Experimental Muscle Version 2.0


By John Liesch

Then I turned to Logan's insanely thick quads and calves. Logan flexed his legs for me, bending his knees to bring out the definition of his hamstrings. Leaving Logan's dick, I began running my tongue over Logan's thigh, pressing it into the deep cuts then over the striated muscle. My fingers traced out the separation of Logan's diamond-etched calf, each hand cupping the twin heads of flaring muscle while my mouth travelled over the huge tear-drop shaped muscle bulging over Logan's knee. Then I traced the solid cord running along the inside of Logan's thigh into his groin, biting and sucking Logan's ripped muscles. Logan relaxed his quads and still the muscle barely yielded to my probing tongue. Taking hold of Logan's thigh with both hands, I shook it back and forth the way I had seen the pro's do on stage, amazed at just how heavy the muscles were. "Flex," I whispered and Logan tensed his thigh hard with a groan. Hard veins appeared under the paper thin skin which I followed with my tongue up and down the entire length of Logan's leg. I spent even more time on his other leg, occasionally teasing his dick with my hair or beard but most of my attention was on his fucking huge muscles. I was in muscle junky heaven! Logan's breath became more and more laboured and his sweat dripped on my face. I relented and took his dick into my mouth again and grazed my teeth along the shaft. I ran my hands up and down Logan's spit- slicked legs then grabbed his rock hard ass, my thumbs digging into the dimpled muscles and my fingertips barely reaching his crack. Logan grabbed my head and gently fucked my face, his quads quivering with restraint. Fuck that, I thought, I was a big boy and he didn't need to be so easy on me. I got in a hard couple of whacks on his ass and Logan put some muscle into fucking my face, just as I wanted. It was almost too much for me and I almost came just feeling his quads ripple and flex as he pounded my face. His movements became more and more frenzied and his dick got even thicker in my throat. I hugged his quads barely able to hang on. He reared up on his toes, flaring every huge muscle on his thick legs. Slowly he pulled his dick from my mouth and a long string of spit hung from its head to my lips. His legs shook with the effort he made not to cum. I sighed.

Logan lifted me to my feet and pulled me into a powerful bear hug, crushing my body into his much more massive frame and kissing me passionately as we shared the taste of his dick back and forth. He cupped my ass in his hands, massaging it hard and pulled my groin into his. Then, effortlessly, Logan snapped my jockstrap into pieces, freeing my aching dick. Without warning, he swept me off my feet and cradled me in his arms, his shoulders and arms stretching the damp fabric of his shirt and straining the seams. "Holy--!" My exclamation became a moan of pleasure as Logan curled my 240 pound body as if it were a barbell. After several reps, he raised my chest to his mouth and bathed my pecs with his tongue. Shifting me from side to side, he licked each bulge of my clenched abs. Suddenly, he tossed me three feet into the air and caught me under my shoulders and ass. I went as rigid as a board as Logan lifted my crotch to his face. He took my dick into his mouth and started doing rapid, partial curls using my body as a weight. The power of his massive arms forced my 8 inch dick deep into his throat. He lowered me only enough to catch a breath then powered me up again. My hands flew to Logan's arm to feel the strength and size of the muscles powering this amazing blow job. The effort of curling me sent a rush of blood into Logan's huge biceps, pumping them up even bigger. His arms bulged against tight bands of his rolled up sleeves causing his arms to explode with gnarled veins. The sensation of huge, hard muscle flexing against my hands sent me flying. His hard 24 inch biceps expanded even more and his sleeves could no longer contain the rock hard muscles. Logan's biceps burst through the constricting band of cloth with a bang, the high peak tearing the sleeves to his shoulders. I heard more tearing noises as Logan's deltoids and traps strained to escape his shirt. I tore away the tattered cloth and began licking his red hot biceps as it lengthened then contraced to a phenominal peak as big as a softball. Grunts and moans erupted from Logan, sending even more incredible sensations down my dick. Logan pumped out a few more reps bringing me to the edge of cumming, then set me back on my feet.

"Wow," I said, trying to catch my breath.

Logan hurriedly pulled away the remnants of his shirt and kicked off his pants and shoes and hit an incredible double biceps pose, his muscles pumped huge and hard and glowing an angry red. Then he straightened his arms out, flexing and twisting them from the shoulder displaying the corded muscles, his huge triceps hanging like horseshoes big enough for an Clydesdale on steroids. He flexed his pumped biceps again hard, making the veins pulse all over his arms. "Boom!" He laughed. "Just think, pretty soon you're going to be even bigger than this. I can't wait to see you grow" he said. I grabbed Logan's elbow and ran my tongue all over the flexed biceps and triceps, tracing the blood engorged veins and the textures of the striated muscle.

"Big fucking arms," I said raggedly as Logan pumped his giant biceps against my mouth. He stroked the back of my head and echoed my groans of pleasure. We were both really getting off on his freaky guns. Logan moved into a Frank Zane pose with his elbows over his head and hands clasped behind his neck, his arms looking bigger than his head. I attacked his armpits, biting the hot flesh. The scent was intoxicating and the taste of Logan's sweat was as powerful an aphrodisiac as his muscles. I moved on to his deltoids and Logan turned and hit a side triceps pose. His biceps and triceps pressed to his side were almost as thick as his torso. I remembered a time when my legs were smaller than his arms and I almost came. Then I moved to Logan's bulging trapezius and neck, covering them in spit, my kissing and sucking rewarded with moans. I found a ticklish spot which brought his shoulder twitching towards his ear and his traps bulged even bigger.

Logan pulled my face to his in another passionate kiss, his tongue forcing itself past my lips. I ran my hands over the expanse of Logan's pecs, then traced the ridges of his abs and serratus, the slabs of muscle expanding and contracting with Logan's heavy breathing. I pulled Logan's dick between my big thighs and let mine rub against Logan's six- pack, sliding it up and down the deep cut between the abs. Logan pumped his dick between my sweat slicked quads, then briefly broke off the kiss to say, "Flex your arms for me, Mike." Logan grasped my 20 inch arms and increased his fucking motion, groaning, "Big arms, gonna make them even bigger."

"Oh, man!" I cried, flexing my biceps as hard as I could. This was too hot! I couldn't believe the much bigger man was getting off on my muscles! I extended his arms to my sides like Logan had done, Logan's hands stroking and squeezing my muscles. We continued to push against one another, rhythmic thrusts of hard cock against harder muscle coming faster and faster. Torrents of sweat poured from our bodies, lubricating our action.

I abandoned my posing and threw my arms around Logan, lifting the 280 pound man so that his chest was within reach of my questing tongue. I buried my face between Logan's pecs then ran my tongue from one side of the broad chest to the other, biting and sucking each erect nipple and the muscle in between. As I ran my tongue along the huge cleft between the pectorals, Logan flexed, deeping the cut between heavy slabs of beef.

I let Logan down and said, "I love your pecs, guy."

"They're all yours, Mike," Logan replied. A glint appeared in his eyes and he dropped to the floor and did a couple push-ups, his form flawless, his back flexing hugely. For the first time, I got a good look at his broad back. Kovaks had nothing on Logan! I still couldn't believe the narrowness of Logan's waist, the thickness and width of his lats, the way his traps bulged into mountains with each push up. My hand wandered from the christmas tree striations of Logan's lower back onto his equally striated, perfectly shaped ass.

"Get on my back," said Logan.

I laid my dick between Logan's muscular bubble butt cheeks and set my 240 pound frame on top of my gigantic friend. I pressed my chest into Logan's expansive back and stretched out. A sound halfway between a grunt and a moan rumbled in Logan's chest as he pressed up our combined weight, well over a quarter ton of muscle! I first grasped Logan's triceps, feeling them quiver and flex with the effort of the push up. At the bottom of the rep, his triceps stretched but I could still feel the horseshoe shape and striations. The ridges and striations grew bigger and more and more pronounced as he pushed us up. Reaching around Logan's flaring lats, I took great handsful of his hard mounds of pectorals, the skin drawning taut as Logan's pecs stretched at the bottom of the rep. My knuckles grazed the floor and I tightened my grip as Logan pushed up, feeling the massive pecs flex bigger and bigger, threatening to burst the thin layer of skin. I ground my dick along Logan's ass and writhed against the flexing mountain of muscle below me. "Work those pecs, man!" I yelled. "Huge fucking pecs!"

Logan powered out a few more reps, overwhelmed with excitement at his new strength and my hard body and dick pressing into his back. My enthusiasm and unabashed worship of his muscles was about to send him over the edge. He forced out one more rep then let himself fall to the floor. We lay still for several moments, both knowing that almost any motion would bring us off.

I sat up and straddled Logan's waist, my dick fitting snugly into the deep crevass between the heavy ridges of muscle running along Logan's spine, and I started massaging Logan's oversized delts. His back felt like acres of muscle and I wanted to explore every square inch. I kneaded his huge lats that spread from his wide shoulders to his narrow waist, then brought all my strength to bear on Logan's incredible traps.

Logan had other ideas and twisted between my legs, sat up and pushed me onto my back and pinned my wrists together on the floor above my head. He slowly slid down and trapped my thighs between his knees. Logan's incredible strength was enough to keep me trapped. Not that I wanted to break free, but trying to find the limits of that strength excited us both beyond reason. A mountain of muscle seemed to descend as Logan let his full 280 pounds down on me. Fuck, it had been so long since I got to be the lighter man. He then moved to attack my sweaty arm pit and my hips strained to lift him. He nipped my sensitive nipple and I bucked him up at least a foot. When I finally relaxed, the floor vibrated with the impact of our combined 520 pounds. Logan released his grip on my wrists to slide further down to take my dick into his mouth.

I threw my legs around Logan's thick neck and lifted my hips to meet his powerful suction. He placed a hand under my back, flexed his bicep against my balls and lifted my ass higher. The hard, round mass of his bicep forced my thighs apart and I pulled my ass hard against the muscle. Thrashing and writhing, I ground my ass even harder against his pumped bicep which he pulsed, flexing and relaxing it and driving me crazy as I tried to force my ass over the huge mass. Logan locked eyes with me, his hand replacing his mouth on my dick.

"You like my huge guns, don't you?" Logan said. He pushed his arm even harder against my ass.

I could only groan in answer, "Fuck yeah!"

"You love muscle, don't you? Big, hard muscle."

"Like nothing else in the world man."

"I bet you can't wait to get as big as me. Hell, I can't wait till I get you bigger than me."

"Yeah, Logan, let's get fucking inhuman!"

Logan squeezed my dick and slapped it against his delt. He said, "You want this muscle man to fuck you? You want 280 pounds of muscle fucking your ass? Or do you want more?" "More? Fuck, yes!" My dick spasmed in his hand, lines of my pre- cum glistened on his muscles. Logan licked the pre-cum off my drooling dick and his own shoulder.

He savoured the flavour and said, "Yeah, a lot more."

With that, Logan reached his arms under my back and lifted me onto his desk. He opened a drawer and pulled out some lube and poured some onto my hot ass and slowly pushed one finger, then two into my twitching hole. Pressing our dicks together with one hand, Logan jerked them together, getting them slick with lube. My dick was so hard it slipped out of Logan's grip, hitting my abs with a meaty thunk.

Logan picked up a container of muscle growth fuel from the counter beside his desk and threw back what must have been a gallon. He tossed the container away, caught my eye, flexed and growled, then drank down another. With a huge effort, he forced himself to swallow a third, only the power of his already huge muscles keeping the large volume of muscle growth fuel down. His skin became flushed and the veins on his body pulsed red with supercharged blood, the already hugely engorged veins growing thicker. His abs jutted out grotesquely with the mass of 3 gallons of growth fuel. He pulled my legs around his waist and aimed his dick at my waiting hole. •

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