Superman and the Kryptonite DNA

By redwolf64

Superman was troubled.

He had heard that Luthor had some big plan, far more dangerous than anything he had concocted before. Kent's contacts at the Daily Planet were nervous just talking about it. All Kent could find out was that it had something to do with material Luthor had somehow obtained from Krypton.

Superman flew through the air, scanning the dense forest of a national park. He head that Luthor had a rendezvous here, sometime this evening.

The sun was setting over the hills; as the twilight fell, the sky turning from burnt orange to purple, Superman concentrated as he scanned the forest. His vision was in the infrared zone now, looking for signs of life in the carpet of trees below.

There - he saw it.

A man, standing next to a vehicle in a clearing, just off a dirt road. Superman zoomed in with his enhanced vision. The man appeared to have a briefcase and stood next to a Hummer.

Sensing trouble, Superman fly down towards the clearing. Out of the corner of his eyes as he flew closer, he saw a car with Luthor and some of his henchmen driving away on another part of the road.

"What's going on here?" Superman boomed as he landed in front of the man.

The man is young, tanned, college age. Well built, athletic, well proportioned like an A&F model. His shaggy blonde hair fell slightly into his face.

He was squatted on the ground, next to the Hummer, his back leaning against the vehicle. He held is left arm in front of him, removing a syringe from the vein in his arm with his right hand. He dropped the syringe on the ground at his feet and closed the briefcase at his feet with one hand and locked it.

He stood up, a funny, almost high expression in his face, a kind of bliss. He stood there, leaning against the Hummer, almost limp.

"'s you Superman," he said, slowly, as if he were on heroin.

Superman recognized him. The son of one of Metropolis's big industrialists. His biggest accomplishment was playing on the college football team - he wasn't particularly good, too small to play with the big guys on the team, but guaranteed a spot through his father's donations to the school.

Superman knew this was trouble. The kid had been caught trying to buy steriods at the gym a few months before. His father threw enough money around to make sure he didn't get charged with any crime and that no hint of scandal hit the papers.

"What's Luthor sold you?" Superman asked.

The young man smiled.

"Power, Superman ... pure power...."

"Luthor's just trying to scam you, take your money. He's probably given you something so he can control your mind and take advantage of your father."

"Shut up," the young man said suddenly, his arms still dangling from his body, almost numb, his body leaning on the Hummer for support.

"You don't know shit, Superman."

Superman moved closer. He tried to scan the briefcase - it was lined with lead, the contents evading his x-ray vision.


The young man doubled over in pain, feeling sharp cramps in his abs.

Superman quickly moved to him, grabbing his arms to keep him upright.

"What did Luthor give you?" Superman asked, looking down at the young man.

The young man writhed in pain, shaking his head.

"Tell me," Superman commanded, shaking his body slightly.

The young man shivered; he looked up at Superman, his eyes glazed over.

"Synthetized kryptonian dna ... " he said, stumbling over the words.

Superman was shocked - how did Luthor get hold of such a thing?

He was worried about the young man. As far as Superman knew, kryptonian dna had never been used on a human before and he didn't know what Luthor might have had done to it. He didn't know what the results might be - the substance could take over and destroy the genetic makeup of the young man's body, devouring him, killing him within a few minutes, turning him into some distorted genetic hybrid. Or worse.

Superman glanced down at the shattered syringe on the ground. It glowed a faint red, remnants of the liquid still on the glass.

The young man began shaking violently, spasms and contortions all over his body. Every muscle in his body seem to flex uncontrollably. He felt no pain, just a sense of incredible detachment from what was happening to the cells in his body.

Superman held the young man by his arms, tightening his grip to keep him from hurting himself.

The young man's elbows crashed into the side of the Hummer, denting and tearing the metal. His foot smashed into one of the tires on the Hummer, kicking a hole in the rubber, the tire exploding from the rim, ripping the sole of his gym shoes.

"Are you in pain?" Superman said, trying to calm him.

The young man stood there, his head down, his shaggy blond hair hanging down over his face. He was breathing deeply, but the spasms had subsided.

"Are you allright?" Superman asked, looking down at him, concerned at what might be happening to his body.

The young man's breathing became slower, deeper, more steady.

Superman used his x-ray vision, astonished at what he saw. The young man's bones were growing more dense.

In a swift motion, taking Superman by surprise, the young man broke free of Superman's grip. He punched Superman in the jaw, knocking him back a few steps, the sound of the blow echoing through the forest.

This was no ordinary punch. His strength was superhuman, perhaps approaching Superman's strength.

The young man looked up at Superman, his eyes glowing red in the twilight.

Superman wanted to get control of the situation. He rushed the young man, pushing him into the Hummer, crushing the side of it, and putting the young man in a bearhug. The young man struggling, trying to break Superman's grip - Superman flexed harder. The young man's strength was increasing.

With a swift blow to Superman's abdomen, the young man broke free. Superman fell on his back, the wind knocked out his lungs. Like an animal on some superhuman speed, the young man pounced, punching Superman's muscled pecs with blows like a cannon. Superman mustered his strength, sending the young man flying twenty feet in the air. He landed on a nearby boulder, shattering it to pieces.

Superman got to his feet. The young man wasn't even phased by the blows. He stood up, looking down in amazement at the broken boulder.

"Fuckin' rocks, man" the young man said, surprised at his own power.

His eyes saw the boulders on the ground. Carefully he walked up to one and bent his legs, grabbing one of the larger ones.

His eyes were wild - it felt like nothing to him, but must have weighed at least ten times as much as he did. He held it high in the air with one hand.

"See....see, Superman," he said, his eyes wide, his voice deeper, "Luthor was right."

Superman realized the young man's condition could only be temporary or something else - he had no idea what the effects might be of this liquid that the young man had injected in his veins.

Nothing looked abnormal about him - perhaps slightly more muscular definition than he had before, but perhaps that was just the dimming shadows of the twilight. His eyes were no longer glowing. Superman scanned the young man's body again with his x-ray vision. The bones were becoming like lead - thick, heavy, no longer human blood, veins and calcium, but something else entirely.

The young man's internal structure was changing. Blood vessels and nerves, growing, morphing into something more akin to what Superman had in his body. The muscles were thicker, becoming more internally dense and corded. The young man's heart was racing at least 500 beats per minute, with seemingly no effect on his heart.

Like tossing a basketball, the young man hurled the boulder at his opponent's chest. It crashed into Superman's flexed pecs, shattering into a million pieces, scattering sharp edged rocks for several hundred feet, lodging some into the trunks of the big pine trees in the forest.

"Hell yeah," the young man said, pleased with himself. He did a double biceps pose - there really wasn't more there, at least that could be seen by the human eye. He reached up with one hand, feeling of his bicep. His strong fingers ripped through the shirt.

"That's fuckin' power, Superman."

Confidently, the young man walked over to the Hummer. He bent down and placed his hands on one of the tires, digging his fingers into the rubber - he could feel the rubber give way to his grip. He pushed inward, blowing the tire out in an instant. With one hand, he ripped the tire rim from the axle, bending and distorting it.

He dug his fingers into the metal rim, slowly bending, shaping it like clay. When it was crumpled into a ball, he hurled it like a fastball at Superman's crotch.

Superman jumped out of the way, the ball of metal whizzed through the air, glowing red hot, faster than the speed of sound, digging far into the ground like some meteor.

"You don't know what's happening to you," Superman said, trying to get him to focus.

"I know exactly what's happening to me," he said, calm but wide eyed.

"Luthor says I can be the new Superman. Show the world who's really boss here."

"Luthor doesn't know what he's doing," Superman said, trying to buy time and think of a way to restrain him. The young man's powers were equal to his own - he would have to try to trick him somehow, catch him in a vulnerable position.

"Imagine a whole army of Supermen. There are plenty of guys I know who'd jump at the chance."

The young man looked over at one of the tall, thick pine trees in the forest. Heat rays emerged from his eyes, striking the pine at the base of the trunk, instantly crashing it to the ground, burning it like ten thousand lightning strikes.

He was getting a hard-on, visible through his jeans. He reached down and touched his crotch, feeling waves of pleasure so intense it would kill a hundred normal men.

"I guess it's true what they say, isn't it Superman?"

The young man guessed he also had super-speed. He rushed for the felled tree, just thinking about where he wanted to go; in the blink of an eye, he had rushed several hundred feet to the tree, picked it up horizontally off the ground, rushed to Superman, and pinned Superman close to his body, holding the trunk of the tree on his chest.

The branches of the great pine twisted and tore against the trunks of the other trees as Superman breathed in and out.

"I could crush you, Superman," the young man whispered in his ear. "You're weak."

Superman knew the young man was flush with the rush of power. He probably didn't realize what Superman could do.

Superman slowly flexed his biceps, as if he were lifting two dumbells. The rock hard muscles in his forearms and biceps pushed against the heavy trunk of the tree; the wood cracking and groaning, splitting into pieces in his arms.

Superman whirled around with superspeed, catching the young man in a bearhug. He knew that even though his opponent might be as strong and fast as himself, he wouldn't have Superman's experience and knowledge.

The wrestling hold didn't cause the young man any pain particularly. He struggled, trying to figure out a way out of Superman's grip.

He was beginning to become more angry. The more he struggled, the more frustrated he became. He tried to break free, but Superman held him in place. He kicked, but it didn't phase Superman.

"You have immense powers," Superman said, "but you need to learn how to use them."

Superman sounded like his father. It just made him more angry.

Shaking in rage, he concentrated. Heat rays emerged from his eyes, more and more intense.

Superman closed his eyes to avert the young man's power; the heat was so intense, hotter and hotter, waves of energy pounding Superman's face from the young man's eyes.

Superman could resist no longer. Mentally preparing himself and focusing, he opened his eyes, blasting the young man's face with his own heat ray, fighting and pushing the waves of energy back to the young man.

Waves of heat and light filled the night sky. Some of the trees near the two enhanced men spontaneously combusted from the nearby energy.

The young man was consumed with rage; the energy being poured back into his body. Soon, he lost consciousness - even though he had Superman's powers, he didn't have his highly developed powers of focus and concentration.

Superman saw that the young man had gone limp. He carefully laid the young man on the ground.

By now, it was dark. The moon was high in the sky, casting a weird glow over the clearing.

Superman noticed the young man's body was glowing, pulsing. Using his x-ray vision, he saw that the young man was changing again - how, Superman didn't know.

He knew he might have only a few minutes to find something that could restrain him if he came to life again. Superman rushed to the briefcase.

Superman used his heat vision to melt the locks on the briefcase. He opened it and looked inside. All it contained were more of the syringes containing the same substance that the young man had injected earlier - the damage had already been done to the young man and more of the substance would only make things worse.

Superman heard something that sounded like thunder - the young man had gone from lying on the ground to standing straight up so fast that it caused a disturbance in the air around him. His whole body, especially his eyes, still glowed. Superman glanced to see a blank, almost determined look on the young man's face.

There was a sudden 'whosh' and, before Superman knew what happened, the young man had rushed to his side, grabbed the briefcase and syringes. With speed faster than light, the young man had injected the remaining syrum into his body.

"You are such a weak creature, Superman," the young man said, dropping the syringes on the ground.

The young man held out his arm. It was growing thicker, more muscular. As he flexed his forearm, the veins throbbed and snaked over his changing form, the shirt tearing from his body.

A serious look came over his face, as if the young man's intellect or insight were changing. He glared at Superman, a blank, yet wanting look in his eyes. He stepped closer to the Superman, realizing with each step that he was becoming more powerful.

"You see, Superman," he said, flexing his muscled neck and enjoying the sensation of power, "I am the Superior being."

He stepped closer to Superman. His chest was expanding, ripping his shirt and exposing his massive pecs, striated with pulsing muscles. His arms were growing longer, fuller, ripping the sleeves of his shirt. He was growing taller, his legs becoming thicker with each step, his thick muscles tight against his jeans.

He stopped and held out his arms, watching them grow more massive as he flexed, ripping the cloth to shreds. Veins and thick cords of power pulsed all over his forearms and biceps.

The young man extended his palms in front of him, throwing his head back and closing his eyes. In an instant, waves of plasma shot from his hands around Superman, melting piles of rock behind the superhero. Superman was numbed, paralyzed by the incredible wave of energy.

Superman was unsure what to do, except to wait and see - perhaps the transformation would kill the young man or incapacitate him in some way. The young man was more physically powerful and there was little he could do until he saw a better chance.

The young man stepped forward again, closer and closer to Superman. His toes of his feet burst through his shoes and the laces broke as he walked, his feet growing longer, thicker. The ankle of his jeans were now at his calves, his increasing muscle mass and height tearing and ripping the tough material. He was over seven feet tall and still growing.

He stopped again, glaring at the Hummer to the right of Superman. He crossed his massive growing arms over his immense chest; his eyes glowed as he concentrated, the Hummer began floating in the air, controlled only by his mind.

Higher and higher the Hummer hovered in the air ... two feet.... five feet... ten feet.

He grew thicker and taller. Walking toward Superman, his pants ripped to shreds from his body, his massive thighs and calves breaking through the denim. Ten feet tall, his incredible mass made his huge feet leave deep impressions in the ground as he walked. Superman, using his x-ray vision, could see that his musculature was immense; his bone structure becoming harder than diamonds.

Now twelve feet tall, the young man's growth seemed to stop. He stood just a few feet away from Superman, naked, his inhuman muscles throbbing and flexing with each little movement of his body. The young man's cock and balls were enormous, his thick thighs pushing out his cock and balls from his immense body. He was getting hard.

He admired his body for a moment, flexing his bicep. Even on his twelve foot tall body, it was immense - perhaps 70" around, peaking above his head.

"You are finished, Superman," he said, his voice booming through the forest, the power of his lungs creating a breeze that swayed the branches of trees.

As the young man admired his flexed pecs, Superman flew towards him with all of his strength, focusing all of his energy, his fists pointed towards the twelve foot tall beast's chest.

It was no use. The young man glanced at Superman and, in a microsecond, his eyes glowed and balls of plasma enveloped Superman's body, suspending him in mid-air.

Superman writhed in pain as he watched the beast place his hands in the air. The Hummer, still floating in mid-air, moved towards him. He forced Superman to the ground, holding the Hummer in his hands, high above Superman.

The beast focused his eyes on Superman, scanning his brain. Superman realized that his brain was being scanned, copied, downloaded to the beast - his knowledge, intellect and experience, but none of his morals, were being consumed.

Superman felt as though the top of his skull were pried open, every moment of his life, every bit of knowledge pouring from his being, directly into the beast.

The Hummer floated into the hands of the young man. He towered above Superman, using his mind to force Superman's body into a prone position on the ground.

Holding the Hummer in his hands high above Superman, he focused the energies in his hands, waves of plasma enveloping the Hummer. It began to melt and change - using his powers, he changed the atomic structure of the metals and plastics in the Hummer; it glowed and turned into a mass of melting radioactive super-metals, pouring down over Superman's body.

The heat was almost unbearable for Superman; he tried moving against the metal, but it enveloped his body like a thick goo.

The young man, twelve feet tall, his enormous thick feet planted in the ground, stood over Superman. Bending down slightly, he began to blow on the molten metal as Superman struggled to break free, the hurricane force from his lungs cooling the metal to almost absolute zero.

Superman was no encased, immobile. He feel into a kind of hibernation to preserve the functioning of his body.

The young man was pleased with his work. Looking down, he now fully realized the inhuman changes that occurred to his physical form - his immense height, massive muscularity. Most of all, he felt horney - aroused in ways he could never imagine.

As he looked down at the frozen mass of super-metals containing Superman, he saw the enormous head of his three and a half foot cock between his pecs, his rod engorged and rock hard.

He reached over and grabbed a boulder, perhaps seven or eight feet across, picking it up with his fingertips, much the way he might pick up a basketball with one hand. He plunged the boulder onto the head of his cock, the force shattering it into a million pieces. •

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