Desperado Wishes: A Spice Solo Story

By Texzilla

The worst part about wanting to be left alone is modern society itself. Far too easy to get in touch with people and even worse, far too easy for people to get in touch with you. I had to leave school without telling anyone I was doing it. Instead of heading back home I found my way to Texas. One of the reservations in New Mexico would have been better, but literally, too close to home. Too easy for people to find me there. Only my brother Henry knows how to contact me, and knows I will hurt him if he does outside of our parent’s death. No internet. No land line phone. Cell phone for emergencies only, and it’s out in my truck.

That got people to stop trying to find me to work things out, to make things better. That got the calls to stop. That got the e-mails from filling up my in-box. Now when I hear De’ voice in my head pleading for understanding, it’s only the things he’s already said. I’ve already heard all I need to hear. And I just keep hearing it in my head over and over again. Why add more material?

My new mobile home is…mine. That’s something positive to say about it, right? I wonder what I would have gotten if being the greatest Shaman of this generation didn’t give me some clout with the reservation’s housing board. The rats are gone. So’s the smell that came with them. The oven works. The TV doesn’t. The toilet flushes most of the time. The bed is comfortable. And the couch is even more so. How a living area this small has a couch big enough for all 6’5” of me to stretch out on, I don’t know. But it comes in handy when I attempt to sleep. Haven’t been doing a lot of that the last year and a half. So it’s nice to have more than one option when the attempt at sleep hits.

When I’m lying here, trying to sleep, it’s odd how much I miss Tak. Sometimes I think of letting Henry at least tell him he knows where I am and that I’m OK. But Tak was the main person trying to ‘make things better’. He had no idea how much more pain he was causing. Had to cut it off before I started hating him too, but for trying. I do miss him.

Henry mentioned that if this goes on much longer it could lead to a chemical depression. I don’t see how. I mean, I don’t see how it could lead to one, I think I’m well into it. But while I might not have that great a control on my life right now, at least I’m the one in control for the first time.

Even used a couple of older spells to keep Grandpa away. Not the cleanest but someone around here always needs a chicken killed for dinner. Helps recharge it every once in a while. What does it matter it the blood drains away normally or for one of my spells. Not that I think he’d try to get involved, although I know he approved of De’. But he might try to use this time to further my shaman education. Just so as those still on Earth as well on the astral plane know, I’m in charge of my life now.

Which is why it really sucks that at 11 at night something forced me off the couch, across the housing area, into my car and out on the road. I was able to grab my wallet, glasses and of course my car keys. But not my shirt, shoes or pants. Thank god I left my boxers on.

It was such a weird ass feeling though. I knew I wasn’t in control. I knew I had to drive. Didn’t know where I was going but I knew I’d get myself there. I wasn’t really fighting it but I was worried as to what was going on. What a time to have cut myself off from everyone. Maybe that helped who ever was doing this get through.

A couple of hours later, a few changes of highways and I found myself pulling up to a house on the outskirts of a Dallas suburb. I think it might have even been Garland. I parked out front, got out and walked up the drive into the open garage. It was pitch black out, not a light in the garage and it didn’t help that the door was lowered after I made my way in. It wasn’t till I felt the concrete garage floor change to what felt like fine sand that I started feeling like myself again. And that wouldn’t be good for whoever was behind all this.

“I told you it would work. We caught him!!” I heard a voice squeal from the darkness. The lights were flipped on. I was indeed standing in the middle of an empty suburbs house’s garage. Oil stains on the floor. Junk piled up in the corner. Gardening hose and aluminum ladder hung on the wall. Indian sand circle drawn on the floor in fine sand, which I was standing in the middle. Not too ornate a design for the circle, decent use of the different colors for the character shapes. I’m guessing they found this in an old book. There’s too strong an effort to keep stuff like this off the internet.

If there was one saving grace, I wasn’t dealing with Wiccan idiots again. Four older women, in their mid 40’s, at least, entered from the house. Some are brandishing brooms, all have a little talisman in their hands which they’re holding up like I’m Dracula and they’ve got crucifixes ready. They’re just your average house wives. A couple look like they’re going the “extra make up = prettier person” route, which never works. Couple have that older women smell that makes me SO glad I’m into guys. All look kind of frightened. Maybe I can use that.

“You sure that’s him?” One of them said coming in for a good look “You sure he’s just not some nut come to rape you Bethel? Look at how he’s dressed.”

“Someone want to tell me what the fuck is going on and who the fuck you people are?!?!” I screamed at them as best I could. Shit, usually while grocery shopping up in the north all I had to do was just stare at the blue hairs in the aisle and they go scattering. These idiots kept looking at me like I was an animal they caged. I tried to reach for one of there brooms but, crap, I couldn’t reach past the circle. This can’t be good.

“The circle is holding him then it must have worked. He’s taken human form in order to trick us, that’s what he does you know. But we control him so he has to do what we say.”

“Ah don’t know who you think Ah am but Ah have not taken ‘human form’. Ah AM human and this is just me. My name is Spice Talltrees and Ah don’t know what’s going on or who you are but Ah’d like to go home and go back to sleep if you don’t mind.”

“Oh yea, you’re human.” The youngest of the group poking me in the pecs with her broom end. “Those can’t be real.”

“Well they are, sorry, some of us spend our time doing other things than taking real estate classes and trying out lawn care companies till you find one with hot guys to mow your lawn. Can Ah go home now? Or at least will you let me use the bathroom?”

“You see, you see. He must really be the Coyote God or he wouldn’t have known those things about us.” One said with a series of knowing head bobs following. Oh crap. Two ways to go with this. Let’s try honesty.

“Ok, OK, Ah think Ah see the problem. Y’all think Ah’m the Coyote God. But Ah’m not. Ah am a Shaman of my tribe in New Mexico. Ah while back now Ah did have a battle with the Coyote God and to win, Ah had to take his powers from him. What ever you’ve done, what ever all this is for, you’ve got me…… because Ah got him first. But Ah am not the Coyote God and Ah do need to pee like a son of a bitch.”

“You’re still trying to trick us. Not buying it Dog boy.”

“Dog boy, nice, fine. Treat me like a dog and I’ll act like one.” Honesty didn’t work, have to go with asshole. With that I reached in my boxers, pulled out my cock and let it gush. Something’s are just easier to do when you’re younger and peeing so hard that it almost lifts you off the ground is one of them. Don’t want to brag but this actually went on for a while. Like they weren’t shocked enough that I not only did it, but did it with a cock as big as mine. I finished, gave my one true buddy a couple of courtesy shakes and put it away. “I’m not cleaning that up by the way. OK, let’s get this over with. What do you want?

“You have to do what we say! No tricks.”

“Congratulations, you’ve got a slave. I hope you’re happy. Oh wait, you wouldn’t be doing this if you were happy so….once again…..what the fuck do you want!??!?.”

“We want you to fix our husbands and boyfriends.”

“Shit you bitches are mean ball busters, ain’t ya? First you kidnap me and now you want to neuter your dudes? Fine, just so you tell the cops you forced me to do it. Makin’ me do what you say and all. Give me a knife and lead them in. But if ya’ll think my peeing was messy…” I’m actually stalling here best I can. Got to get my casting stick from the trailer to get to me, but it takes time.

“No, no. We want out men to be REAL men. Strong, powerful, handsome. We’re sick of looking at the same old fat bores all the time. We know you can change that, change them. Make them into studs before they dump us for Trophy wives. Already happened to Karen once. Someone we can…”

“Are any of your men hitting you, hurting you, doing mind games making you feel bad……no? Well then go fuck yourselves for all I care!!! Holy crap, you call those man troubles? My guy came back from Africa with a PREGNANT WIFE then broke up with me so he could go have a loveless marriage ‘cause a child needs his parents.’ So go slip the gardener an extra $20, go find your O and leave me out of this.”

“You have to do what we say.” One of the smaller women said getting up the nerve to point her talisman at me. Is this the only mantra these women know? Not yet, not just yet.

A roll of thunder off in the distance accented my anger and let me know my casting stick was near. “Very well.” My casting stick flew into the room, its charms and bells ringing like a fire alarm. It continued around the sand circle that held me, almost creating a small twister in the garage. Slowing down, it stopped in front of me, slowly made its way across the border of the sand circle and into my hand. Thank heavens. If it could do that, I could do this.

“Since I don’t know of the men you speak, you must all concentrate on them. And THEM ALONE. Understood? Concentrate. Harder!! Your minds must be filled with nothing else but them. OK done.”

I think they were expecting more but I gave them enough of a show with my dick. The one that had been referred to as Bethel slowly walked back into her house and looked around.

“My husband is still passed out in front of the TV looking just they same.”

“Cause this is how it’s gonna work. The spell needs to be done all at once. Got lots of reality to warp and it’s not as easy as say KIDNAPPING and EXTROTION!!! All four of you and all four of them have to be together at the same time. Then all you have to do is kiss your toads. Just so’s we’re not destroying their lives anymore than you’re making me, they won’t be aware of the change, but you will. Thought ya’ll might enjoy that. Can Ah go home now?”

“Well….we don’t have any proof but you did have to grant us this…because WE CONTROL YOU!! So, alright, you may leave. But if this doesn’t work….”

“Yea, thanks, you need any fine tuning please feel free make me act against my will to change 4 guys who Ah’m sure they don’t deserve you cunts. Have a nice evening.”

Most of this was said as I walked down their drive and got back in my car. Most fucked up thing about being mystically forced to drive somewhere against your will? You don’t have that great a memory of it to drive yourself back. Took me most of the day in just my boxers to make it back to the reservation. I didn’t fuck with these girls nearly enough.

It was the weekend before the ladies could get their guys together. The old fashioned barbeque was the excuses used. Since Karen had the biggest back yard, the biggest pool and the biggest grill, she was the host. She had gotten the house in the divorce from her first husband. He had added on all these extras to keep her occupied while he slept around, no reason for her not to keep them. She sure wished he was here today, or that Bethel would have allowed her to ask that guy to turn her ex into something really embarrassing. But her current hook up Allen was nice enough, loyal as they come, if a little dull. Today should take care of that last bit.

Kayla and Bethel’s husbands Dooley and Ray were hovering over the grill as if they knew what they were doing better than the other. Not that the guys had any real rivalry. Nick was the newest of the group and the most unsure where he fit in. So he busied himself with the chairs and putting his hand in the pool as if he was testing the water temp or something.

Bethel came in fro the sliding glass doors, her hands full of a veggie platter for snacks. She tapped the edge of the try with a fork making a clanging noise and announced. “Can we have the guys over here!! We gals want to show you how much we appreciated you being here today for this cook out!!” She had not even checked with the other ladies to see if they were still ready for this. Her confidence in their actions and the outcome was just that strong.

With the men lined up not one of the women hesitated to give them the kiss. Whether it was a quick peck or a good full kiss, it did the job. At least the spark that went off sure seemed like a good omen. The men laughed a little thinking the charge of energy that just shocked their lips was the surprise the women had been talking about.

Had they been allowed to fully understand the changes their bodies were beginning to make, they would have known the spark was nothing as compared to what would happen in the next few minutes. Immediately all four men gained at least a foot in height. In Allen and Ray’s case, that got them over 6’5”. Not that Dooley and Nick were that far behind. To even things out the two shorter men were obviously gaining more muscle than the taller two. Not that the clothes the guys were wearing could contain the increase mass that any of them were getting. Shirts strained as pecs inflated and shoulder widened. Buttons popped and the short sleeves tore right off. Dooley and Ray’s tank top white undershirts survived but only because they could stretch till they were a second skin on the growing men. All the guys now had shoulders twice as broad as before and with the fat literally being converted into muscles, waist lines that were half as board as when they started. The grins on the guys faces showed that what ever they thought was going on, they were enjoying it. Double chins disappeared, crows feet smoothed out and grey hair darkened back to its original shade. The ladies certainly were enjoying the show. They had wanted their guys to become real men, but they were real NEW men. And younger, the gals never thought their men would be younger. That was going to turn a few heads at the Piggly Wiggly come grocery day. The shorts the guys had worn to the extreme growth than the shirts did. Not that the fabric wasn’t straining to hold on. Seams snapped in the legs as muscles ballooned. The guys now had much smaller waist sizes so there was no issue there, but even though shorts made for stout and plump men usually ass extra in the seat, extra wasn’t enough for the new bowling ball round and hard asses than grew out. A couple of the guys had small V vents at the end of their shorts, but these only served to help split the sides completely. Dooley and Nick ripped their shorts off to show the swim trunks they worn underneath were giving it their all. The obvious swelling in the crotch the guys were getting got the women even more excited. They were amazed at the 4 huge bodybuilders standing on the decking. The smiles on the guy’s faces as they looked at their muscled bodies were only now eclipsed by the smiles on the lady’s faces.

The gals turned around to place their drinks on the tray when the guys beat them to the passionate embrace. Unfortunately for the ladies, the guys were embracing each other. In the sudden confusion it was hard to remember which guys used to be which guy, but it sure looked like Dooley and Ray’s rivalry was well over with. And Allen and Nick sure seemed to know each other better than just recent acquaintances. Hands cupped crotches. Lips met nipple. What little strength was left in the guy’s shorts gave way with a yank exposing the giant cocks the men now sported. And sported hard.

Still in shock the ladies looked at each other, then the men, then each other. This was not right. This was not what they wanted. The men, lost in their passion, stumbled a bit and all for landed in the pool. Deep voices brought out hearty laughter from only the males in the back yard. The women were far from smiling any longer. Their frowns went to shocked disbelieve when the men came out of the water. Now all dark black skinned males. Just the dunk in the water did it. From deep tans to Afro Americans that quickly. Faces shifted to adjust to the new race. Jaws squared off and noses flatten slightly. The white t-shirts two of the men had been wearing now stood out glaringly white against their deep ebony skin. There wasn’t one of them light enough to be called brown. This was all true black. Dooley and Nick lost their hair as Allan and Ray’s hairs curled and shorten into tight afros. And their making out continued without a break.

“What…..what STOP…this is not right!!!! OH my god!!!!!” Bethel was able to scream at the four black teenagers passionately groping each other in the pool. “What are you doing!!!”

One of the men stopped for a moment and made his way over to the edge. The women seemed to gain their ability to react after the incredible transformation they had just seen. While the guys were calm, if a little embarrassed.

“You can’t make us stop. Sorry you all had to find out this way. We might be rivals on the football field but we have found a connection that goes so much deeper. But as our Mothers…..we knew you would support us…” Dooley said reaching out for Ray’s hand.

“Mo….mo…….oh my god.” Bethel said turning around and heading toward the house. “All of you just….stop OK?!?! Stop…doing that……and being …….just stop…..” The four women made their way inside still trying to fully grasp what had happened. “Don’t you see, he tricked us.”

“We can’t have black teenage sons!!! Who are the Fathers!!!! You don’t think we all have black husbands now do we?!?!??!” Karen yelled.

“WORSE! What if we DON’T have ANY husbands but STILL have BLACK FAG BASTARDS as children!!!!!”

“He’s going to fix this, get the charms, get the charms!!!!” The ladies rushed to their purses and dug out the charms they had used the first time. Concentrating on the charms they began chanting as they had done before. Out in the pool, ignoring their Mother’s wishes, the guys were fucking like there was no tomorrow.

I had felt the control take over me again and luckily was dressed this time. Making my way to the car I was able to ward off the deeper control so I could dig out my cell phone. Surprised it still worked and even more surprised when I started tapping out a phone number I never saw before. It rang for a few times before a very angry women picked up and yelled “HELLO!!!” at me. Sounded like the little leader of the group from the other night.

“Ah SAY!!! CHAN’T A MHAN take a BHATH!!” I yelled back. “That’s from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Ever see that one? Where he kept bugging a genie. Ah thought that..”


“You’re going to have to get in line to ask me that one. Personally, Ah think Ah’m practically perfect in every way, like Mary Poppins. That being the only comparison ya’ll can make between me and Mary….”

“This is all wrong!!!”

“Not to your liking? Aren’t they men? You can’t be proud of them? They’re all on football teams at their high schools. Ah thought you’d like that, what with this bein’ Texas and Friday Night Lights and all. ”

“They are NEGROS, they are QUEERS and they are OUR SONS!!!! We can’t have sex with our SONS!!!!” Bethel yelled as she went to the back door to bang on the glass. That worked to get the dogs from screwing, maybe it would work on the boys. No, they just looked up, stopped fucking for a second and waved. Doolie was making the same face that he made when he was fucking Karen, except he was making now with Ray’s cock up his ass.

“So far you’ve held me against my will, forced me into actions Ah didn’t want to do, and forced changes onto unsuspecting men. You sure you wouldn’t have sex with your sons? That sounds really in character.”


“Yea whatever. Ah’ll make it up to you. So that this can be resolved quickly, and to your liking, Ah’ll trigger the correction spell to hit right after you hang up. So you won’t have to wait. AND Ah’ll still drive out there to make sure it’s what you want. That OK?”

“Do it!!”

“OK, when you hang up the phone they will no longer be your sons and you will be able to have sex with them. See you in a bit.”

Bethel held the phone of the receiver for just a second. She hadn’t hesitated before but now… Something told her not to put it down, that his wasn’t going to be what she thought. But he had to follow their desires, had to do what they said. The charms had worked and he obviously had the power. She kept thinking that while this all could be a trick, he also didn’t seem to be that bright. Maybe he really hadn’t understood. The deep male laughter from out by the pool told Bethel they were so close, she had to keep going. The phone clicked back on its resting place.

“He’s fixing it. It should be OK now, let go….”

Bethel never got to complete the thought. For while the changes that had happened to their men were reasonably quick, it was nothing to the changes the 4 women started going through. Within seconds they had gone from around 5 feet to above 6. They wondered if their boyfriends had gone through this much pain as their bones expanded, muscles increases and skin stretched to contain it all. Breasts disappeared in a shot to be replaced with huge pecs rivaling the ones of the men out by the pool. Well worn bras snapped off their new bodies like someone was shooting off rubber bands. Biceps swelled and ripped their flimsy blouses off. Flabby guts melted into 6 and 8 pacs. And when the gender switch hit, there was no containing their brand new cocks in Wal-Mart panties. The former girls were breathing hard as the transformation into men slowed down. The pain was dissipating a bit when their faces felt like they were on fire. A warm rush flowed through their bodies as they like their men changed race till they were all a deep chocolate brown. Not as dark as their men, but the rich tones went deeper. It was a split between the four as to what they found the most shocking, that they were uncut or that they all sprouted full round afros on their heads.

The sliding glass door opened as Ray asked “You guys going to join the party or what? ‘Bout time we started the initiation.” A wide smile breaking out on his lips. A gleam in his eyes that should have sent the new men scrambling.

But while the four former women not only knew who they just where, still had memories of their life as women and as these men’s mates, they also had growing new memories of who they were now. What they were doing here. And how turned on that they were.

It wasn’t as if there weren’t voices telling them to stop deep within the heads of the four young black men who joined the other four out on the deck. They were screaming pretty loud but it didn’t matter. The new guys wanted to be accepted by the other four. They needed to please these muscle brutes in order to be kept on the football team. It just lucked out that they also lusted after the older players. These guys were real men and they scored big time being asked to the initiation today. Hell they would have been there even if they weren’t trying for the football team.

Dooley seemed to have been made the leader of the football players while the guys were in the house changing. He was the biggest and they guys now knew he was the quarterback for his team. A born leader who took control at every turn. The water still dripping off his body made the dark black skin shin like polished ebony. His voice was deep but soft too. “Now, consider me old fashioned, but I don’t see an initiation without there some ass spankin’ going on. You know? Just don’t seem right. So take your pick, I want to see two of you bent over those chairs and the other two trying to redden those brown butts with their bare hands. Go on!”

As if ‘strangely’ was a term that had not long wore out its description of the events, but strangely it was the former Karen and Bethel who found themselves more that willingly bending over the chair. Their new male hard asses thrust out ready for the spanking. They had always considered themselves the leaders of the four, but clicked into this submissive role the second Dooley brought the idea up. The former Kayla and Joan gave each other a quick “Are we really going to do this.” look before raising their hands back over their head and letting go with a slap that sounded like boards being broke. A mild tingle went through their palms as flesh contacted with flesh. The asses they hit weren’t the flabby butt of a couple of housewives, these were hard solid flesh of teen athletes. With just enough left over baby fat to make them all the more doable. Giving into the sensations the two young men started slapping away. Over and over hand met ass. The two guys bending over the chair were lost in the sensory overload. The pain and pleasure of each slap. The shock it sent through their system. Their low hanging balls beginning rhythmically swing as the spanking continued. They found themselves starting to grunt, but it still wasn’t from the pain.

After taking in the site for a minute or two the 4 older football players decided to take a closer look as the proceedings. Allen and Nick had been going at it in the pool, Nick bracing himself against the edge as Allen fucked him. Allen pulled out and gave his dick a quick wash of any left over butt funk before heading over to the action. Nick really found he liked getting fucked but with 4 fresh pledges, it wasn’t his ass that was going to be getting the attention for the rest of the afternoon. Without even having to say anything Allen and Dooley walked over to their former wife/girlfriend, cocks in their hands stroking them to full length. The two younger boys looked up from their bent over positions and immediately leaned over to take their mate’s cocks in their mouths. Both knowing what would happen if teeth made contact with shaft in spite of them continuing to be spanked. Neither had done this before in their former lives but here, as men they knew no taste better than hard black uncut cock down their throat. Had they not been so over taken by the taste of cock they would have noticed the spanking had stopped.

“Time for you two to join the ass hurtin’ club” Ray said as he and Nick positioned their guys behind the two bent over the chairs. With a push of their hand the guys were bent over resting their chest on the back of the guy they were just spanking. The new guys found that their hardening cocks rested perfectly between the cheeks of the red swollen ass they had been spanking. The warmth help urge their growing cocks to harder and longer dimensions. The tactile sensation of skin against skin was interrupted by large strong hands pulling their own ass cheeks apart. The sweat for the activities dripped down this brown back into the opening, giving some extra lube to the huge fingers that began plying with their butt holes. After a circle or two around the opening the finger was pushed in till one, then two knuckles disappeared into smoky black holes. What they thought was at the beginning of another push in, maybe to the third digit turned out to be so much more. Far from being virgins they had never experienced anything like the steel rod cocks that were now entering their asses. Nothing in their former lives could have compared or prepared them for this. The sensation of being taken by a man, AS a man was nothing they could ever have expected to feel so….alive. Their former minds stopped working completely as they willingly gave into the carnal lust of adult men.

Sunday afternoon traffic wasn’t the greatest but I made it to the back yard shortly after this. Unlatching the gate I wandered into the scene of 8 black muscle bound men fucking each other’s brains out. Shit, I knew I set this up but I really didn’t expect it to be this incredible. The two mammoth black bodybuilders getting head kept smiling down at the two guys sucking them off. Their large hands running though the full afros that might have seemed loving if they also weren’t grabbing onto the ‘fo so they could pull the heads deeper on their cocks. Lying on top of the two cock suckers were two other fine black youths getting their asses pumped full of cum by two much bigger black men. The guys doing the fucking would occasionally give their partner a hard slap on the ass while they plowed away, but if worked the way I planned it, that was kind of payback in a way. Youth today have such stamina that it was another 10 minutes before everyone shot off. The 4 big guys doing the fucking came in an almost sequence. One started with turned the guy on next to the so they came which in turn….anyway, I’m thinking a couple of gallons of prime spunk were deposited down throats and into asses in quick order. Causing the 4 slightly smaller, slightly lighter in skin tone guys getting fucked and doing the sucking to come. Great looks on their faces as the white cream came shooting out of their bodies. You could here the cum splash on the wooden deck. Bet they never thought it would feel like that or that good. Frankly I couldn’t do anything else but applause.

“Well done, good show. Guess you’re all set now and Ah can..”

“Wait” one of the guys said breathing heavily. “This…this is still not right….you fucking idiot…”

“Looked good to me? Which one are you?”

“Be….Be……why can’t I remember. I keep thinking Ronnie.”

“That’s because Bethel is not a good name for a fine young man like yourself. Ronnie fits you, but that ‘do is a bit much. You can’t ALL to the retro ‘fo thing…”

“SHUT UP!!! You know this isn’t what we wanted. You know we just wanted our men to be more…manly, more….. We can’t live like this. We’re all teens. We have no families, no jobs….I don’t even think this is Ka…Ka….Jamal’s house any longer. We’re all going to get arrested.”

“Wow, you’re pretty amazing. All this going on and you’re still able to think about the finer details. Ah’m never this practical even on my good days. Honestly though, I see your point….yea that’s not good. Let’s try to fine tune that original wish one last time.”

With that I stamped my casting stick on the floor sending a shock wave across the back yard. The other men paid no notice to myself or Ronnie. And they paid no notice as the four original guys started changing once again. Height that had been gained went away, down till each was below 6 feet. Muscles that were added quickly left, not totally leaving but no where near as buff as before. Not that their weight changed that much, fat returned, adding rolls of flesh, but better distributed than before. Hair that had grown in fell out, leaving the guys who weren’t shaving their heads with pronounced male pattern baldness. Age kicked in as the men returned to their original early 50’s and then a few years more. Nick and Allen were left black, Ray because a honey brown of his new Latino heritage. Dooley though, from him position at the edge of the pool continued to change. While the three other men were now older and not as muscular, they had obviously been athletes in their younger days. Not the flabby desk workers they had been that morning. Older men trying to keep in shape as the years clicked by. Not Dooley though. His weight kept going up till he was well over 400 pounds. Where hard pecs had been hanging all afternoon now two floppy man tits sagged almost low enough to hit the water. His skin paled up, whiter than white, with red and brown freckles. The only real pigment was the tan on his arms that only went up enough to reach where his shirts cut the sunlight off. And deeper on the left side since that was the side facing the sun as he drove his big rig down the highways. He too sported a shoehorn of hair around his head, but it was pure grey and white, not just peppered like the other three. Hair sprouted all over his body, leaving a carpet on his chest and back. A full grey beard with yellow highlights framed the face and all it’s chins. The lustful smile he shot Ronnie earlier in the day retuned, but with yellowed teeth from smoking cigars. At least, the teeth that were left were yellow.

Only Ronnie had seen the changes. The four men who just transformed gave no sign that they had just gone from black bodybuilders to older men gone to pot. And the three younger black athletes that has been worshiping their bodies…continued to do so. The sight of the young black men making out had been arousing to Ronnie, but now to see them just as eagerly go after these fat old guys…no…no…

“No this still isn’t…”

“Three wishes bitch. The genie’s back in his bottle.”

“But we control you!!! There’s no limit. Those charms…”

“Now who’s being a dumb ass? Do you REALLY think any of this would have happened it you had full control over me? Think. It’s got to be easier now, Ah DID make you smarter. Think back buddy…” I reached my hard forward and started making small circles on his forehead with my finger. “When you first trapped me? My pissing on the floor? Ah broke the edge of the sand circle. Your power over me ended right there.”

“Then why did you do this…why..”

“Honestly I’m not sure. Not usually this big an asshole but Ah’ve been under a lot of pressure. Maybe Ah have more of the trickster god in me than Ah thought. Maybe Ah’m just continually sick of people continually trying to control me Maybe Ah’m still just pissed at having a major case of blue balls for going on two years now. Or maybe…..maybe I’ve come to grips that forcing someone to be who they really aren’t, no matter how much it breaks you heart, is pretty unforgivable.”

“But you’re making us who we didn’t want to be?”

“Oh yea, but you asked for it. Trust me. In a minute you will love these men with all your hearts. They will be everything you always wanted from a man. You are going to be the proudest kept boytoys in the lone star state. And trust me, they’re going to be taking care of you.”

I tapped Ronnie’s forehead and the spell was done. He blinked and looked up at me. “So you think you got the directions new?” he asked with a big smile.

“Yes. Thank you SO MUCH. Still new to Texas and while it’s a lot like New Mexico, A’m getting lost WAY too often.”

“Sure thing. Hey sorry, my man needs his beer.” Ronnie said looking over his shoulder to Dooley who was motioning to him.

I tired to thank him again but he was off across the deck, hand in and out of the cooler and getting his beer to his man in a split second. The deep kiss he got for his efforts were well received since his cock started growing just for that slight touch.

I headed back to my car and started the drive back to the trailer. On the seat next to me my cell phone started chirping. Forgot I had left it on. For an instant I worried it might have been the people I just left, that something had slipped and they were calling back. But checking the ID it was Tak. Must have seen my cell was activated. As I drove down the highway I kept one eye on the road and another on the phone. He left it keep ringing. With a flick I tossed it out the window, seeing it shatter on the pavement in back of me. Still not ready. •

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