By James35

The traffic light turned yellow and I was confronted with the standard question that had to be answered in an instant – can I get though the intersection before the color changes to red? The risk of an expensive ticket was too high in an unfamiliar city so I hit the brakes. My Ford Explorer came to a crisp stop. And getting pulled over by the police would have significantly interfered with a highly anticipated evening. I was in town to cover the American Bodybuilding Championships as a senior writer for the popular website, massivebodybuilder.com. And before the event started, I was going to get in a workout at a local hardcore gym. Finally the light turned green and I accelerated through the intersection. The area was mostly industrial with a number of squat, concrete block buildings lining the four lane street. The sign stating “Planet Muscle” was very discrete, but I saw it in time to turn into a gravel parking lot. The building was constructed primarily of sheet metal with no windows and just one solid metal door. A grin spread across my face as I noted the plainness of it all. “Yeah, now this is a muscle head gym ” I thought to myself. Although I wasn’t really a hardcore bodybuilder with massive amounts of muscle, I did posses a great build. From my broad shoulders and thick pecs, to my small waist and well-defined abs and finishing with full quadriceps and developed calves, I had nearly the ideal aesthetic physique. The 220 pounds I carried on my 6’1” frame were perfectly proportioned, just like a competitive bodybuilder from the 1960s. But I didn’t want to look like a bodybuilder from the 60s; I envied the freaky mass monsters of today. Ironically many men and women thought I had the perfect body, but I wanted huge amounts of ridiculously thick mass. But my genetics ran more towards the lean side, so I just enjoyed what I had, but surrounded myself with the massive muscle men when I could. That’s why I had selected Planet Muscle to get in a weight training session before the evening’s event. A co-worker had recommended it as a place where the REALLY big boys hang out. I could workout, then head to the nearby convention center to cover the competition.

After parking and exiting my vehicle, I checked my look in the window’s reflection. My workout clothes were appropriate for such a facility. My pecs were very visible in a white string tank, and colorful tight shorts highlighted my well developed quads. Not knowing whether this place had secure lockers or not, I left my change of clothes for the evening in my Explorer.

The gym was just as I expected on the inside. Immediately to the right was a short wooden wall and counter that divided the front desk from the rest of the large room. The ceiling was high and was simply the bare underside of the metal roof with large florescent lights hanging down. The walls were concrete block, painted grey, and a few thick wooden chairs and a table were off to the side. The only person in sight was a hugely muscular man behind the counter, with a thick beard and long dirty blond hair. Each body part was thick and round especially his chest and his gut. The faded tight t-shirt looked like it was about to burst as did the old jeans. I approached the counter and introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Kevin,” said and extended my hand across the counter. “Kevin Kannapolis... from massivebodyduilding.com. I’m in town to cover the bodybuilding show tonight.” “I’m Mick. I talked to you on the phone,” he stated and returned the hand shake. The big man eyed me up and down. “That’s quite a V shape you have there.” His reference to the shape of my overall torso made me smile. “Yeah, hard work and the right genetics,” I explained. “But what’s funny it that I’d really like to have that freaky thickness like the Ronnie Coleman’s or Marcus Ruhl’s of the world. But that’s just not meant to be for me I suppose.” Mick’s eyebrows raised and a little smirk spread across his face. “Oh, you’d like to be really thick, eh? Like the biggest pro’s?” “I sure would. That would be fuckin awesome, man ” I replied. “But like I said I just don’t have that kinda build. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to have a body like this,” I continued with a little grin. “Everybody loves it So I can’t complain too much.” “Well, I’ve got something here that’ll make you freaky huge if you wanna try it.” “Yeah, like some kinda growth hormone or something?” “Or something,” the huge man smirked. “Just much better. It’ll work much faster and get you bigger than you ever imagined ” “Ok, sure I’ll try it.” Mick was awfully big so he had to know what he was talking about. Most supplements never give the results they claim but maybe I could get at least a little thicker. With my incredible leanness and very well developed abs just a little more size would be noticeable.

The hugely muscular man turned and poured several ingredients into a standard blender located at the far opposite end of the counter. He rand the appliance for about thirty seconds then handed me the pitcher. “Drink this,” he ordered.

I took the glass container full of a brown liquid. “Is it chocolate?” I asked, noting the color. “Yeah, chocolate blueberry.” I took a big gulp. “Not too bad,” I said, reflecting on the taste. Both flavors were noticeable. “Urrppp,” a loud belch erupted. Then I lowered the now half empty pitcher. “This is kinda filling.” Mick grinned the widest he had so far. “Oh, just wait. Now finish it off.” The last drop was drained out of the container and I handed the empty back to the massive muscle man. “Now a warning,” he stated. NOW a warning?” I responded, a little nervous about what was coming. He smiled. “Don’t worry man. Just make sure you do a full body workout now; don’t just work one or two body parts.” he instructed. “Do a couple of exercises, only two sets apiece, for each muscle group and you’ll be fine. You want all of your muscles to grow right?” A little relieved, I grinned. “Sure ” “Well, get to it ”

I still wasn’t sure what to make of all this, but I quickly walked over to the rows of weight training equipment. Chest was the first muscle group I wanted to work so I began to set up an incline bench in the Smith machine; figuring that without a spotter I’d better be careful. Two 45 pound plates were placed on either side of the bar, and I began the standard exercise. Surprisingly, the weights seemed much lighter than normal and it was easy to achieve 25 repetitions. After placing the bar back into the slots on the rack I glanced at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes widened at the sight of my chest. The two big muscles were more pumped than they had ever been even after a full chest workout. Each pec was noticeably larger in every direction. I glanced around the room to see if anyone had witnessed this amazing growth, but I was alone. Another 15 reps were easily completed and this with another 45 pound plate on each side. Another level of growth was achieved. Dumbbell flyes were chosen as the next exercise. I initially reached for the 60 pound weights but decided to try the 100s. Again, 25 repetitions were easily completed. Another set of the same weight was also performed.

I placed the dumbbells back in the old storage rack and stared at myself in the mirror. My chest was massive, the size of a top professional bodybuilder’s. The huge mounds of muscle stuck off my body several inches like something had been implanted under my skin. The narrow straps of my tank top were bowed out to the side, impossible to stretch across the peaks of the newly gigantic man boobs.

A huge grin spread across I face as I rushed to pump up the next body part. At first, I stepped towards the Smith machine again for squats, but I realized with this kind of strength it would be no problem to complete this exercise using free weights. Approaching the rack, I grabbed a 45 pound plate and added it to the three that were already at one end of the bar. I added several more to bring the total to five on each side. A loud grunt accompanied each repetition but each one got easier, not harder as I progressed. Racking the bar as quick as possible, I could hardly wait to check out my legs in the mirror. And I was not disappointed. Each different muscle group from the upper portion of my quads down to my calves had grown noticeably after just one set. But I knew this was only the beginning. Another 15 reps were easily completed although I had increased the weight to seven plates on each side. One set of very heavy dumbbell lunges was finished, then a couple of quick sets on the leg press machine ended the leg portion of the workout..

Hoisting myself out of the machine, I could not contain my excitement. My quads were rubbing together due to their massive circumference as I strutted up to the mirror. Each leg was so thick with the well defined structure of a world class bodybuilder. Calves the size of softballs protruded from each leg. My feet hurt so I took of both athletic shoes. Could it be that my feet had grown as well?

The final large muscle group to target was my back. Clearly I would be too strong for regular pull-ups, so I chained two 45 pound plates to my waist. After easily managing 15 repetitions, I added another plate to the chain. After this set was finished, I walked over to the rack to begin some barbell rows. The reflection of my profile was astonishing; not only were my pecs incredibly protruding and my quads must have measured nearly three feet in diameter, my ass appeared to consist of two half basketballs stuck under my now incredibly tight spandex shorts. ‘Damn Now there’s some junk in that trunk ’ I thought to myself.

Something else was also noticed as I approached the open squat rack. I actually felt much heavier, but this couldn’t be true. ‘How could just an amazing pump make me gain actual weight?’ was the thought in my head as I lifted the first plate.

After loading up the weight, I completed a set of bent over barbell rows. It was difficult not to stare at myself in the mirror. Now I noticed how broad my back was becoming; an incredible “V” shape, tapering down to my still very small waist. One more set of barbell rows completed the back exercises. Now it was time to hit the ‘smaller’ muscle groups.

The shoulder and arm sets consisted of repetitions with incredibly heavy weights, followed by a long stare at my reflection. These muscle groups were already growing due to the work performed on the previous sets, but the final few sets made them inflate like balloons.

The last remaining muscle group was my abdominals. It was difficult to move away from the mirror, but I knew I’d be back shortly. It didn’t take too long for a few sets of incline weighted crunches and some hanging leg raises with a heavy dumbbell in between my feet.

But now I needed another look. Moving my now freakishly thick body was a slow process, but I stood in front of one of the many full length mirrors. Removing my shirt, I began to stare at each muscle group.

“DUDE YOU’RE A FUCKIN’ MONSTER ”a voice exclaimed. I grinned widely and noted Mick approach and then stop at my side. The big guy reached over and poked my giant left pec. “You turned out just awesome man... AWESOME Must be the great build you had to start with.” He then grabbed my overgrown bicep. “This fucker’s got to be 22 inches around I’d swear ”

My face was genuinely beaming as I kept looking at my body’s reflection. “I can’t believe this pump. It’s just unreal I look like I’ve been inflated with air ” ‘It’s not just a pump,” Mick began to explain. “And it’s also not air; it’s blueberry juice.” ‘Huh?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face. “You know how your muscle is actually mostly water?” I nodded. “Well, your’s are now mostly blueberry juice That’s the secret to our shakes.. You’ve filled up with blueberry juice ” My eyes widened as I stared at my reflection. ‘You... you... mean,” I stammered with excitement, “This isn’t a temporary pump? I’m gonna stay like this for a while?.” He grinned. “Yep. How does it feel to be a fuckin’ beast?”

“Fuckin’ awesome ” I responded. Then I placed my hand on top of my incredibly muscular flat stomach. “What’s the matter?” Mick asked. “Uh, I don’t know... Just got a weird feeling in my gut,” came my reply. ‘Hmmm... yeah, it’s always the abs where we have a little trouble,” Mick commented.

“Huh?” I questioned, turning my gaze away from the mirror to his face. He points downward. Following his gesture, I look back at the reflection of my mid-section. My eyes widened when it was obvious that my abs were slowing bowing out, turning my flat stomach into a rounded but muscular one.

The big smile on my face continued unabated. Mick seemed a little surprised at my reaction. “You like the thicker waist?” he asked. “Oh yeah,” I responded, then explained. “All the mass monsters have roid guts. Coleman, Ruhl; if you’re one of the big boys ya gotta have the big muscular abs too. And it matches the size and shape of the rest of my massive muscles.”

Mick grinned after hearing my thoughts. “Good. Glad you like it.”

“Hey, I wanna see my back. It’s gotta be like a fuckin’ barn door now ” I noted, looking around the gym for a certain set-up. “Hey, over there ” I pointed towards a small room off to the side that had mirrors on opposing walls, at slightly different angles. This would allow me to look into one mirror in front of me and see the reflection of my back coming off the other mirror.

The anticipation was electric. When I arrived at a spot that I thought would work, the sight did not disappoint. My back was gigantic A huge mass of muscle shaped like an upside down pyramid, thick and broad as I had ever seen. Several minutes were spent checking out every detail from every angle.

Then something caught my eye. “Hey, man, look. My gut’s still blowin’ up. It’s gettin big ” I pointed towards my much more rounded out mid-section. “I thought you liked the roid gut look,” Mick responded.

“Uh, yeah, but I’m getting too big. I look like I’m 7 months pregnant ” I turned to face the big man. “My gut’s almost as big as yours. And I’m not a fat ass like you ”

Mick didn’t seem to insulted by this remark and actually his grin got wider. “Uhh, you’re lookin’ kinda offseason to me, man.”

I turned back to the mirror. He was right Not only was my belly getting more round, but the deep cuts in between the muscles were filling in. The ab structure was still there, but not as pronounced as before. I did look like an off-season pro bodybuilder that had been eating a little too much.

“Hey, look at my belly button,” I exclaimed. “It’s popped out ” My slight innie navel had become a big outtie. “That just means you’re almost due ” Mick said with a laugh and a pat of the top of my muscle gut.

“Fuck, man, my gut’s gotten too big,” I stated, now a little annoyed. “And it’s still growing Mick, you gotta stop it, before I turn into a blimp ”

The beefy man reached out and patted the top of my bowed out belly, then thumped the crest, just above my belly button. ‘Hmmm,” he started. “Ain’t seen a gut get this big before. Maybe you just had more muscle in your mid-section to start with.”

My hands went to the sides of the belly sphere. “C’mon, dude, I look like I’m entering my fourth trimester... do something before I pop ”

“Yeah, you are gettin’ really big,” he noted. “Come up to the front desk and I’ll see if there’s something I can do for you.” Mick gave my ballooning gut a quick poke. “Looks like you swallowed a medicine ball ”

The big guy turned and walked towards the smoothie bar. When he reached his destination, he turned back around and I watched a big grin spread across his face. I was only about half way from where we were previously standing and very slowly strutting/waddling towards him. “HAHA,” he laughed, “Not easy carrying all that weight around is it big guy?”

“Not with this fuckin’ gut you’ve given me, you asshole,” I said back, “I feel like I weigh 350 pounds ” Eventually I got close to the wooden counter that separated the smoothie area from the rest of the gym. “Hey, looks like your belly’s stopped expanding,” Mick noted. “You’re good now.”

“GOOD?” I stated loudly, rubbing my perfectly rounded muscle gut. “I’m a fuckin’ blimp A huge fat blimp ”

“Hey, you’re not fat Mick argued. Then a slight grin spread across his face. “Well, not that fat anyway. It’s mostly muscle, man. You’re not a fat blimp; you’re a MUSCLE BLIMP ”

“You wanted to be a freak right?” he continued. “A huge muscle freak? Well, FUCK man, you’re MASSIVE. You can’t have the size and have a little girl’s waist. You’re a seriously thick massive muscle MAN. And that means a seriously thick massive muscle gut too ”

“Well, it is true that I’ve always wanted to be massive, especially since I started working for.. OH, HOLY SHIT ” I interrupted my initial thought. “The competition tonight I’ve got to cover it for the web site. And I’ve got interviews set up and everything.” I frantically checked the walls for a clock. “FUCK My clothes... the clothes I brought are certainly not going to cover any of this,” I looked down and rubbed my hands over the top of my gut and up over my incredibly protruding pecs. “I need to leave in a few minutes and I don’t have anything that’ll fit ”

“Whoa, calm down man,” Mick attempted to reassure me. “I’ve got the perfect clothes that you can wear to show off your new build, you mass monster. Meet me in the locker room and I’ll bring the stuff in.” His grin widened. “Just be careful squeezing through the door, muscle blimp... ya don’t wanna pop yourself ”

Slowly I walked down the hall while staring at my incredible additional muscle. I had often wondered what it would feel like to be the size of the biggest of the top professional bodybuilders. It was a little hard to walk as my thick quads would rub together unless I consciously spread my legs slightly with each step. My massive arms were well away from my torso, forced outward by the thickness of my protruding lats. And I loved every aspect of it ‘If only my muscle gut wasn’t quite so big, I’d have the perfect build’ was my last thought before entering the locker room.

By the time I had squeezed through the entrance, Mick was already there with some clothes laying on a wooden bench. Then my eye caught the scale in the corner. “Man, I feel so fuckin’ heavy. I gotta weigh myself ” I exclaimed. The muscle man just smiled and gestured towards the scale. Not realizing my new proportion I attempted to step up onto the scale in the standard fashion, but my protruding gut hit the counter balance before I was completely on the scale. Mick laughed. “You’re gonna have to try it another way big guy. Too much gut for that ” He stepped towards the scale and moved it out into the room. “Here, get on it backwards. I’ll read it to ya.”

The machine made a very loud clunk when I stepped on the scale now facing away from the sliding counter balance.

“Well?” “Impressive dude. Three... thirty... two You’re a big boy now ” Mick said, and slapped my broad upper back. “You’ve got some serious muscle ”

A big grin spread across my face. “Damn, I can’t believe it. Over 330? I’ve gained over a hundred and ten pounds!” The excitement of reaching the ultimate 300 pound mark (and then some) made me forget about how much of that was in my huge gut. “I can’t wait to show off this muscle at the competition tonight ” The thick bodybuilder smiled. “Well then, let’s get you dressed for your coming out... er... or I should say your blowin’ up party!”

It was a struggle to get on the stonewashed jeans that Mick had provided, but the stretchy material bulged and swelled to contain my newly massive quads and bubble butt. I pulled the extra-extra-extra-large, extra long grey ribbed shirt over my head and down over my enormous torso. It too was a tight fit, highlighting every bulge from my nipple crowned pecs to my protruding outie belly button.

“Put this on,” Mick suggested, handing me a thick black belt. But the mass of gut and muscle blocked my view of the jeans belt loops in every direction. “Uhh, need a little help here.”

He took the belt back from me, still grinning, “Yeah, okay, I see your problem,” he states, while giving my lats and gut a couple of pats. “Can’t see much down there can ya?”

We both laughed a little and he threaded the belt through the loops, then fastened everything up somewhere underneath my protruding muscle belly.

Finally, Mick brought out a pair of big black boots. “With your build you gotta wear some shoes that are big and solid. These’ll be perfect ” Grabbing the boots from him, I then plopped down on the wide sturdy bench in front of the row of lockers. The problem was detected immediately though; my torso was too big to bend over to reach my feet.

Another chuckle from Mick. “You didn’t actually think you were going to reach around this thing,” he asked, thumping the top of my rounded gut, “did you?”

My response was a simple grunt as he put the motorcycle style boots on my now larger feet.

The off-season bodybuilder then helped me up into a standing position. He stood back and examined my freakishly muscular body from top to bottom

“DAMN ” he stated, “You are FUCKIN” HOT So much muscle just exploding from your body. The clothes really highlight your size. And your face, man... your face is so square. Even it’s full of muscle now ”

My eyes went to the reflection in the full length mirror. It was hard to believe just how massive my body had become. Flexing the incredibly peaked biceps brought a big smile to my wider face. Then I turned sideways to examine my profile.

“Check out that pec man,” Mick noted, while pointing at my super thick chest. “It looks like someone glued a marble to a football and stuck it under your shirt.”

The big guy was right about that. My nipples were very visible in the tight shirt. Actually, every curve, bump and bulge, including my newly protruding belly button were clearly noticeable as both the shirt and jeans were extremely tight.

“Damn, my gut’s really stickin’ out,” I noted, placing my hand on the shelf of the extremely rounded belly.

“Yeah, but it works perfectly,” Mick pointed out. “Look at how big and round your ass is; your giant muscle gut balances it out just right. You’re whole body is a series of spheres ”

The last comment really struck me. ‘A series of spheres,’ I thought, ‘That is so hot ’ With my right hand, I stroked my enormous left bicep, ran my fingers around the giant pec mounds and then down the top half of the curve of my over sized muscle gut. Every single muscle was incredibly over developed, and therefore nearly perfectly rounded.

The clock on the wall made me realize I had to leave for the bodybuilding competition. But not without one more double bicep pose in the mirror. “SWEET ” exclaimed Mick. Shaking the big guy’s hand I said my thanks. “Have fun tonight ” he stated with a grin. I returned the smile then carefully strutted/waddled out of the locker room. “I’m looking forward to it ” •

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