It Came from Outer Spice


By Texzilla

“Go back and get Tak he’s GOT to see this.” De’ said to Rich while starting to move closer to the long buried flying saucer we just found hidden deep within the mountains near my home in New Mexico. “Look at it!! That’s where the noise is coming from. Shit now that I see this it almost sounds like an engine.”

“Then we really need to get away from it till we know…” I said pulling him back.

“There’s no vibration coming from the hull” Stoney said as I turned around to find him placing his hand on an uncovered section.

“Don’t touch it!!” I yelled, the echo making me sound even more like a panicking den mother. “Cause it’s…..a flying saucer…. we don’t know if it can hurt us yet. It’s not like it’s a puppy!!!!”

“Come on, look how long it’s been here. Since the world was Pangaea. There can’t be anything in there alive still.”

“If there’s an engine going there’s some power. Something with the power to run since creation might still be able to blow up real good. We’re deep in a cave deep in a cavern deep in a mountain. NOT a lot of places for the blast to go except…. In here!!! WHERE’S RICARDO!!!”

“Under here. Figured I could look under it easier than you guys. Is that a button?”

“How often do Ah need to yell don’t touch it!!!!” Click “Well obviously not enough times.”

“It’s just a shell that was stuck underneath it. This thing must have been under water back when that valley out there was a river.” Ricardo said coming out from under the ship and flicking the shell away. “Besides, now that I think about it, why would a spaceship have a button on its hull?”

“And here’s another question. Listen closely guys. Why am AH, who has more than earned the pet name of ‘Silly Shit’, being the cautious one in all this? NOT a good sign when AH’M trying to be the SANE ONE.”

“He’s got a point.”

“BITCHIN’!!!!!!” We heard from the far end of the cave as Rich returned with Tak. Who started run none stop at the ship. The idiot bitches like a….bitch for us not to come in here, but gets a glimpse of a flying saucer and he’s running for it like an all you can eat cock buffet just opened up.

“TAK don’t, we’re not sure…”

But there was no stopping him. As if the sheer idiotic momentum wasn’t enough, the slippery floor guaranteed he’s skin to space ship in no time. And he was. Which is when we learned what happens when a man who can create lightning bolts out of his fingers comes into physical contact with a space ship in need of an energy boost for a millennium. Sparks fly, spaceships turn grey to blue to a glowing red, and a buff tattooed Asian gay man screams in fear like the little nelly princess we all knew he was down deep inside. Well, maybe not that deep.

“At least this time someone else gets to hear ‘THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!” I yelled at Tak as we ran for protection behind some of the larger stalagmite outcroppings.

“Don’t forget YOU SUCK!” De’ added.

“Oh yea, YOU SUCK!! Thanks hun’.”

“Spice can you do that golden eagle protection spell you did that time?” Rich asked

“Need the casting stick. Ah’m calling for it but don’t know if it’ll get here on time.” My hand was reached out summoning the stick, and I could feel it responding, but it had its travel limits and a good amount of area to move.

“Hey wait” Tak said looking around the edge of our protection. “Cool, check this out!!”

5 pairs of eyes peeked over the edge of the rocks at what Tak was referring to. The ship had stopped glowing, thankfully, and the outer hull was moving. Not rotating or adjusting to open a door but, almost like a muscle when it flexes. Suddenly the main area facing us convulsed and spun open, like a flower opening into the sun. Leaving us with a clear view of the insides of the ship.

“Bitchin’” Tak said moving again towards the ship. And they say I have a limited vocab. “It opened up just like...”

“A cow’s ass?” I said moving past him.

“Hey! You said you’d never tell for fear of death!!”

“More with the cow.” Ricardo mumbled.

“Since we’re all going to die they might as well know about how you were milkin’ the cow, it stepped on your foot, you shocked it and for some reason this triggered the cow to shoot shit all over Dad. And continued to shoot shit all over the barn for two days. Vet ain’t never seen anything like it.”

“Surprised your Dad let him back on the farm.”

"We're a forgiving people."

Guess he was trying to get away from us in a little snit but Tak decided to make another move at getting into the ship.

“Was nothing learned from before Sparky?” I said pushing Tak to the back of the group. “Make sure he doesn’t touch anything, OK?”

We got up to the edge of the entrance and, trust me, everyone stopped. Inside there was no noise but certainly plenty of light. The inside of the ship looked like large round glass room, pure, smooth and shiny. The area was certainly bigger than my apartment, big enough that all of us could stand inside and have plenty of elbow and head room. Light from underneath or behind, but without any exact light source you could tell. There were no chairs or instruments, and, thankfully, no drooling creature making its way towards us smacking its lips. Really, the only thing that looked like something else than a back lit glass wall was what really seemed to be a large widescreen HDTV set off along one of the sides.

“Do we go in?” Rich asked.

“Let’s try a few things first.” I said taking the shot gun and placing it on the floor inside the ship. No sparks. Good sign we won’t get electrocuted. I carefully placed my hand of the floor, for a split second. Again, no electricity, no pain, very cold though. “Let’s give it a shot. But someone stays outside for a bit until we know it won’t close up on us again.”

Needless to say, our living battery waited at the entrance as the rest of us crawled up into the ship. Awesome. While minutes before I was telling everyone not to touch a thing, it was seconds before we were all feeling the walls, looking for joints or creases in the…well glass, it really felt like very thick glass. We were still trying to find something that would indicate how the ship worked or where the crew sat, if there ever had been a crew, when suddenly something came on the TV.

“Holy shit look at that.” Ricardo said bringing our attention to it. On the screen appeared to be, well the room we were in, but instead of us being in it, a lone figure was walking up to the front. The figure looked like it was made of some kind of liquid or you know what, a corona. Like the light that surrounds things made visible through certain photographic methods, but not actually the thing itself. Not really human shaped but, then again, those could be arms at its side and something seemed to move where the legs would be. As it got closer there was defiantly a head at the top where a human’s would be. Like a person being blocked by a rich blue light. If it wasn’t so obviously a TV type screen it would almost look like someone walking up to a window.

“What do you think it’s going to show?” De’ asked as we all started. “Could the crew have left a message?”

“What’s going on?” Tak yelled

“Something’s coming on the screen. Look come in but do your best to hold back any power spikes, OK?”

Tak pulled himself up into the ship and carefully walked over to us. Thing is, as he did that, the being on TV seemed to look away from us, and turn to look at Tak.

“Did it just look at Tak?” De’ asked.

“You saw that too? Ah was going with this being some type of prerecorded message but…. could that be someone in there?”

“I don’t think there’s really an ‘in there’ to be ‘in there’.” Stoeny said placing his hand on the rim of the screen. “This isn’t a window, it’s a…”

“A virtual room for a virtual person?” Tak asked. “Or an electric aquarium?”

“Do you think it’s alive?” Rich asked.

“Yea, look.” De’ said placing his hand on the glass. The Being on the other side looked at the hand and placed what appeared to be the closest thing he had to a hand on the other side. “It appears like a projection but the way it looked at my hand then followed through, I think it’s alive.”

“How could he be alive this long? This ship has been here… forever.”

“If he is energy of some kind, and the ships able to regenerate its power, he just might have been able to survive. Shit, do you think it feels loneliness? To be alone all this time.” Ricardo asked.

“Maybe being energy time doesn’t pass for him. Light bulbs don’t get lonely, they just stay on. He’s either on or off.”

“He looks like he’s more than just a light bulb. I think he can hear us. His head moves to look at who’s talking when we speak. Hi! Can you hear us? Do you understand?” De’ said, and sure enough, the blue guy turned away from looking at Stoney and looked at him.

“He’s mimicking our waves but not responding. Ah don’t think he can hear us anymore than a TV hears us when we scream at it. What about…” I dug out my cell phone and showed it to him. Moved it around some, opened it up, played put it to my ear like I was using it…. and then it rang.

“Uhhhh, hello?”

There was a thick buzz of static and then…..“Hello.” Its voice was male and pretty deep with a slight echo.

“Shit it’s him. Uhhhhh, hello. Hi. Uhhhhh my name is Spice…. Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Hello Spice. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Blue with Yellow but not Green. I think that is how it can be translated.”

“THIS IS SO COOL!! Guys get out your phones. Can you talk to everyone?”

“Oh yes.” Everyone’s phones started ringing. There was some rustling to get them out and flipped open. Blue with Yellow but not Green seemed to smile.

“How do you speak English?”

“I know all languages that have been transmitted over broadcast airwaves such as cell phones, television signals, radio, and wireless internet. I have monitored signals since you started sending them a short time ago. I have monitored them all.”

“You’ve monitored every TV signal, radios broadcast…cell phone call…and you can use wireless internet access to monitor…..all of them or just one after another?”

“All of them, at the same time if needed. And recorded. But, some have dropped off. Power is not sufficient to retain all.”

“Are you being projected to us right now? Where are you? Somewhere else in the ship?”

“No I am here. I exist in this unit.”

“Where are you from? What are you doing here on Earth?”

“I am from….space. That is the only translation I can find. I think I am missing some of my memory. I should know what planet but I do not have access to that. We crashed on Earth long ago. We had the ability to become corporal…solid. We travel in this energy form for the journey and become whole once the….trip is the word… is over. That is what the others did. Others left after the crash but never returned. I don’t think they could survive on the Earth at that time without any access to energy. I remain here to monitor signals. It was my job….no….duty. When I felt the surge of power from the outside, I concluded it was the team returning. But you are not them.”

“Shit. Electrical beings walking around pre-prehistoric Earth. There would be nothing they could have used as power at that time. Even the sun would have been blocked by fog, vapors, and cloud cover.”

We talked for quite a while. He had few questions for us since, as his job was to monitor, he knew more about us than we did. The guys got into an argument between themselves as to whether he was anything more than a sentient TiVo but it was Ricardo, being a Library Science major who called him the Ship’s Librarian. Sounded a bit more respectful. We also discovered that their original mission certainly wasn’t to land on Earth or monitor our signals. One happened because of an accident, the other because he didn’t have anything else to do. It was odd though. On one hand, we were talking to an almost ancient alien being, on the other he talked like a regular person, and on the third hand, it was kind of like watching TV at the same time.

“Blue with Yellow but not Green, if they were able to leave, can you leave? Can you come with us?” De’ surprised me by asking

“If there was enough power I could generate a body and leave for several days before having to return. Like the crew should have. Not enough power for that at this time. The ship is able to regenerate enough to survive and monitor but nothing else.”

Tak politely raised his hand to speak like he was still in grade school. “I was the one who generated the power from before. I can do that. If you need power to leave this place, perhaps I could generate enough for you. Then you could hang out with us till you needed to return.”

“How is it possible that you generated the power? I was not aware that humans had that ability.”

“Well…..we’re not your usual humans.” Which got a laugh from the group.

Off to our side there was a soft hum and a square panel appeared on the smooth wall surface.

“Can you place your…hand on the panel? I can check if the….current is that the word…current is correct.”

“Oh hold on” came from more than just one of our mouths. “Give us a minute Blue.”

After making sure we closed all our phones since he didn’t seem to be able to ear us in his ‘room’ without them. He had a pretty detailed discussion about this. Tak didn’t seem that concerned, being sure he could break the charge if it hurt or things went bad. But it was the talk of letting loose an alien being on Earth that we had the biggest discussion about. One point was that, he was only a sentient answering machine, recording incoming calls that technically he shouldn’t even be listening to. On the other hand, Hitler painted apartments before lighting the ovens. Could he become dangerous if given the opportunity to do more than record endless showing of the Brady Bunch? In the end, I think the Star Wars – ET – Star Trek geeks in us overcame any worries. And for the lack of any other way of putting it, I still had my shotgun.

After making sure that Blue was set, Tak carefully placed his hand of the small panel. As he slowly started increasing the power, Blue’s color started to change and cycles though it’s various patterns

“Yes, this is good. Can you do more? Almost at the right charge.”

Tak increased some, didn’t look too uncomfortable, but did look like he was sweating some. “Yes, yes……please stand away from the middle of the room.”

I actually pushed everyone but Tak how needed to leave his hand on the panel out of the ship. I stayed behind with the shotgun maybe a bit too ready for something negative to happen. From the ceiling a large section of the glass started dipping down, looking a bit like the end of an eye dropper. I checked Tak and he seemed to still be doing OK.

Maybe it was all the years of clubbing and all the nights spent on the dance floor, but I couldn’t help but thing the following light show would have been awesome set to music. As the lights flashed and circled something started taking form in the middle of the room. It wasn’t so much as if the figure was suddenly appearing, but almost like something caught in a telescope that came in and out of focus. One second solid, then blurry, then solid again. The lights intensified culminating in a bright burst.

“I think the ship just orgasmed.” Whispered Tak as he removed his hand from the panel.

“You OK? Not too much?”

“Nah dude, it’s good. Little strain since I’ve never held a charge that long but it wasn’t a drain.”

Standing in the middle of the ship was now a 3D version of Blue with Yellow but not Green. Incredible. He looked around and moved a bit, then his body started to shift more. Slowly a head appears on what used to be the shoulder area, arms pulled away from the sides and a waist pinched in the middle. By the time we reached him his legs were fairly well formed and ummm, we he did say he was male.

“How do I look” he said for the first time with a mouth instead of through our cell phones.

“That’s amazing. Is this how your race really looks?”

“No, I am trying to mimic your builds. I will try to do a composite of all of you combined in order to get an average. Please stand still so I can get more details.”

Not sure 6 muscle bound teens were the most average examples he could use but, shit, why not go for the gold. If everything else this day had not been incredibly strange, it still would have been odd to see Blue attempt to mimic our bodies and builds. He shrank down some to around 5’7 or 8, I’m guessing Ricardo’s height had something to do with that. The chest filled in, pecs formed and hung down some over a very nice recreation of an 8 pak. His arms which hung at his side filled in to the point they didn’t a quite hang as just as before, he had to hold the out a little due to the new mass. Legs he got real good, the upper legs much or muscular than anything we really had. Solid and well defined with calves that swelled almost as big as the upper legs did. Who knew an alien could have a fetish? And with legs that gorgeous could it have anything else but an ass with its own zip code to match? Last was the dick which, thankfully he didn’t let get too big, but he did leave it uncut.

“Wait we’re wearing shorts. Do you have x-ray vision? How do you know what out penises look like?” I had to ask.

“I think the best way to respond is that… even while you’re wearing clothes how could anyone not know what your penis looked like Spice?” Blue said with a smile.

“Oh Mr. Big Dick SLAMMED by an alien.” Tak yelled and the room fell apart. Great another smart ass to deal with.

When he was done he looked awesome but, still looked like a bodybuilder made of glass filled with swirling blue liquid.

“That is the most I am able to do.”

“Would more power help you become more human looking?”

“No. Usually we do not adapt ourselves this close to the planet’s inhabitants since we do not usually land on heavily inhabited worlds.”

“Well that’s what we got outside that cave now. Let me see what I can do.” My casting stick flew into the room and landed in my hand.

“You’ve not going to turn him human are you?”

“Don’t know if I can. But I should be able to pull an illusion over him to make him look human to everyone.” I held out my casting stick and really concentrated on this one. Never really tried anything like this. Couldn’t tap into the life force or any mental wish and desire since he really didn’t have any. I think I sense some fear though, but not the kind I can use. Well, I’d have to work from scratch. A basic illusion of skin was easy enough to do, even though it had no real tones to it yet. Those came next as I also darkened him down some. I let is nipples and cock darken a bit more, as well as the lips. He didn’t do much with the face so I started sculpting a bit. I figured if he was going to be around us for a while, we’d better make him a member of my people to fit in more. Less obvious around here than if I went for a white guy or a black dude. And shit, sure he was an alien but why go for thin and wiry Mr. Spock when Vin Diesel proved that in space you can still get pumped. The eyes thought were tough though. I could get the white of the eyes but not the pupils. Well we’re going to have a Native American with the most incredible blue eyes then.

“How is this possible?” He asked in a low deep voice, also part of my spell thank you.

“You’ve going to see us do a lot of things you haven’t picked up in your monitoring” Stoney said “but just like you being an alien, it’s something that we’re going to have to keep secret from anyone other than ourselves. Does that make sense?”

“Oh yea. It is incredible.”

Flesh tones filled out. Instead on one all over color like a mannequin he had shade and a few blemishes. Toe nails and fingernails a little clearer than the skin. Lips full and dark, but not as dark as the nipples.

“What are you doing about the hair?” Rich asked.

“Still trying.” Shit this wasn’t working. Couldn’t even give an illusion of a shadow. Maybe there was too much work done from scratch? Didn’t think the powers had that kind of a limit. “Nah, that’s the best. Going to have to be a smoothie from head to foot.”

“Incredible.” Blue said holding his hands up in front of his face. A quick look off to the side and he realized he could see his reflection in the glass walls. Our new human looking buddy ran over to the walls and continued to stare and pose, twist and turn to see all of himself. He was a buff little stud on a guy now. Great body, perfect ass and pretty darn pretty if I say so. Enough rugged guys in the group already, went for a more lean, angled and maybe even graceful look while keeping within the parameters of my ancestry.

“I think we can scrounge up some cloths for you back at the camp site. We’ll come up with some story to tell Mom and Dad.”

“You ready to head out into the world now?”

“Very much so.” Blue pulled away from the sides of his ship and tentatively took a step outside. After many thousands of years cooped up in the TV set, to say this was something new to hi was the understatement of all time. As soon as he, and the rest of us, were fully out of the ship, the opening folded back in on itself. Then, a second or two later, the engine stopped. Its hull got a bit darker than before, not a polished and clear looking, but it didn’t seem to disturb Blue, he continued out into the world without looking back.

We made our way along the path that took out of the cavern and into the blinding sunlight of noon. This hit Blue more than anyone else as we had to help him along till his eye sight came back. He wanted to do things like touch the cactuses and pick up rocks, but this wasn’t really the time.

When we got back to the springs things looked a bit off. The horses were OK but a little skitterish. Things seemed to have been blown around some, like a wind has picked up. There was dust and sand all over the Jeep. Stoney kept his swim shorts on and let Blue use his jeans, and Ricardo stayed shirtless so Blue could have his shirt. It was a pretty good fit, if not a bit too tight, which I think might have been the plan. I let I use my boots, although those were way too big for him, but I was used to going around barefoot in this area. While we were picking up the camp to return one of the local Army helicopters fly by way above the valley walls. The pattern of what happened to the camp would certainly be in keeping with one of the choppers coming in close for a look. Should have really gotten the clue at that point.

About an hour later, pulling into the homestead I have to say we were all feeling pretty high. We had a nice day out. Had a cool adventure. Actually met someone from another planet. Wasn’t killed by the person for another planet. Even got to bring the person from another planet home with us for a visit. And got back home without any trouble. Pretty unique for this group.

Stoney and I rode the horses into the barn and got them settled from the ride while De’ parked the Jeep and the guys unpacked it. Blue seemed to be catching on pretty quick. Not really mimicking what we were doing but adapting and fitting in. But he wasn’t the person I was really wondering about “You doing OK there Stoney?”

“Going to be walking a little tenderly the next few days.” He said stroking his inner thighs. “You hear some groans coming from the bedroom, don’t get any ideas anything is happening between Ricardo and myself.”

“But think how popular you’d be walking around home with these bow legs.” Tak said grabbing Stoney’s leg and making him cringe.

“You’re just jealous because you’re not going to be the only one walking funny around here.”

We were still in pretty good sprits when we headed in the back way through the kitchen. Mom was off by the stove getting things ready for her massive fried chicken cooking session for dinner for tonight. And Dad….well Dad was sitting at the kitchen table with a Major from the local Army base. Oh crap, this isn’t good.

“Son, boys come in” Dad said motioning us over. “This is Major Clarke from the base. He’s the liaison with tribes in the area. Major, this is my son Spice and some of his buddies from college. And someone new?”

“Yea Dad this is Blue….. Blue Redbull.” Yea, I can create the illusion of a human being over an alien but the most creative name I can come up with is the stuff we all chug to get though finals. Most of my thinking was being taken over by trying to figure out what the Army guy was doing here. Ok, trying to convince myself that I didn’t already know what the Army guy was doing here. “Another college guy who was hanging out at the springs. Do you mind if he bunks here for a few days? You know college guys and our need to save money when parents don’t give us enough allowance.”

‘Yea, screw you boy, you’re not getting an extra penny out of us. But certainly he can stay. Nice to meet you Blue, is it? Looks like you’ll fit in fine here.” Dad shook Blue’s hand and gave no reaction that there was anything different about him. Other than appearing to be yet one more buff queer college teen who’ll eat his food and drive him crazy for a few days. Like the rest of us.

“Boys? Pretty impressive group here. Maybe I should send a recruiting officer by the house for a visit. Could certainly use men of your caliber in the services. And you could earn money for college while you serve your country.”

Unfortunately there was a round of laughter from the crowd. Made even slightly more unfortunate by my father joining in slightly. “Major problems with that Major is that for most of us, this isn’t officially our country and even if it was, no one would have to ask because we’d be telling everyone we knew.” Tak said taking a seat at the table.

“Ah, I see. Well. The Don’t ask/Don’t tell rules are there for valid reasons...” He said taking TOTALLY the wrong path to get out of this.

“Ohh, did it ever get cold in here. Look at these nipples.” Lifting is damn shirt up and running a finger around and around one of his nipples.

I grabbed Tak by the ear and lifted him out of the chair. “Go get Blue settled in and get cleaned up guys.” Good eye contact let the guys know that now wasn’t the time to fool around. We also had to get Blue out of the room and away from parental/military scrutiny. While everyone else left, albeit hesitant, De’ still stuck around and talked to my Mother off in the corner. “Mind if Ah join in?” I asked spinning a chair around and taking a seat. “If it’s tribal business.”

“The Major here is letting me know that they’re going to be sending a few people out into the Crying Woman area. Seems they picked up some interesting…was is signals or sounds out there today?”

“Some odd reading on some of the instruments. Hard to figure out what it was. Just like to look around.”

“Wow. That’s weird, we just came from Crying Woman. Must have been having too much fun and making too much noise? We tend to do that.”

“Yours must have been the camp sight my guys came across. While the signals had disappeared by the time the choppers got there, the original reading seemed to be tracking from right there. You boys, you didn’t see anything? Hear anything?”

“Not even the Crying Woman.”

“So you see why Ah’m hesitant to think this is a good idea Major. It’s such a sacred area and a delicate terrain. We’d really rather not have the area disturbed my military vehicles and…” Dad was particular to Crying Woman. For all the changes and all the loses our tribe had to deal with over the years, it was the one place left we wanted to try to preserve as much of as we could. “But it’s OK for a batch of party boys to hang out there? This is appropriate use in the eyes of tribal leaders? Or more so, your tribe’s Shaman?” Once again he was really taking the wrong path to resolve this.

“Oh trust me, it was OK with him.” I said leaning forward and giving him my best shit eating grin. Which was lost on him completely.

“Spice.” My father said warning me. Again, the Major took it the wrong way, as if it was a chance to get the upper hand here.’

“Well maybe I should speak to your tribe’s Shaman. I think he’d be interested in what I heard here today. And I think I can convince him to allow us to do the investigation we require. When it comes to matters of sacred land and traditions, the Shaman usually has as much pull as the full council?”

“Yes he does, if not more.” My father said knowing a train wreck when he sees one.

“Well then.”

“Yes well then.” De’ said joining us. He placed tall glasses of iced tea on table for the two of us and sat down besides me, putting his arm around my neck. “Everyone’s who lucky day it is today stand up…Not so fast GI Joe.”

“De’Andre.” My Dad said. Boy, he must consider De’ family to use that tone with him. That was a tone usually reserved for the kids.

“Mr. Talltrees, have you been made your tribe’s Shaman?”

“Wrong Mr. Talltrees.” Dad said taking a sip of his coffee and nodding his head in my direction. My shit eating grin was still in effect with the Major finished doing the math in his head.

“You’re the...aren’t you a bit young to be a tribe’s Shaman?”

“If the local military’s liaison would have attended our last Powwow he would have seen my credentials being accepted unanimously by the council elders and all members of the tribal in attendance. Perhaps the local papers have the report still. I can ask them for copies when I call them about the military trying to disrespect their way onto our land instead of working with…”

“Allright, allright. I apologize if I came off too strong. Let’s start over. Please, let me be brutally honest with you. What we picked up… was nothing. It’s going to be nothing. But it would be excellent training for some of our men who have almost nothing to do at the base. Might not have noticed but New Mexico isn’t a hot bed of military excitement. Please excuse my eagerness to have some busywork for my men that takes us off the base.”

“All rightie”

“Since there hasn’t been another reading for a while, I have been made aware of reports from people at the location at the time that nothing out of the ordinary was seen, and more importantly, it’s getting hot out there. Tomorrow morning?”

“We could meet you there at 10? After Sunday services?”

“It’s a deal.” The Major said standing up and shaking my hand. Which I gave him more than a squeeze just to know how much a party boy can bench press.

There was some more small talk. De’ kept trying to make out with me in front of the Major. And after just enough time had passes, he left back to the base. Dad walked him out to his Jeep, not as cool as mine, and then came back in the house to prove he had lost none of his awareness of knowing when his children were trying to pull a fast one on him.

“BOYS!!” His voice thundered though the house.

“Dad what??”

“Don’t ‘what’ me Boy. Innocent hasn’t worked since 4th grade. What happened, what were you doing, and who is this guy?!!”

Mom came in to quite him down and shit, did we ever have a talk. It moved from the living room, to the kitchen out to the back where we took over the picnic tables the family used for years. Blue acting more human all the tie really helped. Almost forgot myself that he hadn’t become a real solid being till several hours before.

“Oh my god does this shit always have to happen when you get together?”

“Dad you can’t blame us on this. It’s not supernatural, but science fiction. A totally different genre than what we’re responsible for.”

“You’re an alien?” Dad said turning to Blue.

“Yes sir.”

“And you’re not going to eat us while we sleep.”

“No sir. Can I eat some of the chicken your wife is cooking? I’ve heard a lot about it and I am able to consume.”

“You sure he’s not human?”

“Ah’d remove the spell that’s making him look human Dad but it was a bitch to create.”

“And you’re heading back in a few days?”

“I can last around 80 hours in this form. Then I will need to return to the ship. I will not need Takashi’s help to return into the ship, it can reabsorb me without the need of extra power. And I can only do this one time.”

“Didn’t now that?” I asked. “We can’t just keep recharging you out into this?”

“I kept it from you. I did not want you to know in case you changed your mind and wanted to bring others into this. I only want to experience life outside the ship. Real life, not under a microscope. Not become a test subject. I can then return to monitoring.”

“You couldn’t just bring home a puppy?”

“Ah already used the puppy analogy Dad.”

Things kind of deteriorated fro there, then got better, then got worse, then Mom got involved asking Blue physics questions, which he had no answer for. Kind of like asking the Flight Attendant how the engines worked on an airplane, not exactly their job to know. This was also when we found out that Blue was not in contact to all the info he down loaded over the centuries. It was all back on the ship and he had no connection to it. Which was a shame since I was going to get him aside to see if he could do a search on the internet to make sure Tak never did post the sex film he secretly made of De’ and myself, but maybe we could do that when he returned to the ship.

But things did eventually calm down and was back to as normal as we all get by dinner. Mom’s classic fried chicken was enjoyed by all and afterwards, the evening turned into a lazy night of just hanging out. It’s not that the uniqueness of having an alien amongst us wore off, it’s that we stopped trying to show hi new things and just let him…live.

It was around 2 in the morning that the knocking started on my bedroom door waking De’ and myself up.

“What’s…Ricardo what’s going on? Everything OK?”

“I’m sorry but Stoney and Blue left a while ago and I can’t find them. Not sure what’s…” He was out of breath not only from being stressed but from running up all those stairs.

“Ok, yea, give us a second to throw on some pants.”

I woke De’, explained what was going on and we shot out of the house to look around. Ricardo mentioned that first Blue had left the room, followed afterwards by Stoney and he thought they went out the front door. Nothing was going on, everything was OK, the guys just forgot that the doors are locked and couldn’t get back into the house. That was going to be it. But there were no signs of them out front or by the cars.

“De’ do you think you can...”

“Just thinking about that myself. Let’s see if my training has paid off.” De’ face narrowed some, ear pointed up some, eyes turned yellow and those canines grew till the longer ones pointed out of his mouth. “Need more” The changes continued till fur spouted form his ear and on parts of his face that didn’t usually grow hair. His nails grew out as pads appeared on the palms of his hands. Yea it was cooler when I thought it was a loin and not a hyena, but I’ll get used to it. “This way.” De’ said taking off across the parking area around the side of the house. He soon had us heading out into the pecan trees.

“Both of them met up in the front and headed out this way. Sorry but I have to follow their path, don’t know how to track just by smelling the air for the scents I’m picking up now.” My boyfriend said through long teeth and lips that usually are thick and soft, not the muzzle he sports now.

He led us out into the trees, around a bit, stopping now and then, and then headed us back towards the back of the house. Where we found Stoney and Blue on the picnic table we had all used hours before. Making out like crazy.

“Holy shit.” De’ said quickly reverting back some but not fully human.

“Do you think we should..?”

“Ah think we can stay back here to make sure everything is OK but, shit, Stoney’s got lucky for once.”

“They’re really going at it.” De’ said moving his head so he could hear them better. “And that’s a sex scent I’m picking up big time.”

I might have the eyesight of a blind rock even with my glasses in the dark, but I know an instructional make out session when I see one. Stoney would show Blue a move, like going in and sucking on one of his nipples for a while, then Blue would return the favor. Slow kisses along the shoulder up the neck and onto the mouth was next. Blue started playing with Stoney’s hair. Not someonthing he could have learned from Stoney so it looked like he was doing some extra credit learning.

“By the way, we’re watching to make sure nothing happens and everything is OK, right?”

“Ah’m going with we’re watching because we hang out with Tak and Rich and their dirty little minds have rubbed off on us.”

“Oh that’s better, let’s go with that.”

Pants came off and general ass grabbing followed. Slowly Stoney leaned back on the picnic table, which really wasn’t there for people to have sex on but anyway, he leaned back and started showing Blue how to jerk someone off. Still being that quick learner Blue took over, wrapping his hand around Stoney’s large black cock and started stroking it up and down. Some times quickly but slowing once in a while. Blue also went in for some more nipple sucking and kissing, earning an A for this class right there.

“Someone’s breathing real deeply.” De’ said turning his head to catch more.

Almost on queue Stoney shot his load over the both of them. Get the feeling it’s been a while since he’s done that with someone else around. Blue turned around and leaned into Stoney, letting his reach round and start stroking our new alien buddies cock from behind. For someone who was just made solid hours before an not really human, he sure did a great job of looking like a gay guy getting the best hand job of is life. His dick grew not that much larger but more than enough for Stoney to get a handful off. It wasn’t long before he shot his load, which sort of made Stoney jump. It was hard to see what happened fro where we were but the white cum that was so obvious coming from Stoney did not shoot out of Blue.

“Wait, wait.” De’ said holding us back and we made a move to run over to them. “Listen.”

A healthy outbreak of laughing filled the air from the guys and more kissing took over.

“Blue doesn’t have any cum to shoot, so he used some of the Pepsi he had with dinner instead. He thought it would be the same.”

We tried not to laugh too because we till didn’t want them to know we were out here in the back yard watching them.

“Oh shit. Got to get inside to unlock the back door or everyone will know…” I said making a break for it as quickly and as quietly as I could. I was hoping the two of them would continue to make out and clean up some before heading to the kitchen entrance. They’d have to wake someone up to let them in and I don’t think we wanted this adventure to get out right away.

I made it to the front door, Ok there’s nothing else to call it but I pranced thought the house, into the kitchen and unlocked the back just as they tried it. Couldn’t get myself out of the kitchen fast enough not to get caught so I headed to the sink with a glass.

“Hey guys. Just came down for a glass of water. What’s up?”

“Ummmmm…” was all Blue could get out. Stymied the alien, pretty good.

“Blue wanted to see if he could find his home system in the stars. But nothing. Nothing looked familiar out there.”

“Ahhh. Well, space is a big place. And Ah’m sure there are lots of new territories to discover out there. So to speak.”

“Yea so we’re going to head back to bed. I mean the bed room.” Blue said. Did I give him the power to blush?

I let them have their privacy as they headed down the hall to the room. De’ soon followed in the back door.

“Where’s Ricardo?”

“I lifted him in through the bedroom window so they wouldn’t know he went out.”

"Was that more of a Lucy and Ethel move, or a Laverne and Shirley?"

“Hey” we heard from across the kitchen. Tak came in with his DVD camera. “Do you think the guys are going out there again? I didn’t have my infra red lens set so I don’t know what I got.”

Well the morning was pretty busy. Getting the disc away from Tak. Getting up early after the night’s adventure. Getting breakfast and then getting ready for church. It was an open option for the guys. My folks would not force them into going. Me and De’, yes but they guys were off the hook. Ricardo came along being the good guy he is, leaving the other four at home. Which kind of made me nervous. Till Rich and Tak asked to become Native Americans again so they could head into town with Blue so they could all blend in more. But what REALLY got me nervous was that my Mom wanted to see me turn Tak and Rich into these other people. You know there’s a certain amount of ‘getting off on this’ that goes into the spells that I’m not sure I wanted to experience in front of my Mother while wearing my Sunday best. Had my nice turquoise bolo tie on and everything. But everyone was freaking insistent so we went for it.

Since they wanted to fit in more I didn’t go for the buff lads they were the day before. Actually I took quite a few pounds off the guys while still leaving the appearing their age. They’d have to notch their belts a few extra loops to hold their pants up due to their much thinner waists. And the tight t-shirts they brought were no so tight anymore. Muscles became long and lean, hair straight and black, and I’m tired of having the biggest nose of the group. Let the give me some competition.

When all was done, two new fit but thin Indian boys were complaining they weren’t hunks any longer. And my response of Tough Shit got me a smack in the back of the head for swearing on the Sabbath. But Mom was impressed.

We left them that way, and left them my Jeep to ride into town. Carefully in to town, I made sure I noted. Services were good and it was nice to see people I hadn’t in a while. Still kind of hard to figure out if I knew some of these people better at Henry or as Spice but it was all worked out. Everyone was respectful of De’ and Ricardo, which I knew they would be. Some of the younger guys even knew who De’ was and gushed over his playing ability. Which made my man’s day.

Back at the house my Jeep still wasn’t in the drive way so I had to saddle up Silver and head over to Crying Lady on my own to meet the Major. Dad was too old to handle riding Mary for that long and there was no way that De’ was going to be able to. Mr. Hyena Warrior Magician is still far too much a city boy for horse riding.

The cloud of smoke or dust I saw at a distance made me worried about what had been going on at the hot springs as I was riding up. And how the Major started off his first sentence to me made me worry all the more.

“Mr. Talltress I assure you we just got here.” He said coming over to me from one to the two army Jeeps parked by the springs.

“MISTER Talltrees is it now. Something must have happened to up my status from ‘Boy”.”

“Over here.” He led me down a far too familiar path, long the trail to the area of the valley where we had found the opening in the wall into Blue’s ship. Except there wasn’t an opening any longer. Smoke and dust still filled the air from where a large amount of the valley wall had caved in, totally closing off the former entrance. There had to be 30 feet of rock and rubble to where the opening used to be. The area of rock that had fallen down almost reached the top of the valley.

“Ah’m not a military expert but these sure look like tank track in the sand.” I said bending down and feeling the track the covered the general area. The ground in the deepest part of the track was hard and solid, so something incredibly heavy had to make them.

“That’s what they looked like to us too.”

“Ah thought you said you just got here!”

“We did!! Our two Jeep couldn’t leave marks like that and we didn’t bring hardly any fire power. Certainly not enough to do this. We saw this as we rode in and arrived at the hot springs just as you rode up”

“And ya’ll know nothing about this?!”

“No sir we don’t”

Shit. Why did I believe him? And why did my cell phone have to start ringing now.

“What! Busy!” I yelled into it.

“SPICE” a voice that had to be Rich’s in his new form yelled into my ear. The remnants of a British accent giving the owner’s ID away. “What the fuck man!! They got him. Army caravan came down the road, grab him, threw him into the back and drove off!! I thought they were going to be with you!!!”

As Rich was yelling and his signal was breaking up I moved away to talk where the Major couldn’t hear me “Calm down, calm down. Ah am with the military. But what are you saying? Someone grabbed Blue?”

“No!! They got TAK!!!!!”

Aw shit. •

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