Formula Friends


By GhostWriter

As Frank walked across the stage at graduation and received his diploma, he noticed that the person who was supposed to be right behind him was not there to receive his. Curtis was one of Frankís best friends. Curtis played football, wrestled, and did weightlifting. He was about 6í3Ē and weighed 260 lbs. Every college in the state wanted him to play for their team and he already had national leagues looking at him from High school. Although Curt and Frank were complete opposites, Curt respected Frank because he always did his best. Curt, who ranked 6th in the class, never picked at Frank for being smart. In fact, Curt was the first to congratulate Frank when they found out he was going to be valedictorian. Upon getting back from celebrating with his parents, Frank called to Curt to ask why he wasnít at graduation. Turns out, Curt got into a humongous argument with his father about sticking to weightlifting only and not pursuing a career in football. Apparently, Curt wanted to get bigger but no play any sports, so he left home and was living in a cheap apartment right across the street from the community college. Frank talked it over with his parents and decided that since he was taking a few summer classes at the community college before heading off to State University, that he would keep Curt company over the summer, get a job, and even help him out with the rent. Frank could hardly wait. The first day of summer break came shortly after graduation. Frank moved in with Curt and both would lift weights together, eat together, and talk about random topics. Frank had grown considerably since moving in with Curtis after 2 weeks. He gained 13 pounds of muscle. Curt has grown a lot too. He now weighed 278 pounds. Frank soon decided that until Curtis got on his feet, that he would stay with Curt and attend the community college for his first two years. Months flew by and Frank would now weigh 190 pounds while Curt was at a whopping 295. Frankís major was historical studies and this required the class to field trip to a little Gullah island off the coast. Frank was allowed to brign a guest and Curt didnít have anything else to do. At the island, Frank and Curt did some sight seeing and Curt, not looking where he was going, bumped into this old lady. Now even though Curt was big, he was a gentle giant and saw the lady carrying a list of items needed for a recipe. Obviously it was some type of beverage because most of the ingredients were in liquid form. He agreed to get the items for the old lady and told her to wait until we got back. The store was a few blocks from where Frank and Curt left the old woman. They also noticed that the ingredients were really odd. It seems the old woman needed ginseng, pure water, olive oil, miracle gro, and vanilla extract. They gathered the ingredients paid and went back to the lady. However, the lady was gone and after they waited for an hour, they took the ingredients and the recipe and headed back for the apartment. The apartment was cozy as they sat the ingredients down. They then noticed that they had nothing to drink in the apartment and nobody felt like going to the store. Curt looking at the recipe decided to prepare the beverage. Frank was fast asleep on the bed. Apparently he was tired from his trip. Curt followed the directions word for word and even added the miracle gro as stated. The beverage turned a shade of pink like pepto-bismol or something. However, it smelled good and Curt chugged it down. It tasted like a milk shake because it so thick and creamy. Curt had made a whole pitcher of this stuff so he chugged some more down. It was so good. About thirty minutes later, Curt doubled over. His body felt warm and tingly. His watched as his body began to grow. First his legs getting larger and more round. His claves the size of titans. His upper body followed suit and started to grow. His biceps enlarged to monstrous proportions. His triceps hardened and defined to look like solid horseshoes. His shoulders became like bowling balls and his pecs grew until he could barely see over them. Curtís dick began to grow as well. It grew to about 13 inches. After about an hour, the growing stopped and Curt checked his weight on the scale. 400lbs. Curt weighed 400lbs. He had to show Frank. But Frank was asleep. Curt had an idea. He snatched up Frankís car keys and headed to the grocery store. •

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