Scrapbook Chronicles: A Boy and His Bod


By Lover_Boy

Eric walked into the hotel lobby, taking refuge from the hot sun. It was Summer in Ohio, and the temperature was rising. Tina smiled at him from behind the front desk. She'd been flirting discreetly with him since the day he'd checked in. Were he straight, he was certain he would find her equally attractive. Tall for a woman, with long blonde tresses of hair, pale blue eyes, and a veloptuous set of perky breasts that sat upon her chest like twin melons.

Her painted scarlet lips parted in a perfect, pearly white smile that dimpled her cheeks as he approached. It was a smile she seemed to reserve only for him. "Well, hello, Mr. Surich. What can I do for you today?"

After almost two years of hotels, he still wasn't used to being called "Mr.". Are there any messages for me, Tina?"

She searched through a small box labeled "Messages", and came up with a slip of paper bearing his name, "Here ya go."

He read the note, amused that it reaked of her White Diamonds perfume. "Thankyou, Tina."

Anything else....?"

He favored her with his own 500 megawatt smile and could've sworn he saw her swoon slightly. "Actually, I think I may need to keep the room for a few more days. At least 3."

She wrote something in the guest registry, "Alright, Mr. Surich. I'll see that it's taken care of."

He folded the paper neatly in fours, and slipped it into his pocket. As she watched, she smiled coyly. He chuckled inwardly. She probably thought he was keeping it for the scent. "Thanks, Tina. You are a peach."

"You're welcome." She was after all, he thought to himself, a little ray of sunshine.

She picked up the desk phone and began a call as he turned and headed toward the elevator. He could almost feel her staring at his ass. __________________________________________________ _______

Eric sat on the big, comfortable bed in his room as he re-read the note:

Meet me in Perrygrinn Park 1:30 p.m. sharp We can talk more there

He looked over what little material there was on this kid he'd sought out in Ohio. There was a sketchy photo, and a few articles he'd printed from sites on the web. Other than that, there wasn't much to go on.

He'd started this quest over two years ago, searching for cases and occurances of people that involved his life's obsession with sudden, spontaneous muscle growth. Despite the rare, attention getting nature of it, he was still amazed at how well the people involved kept it away from the general public's scrutiny. This case didn't seem to be any different.

He looked at his watch. Just enough time to grab a shower and change into something cooler. As he entered the bathroom, he laughed at the over abundance of fresh towels, and toiletries he found on a daily basis. No doubt on orders from Tina to the housekeeping staff. No matter, he always left a generous tip for their troubles. He could afford to, after all.

After highschool, he'd graduated with high honors; showing exceptional skill and talent with computers and electronics. His parent's, both in real estate, had opted to send him to a community college. He hadn't had a problem with it because he knew the school had a top rated Computer Engineering/Programming course. But sadly, after his first semester, they'd both died while on a rock climbing expedition. After their death, Eric found himself the only heir of his parents' shrewdly invested money from their real estate earnings, and the recipient of a small fortune.

They'd never spoken with him about what had happened in his Ninth Grade year. They hadn't had any trouble accepting their gay son either once they knew. But his involvement in the matter and the disappearance of Phillip and his parents had scared them. After their death, he decided college wasn't for him. Thus, he'd begun this new journey in his life. Persuing the things of his dreams.

Eric stepped out of the shower, and grabbed one of the fluffy white towels. As he looked at himself in the mirror, he didn't quite see what people found so attractive about him. He knew he was kinda cute. He knew that his physique was pleasant to behold. But he didn't view himself as anything drool-worthy. Oh well. Time to go meet a boy and his bod. __________________________________________________ ________

The park was nice. Eric looked around as he sat near the lagoon with a fountain for some sign of the man he was meant to meet. It was nearly 1;30 and not many people were out in the afternoon heat, so he assumed it would be easy to spot the alleged boy's father.

One of the online muscle growth fetish sites referred to the boy as "Little Sampson". So named, Eric supposed, because the kid had really long, luxurious hair. The only picture that had been posted had been dismissed as a morph. In other words, a picture that had been altered via use of one of the host of photo manipulation softwares available. Eric merely wanted to satisfy his curiosity on this one, concidering the boy was only 12. His goal this time was documentation, and video proof.

"Are you Eric Surich....?"

Eric looked up at the sound of the stern voice. "Yes, sir, Iam."

The voice's owner was a tall man. Probably in his forties, with a neatly trimmed beard, and roguishly handsome features. He had a beer gut, like most men his age. However, it was plain to see from his broad chest, shoulders, and powerful arms that he'd been quite well built in his younger days.

"How do I know that you are who you say you are?" His voice was overflowing with suspicion and mistrust.

Eric had the distinct impression that other people had come lookin for this boy. "You don't. What can I do to prove to you that you can trust me?"

The man shoved a paper at him gruffly, "Sign this."

Not a very friendly person. But then, he was probably right not to be. "What is it?"

"It's a legally binding contract. It states that if you give any information to the government, or press, or publish anything you learn about my son in any way withouth the expressed permission of either me or my wife..."

Eric put his hands up in a gesture of surrender, "Okay, okay. I get it." He quickly read the contract. The penalty for breach of contract was prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Eric queried as he signed, "How is this legally binding?"

The man answered simply, "My brother's a notary."

Eric handed the the contract back which was quickly taken. The man looked it over. Seeming to be satisfied, the man extended his hand.

"Thankyou. The name's Johnathin Samison. You can call me 'John'."

Eric took the offered hand and shook firmly. The man's grip was a powerful one. "Name's Eric Surich. You can call me 'Eric'."

"Alright, Eric. I didn't mean to come off as rude or standoff-ish. But we like to keep our son's gift under wraps. We've had problems with...."prying eyes". And he's very shy about the whole thing."

"Oh, I understand completely. If it makes you feel any better, you've mostly succeeded. It took me months to find anything useful on your son. And what little there is to be found is pretty much discredited as a hoax."

John seemed pleased at that. "Well, I suppose you want to meet him."

"Of course."

"Alright. You take your car, and follow me."

With that, they left the park. This was turning out to be interesting indeed. __________________________________________________ _____

Eric got out of his car. The neigborhood was a pleasant suburb of cul de sacs, manicured lawns, and SUVs. A good place, at least, to raise a child. Especially one with such a unique condition.

Eric followed Johnathin into the suburbian home. It was a beige two story modern home with brown shutters and trim, and even a chimney. All in all, a nice home.

As he walked into the house, he was greeted by an attractive woman, slightly past her prime. "Hello, come in, come in."

John spoke up, "Eric, this is my wife, Denah". he turned to her, "Denah, this is Eric Surich."

She looked him over with a slight sparkle in her eye. A sparkle he knew all to well as attraction. "Welcome, Mr. Surich. Can I get you something to drink?"

Eric accepted, "Water would be fine. And please, call me 'Eric'."

She nodded pleasantly, "Alright, Eric. Water it is. I'll just be right back."

Johnathin walked him into a spacious living room where they sat down opposite eachother as they talked. Eric spoke first.

"So, where's your son? What's his name by the way?"

Johnathin laughed heartily, "How careless of me. His name is Bryon."

Eric mused over the drastic change in attitude from the man he'd initially met at the park less than a half hour ago. "Bryon, okay. Annnd, where is he?"

Denah entered the living room, chiming in to the conversation. "Oh, Bryon? He's probably upstairs, or outside playing."

Eric almost choked on his water as John startled him with a loud yell, "Bryon, come on into the living room. There's someone here to meet you."

Eric was confused. "He plays by himself?"

John spoke up. "Well, yes. He doesn't have any friends. He thinks his condition makes him, uhhh...unnatural. He's very shy about it, so he doesn't try to make friends."

Denah spoke next, "We've tried to tell him that that just isn't the case. Make him see that he's every bit as normal as other children, just with a special gift. We even tried to get him to see a therapist. But he thinks no one would believe what he can do."

Eric was confused, "I don't understand. How can they not...?" He fell silent as a young boy entered the room slowly and cautiously. A young boy that didn't look anything like what Eric was expecting.

He was tall for 12 years old. He had abnormally blue eyes that seemed to look into Eric's soul. His hair was a thick wavy mass of sandy-blonde down to his shoulders that framed an adorably youthful freckled face with button nose, and cupid's-bow lips. Wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and jogging shorts, his hairless Summer-tanned body was plainly more muscly than a normal twelve year old. But not the mass of size he'd been expecting.

The kid spoke with a youthful but strangely deep voice, "Who's this....?"

Denah answered, "Bryon this is..."

She was cut off as Eric became irritated, "Is this some sort of joke!?"

John looked surprised, "You wanted to meet our son. Here he is."

Eric nearly spat the words out, "This is not what I came here to see. This is...."

Eric pulled out the pic from the site that he'd printed out and handed it to Johnathin. Bryon walked over and looked at it.

"That's me."

Eric looked fiercely at Bryon but was surprised to find his gaze met withouth the slightest bit of fear. "No, it's not! The only thing in that picture that looks anything like you is the hair."

Johnathin spoke up, laughing. "Bryon, why don't you explain it to him."

The boy shrugged his shoulders, "Why? He won't believe it anyway."

Denah waved a hand and shook her head dismissively. "Eric, he has the ability to change his size."

"It's actually quite handy at times. He's stronger than me!", John added.

Eric looked at each of them in turn. He was good at reading people, and he didn't detect deceit in any of them. In fact, Bryon's expression was one of near defiance.

Eric calmed himself, "Alright then, Bryon. Show me."

Bryon looked at him sternly and Eric had trouble meeting his crystal blue gaze. "Why should I? I don't even know your name."

In all the excitement Eric realized no one had told Bryon his name. Things were going down hill fast. If things were on the up-and-up, he needed to fix the problem fast.

"Fair enough. My name's Eric Surich. But you can call me 'Eric'."

Bryon's attitiude gentled, seeming his age for the first time. "Okay. I'm....well, Bryon."

They shook hands. Bryon's grip was a bit firmer than he'd expected. "Alright, Bryon. Now, will you show me what you can do....?"

Bryon shook his head. "No. I just met you. I don't know that I can trust you."

Eric tried not to get angry again. It's alright. i signed a contract with your dad there. You can trust me. it's okay."

Now Bryon got upset, "Don't talk to me like that! I may only be 12, but I'm smarter than other kids my age."

"Well, I'll tell you what then, Bryon. I'm going to be around for a few days. Can we spend some time together? Your dad can be there if you want."

Bryon looked at Johnathin, and Johnathin only nodded silently. Something pased between them that Eric didn't quite understand.

Bryon peered at Eric now, seeming to look for something. "Alright. But just you and me, okay?"

Eric looked at Johnathin who merely nodded once again, then back to Bryon. "Okay, it's a deal. Can I come over to get you at noon?"

Bryon laughed out loud for a moment. It was the hearty laugh of a young boy, but something else in his voice made him sound much older. "Why so late? How'bout early in the morning. How'bout 6:00? I like to get up early."

Eric was taken aback slightly, not expecting a school aged boy to want to get up so early in the Summer. "Alright. 6:00 it is."

Bryon nodded his approval, then changed subjects, "Are you staying for dinner?"

Denah spoke eagerly, "Oh please, we insist."

Eric looked up, "Well, in that case. What're we having?"

Bryon answered enthusiastically, "Spaghetti and Meatballs!"

He seemed like a kid again now. As they sat down for dinner, Eric wondered what exactly he was in for in the next few days. •

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