Scrapbook Chronicles: Rubbing It In


By Lover_Boy

Eric hurried down the hall toward his room. Shit! Dropped the keys. He quickly scooped the keys up, and fumbled for the card to swipe and open his door. he'd spent so much time shoppoing, he was going to be late for his in-room massage appointment with Qi Tousaint. Eric slid the card through the reader, and waited for the click. He elbowed the door open, and tossed his bags on the bed.

It took him about twenty minutes to get cleaned up, and put everything away when he heard a quiet knock on the door. "Just a minute", he called impatiently.

Eric did a quick check in the mirror, straightened his hair and clothes, and went to answer the door. He spoke through the door, "Yes? Who is it....?'

A deep voice came from the other side, "It's the masseur for your eight-o'clock in-room session. Room 212?"

Eric felt butterflies in his stomach. "Yes....", Eric opened the door.

The young man waiting in the corridor had a duffel bag over one shoulder and smiled as he glanced at a piece of paper. "You Eric....?"

Qi's internet pics didn't do him justice. He was shirtless, and taller than Eric by about four inches; a towering figure of lean, tanned, and defined muscle. His golden, shoulder-length hair was neatly styled to look like a surfer's wild mane. He found himself almost hypnotized by eyes as crystal blue as Hawaii's ocean waters. It took Eric a minute to realize he'd been asked a question, "Uhh, I'm sorry...what did you say?"

Qi smiled, revealing two rows of bight white teeth. "I said, 'are you Eric'....?"

Eric became flustered, "Oh, yes. I'm Eric...."

The smile didn't fade as he motioned toward Eric. "Ummm, can I come in? I mean, unless you wanna do this out here on the floor...." His voice was like chocolate, flowing over every nerve ending in Eric's body.

Eric stepped aside nervously, "yes, please...come in."

As Qi walked by, Eric noticed he was wearing a pair of rainbow tie-dyed squarecut trunks. The trunks, for their part, more than adequately displayed two large rounded glutes, thick quads, and what looked to be at least a six inch soft cock. Emblazoned across the seat was the resort's logo of a palm tree with a rainbow. His feet were long and norrow, shod only in a pair of water shoes.

Qi placed the duffel bag on an empty chair. "I gotta admit. You weren't what i was expecting."

"What do you mean?", Eric asked with a puzzled expression.

Qi turned and looked at him, "Well, when you opened the door, I assumed you were the client's kid, or somethin'."

"Well...what exactly were you expecting?"

"The usual. Some rich guy in his thirties or older; like most of the guys that request me by name. I get a lot of regulars", Qi said as he began to remove items from the duffel.

Eric laughed nervously, "Well, sorry to disappoint you."

Qi paused, and looked over his shoulder with a sly grin and a wink that make Eric's cock twitch briefly, "Who said I was disappointed....?"

"Oh...", was all Eric could muster in reply.

Qi turned and looked at Eric with a few bottles of lotion in hand, "What do you prefer? 'Vanilla Coconut', 'Kiwi', or my signature blend, 'Hawaiian Sunset'?"

Eric looked them over. Each was a different color, but the deep redd-sh color of the third seemed to call to him. "Um, I'm kinda new to this sort of thing. Do you have any suggestions?"

Qi dropped the first two in his bag, tossed the third one into the air, and caught it in his other hand. "I reccomend 'Hawaiian Sunset'. I make this one myself."

"You do....?"

"Sure do. I make it from organic oils and spices."

"Okay. That one then."

Qi favored Eric with another smile, "Excellent choice. Now, what kind of massage would you like?"

Eric shrugged, "I have no idea. What kinds can you do?"

"All of'em."

"All of them?"

"All of'em. Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue.....Sensual....", he took a few steps forward, "....Erotic...."

Eric had to fight to keep from taking a step backward. Qi's presence and demeanor were almost intoxicating. "Uh, what do you recommend?"

"Do you trust me...?"

Eric had to fight the impulse to say 'implicitly'. "Sure. You're not gonna hurt me are you?"

Qi stood only a foot or two away from Eric now. His eyebrows raised for a split second suggestively, "Quite the opposite...actually." His deep voice was filled with innumerable inuendos.

Eric suddenly became aware that he'd been backed up against the bed, and stumbled, falling onto the matress. This was getting intense. If Qi behaved this way with all of his clients, it was no wonder he had a lot of regulars.

Eric looked up at Qi from the bed. "Okay. Then....what do I need to do?"

Qi stood over him. His bangs drifted slightly into his eyes as his gaze wandered over Eric's prone body. "Get undressed down to your underwear...if you're wearing any. If not, get naked."

Eric couldn't believe his ears, "Ex...excuse me....?"

Qi slid the water sandals from his long slender feet as he spoke, "Get undressed. Bare skin contact is best for massage. Especially my massages."

Eric stood as Qi watched, and disrobed. Normally he didn't like undressing in front of strangers, but something about Qi made him feel completely at ease. Eric removed his shirt, and then the t-shirt underneath. Next, he undid the belt and fly of his shorts and slid them down to his ankles, stepping out of them. As Eric's boxer-briefs became exposed, Qi's eyebrows shot up when he saw the large bulge in the front.

Qi looked him over appreciatively, "I can see what Lo'Ana meant when she said 'nice'."

The comment caught Eric off guard, "What....?"

Qi ignore the question, "Although, 'nice' doesn't quite cut it." he walked a circle around Eric, "You're very....impressive. I'm gonna enjoy this."

Eric blushed, "Th...thanks. High praise from someone as 'impressive' as you."

Qi stepped forward, and gently pushed Eric back onto the bed. He kneeled over Eric, bringing his face within inches of Eric's. "One last thing...."

Eri'c response was a mere whisper, "Yes....?"

"Do you have a problem with me touching....", his eyes flitted downward, "...anything? In any way....?"

Eric could only shake his head no.

"Good. Now roll over."

Eric rolled over onto his stomach. Qi climnbed on top of him, stradling him at the hips and squeezing Eric's waist between his thighs. A wave of deep pleasure swept over Eric as he felt the thick muscles in Qi's thighs enclose his torso. Qi's skin was warm like beach sand in late afternoon, but felt as soft as silk against his body. He could feel the bulk of Qi's cock and balls press against his ass as Qi leaned forward and placed a powerful hand gently on either side of Eric's neck in preparation.

Qi whispered into Eric's right ear softly, "Ready....?"

Eric could only nod silently again.

"Good...." And without another word, Eric's neck went limp as Qi's hands and thumbs pressed into the muscles of Eric's neck and shoulders..... •

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