Experimental Muscle Version 2.0

The Meeting


By John Liesch

"...8, 9, 10!" My arms were tight from the last few sets of barbell curls. I loved the way my arms felt after a good workout. A good pump was hot as hell and always got me real horny. It wouldn't take much to get my dick as hard as my biceps, it was half way there already. Thank God it's Friday, I thought as I put away the weights. Then I hit a double biceps shot and checked myself out in a mirror, pumped and ready to hit the town.

"Yeah, twenty inches! Finally!" I was proud of what I saw: 6 feet of prime muscle. My sweat drenched tank top clung to my torso and molded itself to my pecs and clearly outlined my abs. I hit a lat spread to stretch the material even more. My shorts were wet and bunched up around my full crotch and rode up my ass crack. I pulled up my shorts even higher to check out my long legs, especially my flaring quads. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a guy checking me out which got me even more excited. I winked at him only to see him blush and hit the weights with renewed intensity.

Looking back in the mirror, I brushed my hand over my dark brown hair and devilish goatee which were the same short length, and now, after last night with my friend Tom, the only hair on my body--anywhere. With my big bones and large, wide frame, it had taken me a long get this big. Now that I had reached a long-time bodybuilding goal, more than ever what I wanted was to be bigger. A lot bigger.

"Excuse me," said an absolutely huge guy wearing a lab coat. "But I couldn't help overhearing you. You may be the man I've been looking for. I'm Dr. Logan Green."

"I'm Mike. What do you mean I may be the man you're looking for?" I shook hands with the black haired, handsome man. Man! He looked as if he spent all his time in the gym rather than in a lab. He must have outweighed me by 40 pounds. 40 pounds of muscle. What a hot looking man! There weren't many men on campus bigger than me, let alone this big. Hell, there were only a couple of professional bodybuilders as big as this guy. Being a card-carrying muscle junky, I wanted to get to know this man intimately, regardless of what he was selling.

"Well, I can see that you've worked really hard to gain the size you have and from what I overheard, you wouldn't mind getting bigger--A lot bigger."

"Hell, I wouldn't be working out so hard if I didn't want to get fucking huge," I replied while making a show of wiping the sweat off my freshly worked out body. Just how long had this big man been watching me, I wondered. The doctor was certainly checking me out thoroughly. I do get caught up in my workouts, but how could I have missed the man of my dreams? I studied his tanned face, thick moustache and flat-top haircut, and while he looked vaguely familiar, I would have remembered if I had seen a body like his before. His clothes had to have been custom made to fit his huge body so well, and even his basket looked well packed.

"I've been looking for a subject for a muscle growth experiment and it's been tough finding volunteers. No one seems to want to double their weight. And that's what my experiments have been able to produce so far." Dr. Green looked me up and down, lingering at my crotch, then his grey eyes met mine, "I think you're up for it."

"Man, I'd do anything to get that big. Fucking anything." I said. I couldn't believe my ears, a walking wet-dream had just come up to me and offered me my greatest wish. Hell, I'd do whatever he asked even without the promise of the kind of growth he was talking about.

"I won't ask you to do anything you wouldn't want to do," Logan said, seemingly reading my mind, and then he flexed his pecs and shoulders. Even the oversized lab coat couldn't hide Logan's massive upper body. I couldn't take my eyes off the guy and he knew it.

"When can we start?" I asked. Could this be real? I was almost shaking I was so excited. I wanted to try this experiment out as soon as possible. Right now, if I could.

"I'm all set up in the lab to start whenever you like. You look as excited as I am about my work." Dr. Green smiled knowingly.

I grinned back, images of muscle and sex filling my head. "Damn right. Let's go." My gaydar had finally kicked in, once I got over the impact of Logan's sheer size, and I knew for sure he was looking at me with more than clinical interest.

It was a just a short walk across campus from the gym to the lab where Logan Green worked. I didn't even stop to shower--Logan had no objections--I just pulled on my leather jacket over my workout gear, threw my stuff in my gym bag and we left. Logan led me to his lab, and I hung back half a step just to watch his big muscles bunch and relax against his straining clothes as he walked.

The lab was larger than I expected. One quarter of the room was filled with the usual technical equipment and computers, and fully a half was taken up by a very well equipped, very high-tech gym with some equipment I had never seen before. A locker room and shower facility took up the rest of the space. As I was looking around, Logan locked the doors then went to a computer console and began typing.

"I'm going to need a blood sample and a muscle biopsy in order to produce the growth factor. It will be have to be tailored to your own cellular structure and biochemical pathways." Logan then explained to me that one of the limitations to the growth would be the protein and energy resources of the subject's body. Once those were used up, they have to be replaced for the growth to continue. "Fortunately, I've been able to formulate a protein fuel that the growth factor can metabolize almost immediately. The rate of growth is essentially limited only to how fast you can drink the protein."

The blood sample and biopsy took just a few moments to perform. I had bulked up over 250 pounds a few months ago, and was now dieting down and considering entering a contest. My body fat had just dropped below 10% so the needle didn't have go in too far for the biopsy and it wasn't too painful. I was used to pain and I could put up with a lot more if the experiment worked the way Logan said it would. Logan's touch was electric and I didn't want the contact to end, but he took away the samples and injected them into the largest machine in the lab and initiated his programs.

"I'm going to have to ask you to strip down to your jock. I need to take some measurements before your injection if I'm going to get accurate data for the experiment. Don't worry, this part won't hurt a bit." Logan smiled, "and no one is going to walk in on us."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I had worked hard and I was damn proud of the results. It wouldn't be the first time someone had asked me to strip for him and I wanted made it as hot as I could for the massive scientist. I dropped my bag on a table and casually tossed my jacket on top. Resting each foot on the table in turn, I took off my size 13 shoes and then my socks, making sure that he got a good view of my legs and basket. Logan helped me untuck my tank-top then I crossed my arms in front of me and pulled it slowly over my head. Logan brushed a hand over my smooth chest and hummed in appreciation. Then I turned my back to him and without bending my knees, pulled down my shorts and then pretended to have trouble disentangling them from my feet.

"I've tested the procedure on myself, and even taking the smallest amount of growth factor I could measure, I was able to gain over 100 pounds of muscle. So far..." Logan continued in a business-like tone, but the way he said muscle and trailed off left no doubt that my strip- tease had the desired effect and he was trying to one up me.

I turned to see him take off his lab coat and roll up his sleeves around his huge biceps, revealing his incredibly thick and vascular forearms. The doctor was massive, cut to shreds and looked as if he could win any bodybuilding contest he entered. Even the current Mr. Olympia didn't have this guy's size or proportions. I could barely keep my hands to myself as I took in Logan's massive physique and imagined what his growth factor would do to my body.

I had never been so thoroughly measured in so many ways before, and I had played with a lot of guys into bodybuilders and muscle worship. Each muscle was thoroughly quantified in size, shape, mass and density with instruments that I didn't recognize. Logan was full of praise and encouragement, clearly enjoying himself at least as much much as I was. He asked me to flex hard again and again and I half expected him to ask if he could oil me up. When he was done, Logan read me the results of his measurements. I was a massive 240 pounds at 6 feet tall. My arms stretched the tape at just over 20 inches and my chest was 50 inches. My waist was 33 inches, down from 34, and my thighs were almost 30 inches. But Logan was a lot bigger than me. Having this hot, hugely muscular man touch and praise my body was an incredible turn on and I could tell the feeling was mutual. My dick was getting hard and began pushing against the thin fabric of my jock strap.

I caught Logan watching my crotch. He winked at me and said, "Come here and let me show you something." He walked over to a computer console and typed out some commands and a video monitor lit up. "This is me last week before I tested the growth factor." "That's you?" I said incredulously. It had taken me a moment to recognize that the naked man on the screen was indeed Logan. Even before the growth, Logan was a very hot looking man with a good build and a hefty looking dick. He could have been a Colt model even before his growth. "That's incredible. You weren't kidding about about this, were you?"

"Not at all," Logan said. He hit a few more keys and a series of images flashed across the screen. "I've had to edit the images quite a bit. Some of my reactions to the process were rather x-rated." Logan looked over his massive shoulder at me standing there nearly naked. "I'm sure you know what I mean."

My jaw dropped and my dick got hard so fast that it popped out of my jock. I watched Logan's image literally growing before my eyes. It looked like a cartoon, the growth was so outrageous. There were a number of different shots of Logan and each image was accompanied by a set of numbers describing his expanding physique. I watched Logan's weight surge from 180 to 270 pounds while his bodyfat fell to practically zero. His arms grew from 17 to 24 inches and his chest from 44 inches to an awesome 60. His quads had grown from 25 to 35 thick and cut inches and his muscular calves now flared at 23 inches. Only his waist stayed the same at 30 inches with mind boggling lats forcing his arms from his side. To my disappointment, Logan's crotch was fuzzed out in all but the first picture. Even with his clothes on, I could see that the doctor was even bigger now.

Logan turned around and I saw his massive hard-on running along his big thigh. It looked as if the growth factor worked on more than just muscle. He wrapped his hand around my hard dick and said, "I get hard just thinking about the process. Hot, eh?" Mike nodded. "You still haven't seen the latest results of my growth," Logan said and began to unbutton his shirt. "I've gained 10 more pounds and according to my calculations, I should be able to gain almost 80 more. Soon..."

Oh man! My dick throbbed as the massive column of Logan's neck and the slabs of hairless pectoral muscle were revealed. And he wanted to get even bigger! Damn, I wanted to see that! When I pulled Logan's shirttails from his pants, he said, "Go for it, big guy," and let me take over undressing him.

I finished unbuttoning Logan's shirt and let it hang open. I was stunned at the densely muscled six pack bulging above Logan's belt, the deep cuts between the rock hard abs were remarkable, even when Logan took a huge breath, the definition was inhuman.

"Go on," said Logan. "It'll be a while yet until your injection is ready. I'm sure you can think of some ways to pass the time." He winked and flexed. "I know I can."

I needed no more encouragement. I had wanted this man from the minute I laid eyes on him. I wanted Logan's dick and I wanted it now. I undid Logan's belt and pushed down his pants. It was difficult to get them past his gigantic thighs and I almost tore his tailored trousers in half. I knelt down and looked up in awe at the massive man standing with his shirt open, pants around his ankles and tight white briefs that barely contained his hard dick. The scent of fresh cotton only enhanced Logan's natural odours. Thank the gods, he didn't use cologne or deodorant! I ran my tongue along Logan's cloth-covered dick, soaking his underwear to transparency. Logan groaned as he felt my hot breath on his dick and pushed his crotch into my face, nearly knocking me over with the force of the passion flowing from his muscular quads. I grabbed hold of Logan's rock hard ass bringing my own not inconsiderable strength to bear to keep my balance and my mouth on Logan's dick.  Logan grabbed my thick deltoids and rubbed his massive jockey- covered dick across my face, moans of pleasure escaping from his lips. I got really frustrated with the fabric keeping me from Logan's dick, and I took hold of the waist-band and pulled it apart, tearing the cloth away from Logan's muscle-packed groin, the effort hardening my shoulders under Logan hands. Again I paused, I had never seen a sexier sight. Logan's clothes in disarray enticingly hid much of his massive physique, sending shivers of anticipation down my spine. I took Logan's balls into my mouth and teased the head of Logan's thick and cut 9 inch dick. My entire field of vision was filled with Logan's rippling body and my ball nuzzling caused the bodybuilding doctor to gasp and his muscles to ripple.

"Oh yeah, man," Logan groaned, digging his fingers into my delts, "suck my dick!"

I went down on him with abandon, excited by the power I now had over the huge man and deepthroated Logan's cock. I ran my hands over his slab-like chest and chisled abs, blown away by the sheer density of the muscles. Grasping the base of Logan's dick, I applied powerful suction to the mushroom head causing it to expand even bigger. With a grunt, Logan clenched his abs into six thick bricks and I slowly traced out each incredible contour and sucked Logan's dick even harder. •

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