Initial Boot Up


By plaindudefornow

It was finally here. I couldn't believe that I had actually even received anything at all. The online advertisement was so small and plain I thought it was a scam for sure. Thinking back I don't even know why I had even tried it. My hands trembled with shock and anticipation as I peeled back the tape. Would there even be anything in the box? "Is this all there is?" I stammered as I pulled out a disc from the plain box. A small slip of paper caught my eye on the lower portion of the box. "Simply install software on any Mac or pc. All processes after will be self explanatory. We hope you enjoy our product," I read as I walked toward my desk.

"Well...this thing is as old as dirt anyway. I suppose if this thing is a virus I really won't be losing much," I reasoned as the disc began to spin. Within a few minutes whatever files were going to be installed had finished and a small box with the word proceed was in the center of my monitor. Licking my lips I clicked. An array of statistics and options pop up on screen with a silhouette of a person. "Self explanatory eh?" I mumbled as I fiddled around a few of the options. They all appeared to be grayed out and unavailable. Drifting around, I managed to find a load option. A new box opened and requested that I type the targets name. Apprehensively, I typed my own name just to see what would happen. Next, a picture was requested. Aggravated, I loaded one of my recent shots and was brought back to the main display. The silhouette began to fill in with my own image and the grayed options opened up.

"This is getting interesting..." I muttered as I began to scroll options. It would probably be best to keep things simple to start with I thought. The height stat was the first option that caught my eye. At 6' 1" I was hardly short but I always did wish I had just one more inch. I don't know why I just always felt it was the best height. Mindlessly, I marked the 6' 1" to 6' 2". From there my fingers seemed to do their own thinking. Weight options went up. Hair options went down. Fat to muscle ratio shifted. No changes occurred on the silhouette but a red proceed button blinked in the lower left corner. When my fingers, and perhaps my ego, were satisfied, I clicked proceed. Slowly the image of me reverted back to a transparent silhouette. I looked at myself expecting some change but nothing happened. "I should have known it was a fake," I angrily told myself. Without noticing that the computer still had an hour glass icon I went to bed. I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow. Moments after I was out cold my body had begun to change. My Levis inched up higher as my body slowly went from 6' 1'' to 6' 2''. All the while I tossed and turned on my bed, oblivious to what was going on with my own body. Weight began to mount itself on my frame. Slowly but surely, my 140 lb body began to bulk up. No fat was loss but pounds of muscle began to writhe and grow under my clothing.

Sleep masked the truth of my first transformation. Imagination is all I have to go on. More likely than not, my biceps began to fill the space in my sleeve. With each breath they pulsed larger as did the rest of my body. Minutes passed and my body continued to grow. Pectoral muscles pressing against the front of my shirt. Lats stretching the back and sides of my shirt. The shoulders of the shirt digging into my deltoids and traps. Biceps and triceps making the sleeves feel almost skin tight. The confines of my clothing began to make me squirm about more on my bed but still I slept. Turning to my side, the back of the shirt gave in to my growing body and ripped down the center. Both shirt sleeves soon followed as I curled my arms unknowingly. The peak of the biceps treated the sleeves as if they were nothing more than tissue paper. The Levis were doing no better as they dug into each striation on my quads. Cold night air caressed my exposed chest causing them to twitch. Within a few more minutes the growth subsided and I lay resting easily. My once 6'1'', 140 lb frame had ballooned up to a 6'2'', 220 lb monstrosity. My chest and arms stood proud and powerful. Lats kept my arms as far as they could manage from my body. Tatters of shirt fell between each crevice of my upper torso while my Levis left my legs looking as if they were painted to resemble pants. All this and I still knew nothing of the dream I would wake up to in the morning and the events that would unfold in the near future. •

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