Of Mice and Carter


By nvb2

It was Wednesday afternoon and Seth was waiting outside the gym locker room doors for Carter to come out. Instead of practice today, the team instead had held an emergency tryout. The team needed another tight end and fast. During Saturday’s game, their lead tight end broke his leg and was going to be out for the rest of the season. As if that wasn’t enough, some of the backups’ grades were not very high, and they were being suspended from the team until their grades shaped up. While Seth was waiting for his roommate, who had recently, unexpectedly, and accidentally become his new boyfriend, someone called his name. Seth turned and saw a taller guy, probably about six-feet seven inches, with curly brown hair dressed in a basketball jersey and some sweats. It was Kirk, a guy that lived two rooms down and the opposite side of the hall. “Hey, Seth!” Seth sighed and walked over toward the basketball player. “Dude, have you seen Troy?” Seth thought a moment. “Troy? Who’s that?” “Dude, he’s my roommate. You know, about five-foot seven, blonde hair, about one-hundred sixty-five pounds? Lives just down the hall…in my room?” Seth tried to think, but realized he thought Kirk had landed a private room. He mentioned this and Kirk laughed. “I guess it’s only natural. He’s a little shy, and doesn’t leave the room a whole lot. Anyway, I thought he’d be around here and I wanted to see how he was. “Around here? Why would he be around here?” Seth inquired. “He actually tried out--for the new tight end position.” Seth looked at Kirk to see if this was a joke, and realizing it wasn’t asked him, “Isn’t he a little light to be a tight end?” “Yeah, but he really wants to play. He’s knowledgeable about the sport and he said he really wants to play for the great Carter Daws.” Hearing his boyfriend’s name sent warmth through Seth and he hoped Carter would be finished soon. “I thought it was good to encourage him to try something to get him out more. I just hope he’s not crushed when he doesn’t make it.” Seth nodded, then turned as he heard the locker room door open. Three guys walked out, and above their discussion came clearly, “Please Coach, reconsider. Give me another chance and I’ll show you I can play the position.” Seth couldn’t hear what came next because a group of cheerleaders came by and were talking excitedly about what they were going to wear to the club that weekend. Soon after, another guy left the locker room, looking downcast. If Kirk had described his roommate accurately, then this new person could only be Troy, and it looked as if things hadn’t gone well. Troy looked their way and as Kirk smiled at him, Troy started trudging toward them. Before he had gotten five feet, Seth’s heart skipped a beat. From behind Troy came the sight he had been waiting for since he had woken up that morning. Towering over Troy easily at six-feet nine inches was his hunk of a boyfriend, Carter. Freshly showered, his short black hair was still dripping a bit and he looked over at Seth with a grin, his emerald pools causing Seth to struggle to keep his balance. As quickly as the look had come it was gone, and Carter’s attention had become focused on the form in front of him. Having gone from stud to hulk in little over a week, Carter’s massive frame cast a shadow over Troy, who stopped, and slowly turned around. Although Seth couldn’t see it, he was sure Troy had just gone wide-eyed as Carter smiled at him. Carter began saying something and soon Troy didn’t look so dejected. Carter patted Troy on the back, grinned, and then began walking toward Seth. It was all Seth could do to control his animal-like lust. “See you later, Seth,” Kirk said before he jogged over to Troy. Seth was so entranced by the sight coming toward him, that all he could do is nod, and didn’t even notice as Kirk and Troy began walking back to the dorm. Seth was as hard as ever and suddenly realized that he was staring at his boyfriend’s chest. “Are you gonna say hello, how were try-outs, or are you just going to stand there and drool on my shoe?” A rumbling began that was Carter chuckling. Seth regained himself and finally regarded his roommate in a way that wasn’t making out with him in his mind. “Sorry, but you’re just so darn sexy. Did you drive?” Carter gave Seth a reproachful look and said, “Of course not. Our dorm isn’t that far away.” Seth sighed and said, “I just wanted to get back as quickly as possibly.” “Wow. Am I that wonderful?” “More than you’ll ever know,” Seth said as he playfully slid his had across Carter’s package as he began heading back to the dorm. After a few minutes of silent walking, Seth asked, “So what did you say to Troy? He certainly perked up awfully fast.” “Oh, I just told him to keep working hard and I’m sure he’d succeed at getting a position if he really put his mind to it. Maybe not this year, but sometime. I also told him that it’s rare for guys to play their freshmen year anyway, so this was good practice.” Seth smiled. It was just like Carter to say something nice and lift your spirits no matter who you were or how you were feeling. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they were back at their room. By the previous Saturday night they had unbunked their beds and put them together to make one bed. Carter went over and sat down, and Seth, wasting no time, went over to his closet and undressed. Seth turned, and much like the past two days after classes, he saw that Carter’s meat was hard and ready to go, reaching down the leg of his pants almost to his knee. Carter removed his shirt and threw it toward his closet. Seth began his strut over to his boyfriend and once he got there, began unzipping Carter’s jeans to free the beast within. Carter hoisted himself up with his arms, while Seth pulled his pants away, leaving Carter only in his boxers, which one side was lifted by the seven inches of cock that couldn’t fit inside. Seth placed a hand on one of Carter’s meaty pecs and gently guided him to lie back on the bed, where he began ferociously attacking his nipples. Carter began to moan softly oblivious to the sound of ripping fabric that was his boxers. A few seconds later, Seth felt a smack on his stomach as his new friend broke free of the remains of Carter’s boxers. Seth moved his mouth up Carter’s body past his neck and ending at his mouth, their tongues rolling passionately in each other’s mouths. Finally, Seth pulled back and Carter questioned him with a look, ‘Ready?’ Seth nodded, but as Carter lifted him easily into the air, he said, “Wait.” Carter, instantly confused, stopped. “I want you to go all in this time. Full to the hilt in one strike.” “Seth, I don’t know. I don’t want to hurt you.” Seth took a deep breath, preparing himself, and said, “It’s okay. I want this, and I know you want to try. I’ll be fine. Promise. I think I’ve adapted more now.” Carter hesitated a moment longer, sighed, and then brought Seth’s waiting hole down upon his mighty shaft. For Carter, the feeling was glorious. For Seth, who let out a scream of ecstasy and pain, it was longer coming. As Carter pumped his roommate up and down on his pleasure pole, Seth’s breathing came harder and faster, the slight grimace that was on his face quickly turning to a well contented smile. Carter grunted while Seth sighed, feeling each inch as he traversed Carter’s sixteen-inch rod. Before he’d made his third trip down, he had already shot his load all over Carter’s hairless chest and cobblestone abs. About fifteen minutes later, Seth shot his second load, and about five minutes after that, Carter made his final thrust, and Seth could feel his boyfriend’s cream filling him like a twinkie. Exhausted and spent, Carter laid Seth down and his body, and as had become the norm over the past few days, they slept, Seth still impaled by every inch of Carter’s dick.


One day, and three sessions later, Seth was slowly moving down the dorm hall from his latest class. He had had to start leaving earlier for each class as it was becoming slightly painful to walk normally. Not that he minded, as the reward was so incredible. He also occasionally wondered about giving himself and injection or two of his serum to make it easier to handle Carter’s massiveness. Lost in his own thoughts, he almost didn’t notice the door on his right slightly ajar. He did, however, and as he began to pass it by, he happened to realize it was Troy and Kirk’s room, and Troy was inside reading. Feeling a bit ashamed that he hadn’t even noticed the kid before, he knocked on the door. Troy looked up and said, “Come on in,” as he put his magazine on the table beside him. As Seth entered his room, he noticed the magazine was one of Men’s Fitness, and one of the featured articles was putting on mass fast. Seth laughed inwardly as he knew that the article probably didn’t mention anything about his serum. “Hi, Troy, my name is Seth,” he began. I realize we haven’t met before, but I…” “You’re Carter’s roommate, right--the biology major?” Seth’s feeling of shame grew even more. This guy even knew his major, yet he’d never met him before. Seth nodded. “Awesome. Kirk has said lots of neat things about you and Carter. It’s good to finally meet you!” Seth noticed that it looked like something was burning inside Troy, jumping for the chance to get out. Seth tried again, “Well, I realize we’ve never met, but I figured it’s never too late to introduce myself. I’m only a few doors down the hall after all and…” Suddenly, Troy got up from his chair, rushed past Seth, and closed the door. “I realize this is sudden, and probably a little awkward, but I have to ask. Just how big is Carter’s dick? Does it really hurt like it sounds?” Seth just stared at Troy, shocked and at a loss for words. “Excuse me?” Seth asked. “You know, you’re roommates, so you have to have seen it, and everyone knows what those sounds are that started coming from your room about a week ago. I mean, man, I can’t believe Carter is gay. You’re so lucky to be one of his lays.” Seth couldn’t believe his ears. Tears welled up in his eyes. Troy, realizing he’d gone too far and said the wrong things, looked at Seth in horror. “I’m so sorry, Seth. I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just curious. I thought you’d be able to talk about it.” Trying to regain his composure and failing, Seth answered, “I am not one of his lays. Carter and I are true to each other and I’m appalled that you would think such a thing.” Troy slumped on the bed. “Look, Seth, I’m sorry. I’m not that social, and I guess I tend to be very blunt. I don’t have a lot of experience in that area. I realize now, what I said was inconsiderate, and I wish I could take it back, but I can’t, it’s just…” and with that Troy suddenly fell quiet. Seth had managed to get himself down to a few sniffles, and finally asked, “What is it?” Troy took several moments before he spoke again. “It’s just; I wanted to know what it was like from someone else like me.” Troy paused again. “Seth, I’m gay. I’ve never had any experience, but I just know that I want to find a guy that I can spend the rest of my life with. I thought maybe I could ask you about your experiences. His mood had quickly pulled a 180 and Seth laughed. “Troy, before last week I was straight as an arrow, but Carter, well, he changed my mind. And I have to admit, before last week Carter was one of the biggest ladies men on the campus.” Troy looked puzzled, then asked, “Before last week…what happened?” And Seth, seeing a solution to a problem with no drawbacks, told him exactly what he wanted to know. •

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