Priming the Creativity Pump

By xythan_shadow

Finally, after years of work and selling almost everything I own, my greatest project is completed. My very own Muscle Growth Chamber, or as I like to call it, the Pump Tube. By increasing testosterone levels and recombining recessive DN blah blah blah, make me huge!

I stripped down to nothing, setting my clothes on the chair and set the machine to auto. Entering the tube, I crossed my fingers, hoping that this would be a success. The door automatically sealed behind me and the Pump Tube began to fill with blue smoke. It didnít tickle my lungs as I had expected, and in a few moments, the tube began to clear.

Excited, I rushed out the tube and ran to the nearby wall to look in the mirror, only to be disappointed by my reflection. Not a thing had changed. Not one hair out of place, no muscle, nothing. Years of time and effort wasted. Now the only thing I had was this single warehouse and a tube that made pretty, but useless smoke.

I walked over to the chair I had placed my clothes on and started to get dress. Sighing aloud as the shirt glided on my thin body like normal, pants going up the same, socks and shoes fit, everything reminding me of my failure. But as I was about to zip up my pants, my cock suddenly sprung to life. I got hard so fast I almost heard wind. But this was no normal erection. It was painful. My cock was throbbing so hard and my balls were so tight I thought they would burst. Then suddenly, my body was overcome with a wave of heat. I started to sweat and I had to sit down. It was then I looked at my cock. It was bright red, pulsing and growing. I could see it physically growing upward with each throb. The veins would pulse and it would get bigger, the balls slightly larger and dropped a bit lower. I moaned in delight at the fact that it did work, at least partially.

I gripped the chair tighter as the pleasure and my cock grew. Each throb increased the size of my dick and balls to the point where it was huge. Sadly, it came to an end, but the end result was more than I could hope for. There I was, sitting in a rolling chair, with a cock that stood up almost to my chin. This beast I now possessed had to be at least as long as a yardstick and as thick as a 2 liter bottle. I spun around in my chair, excited that at least one aspect of the project worked. I quickly stood up, marveling at how far my cock and huge balls now stood out, and started to walk to my desk when suddenly my body stopped. I felt like every muscle in my body tensed up and I couldnít do anything but stand there.

Blood was rushing to every part of my body and then I felt my balls begin to churn. Then a wave of arousal hit, causing my cock to jump and sputter out pre over the floor. Then I started to feel myself swell. I could see muscle inflating through the long sleeved shirt I was wearing. My pants began to get tighter and tighter as I grew. Then I could hear my bones growing quickly, almost painfully. I was growing, and fast. I could feel pounds upon pounds of muscle being packed onto my frame and my body growing taller and taller. I looked at my forearms as they swelled to an amazing size and broke the cuffs and split a seam on the shirt. My chest began to strain against what was once a loose shirt. It seemed to inflate so quickly that I knew at any moment the buttons would pop and let loose the monster within. I held my breath as best I could as I waited for that moment and was soon rewarded when my massive slabs of chest meat powered its way out of the shirt.

My biceps grabbed my attention next, and I almost fainted. The shirt that remained covering them was so stretched, I could see skin through it. I now had guns instead of little sticks, and these babies were ready to blow. I resisted the urge to flex, wanting them to grow out of the shirt. I held my arms parallel to the floor, watching the huge biceps and triceps swell to amazing proportions. Slowly, the fabric gave way to its masters and the arms broke free. Seeing that, I roared and flexed my full upper body into a most muscular and the shirt exploded into pieces. My lats, my guns, my chest, my neck, every muscle was now huge and ripped beyond what any bodybuilder Iíve seen.

Then I heard my pants. They had already risen halfway up my calves from me growing and were now straining to hold back the newly grown muscle. I barely flexed the calf and the seam around the bottom of the pants tore. I chuckled, marveling in my new deeper voice and watched with anticipation as my new ham hock legs grew. The black pants I wore did nothing to hide the new ripped muscle that was growing beneath them. I ran my hands down them and felt them swell. Then I smiled as tiny tears in the fabric turned into giant rips as my swollen legs burst through them as if they were paper.

Finally, the tension that gripped me resided and I could move again. The first thing I did was ripped the tattered shirt from my upper body with a growl, then the pants. I smiled as I realized how easy it was. My cock, which seemed more in place with my new body, demanded attention, so I walked towards the mirror, adjusting my stride and stance to accommodate my new legs and balls. When I got to the mirror, I was shocked by what I saw.

There before me was a muscle god. I was huge, covered in rippling muscles and a light layer of hair that I couldnít grow before. My arms were the size of most menís legs and my legs were bigger than I used to be. I gripped my amazing cock with both of my new huge paws and began to stroke it. I looked amazing standing there, my muscles covered in sweat and flexing as I jerked. My pecs were like giant rocks sitting on my chest. My abs were a 10 pack of steel muscle. My forearms were thick cords of muscle leading up to my amazing arms and my bowling ball shoulders. My lats were wings and I could only assume my back was a roadmap. All this muscle was so sexy and powerful and with one final thrust forward, my balls emptied themselves over the mirror, dumping gallons of white hot cum over my new reflection.

I panted for a few moments, coming to grips with the amazing orgasm and new muscle I had. My cock softened a bit but still slid down to the middle of my thigh. I smiled as I used my old pants to wipe off the mirror. Taking one last look at my new body and equipment, seeing my foot and a half long cock sitting on top of baseball sized balls, I decided to go enjoy the fruits of my labor.

The clothes I had planned on fitting me after I grew were stretchy, but obviously, I wasnít expecting to grow this much. The shirt barely fit over my shoulders and the shorts looked like they were painted on. My cock was barely contained as it snaked down my right leg and almost out of the bottom. I went back to the mirror and looked one last time at my beautiful new body and knew that this was going to be an interesting night. •

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