Ancient Relics


By RedKage

Dean stretched his arms upwards as he gave a big, loud yawn. Dean, an 18 year old freshman in college, was just an average guy. He was roughly 5’11” and weighed around 120, with absolutely no muscle tone whatsoever. His dirty blonde hair was combed rather messily to one side, with strands of hair drooping over his eyes every now and again. Although Dean had a somewhat cute face, he had never actually gone out on a date with any girl…mostly due to the fact that he was gay and still in the closet.

His messy dorm room was completely dark, save for his desk lamp, which illuminated the woodwork and textbooks that lay before him. In the top bunk of the bed behind Dean, soft, light snoring could be heard from Dean’s football jock roommate and friend, Simon. Simon was a prime example of masculinity. Simon’s 6’9” frame sported 250 pounds of large, rippling muscle. His jet black hair was always combed back perfectly, with a few strands out of place to give a more mature, suave look. Dark eyes, square jaw, and a huge dick made Simon the most popular guy on campus. Even though Simon seemed like a dumb jock type, he was actually extremely smart and caring. He had perfect grades in all of his classes, and he was planning on a career that helps people. He had been Dean’s friend since the second grade, and even though their interests have diverted long since then, he still did everything possible to hang out with Dean as much as possible. In fact, you could even say they were best friends. Simon was also the only person who knew Dean was gay, and was completely okay with it. Time and time again, Dean wondered why Simon had stuck by him for so long when he could be out hanging with his football buddies or with a girlfriend.

Dean couldn’t help but smirk as he listened to a particularly loud snore from Simon. Dean wondered what people would think if Simon’s loyal fans found out that their hero snores, but then Dean pushed that thought out of his head since they all would adore Simon anyways. It was hard not to like everything about Simon, ‘the Superman’ a name that Dean had actually given to Simon in the fifth grade which stuck onto him ever since. It was not surprising to see more then half of the spectators of Simon’s football games to be wearing Superman logo on their shirts and other stuff.

Quietly, Dean turned off the lamp and crawled into his bed, pulling the sheets over him. As he laid there, he looked out the window. The sky was as dark as always and there was only a few stars in sight, thanks to light pollution. Dean personally hated the fact that all of the stars were hidden away, but seeing at least one star made him feel so much better. Dean’s mind began to wander back as he looked at the stars. He thought back through various times in his life where he had wished he was something more then an average guy. Through his entire life, he had always been average; Average height, average weight, average intelligence…Sometimes he just wished he was like Simon. No, sometimes he wished he was better then Simon. This thought in mind, he slowly drifted asleep.

Dean’s nose sniffed the air, smelling the aromas of eggs, freshly brewed Columbian coffee and crispy sausages that were slightly burnt. The smell of breakfast woke Dean up quickly and also caused his stomach to rumble under his nightshirt. As Dean sat up, he turned his head towards the stove, where Simon was busy cooking up their breakfast. The table was already set out, with glasses of orange juice, toast and a large glass of protein shake for Simon.

Dean couldn’t help but smile towards Simon’s back. The man was perfect. He was an athlete, an honor student and an excellent cook to boot. Simon, feeling a pair of eyes, turned around and returned the smile towards Dean.

“Mornin’ roommie.” His deep, rich voice sent shivers down Dean’s spine. Simon was wearing a tight red t-shirt that showed off his arms and chest pretty well. His jeans were particularly tight around the ass and thighs, and it had a generous bulge at the crotch area. Simon turned his attention back at the frying pan, decided that they were done, and gently placed its contents onto two plates. “So how was the studying last night?” He said as began to finish making breakfast.

“Long, hard and boring.” Dean replied, throwing his legs over the side and heading over to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Moments later, Dean walked out, sat down across from Simon, and began eating. As usual, the taste was incredible. Simon chewed slowly, savoring the delicious flavors, knowing full well that Simon’s cooking was not only delicious, but healthy as well.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, you got a package from your uncle.” Simon said, his mouth full of toast. He pointed his fork at a brown package that was buried under Simon’s dirty football jersey. The only part of the package that was visible was a small bit or brown paper on the corner. It was obvious that Dean had completely missed it the day before, seeing that it was impossible to tell if something was hiding under such a large jersey unless you were looking for it.

“Why is your shirt on my package anyways?” Dean asked a little ruefully, though he was only joking.

Simon shrugged, causing his traps and neck to bulge out. “I was exhausted from practice, so I just randomly threw my shirt and went straight into the shower.”

“They HAVE showers down there you know.” Dean pointed out. “You could’ve taken one there. In fact, you’re always taking showers here.”

Simon shrugged again, taking a bite out of an especially plump sausage. “I have my reasons.” He said as he took his glass of protein shake and downed it in one go. “Now, I gotta get to my bio lecture. Later!” Simon quickly got up, grabbed his backpack and was out the door in 10 seconds flat.

Dean smiled again as he reached over for the package. Simon was always fun to hang out with, and no matter what, there was no way Dean could even feel remotely angry at him. Dean pulled out the package from underneath the jersey and looked at the front. The package was pretty small, about size of his hand and under an inch thick. It was wrapped in plain brown paper, with several postages and stamps on them. Dean looked at the address and was surprised to find that it was from China.

“Oh, it must be from Uncle Harry.” Dean said as he began to open the package. Uncle Harry was an archeologist, whose life’s goal was to find one fantastic relic from every country in the world. Uncle Harry was a nice enough man, even though he only visited Dean his family once every year or so, but everyone thought Uncle Harry was a bit of a nut. The main reason behind that thought was the gifts he kept on sending back. Once, when Dean was 6, he had the unfortunate pleasure of opening a box that contained a real shrunken head. He had nightmares of witch doctors and shriveled people for three months after that incident.

“Okay, what is it this time Uncle?” Dean said as he ripped off the brown paper. “A disemboweled hand? A tarantula? Or maybe even a monkey’s brain…” Somewhat reluctantly, Dean opened the box, only to find…a ring and a letter. For a moment Dean just stared at the inside of the box. He lifted lid up to check if there wasn’t anything hanging on the bottom. Gently, he poked the ring, half expecting it to explode or something. The ring, in fact, did not explode. It was a nice ring. It was made out of silver, with a dark green jade stone set in the center. The silver shone brilliantly, and when Dean brought it close to his eyes, he saw a magnificent dragon etched into it, running around the entire ring.

“Wow…For once Uncle Harry gave me something normal, if not expensive.” Dean slipped the ring onto his right middle finger, which fitted perfectly. Dean then proceeded with reading the letter.

Dear Dean, How are you? You’re in college this year, right? Things are great here in China. I’ve been through various sites and ruins all over, and you wouldn’t believe some of the things the ancient Chinese practiced. I’ve included a ring I found in the package. I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it’s a very good replica of an ancient artifact known as Qin Long’s Ring. It is said that the stone in it’s center is actually a petrified dragon’s eye that was removed by a noble warrior. It is said that the same warrior had also defeated an entire army by himself. Legend has it that whoever can put the ring on will be given something or other, I’m not too sure what it is. The legend is pretty obscure and patchy at best, and some things were lost in the translation as well. I tried putting the ring on for kicks, but my fingers were too big. I had my guides try it on as well, but it was either too big of too small. It’s only a replica anyways, so I thought you might try it on for kicks. Yours truly, Uncle Harry.

“He’s a nut alright.” Dean chuckled as he placed the letter down and went to remove the ring. To his surprise, however, the ring refused to budge. Dean tugged and pulled, but the ring stayed flatly where it was. “What the hell?” Dean said as he tried held it up from him to see. The ring was resting comfortably on his finger, and it wasn’t all that tight either. Yet for some unexplained reason, it refused to even wiggle on his finger. Dean was about to reach for some oil when he noticed the time on the clock.

“Shit, I’m gonna be late!” Dean rushed off of his chair and ran to his dresser, pulled on some decent clothing, grabbed his book and ran out the door to his class.

In his English class, Dean couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. For some reason, he felt really energetic. He kept fidgeting and drumming his fingers, trying to vent off some of his energy. While he felt alive and energetic, all the other guys in the room seemed tired and listless. As Dean looked at their faces, he thought that they looked as if they hadn’t slept in days. Dean shook that thought from his mind, blaming it all on midterms. Instead, he focused on taking in the lecture the English professor was giving them. Surprisingly, Dean was able to absorb every word of the lecture, without bothering to take notes. He was able to recall every last detail that was said with great ease. Usually, he had trouble remembering what the professor said 2 seconds ago.

“Must be getting used to his ramblings.” Dean told himself as he packed up his things. He glanced over at some of the guys that had been sitting near him. Some were asleep, others moved drowsily. What struck Dean odd was that it was only the guys who looked drained, while all of the girls were energetic as ever.

Throughout the rest of the day, Dean felt invigorated. He walked around the campus twice, climbed up and down stairs and he was even tempted to run around the track once. As he went around campus, he couldn’t help noticing that several people were yawning as he walked by. More midterm exhaustion. Dean told himself.

Dean spent the rest of the day in the library, studying. After just going over the materials once, he had memorized everything perfectly. Dean figured he was just finally absorbing the materials he had been trying to learn for the past few weeks. Even though he had memorized the material, he studied anyways, just to be on the safe side. After it grew dark, Dean packed up and headed back to his dorm. As Dean walked into his dorm room, he heard Simon give a nice, loud yawn.

“Sup man…” Simon said a little sleepily. He rubbed his eyes and blinked several times at Dean.

“What, you’re tired too?” Dean frowned. Just that same morning Simon had been so full of energy. Even after a full day of class and a few hours of football practice, Simon always had more then enough energy left when he got home. “Did you have a long day or something?”

“I guess.” Simon nodded. “A moment ago I thought I was feeling just fine, but now…” Simon gave another big yawn. He stretched up his arms, his shirt riding up revealing his lower abs and a nice treasure trail before they vanished beneath the shirt again. “I must be more tired then I thought.”

“You and every other guy in school.” Dean muttered to himself.

“Huh?” Simon looked up.

“Nothing.” Dean answered.

“Oh.” Simon looked as if he wanted to inquire further, but lacked the energy to do so. “So what’s with that ring?” He pointed at the ring on Dean’s finger, which he had completely forgotten about.

“Something my Uncle Harry sent me.” Dean replied, trying to pry it of again. “I think it’s a trick ring, because it won’t even budge.”

“Really?” Simon leaned forward and reached out for the ring. The moment he touched it however, he pulled back. “Ouch!” He cried, sticking his finger into his mouth.

“What?” Dean blinked.

“It zapped me!” Simon said, shaking his hand. “That thing zapped me or something!”

“Static?” Dean suggested, but Simon looked doubtful.

“Anyways, I think I’ll hit bed early tonight.” Simon said, getting up and climbing up into his bunk.

“I think I’ll turn in too.” Dean said, even though he didn’t feel a bit tired. An hour later Dean was lying in the dark, listening to Simon’s snores, only they were much louder then before. Dean raised his hand up and observed the ring on his finger. The jade stone had a sort of luster to it that seemed to glow, even in the dark. The silver caught what little light there was and reflected beautifully. As Dean looked at it, the head of the dragon inscribed on the metal seemed to have winked at him.

Suddenly Dean felt his blood rush to his cock. Gasping in surprise, he reached down and grabbed it. His mind was suddenly filled with thoughts and feelings he never had before. Thoughts of walking around, towering over everybody, muscles bulging outwards getting bigger and bigger until, finally, he had the biggest most pleasuring orgasm he had ever had, soaking his boxers and sheets with hot cum before everything went dark. •

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