaned to see Logan's muscles above and below my own flexed 23 inch biceps and triceps. But we were both far too turned on to pose in the mirror with out touching ourselves and each other.

Logan grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. Our massive pecs impacted with a bass thud and Logan had to crane his neck to span the distance created by our muscles to land a kiss on my face. We stood with lips locked together as we first felt Logan's flexed body then mine. Our flexing became more frenzied and Logan took both our cocks into his hands. He had to use both hands to encircle our massive meat, one wasn't nearly enough. The sexual energy between us was overwhelming. I had lost count of my orgasms and still another was approaching. I felt like a juggernaut, intensely powerful and unstoppable. My pecs flexed hugely and I took my fist and hit my chest with all my strength. The sound of the impact shook the room and I groaned with the feeling of power. I did the same to Logan's much bigger pecs and got an even deeper sound. Logan whimpered with desire at the impact and I hammered his pecs again. One more powerful blow and Logan came, and a second later so did I. Our dicks shooting between us, we threw our arms around one another in a back-breaking bear hug. The strength with which we squeezed each other would have injured anyone else, but it only excited us further. We came and squeezed even harder. Then it was only strength against strength, muscle against muscle. I could have stayed there forever.

"Logan, Logan." I moaned. "I never thought I could get so big. What can I do to thank you?" The only thing I wanted to do was please the man who had given me so much muscle.

"Being here with you is thanks enough, watching you grow." Logan looked into my eyes with incredible desire, more so than anyone had ever looked at me before. "I needed someone to share this with, to get as big as I am. I've worked so hard and waited so long to achieve this. What I really want is for you to grow, to get bigger and stronger than I am." Then a shy look coloured Logan's features. He whispered, "Grow for me, Mike, dominate me..."

There were 10 more containers of muscle growth fuel on the cart and a gym full of weights. I was determined to give Logan exactly what he wanted and more. And we had all weekend. •

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