Ross Grows and Grows…

By Looking4athrill

Ross is a great guy and thinks he is plain and boring ,and in hence has troubles in finding a long time girl.He bike rides alot and also attends gym 3 days a week in order to bulk up.Ross is an actractive guy and at 22 does have model looks.He is 6ft tall and around 75kgs.........give or take.On one of his visits to the gym he notices a guy who is also skinny and not definde in any muscle at all.

About 2 weeks latter Ross agains notices this guy and he is pumped quite big and his muscles have grown large.After several nerve racking moments Ross gets the courage to walk up to him and ask how did he get so big so quick.The guy pretended he didnt know what Ross was talking about and fumbled with his towel and gym bag and walked away quickly.Ross was a bit put off and thought that maybe he did make a mistake , a few minutes latter while he was drying himself after getting changed he noticed a small bottle of white pills laying sideways on the floor where the muscled guys bag was sitting earlier.

After a few mintues he strolls over ever so casualy and picks them up.The label just said B.Smith Growth Tablet one.Ross looked at the locker door and it too had Smith written on it.He then connected that the bottle did belong to the muscled guy and that he had dropped it with his quick retreat.Ross pocketed the bottle and left the gym to drive home.Getting home to his place which was a roomy converted old warehouse with a high loft sleeping quarters at the top ,he threw his bag into the entrance cupboard and took the bottle from his pocket , he reread the lable 3 times and each time he was more convinced to try a tablet and see if it was the reason why the guy at the gym had got so muscled so quick.

He poured himself a cup of water and swallowed one tablet.He stood there wondering had he done the right thing or not.After several minutes nothing had happened , he felt no different , no better or no happier.He thought carefully and pop another tablet.He was thinking perhaps been new to the drug and been the 1st time taken that the dosage was too weak.Again after a few mintues nothing had happened.He flopped onto the lounge and starting watching tv.A show came on that contained buff guys and even though Ross was straight and and drooled over woman he was not ashamed to admire men that had a great body.After watching the show he was depressed after seeing so many buff guys and he was still just a skinny a small fit of anger he picked up the tablets and swallowed 4 more then threw the bottel against the wall in rage of dissapointment.He then went and grabbed a drink and watered his dry throat.The tablets had not gone down easy and he soon released that he was been silly.

It was getting close to 8pm and he decided to shower and go out and meet up with the other guys at the local club , it was saturday night and he was hopping to find a chick to woo for the night. By 9pm he was at the club with his mates and well dressed in his best jeans and nice polo shirt , the top 2 buttons left undone of course to show a bit of chest hair.He had a great night and started to get a little tipsy from drinking.He walked over to the bar to get a glass of water as his heart was pounding and he could feel that his jeans had gotten tighter.He then undid his belt and loosened it a bit.After a few mintues the wasit band of his jeans felt tight yet again.So again he loosened the belt and then noticed that he was on the last useable belt hole.Not much crossed his mind and he simply put it down to drinking to much and had became bloated.He had caught the eye of a chick ealier in the night, and even though she was with other guys she did look his way getting a sly smile and turning him on.A few of his mates had decided to try another night club which had better dancing that was happening down the street.Ross declinde as he still felt bloated and dancing was going to be unfortable for him.

He walked out of the club and to his car and when he got in he hit his head on the door frame , ouch he said quietly to himself.He started the car and had to put his steat back as he felt too close to the wheel also he had trouble getting a comfortable feel of his shoes on the peddles.He drove home and parked in his driveway and again when he got out he banged his head once more on the door frame.Shit he thought, twice in one night i must be more pissed then i thought.

He walked inside and took his shirt off and undid his belt and chucked it on the floor.He though that was better then having it so tight around his waist.Except it didnt feel better his jeans still felt tight and now he could feel blisters rubbing inside his shoes.He had worn these shoes every saturday night for over a year and this was the 1st time that they had started hurting his feet.He sat on the lounge and undid his laces and noticed it was hard to remove the shoes even with the laces fully removed.He finally pryed them off and it was also a tuff task in removing his socks , it took more effort to finally get them pulled down off his feet.While sitting there he felt uncomfortable around the waist again and unzipped his jeans and pulled them off once and for all .He then noticed that his watch was hurting his wrist and he undone the band only to see a red mark left on his arm where the watch had been slowly cutting into the skin.He rubbed his wrist hoping to massage some blood flow back into it.He now stood up and was just in his breifs and they too felt more snug then before.Thinking back to what he had eaten and drunk though night only suddenly make him remember the tablets he took earlier in the day.Fuck! he said out loud are this working now or am i just dreaming.

He ran up the stairs so he could look in his bedroom mirror but only made it to the 2nd step as he tripped and could not get his feet to land on each step where he wanted them too.He fumbled up the stairs and had to use his hands on the rails to help get him self to the top.Finally he walked towards his room and he went slowly as he had a feeling of fear and excitiment at the same time.It was lucky he walked slowly cause as he neared his doorway he had to duck to enter his room......fucken hell he thought even with shoes on he never had to duck under that door frame and he was now shoeless and had to duck.

He finally knew then that he was indeed growing because of the tablets.He stood in front of his mirror and could see easily that he had indeed grown taller , but then noticed with a frown that his muscles had not changed at all and were no bigger then before.What he did notice besides been taller is that he had just gotten entirely larger.He stood there dumbfounded and scratched his head as to why the guy in the gym had grown more muscles but he hadnt , maybe its a delayed action and they grow last.

He decided to have a shower and freshen up and as he took his breifs off he couild feel his heart pounding faster once again .He didnt feel excited or rushed and could not understand the why his heart was pounding.As he stepped into the shower he had to push the shower head up as it poked him in the nose............just yesterday he could stand under that same shower head with no problems.While he was standing there and his heart continued pounding he could see and feel himself getting bigger and bigger then his head touched the shower head once again.............geez that was a big spurt of growth that time he thought to himself.Unknown to Ross he had been having these growth spurts all night but as he was in a large room he had nothing next to him to draw attention or to measure by.Soon he released that each time his heart pounded fast it was another growth spurt about to happen.

He finnshed his shower and dryed himself and when he pulled his breifs back on he noticed that could not fit any further then his thighs..........he blew himself a whislte they must of grown quiet a bit.He then agreed just to leave himself naked for now and walked downstairs.Once in the lougeroom he put the tv again and a sat down , a few mintues latter he could feel his heart pounding once again , oh no he thought not another one..........and yes while he sat there he felt himself grow bigger yet again.He got taller , wider and heavier.Almost if someome was pressing a zoom in button on his body........he never got more muscled (like he was hopping) he just got larger. He thought well i had 2 tablets together then 4 more an hour latter..........since then i have 5 growth spurts and that means theres just one more to go.While watching tv he became thirsty and walked to the fridge , he opened the door and grabbed a drink and as he opened it he felt the heart suddenly start pounding again.........growth number 6 and the last one thank god......he stood there in front of the fridge and watched it become slighty smaller in front of him as his body swelled larger.

He finished the drink and thought ,that should be the last growth as he had used up what tablets he had taken earlier in the day.He returned to the lounge and as soon as he sat he felt the heart pound once he thought it cant be ,and yes as he sat there he grew again and bigger.Shit he thought to himself thats one more then the amount of tablets i took , no longer had he said that and the heart pounded once more.........what 8 times no it cant be and he had a wave of fear and dread pass over him and yes he just grew again and bigger this time.Sweat started to run down his forehead and a worried frown etched across his face.He grabbed his mobile and rang his mate Daniel to come over.Daniel was there in about 20 minutes and was just shell shocked to see ross nude and so big.How tall are you Ross asked Daniel? not sure 7.5ft perhaps..........stand straight near that wall and i will grab the tape.He stretched the tape out and.............8ft..........Ross you have grown 2ft in just a few hours.After Daniel got off the stool he had used to measure Ross with he looked up to him and said whats wrong........Ross held his hearts pounding again like before and as he said it Daniel watched in amazment as Ross just grew bigger right before his eyes.......again he got taller , wider and heavier as his body incresed in scale once again.Far out ! yelled Daniel your whole body just increase so quick and you just grew bigger.TELL ME SOMETHING I DONT KNOW snapped back ross in a angry tone.........sorry mate i didnt mean to yell at scared , i just keep growing and its 10 times now, yet i only took 6 tablets.

Ross sat on the floor as Daniel sat on a chair next to him and explained how the whole day happened.The best thing for me to do is go to the gym tomrrow and look for this b.smith guy and ask him what to do , he is the only one who will know.They both agreed on the plan and decided to get some sleep...........Ross asked Daniel to stay the night as he was in slight fear and would perferr that he stayed there and may be of some help though the night.

Daniel layed on the lounge while ross layed on the floor beside him , they both had a blanklet thrown over them and the night was still and quiet.A few hours latter Daniel heard Ross whimper in his sleep and awoke to look down on him , he was still fast asleep and Daniel heard him whimper once again , he then slid his hand under the blanket and onto his chest , he could feel his heart beating hard under his poor bugger Daniel thought and watched as Ross starting growing in his sleep , soon his legs popped out from under the blanket and his body increased yet again..........then stopped just as quick as it started.

Soon it was morning and both were awake to see that Ross had indeed grown once again, a quick measure show he was now 9ft tall.Are you hungry asked Daniel, no nothing i just want to sit here quietly.Soon it was 9pm and aniel was off to the gym to find this B smith guy who they both hoped would have some answers for them.Daniel found his locker and sat and waited and hope that this guy would turn up today.After waiting 1/2 an hour a text came though from simply said "have grown again"

Come on mr b smith where are you please turn up soon.............another 1/2 hour passed when the a guy walked in.........Daniel saw him walk right up to the locker........i need to speak to you , i need your help.He sat the guy down and found out his name was Brad and explained everything to him.Brad was quick to have some answers.........your mate had taken the growth pills and i still have the muscle pills in my bag.The growth pills are a once only applacation while the muscled pills are 3 applacations.Brad then went on to explain that he only had taken one growth pill as thats all is allowed by body tissue and DNA make up.How tall were you before you took the one pill asked Daniel............i was short.......i was only 5''6".So you went from that to 6'2 ,and then stopped?.Yes that is correct, you see i also have very low testostone and that height on one tablet was my limit.Your freind is only 22 years old and would have a high testostone and then took 6 tablets............his body will grow and get very big.How big ?asked Daniel........i dont know im sorry......nobody depends on his DNA and makeup ect.

The news wasnt the best to pass onto Ross but it was better then no news.Brad had agreed to skip that days gym class and see if his work mate who had made the tablets would have any answers.After exchanging phone numbers they both left.Getting back to Ross's place he walked in to see him sitting on the floor and very depressed...............he didnt even look up when Daniel walked in , while walking towards him Daniel could see his chest beating faster and then watch him swell up bigger and bigger again.Ross didnt even look up when this happened as it was the worse nightmare he could imagne.Brad is going to ring as soon as he knows any news..........thanks said Ross then suddnely said oh shit not again , Daniel glanced towards him watched him grow bigger and quicker then ever.A quick measure showed ross at 14ft now ,as he stood there he could look though the stair rail and straight into his bedroom............i bet i never get to sleep in that bed again he sighed.Its a good thing you have pleanty of room in this place said Daniel..........been an old warhouse and the high rafters ect.Yeh said Ross great, but what happened once i outgrow this place?........i will be arrested by the police, poke and examined by Drs and scientists and splashed across the world news as a giant freak.Daniel walked over and gave Ross a hug , his arms did not reach around him and his face was level with his flacid penis.......thanks mate i know you mean well.

Once again Ross face cringed as he shot up another 3 feet.Fuck! Daniel he said, im still growing and each time its more then before.No sooner had he finnished his sentence he started growing again , bigger and his penis hung above Daniels head like a giant light fixture .Out of the blue the mobile rang and it was Brad............when Ross saw Daniels face dropped he knew then the news was not good.Thanks anyway latter and hang up.Sorry mate ,Brads freind has no answers and dosent know what can be done.Ross sat back on the floor and rested his head on his kness..........while Daniel sat under his leg like a giant tent.

It was getting close to 8pm and daniel grabbed a snacked from the kitchen , Ross was still sitting on the floor with his head resting on his knees , tears slowly dripped down his cheeks and splashed onto the floor causing all around to get wet and soaked.Daniels heart ached for him and was numb on what to he could do for the guy.He then saw Ross pick up his favourite jeans and shirt off the floor and look them over............will i ever wear these again as he held them like toys in his sure you will mate im sure you will...............just then ross put his hand down and picked Daniel up..........he ever so carefully he gave Daniel the slightest peck of a kiss on his cheek.That was sweet of you thankyou .He then put Daniel down and said here we go again , and Daniel could see his chest beating fast, and then Ross swelled up bigger and bigger and just kept growing , he put his head between his knees to make his size as compact as possible while his back touched the rafters on the ceiling.As he kept growing the pressure was mounting on the rafters causing them to creak,Ross was quiet and Daniel just sat and listened and waited for the roof to crack and burst open as his body outgrew the room.Crack! and smash! as the glass windows broke free as his toes and feet pushed against them sending glass flying around,snap! as the railing on the stairs broke as his shoulders pushed them apart as he got larger and larger.Ross tucked his head deeper into his knees hoping to take the pressure off the celing as he continued to grow bigger and bigger.He then put his hands over Daniel and made a cone to protect him from any falling timbers or rafters that may fall from the ceiling .As suddenly as it started the heart pounding stopped and the growth slowed to a stop.

Ross sat there very uncomfortable and looked across at Daniel after slowly lifting his so sorry mate im so sorry.......maybe its time for you to go.........theres nothing you can do for me now and im worried you will get hurt or killed.If i have one more growth i will burst out of this place causing it to rain down upon you and i cant have that.......please leave now.There is no way in the world im leaving you Ross..........and grabbed his finger and held it tight.Ross smiled breifly but it soon faded as he wondered how much longer this could go on.With the deepest fear on Ross's face Daniel knew what it ment as his heart started pounding fast and hard again.Ross quickly covered Daniel with his hands and took a deep breath waiting for the dreaded growth and house to come crashing down.

His heart kept pounding harder and faster then slowly just returned to normal.He open his eyes and said there was no growth that time.........Daniel looked out between the fingers and said none...............nothing.A grin passed over Ross's face and they both hoped that that was a good sign.About half an hour latter the heart pouding started again and this time ross held his breath to see the outcome and this time he shrank a small bit.It was enough to beable to raise his head a bit without bumping the celing.Daniel , i thinks its reversing.......oh my god yes i can see, i can see some difference. They both smiled and hoped the nightmare was over.During the night he lost 4 ft off his 26ft high in growth.Im down to around 22ft im so he beamed.By 8am and at the end of another heart pounding chest banging moment, he was down to 19ft.

Soon Ross was at 14ft and could stand again and it was great to stretch his legs ,at 10am the door bell rang Daniel answered , yes can i help you as a skinny short man stood at the door.Its me Brad from the gym.......Brad?...... yes i have returned to my normal self , it happeen though the night and i had to come and show you in person , as if im returning the normal at least your freind might as well.Well in fact he is , he had lost over 12ft in the past few hours thats great said brad ,ok i need to go i will keep in touch latter ok.Bye mate as he closed the door.Ross was now smiling and it was great to see his spirits lifting instead of his body size.

By midday after more numerous heart poundings his height was now at 8ft.Wow this is so great i was so worried it wouldnt stop or if it did stop it would stay that way.They sat and had lunch and it was the 1st decent meal Ross had had in 48 hours....ahh that feels good and he continued to shrink and return to his normal 6ft in height.Ross there are 2 questions i want to ask you?.......1st of all did it hurt when you grew? not at all said Ross............whats was the 2nd question?........well the 2nd is that your normal size again why are you still naked? Daniel laughed and past him his jeans and favourite shirt..............Ross blushed and put them on.......i guess i was just use to been naked i forgot about them he giggled...........well you know said Daniel it was a waste of time putting them on..........whys that replied Ross?...........Daniel walked over and lifted Ross off the just about to remove them he carried Ross up the stairs and into his bedroom. •

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