Missing, then Changed

By More2048

It was a cool evening in Oregon, for mid September it was cold at night already up in mountains area. Garrett was walking home from his friend Kyle’s house. They spent most of the day playing a game the 2 of them came up with a few years back, involving a large ball, a spaghetti pit and a large piece of rope, they called it “rope dope.” Cheesy, but funny. Garrett is 16 years old, about 5’ 8’ and 150 pounds, he began working out a few months back with his buddy Kyle and is trying to mass up a bit, he has short jet black hair and with the exception of leg, arm and a happy trail, is hairless. He is trying to grow a bit of stubble but it is not working as well as he has planned, unlike Kyle who has stubble, which never seems to go away. Garrett has ice blue eyes, which seem to get lighter as he gets older; he has a big face and a smooth yet sharp jaw line. He also has very big hands and feet for his height he whereas a size 13 shoe and can palm a basket ball with a little effort, this has always puzzled him because no one in his family has big feet or looks very much like him at all. He begins to feel his arms as he walks down the path back to his home “hmm getting a bit bigger there” he said with a grin. His house was in site by now and felt glad, as it was getting dark out. “Yo dude!”. Garrett turned around to see Kyle running from behind “geese he ran all this way? Wow that’s almost a mile” garret thought as his friend came up from behind. “yo… dude. Do u …wanna.” Kyle said panting from running all this way “is it allright if I sleep over tonight dude, my mom said its allright”. “Yeah that sounds cool. Here just walk the rest of the way ill have my dad drive by your house to grab some of your stuff later” Kyle has just turned 17 about a week ago; he is only 3 months older then garret. He is about 5’10 with short dark brown hair, about 170 pounds and bigger looking then Garrett. For only 17 Kyle was already decently hairy, chest hair and all which is steadily spreading, and is at risk of getting a lot hairier because of his genetics,. He has brown eyes and a big nose, but is not unattractive. The 2 of them reach garrets house a few minutes later. They ate and just talked about school and what to do for the next day. Kyle went home for a little to gather up his things, when he arrived back, Garrett was watching TV. “hey, whereas your dad at?” said Kyle.” “He left; he is going to be gone for about a week, that’s aright isn’t it?” Garrett said. “Sure that’s fine, actually its better we can away with more things that way. Anyway what are u watching?” “Some documentary on the mountains around here, who would have thought they would do something on our area on the discovery channel?” “Go figure.” They watched the rest of the show, then head off to bed. “So what do u want to do tomorrow man?” said Kyle. “Im not sure, that show we watched kind of makes me want to go venture out in the woods. You up to it?” “Sounds great man” Kyle took his shirt off and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Garrett looked at Kyle and studied him over. “You are one hairy son of a bitch man. Im surprised u don’t shave it all off.” “Shut it, I know. But if I do it will just spred faster, and I am trying to enjoy my life before I start turning into a silverback.” Garrett teased Kyle my baking ape noises. They tackled each other and wrestled for a few minutes before going off to bed.

The next day came by quickly; they not too soon after went outside for a long hike around the nearby woods. They packed water, cameras, and all the essentials. They planed on staying out for most of the day. “God dammit I left my shoes outside overnight and it rained!” yelled Garrett. “Yo can I borrow a pair of your shoes Kyle? Mine are all soaked.” “Sure dude”. Kyle tossed the pair to garret. “No good man they won’t fit, there too small.” “Too small? Isn’t 11 big enough?” “no. im size 13, got anything bigger, nothing my dad wheres will fit me.” “Sorry Bigfoot” Kyle said sarcastically “Yeah yeah. Im big foot very funny. At least im not some hairy freak.” Kyle made stamping motions on the ground to make fun of Garrett. Garrett just grabbed his wet shoes and slid them on and chased Kyle into the trees. No sooner were they on there hike. During the hike, they encountered lots of wildlife, went by several waterfalls, and went past a river. It was dark and they were setting up camp for the night. “Im gonna go look for firewood ill be right back” said Kyle “All right dude, hurry back” Garrett sat there for a while just enjoying being out in nature, it was getting cold so he put a sweater on. About 10 minutes later Kyle came back with plenty of wood, and some weird looking mushroom. “Yo Garrett, get a load of this mushroom I found, funky looking thing aint it?” “Woah a purple mushroom? That’s odd; I dare you to eat it” “No way. Alice in wonderland comes to mind when I look at that thing, so no way.” “Chicken” “Yup” “Ape” “That’s it you’re going down!” Garrett tossed the mushroom next to his things and ran as Kyle dived at him. “Say it!” mocked Kyle. As he held Garrett in a choke hold “Ok ok, you’re not an ape” “That right! Ladies and gentlemen I have tamed Bigfoot” Kyle shot back. Garrett gave Kyle a big shove with his foot and knocked Kyle back with a loud hollow thud “tamed huh?” “Ouch man that…what’s that crumbling noise?” Kyle said. “I don’t l hear anything.” “Listen don’t u hearrrrr!! YAHHH!!!!!!” Kyle fell though the ground and ht bottom with a loud thud. “KYLE OH MY GOD KYLE!!!” garret screamed. “KYLE ASNER ME!!” there was no response. “Oh my god oh my god oh my god! My best friend! Is he dead?! Omg”garett stammered in hysteria and shock. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Garrett screamed into the night making wolves howl back. Garrett broke down and cried, his friend had surely fallen though to his death. Even if there was water at the bottom, he surely died in the frozen waters or hit sharp rocks. Garrett cried himself to sleep, dreaming of his old buddy back in the days when they were kids playing cowboys and Indians.

The next day Garrett woke up with a sore shoulder from laying on a rock under the tent. Still in shock he went to inspect the cave in. there was no sigh of Kyle there was just a 7 foot hole that went into a black abyss, no sound came from below. Tears began to come down again as he quickly packed up for the long walk back. He took Kyles things and tossed them by the hole where he fell. Then took the purple mushroom and tossed it in the smoldering fire saying “so long old friend” with a grimace he tossed it in. it burned and bubbled for a few seconds then suddenly a huge puff of red smoke billowed out of the fire. “*cough* *cough* what the heck? There must be phosphorus in that or something. Whoa... I feel really dizzy I need to sit down,” said Garrett. Garrett tried to clear his head for a few minutes and eventually came back and walked back home. The entire walk back he did feel a bit funny, but not all that bad. Except his feet were cold from his still wet shoes. Hours passed by and soon he was back home. He mad a call to Kyles mom to let her know of the situation, though Garrett would not be involved in the search, still slightly traumatized from what happened. He struggled to take his wet shoes off “common u damn things, get off!” he threw them in the corner and rubbed his sore feet “damm things must have shrunk when they got wet, they were feeling tight” Garrett spent the rest of the day moping around not knowing what to do. His dad would be gone for weeks, out in New York and his best friend is surely dead. He just watched TV as they announced they were going to get a foot of snow tonight “snow this early? And it was 60 degrees out yesterday? Crazy weather.” With nothing else to do, he went to take a shower and went to bed, hoping to clear his mind of what had happened. The next day Garrett woke rather sore, and sweaty. “I must have had a fit last night or something, im all fluster” he looked outside to indeed see a covering of snow outside. Almost a sure guarantee of no school. Either way he would have stayed home due to Kyle missing and all. He sat up and stretched out. “hmm looks like im getting hair after all” he said as he noticed his happy trail extended above his bellybutton” he said as he absently minded rubbed his face “better shave” he went to go shave then went to go watch TV before he was to go outside and shovel some snow out of the way. “arrrhhg, well better go shovel some snow or ill never be able to get out of here. Now where are my boots, jacket and gloves?” he fished around for things in his closet when a photo album fell out, he looked at it and frowned as he saw Kyle and him from 2 years back when they went to san Diego for a week. “Damn Kyle, I hope u survived that fall. But threes no way…*sigh* ok don’t cry again, im a man not a kid. Oh there they are” he grabs the things and brought them into the living room, put his coat on then went to put his boots on, but they don’t seem to fit to well. “Dammit go in. goooooo innnn. Ahh damm these boots are really tight. Well there from last year they must be a few sizes to small” he turned them over to see the number 13 printed clearly on the bottom. “…oh god dammit not again, at this rate Ill be a size 400000 when im 25. Well there do for now. Or as long as I can take it” he did not even bother lacing them for they were so tight on his feet. He then proceeded to put on his gloves, with the same problem. Just a tad too small, “oh common… this is not what I need right now. Ah fuck it I don’t need gloves” he said as he tossed the extra large pair on the floor. “ouch ouch ouch grr! Damm boots” I cant believe I am outgrowing 13 already I got new shoes 2 months ago” he went outside and shoveled out the front and back door and part of the driveway before he had to come then cause his hands got so cold from no gloves. “Any longer out there and my hands would become blocks of Ice.” he took off his stuff and went on the computer for a little while. “burr my hands are still cold from being out there so long” he said as he sat down in the chair and began to type “www.gfgoolew.cxom, stupid keyboard feels awkward.” Garrett was tired anyway from shoveling so he went to take a nap and warm up again. A few hours later, he awoke at 5:00pm. “Oh, slept a little bit late there, he spent the rest of the day watching TV, reading, and generally wasting the day. However, he could not shake the feeling that something was going to happen, though he was not sure. At about midnight we went back on the computer again, the keyboard still felt strongly awkward to him. Frustrated he slammed his fist onto the table and went to go take a shower. He stepped in the bathroom and took off his shirt. When he turned to the mirror, he was rather surprised. “What the hell? How on earth did I get so hairy?” Garrett studied himself servilities to make sure he was not dreaming. Just this morning he only has a small happy trail, now hair was lightly covering his stomach and a small amount was formed on his chest. Then he noticed his face. He could not put his finger on it but it looked somewhat. Different, very subtle but it looked slightly different. “Ok what the hell is going on, this doesn’t happen to a person in 1 day like that.” Attempting to clear his mind, he stepped into the shower. “This is too weird all of these things are happening too quickly. My best friend is missing and problly dead, the search team is even trying to find him. Now something freaky is happening to me. *sigh* when it will all this end.” He stepped out of the shower and dried off.”Dammit! Oww I stubbed my toe ouch! Da…not this too.” Garrett looked at his foot and realized it indeed looked bigger then this morning, quite a lot bigger actually. He ran to the computer attempting to type. “My god. My hands too. What the hell is going on.” He searched for some kind of foot size measuring device and printed it out. He taped it together and placed his foot on it and it read “size 15” clear as day. “ok ok. Do not panic im going to be fine. This might happen to other people. Wait no no this cant its not possible. All right im going to bed hopefully ill be ok in the morning” with that last, thought he went to bed. Hoping for the best. The next morning Garrett awoke to sweat soaked sheets. He groaned a little and slowly started to sit up, and then he suddenly remembered last night’s revelation. With that, he threw off the sheets and discovered that it had only gotten worse. “Ahhhhh oh my god what the hell!” he looked down at himself, he now had a rather full patch of hair on his stomach and it was not pretty full on his chest as well, then he noticed his forearms were conideberally hairier as well. Then his hands were examined next, they looked much larger, he could easily palm a basketball now. Then he itched hoe much hairier his legs were, they were almost entirely black then came his feet, again larger then they had been before. “Oh my fucking god what the hell is happening to me!” he yelled. He walked to the bathroom awkwardly, it felt weird when he walked because of how big his feet has become when he looked into the mirror he saw he saw his face, it looked different and he could tell now, it was wider, more square then usual. He rubbed his face. His nose was wider and his chin was wider as well. He looked rougher. While feeling his face he realized how much bigger his hands had become. His palm alone covered well over half of his face. Garrett began to shake. “What’s going on, I can’t live like this people are going to notice that I look different. Hell, its obvious now. What am I going to do?” Garrett looked down at his chest; it was hairy allright.like a full-grown adult. He grabbed the edge of the sink and grimaced, and looked down at his oversized feet. They were way out of proportion to his stature. In addition, people were going to notice. Realizing that it is better to know then to lie there, he went into the other room to measure his proportions. As he walked, he felt awkward. His arms felt like pendulums swinging, and he felt like was moving more erratically as he walked, and his steps felt shorter. “All right, if I don’t do this now I never will.” With that, Garrett slammed his foot on the page. it clearly read “size 18”. Then in one quick motion, he put his hand on a ruler, 10 inches long. “NOO!” Garrett then slammed his oversized fist onto the table smashing a giant hole into it as particleboard flew in the air. In fury, he picked the desk up and smashed it on the ground, and a nearby lamp flew in the air and knocked him out cold. Several hours later Garrett awoke with a headache, he stumbled over to his bed and layer on it. Trying to clear his mind. “arrrrrrrrrggg this is not what I need,” garret said in a low voice. “My head…ouuuwwwww” Garrett noticed that voice now sounded different, it was deeper sounding, more gravelly. “What’s wrong with my voice,” he said as he lifted his head up. “What the hell” it did not sound too different, but deeper. He sat up and noticed things seemed lower down. Surprised he shot up, but then it seemed normal. He questioned that then went to more pressing matters; the rest of his body. “I need to ea something im star…what the hell! My voice is deeper!” Garrett was shocked and did not speak again still processing his voice. “I sound so different… what is going on!” he walked into the kitchen in a fury taking short quick steps, swaying a bit. He got out some soup and struggled for a while with his huge hands. He managed to keep his cool while making this. When he finished eating, he walked back to his room, and began pacing. “What did I do to cause this?” he said in his deep voice “nothing out of the ordinary happened. Did there?” he continued to replay every scenario in his head that happened that fateful day with Kyle. Nothing stood out. With as much force as he could muster, he reexamined himself, and rerecorded his feet. Clearly read “size 21” almost as he was used to this he went into the bathroom to examine himself again, starting with his face. It looked even more masculine and rougher then before. His beard was not growing at all, but an outline of stubble was very visible now. His brow ridge was now protruding out slightly, and thicker eyebrows came with it, his eyes looked a bit farther apart, his nose has grown longer and wider, he rubbed his chin. It was even wider then before, much more then a normal person, it was a little longer as well. His mouth was much bigger too, and his jaw line was much more apparent now, squarer again. He then examined his hands. Still bigger, he could easily cover his face now. Then he noticed that his navel was lower then before, it was a few inches above the sink, and now it was level with it, like his upper body has grown, he look at his chest, his pecks looked bigger, but it was hard to tell with all his chest hair, and his arms looked more defined as well, and a bit longer, he stepped back, then relised. He noticed his looked shorter, but more defined and wider. His quads were thicker as were his calves. Garrett was at a loss of words again, he just stood there for several minutes. Staring at him, trying to figure out what was going on. Eventually he stepped out of the bathroom, it felt very different for him to walk now, he had to be careful with his steps as not to trip and with his shorter legs, and he took more rapid steps. He had a slight waddle to his gait now. He spent the past few hours pacing around the house not knowing what to do. His dad had called earlier, but he did not answer the phone, the message said he would be gone for a longer amount of time. This made Garrett feel slightly better. Then he remembered his old buddy Kyle. Still missing and not herd from. To make himself feel better he began to think about him. He thought if Kyle were here he would problly say something like “well looks like you really are Bigfoot now. And an ape” then proceed to tackle him. Garrett sighed. They were never going to find him, his mother does not care. She would do anything to get more money, even if it means loosing there kid and getting insurance pay. He thought if he should take matters into his own hands, but it was too cold, the snow has not melted at all. Garrett then sat down. It felt alien to him, his heels barely touched the floor, but he was sitting up much higher. “What the hell is going on…my god…is that my voice! I don’t sound like me anymore!” Indeed, he did not. His voice has dropped at least a whole octave, to an almost full bass. He was getting cold so he went to go put some clothes on. He grabbed a pair of pants with his huge hands. Everything felt so small to him in his hands, even his own head. He had some trouble getting his pants on, his giant feet would not fit in them, after some effort he got them on, they were tight around his calves and quads, but where some inches too long. Proof that his legs are shorter. Then he grabbed a shirt. Again, he had some trouble with his oversized hands. When he finally got the shirt on, there were a good 6 or more inches of his hairy stomach showing, when he noticed under all his jet-black hair. He was forming abs. then he noticed his arms were bigger and longer then before. His whole torso was growing, and his legs were shrinking. He was looking less human each passing moment. He then had an urge to reexamine himself in the mirror. He imeadtly noticed how silly his shirt looked on him, it was stretched out and looked as if it were about to rip. His shoulders were much wider and he had much longer arms, staying in proportion to his torso. He then noticed that his muscles were getting bigger as well, his pecs were bigger, and his arms, shoulders, delts, and forearms looked thicker too. Even his legs looked more muscular, but looked like they belonged on a man much smaller then him, minus his feet. That’s when he noticed his feet again, he had forgotten about them after his torso began to change. His feet looked only a small amount bigger, but they were much wider now. Like they were changing shape to help him balance with his changing shape. His feet were huge, long toes and a low arch. They were very wide now even with there large size. He sat on the toilet, and examined and felt his feet; with his hands, they felt normal. Nevertheless, were indeed huge. They were also quite strong; he relished how much force he could push. He then stood up, and went to look at his face again. He was almost unrecognizable now, his eyebrows were closing together almost forming a unibrow, his eyes were farther apart making room for his large wide nose, his nostrils were flared slightly too, his whole face was wider. His brow ridge was becoming more prominent now, noticeable from distance, his chin was flared wider now, the front of it especially wide. “I look like a freaking Neanderthal. What’s going on…my voice…I don’t even sound like a normal person…it’s so deep.” He looked at his neck and noticed how thick it was, and he had a large Adams apple as well, making room for his thick vocal cords.

Some time passed, it was getting late, and Garrett decided it was time to go to sleep again; he made his way back to his bed. Se sat down on the edge of it, after doing so his legs left the floor except the ends of his feet. His legs seemed to have lost at least a 1/3 of there length. Thick black hair covered the entire length of them. He lied down and tried to go to sleep, the bed felt smaller to him, his upper body has grew so much that his arms hanged over the side of the bead and his hands rested on the floor, his upper body took up easily half of the twin bed, his huge shoulders reached almost the width of the bed, he lied there and began to replay all of the previous days scenarios, trying to draw some kind of conclusion. He began to tear up as he remembered his buddy Kyle, problly dead and mangled up somewhere at the bottom of a pit. He remembered that silly little mushroom they fought over. “…THE MUSHROOM!” Garrett shot up in realization of what happened that red cloud must have done something to him. “Ive got t…AHH!” Garrett bent over in pain mid-sentence and fell on the floor. He fell on all fours “what’s…happ…ening…to..me..” he made his way to the bathroom thumping as he went. “I…ha..ARRRRRHHHHHHHAA” Garrett doubled over in pain, he could feel his bodyweight shifting, he felt his feet elongating further pushing upwards agents the floor, he felt his toes lengthened further, he could barely see back, his feet were more then ½ the length of his legs. They were big long wide and hairy. He felt the carpet move under his hands as they grew larger, he could see them. His fingers widened and lengthen, his palm grew wider, and thicker, his hands looked almost blocky. He felt his legs shrink in length more, his calves compressed as well as his quads. He felt his torso lengthened making his back arch. His back flared out making a very strong v-taper, he felt his muscles swell, his pecks swelled, and his abs became more defined. He felt his arms grow longer and more muscular, he raised in the air as his arms grew longer, they grew to almost his entire height, more muscles popped out, his forearms grew large and wide Garrett grit his teeth as he felt his face shift again, he felt a strange sensation on his forehead first, he felt a pushing and pulling sensation at the same time, it felt like his forehead was sloping further while his brow ridge pushed out further. The sensation then moved to his eyes, he felt them widen slightly more. Then to his nose, he felt it flatten ever so slightly, it then widened and flared out, it seemed easier for him to breath now as more air could pass through, he them felt his mouth grow larger, air rushed in as he felt more room form inside, space was them filled as his toung grew larger, he then felt his jaw line flare wider and drop lower, almost as if he was frowning. His chin then widened even further measuring many inches wide. His face looked even more inhuman, and more Neanderthal like, but different. It was very square with a very prominent chin, jaw line, and nose. Garrett felt the pain subside. The changed felt to have stopped for now. He rose to his full height, only feeling slightly taller then before, he looked down, his feet stuck out quite far in front of him. His fingers rested gently on the ground. He turned slightly and raised his hands to his face. “What happened to me…?”

Garrett turned around as he herd a noise behind him “Garrett are you here! Garrett I…” Kyle yelled then stopped mid sentence. He gazed in front of him as some beast stood in front of him. They both stood silently… •

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