By Xyggurat

I'm no kind of slut.

That said, I've had a few guys cum in my mouth. Oral always seems to start the same way: the casual brush of my fingers against his thigh, and when he doesn't flinch or move away, a firmer--but still gentle--hand on the leg. The ethereal sensation of excitement transmogrifies into something solid and real, as the bulges in our trousers solidify and swell.

It's an awkward stage, where lust hasn't consumed the self-conscious impulses but has managed to make thinking difficult. I trace his bulge with the backs of my fingers. He traces mine. Inspiration flares. It's only a deft movement or two before his cock is released, and it's in my mouth. I try to be as safe about sex as possible, but head seems so innocent. The cock never tastes precisely good, but cum--I've had guys that have been tangy, salty, even vaguely sweet. The flavors are all variations on the vile undertone of semen, there had been no exceptions to that rule.

Thus, it was to my great and rightful surprise that the demon's semen tasted like chocolate. Devil's food cake, to be exact. Fitting.

I almost choked on the load he shot down my throat. It was hotter than a man's should be, almost scalding. I struggled to swallow with his massive member still impaling my mouth. The fluid left behind tingling spots of effervescence in my mouth, and even when he finally pulled out of me, they did not go away.

My muscles felt swollen and sore, as if I had just worked out, but there was something different. A faint buzz leapt up my spine, sending out warm creepers down my back. The sheets underneath me shifted, as if something were pulling them against my back. I glanced down at my forearm. It was definitely thicker than before, though not quite as solid as it had been before my experience with Shift. Even as I watched, the muscle of my arm was solidifying, pulsing ever-so-faintly back toward its old lean size.

I looked up from the transformation taking place beneath my skin. Shift was smiling. His empty eyes tantalized me. I would have likened him to a snake charmer taming a cobra, but the relationship was turned upside down: he was the beast and I the mortal man.

"You taste like chocolate," I said.

"Appropriate, no?"

"Fucking chocolate. Your cum tastes like chocolate."

"We've established this," he said, branding me an idiot with his smile. "Did you enjoy dessert?"

"I want more," I breathed.

Shift shook his head. "No."

I frowned. "Aren't you supposed to do as I say? I'm your master."

The demon rolled his eyes. Since they were completely black, I gathered this from a quirk in his brow. He looked down at me, still kneeling in front of him, one of my hands on his muscled leg. He breathed, and his abs clenched in front of my face. I almost came again. Oh, yeah. I was in real control of this situation.

"You seem to be more or less returned to your old state."

I was, almost. Only someone who worked as hard and gained so little as I did would notice the little accents. I was not quite the same as before. My biceps were a little more slender, the hair on my face a little less dense. I massaged one of my pectorals and immediately felt the lessened solidity of the muscle.

Shift looked as he had upon first manifesting. My eyes had been conducting an in-depth study of the demon since his arrival, and I could say with certainty that he was not harboring the remains of my muscle. A cold knot formed in my stomach.

"I'm not as big as I was," I said. "And I didn't have much to lose. Where's the rest?"

"I ate it. There was no microwave popcorn around."

"Seriously?" I got up. He didn't look taller, but our proportions to one another were off. His eyes were clearly higher than before.

"No. You're gullible."

I punched him in the shoulder. It was meant as a friendly gesture. A moment after the blow connected I realized that punching an ancient demon wasn't the best way to ensure I'd live to see the next day. His muscles were solid, and my wrist hurt. Shift rewarded me with a Cheshire grin. There was something plastic and ingenuine about his expression.

He threw me on the bed, lifting me and hurling me down with one hand. Swift as a striking snake, he was atop me, his mammoth cock pressing against my belly. I felt his eight-pack contract. As he spoke, it pressed into my inferior abdomen. I didn't even bother struggling as he laid hot kisses on my neck. One of his hands barely stroked my penis, but I was near on the edge of orgasm.

"I work as a gate for the transfered energy," he told me between kisses. "When I am used, a bit of energy is consumed. The amount is negligible. When we enact your vengeance, you will have more than enough to replace it."

I gasped and tried to think of puppies as a warm rush flooded into my groin. "You're like a demonic ATM," I wheezed.

"You're endurable when you're quiet," the demon growled.

He attacked my mouth with his own, his tongue parting my lips with a savage frenzy. I clawed at his unyielding chest, flailed at the pleasure roaring through my veins. I was going to cum, I knew it, and I scrabbled against the sheets of my bed. They were again damp with my sweat.

The demon's lust was inexorable. He ran a practiced hand down my side, the touch becoming a cruel tickle as he reached the sensitive skin between my hip and crotch. His eyes showed no emotion, but his face was set in a cruel smirk when he broke our kiss.

Then he rolled off of me and lay there, grinning up at the ceiling.

"That's it!?" I hissed.

"I want to talk," he sighed in an almost feminine way.

"You're toying with me."



"Because you're boring, Johnny." As if to emphasize the fact, Shift yawned.

He covered his mouth with a well-formed hand, and I got lost in the flexion of his chest, abs, and arms. My cock was pointing at the ceiling despite how my face heated at his rejection of me.

"You're not ready for me," he decided.

I sat up straight. "What?"

"You're not prepared for what this will require of you." He turned away to glance at his box. "You should take me back to the magic shop now."

I grabbed his shoulder, and yanked my hand away a moment later. Damn, he was hot.

"I'm definitely ready. You don't have the right to make that decision. I'm your master, remember?"

"Tell me about your boyfriend," he said.

"I'd rather not," I responded uncertainly, caught off guard by the change of subject.

"Tough." He settled his cold black eyes on me. "My box, or your boyfriend."

It didn't take too long of staring into those twin voids for me to start talking. My erection subsided the moment I thought of Danny. Strange, because when he was alive, I could never think of my boyfriend without getting one.

"Fine. He was the best thing that ever happened to me," I began.

Shift let out a sound that might have been laughter.

I didn't care. I continued. "I know, because since he died, the world has been darker. I don't mean to say that I want to kill myself, or that life's become a precipice over a neverending void. I don't worship death. When he first passed away, that was all I could thinking about: dying, and being with him."

Images flashed before my eyes. The squeal of metal. Glass shards gnashing through the air like the teeth of some monstrous predator. Trickling crimson streams. Pale green eyes going wide, then lifeless. They weren't my memories, but my mind was a master of artifice when it came to my own torture. I thought of the black man from my dreams. Maybe he was my inner masochist. Did I really need a malevolent subconscious entity when my conscious mind did such a good job of flogging me?

A storm of past mistakes whirled by my eyes. That time when I wouldn't speak up for Ross DiMarco when Billy Joyner said Ross had called him names. They just wanted to get Ross in trouble. The cool kids turned their wrath on anyone who stood up against them. Never admitting my mother that I was the one who broke her father's Eastern Airlines dish, the only tangible memory she had left of him. Never telling Danny, on that last day, that I loved him and I was wrong. I forced my mind through a break in the whirlwind of regrets and continued speaking.

"That passed, though, and a lot of other things became easier. At first, I couldn't even mention his name without bursting into tears. But something has been wrong with me ever since Danny died. I don't know how to describe this without being stupid, and you're probably not even listening."

I pushed myself up against the backboard of the bed and looked over at the demon. To my surprise, Shift was watching me, his supermodel face set in an expression of absolute concentration. He gestured for me to go on. There was a sudden chill inside me despite the heat of recent sex.

"Whenever I was with Danny, even when we argued, the world felt sharper. The first time I got glasses, I remember the same sensation. I thought I could see, but when the optometrist switched to the right lens, there was an entire world of detail I didn't know was there before. Now that he's gone, it's maddening. I know that there's an entire subtext to life that I'm missing because he's gone. The colors are still there, but my eyes can't see them."

I lapsed into silence and closed my eyes. Shift did not breathe, and but for the warmth that radiated off of his body I could have imagined myself alone.

"You loved him that much," said the demon.

"I hate him for leaving me," I snarled, long-collecting tears spilling down my face. "I hate you for making me tell you that."

"You just became interesting."

"I did?"

Shift leaned over and placed a hand on my bare stomach. Despite my experience, I was startled by the overpowering warmth of his skin against mine, and the way my erection leapt back to attention. Shift was straddling me in a heartbeat, settling himself so that my dick was a hair's breadth from his waiting ass. His leg muscles were taut, even though I knew there was no real tension holding him up.

The demon spoke with sudden fervor. "Give yourself to me, my master, and no one again will ever leave you against your wishes. You mortals think you know pleasure, but the secrets of sex and the power that it brings are the province of the undying. I will teach you control, to defend yourself against love and human constructs.

"I will set you apart and make you a man that seraphim in the heavens would envy.

"Just give over to me, fully. Let me become part of you, and let us do this thing. Let us begin your vengeance this very moment, so that you will never hurt again."

My gaze met Shift's. "Why? And how do I know you're not just going to change your mind again?"

"You don't. But for now, you interest me again."

"What did I say that was--"

"I am offering you this opportunity once," the demon hissed, his lips an inch from mine. I felt my cock touch the skin of his ass as he lowered himself closer to me. "Only once, because I think you may have what it takes to use me as I should be used. Do not take this offer lightly."

"Yes," I told him. "Do what you must."

He smirked.

There was a long moment where nothing happened. A droplet of sweat fell into my eye and my vision blurred.

When the world cleared, though, Shift was still faded. The edges of his form melded with the surroundings, becoming indistinguishable from the air around him. He wavered, and the more solid parts of him began evaporating into a smoke that was equal parts violet and black. The vapor smelled of roses and the tang of sex. As I breathed in, it gathered about my face, trickling in to me.

Shift caught in my throat, but I did not cough. Somehow I knew that I must not, that I must take it all in, but that same subconscious sense could not provide me with a tangible consequence for failure. I breathed deep of the mist that had been my demon, until I felt the heat rush into my lungs. Only then, when the entirety of him was gone and within me, did I dare breathe.

Heat rocketed through me, from toes to skull in a fraction of a second. It marched along with agonizing slowness to my heart, which was pounding like a hummingbird's wings. Once the heat had twined into my chest, it echoed along my arteries and veins, settling in my groin.My eyes went blind with the pleasure.

Hot, wet rain spattered down upon me, tasting of salt.

"As you will, my master," said Shift's voice.

He spoke from my mouth. •

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