By Xyggurat

His eyes weren't black, precisely. Blackness is a human concept, limited by that which we see on a daily basis. We call shadows black, but shadows are passive things. They are no true opposite to light's burning majesty, just by-products of its passage. Shift's eyes were hungry pits of darkness that consumed light, so that when he closed his eyes to blink it seemed as if a veil of night were lifted momentarily from my dorm room. Shift's eyes consumed, and were never filled. In my most fantastic moments, I had dreamed of demons as having eyes full of secret mystery, waiting to taunt and catch an unsuspecting mortal in a web of ancient and incomprehensible thoughts. Shift's eyes promised nothing.

His tongue, though, filled my brain with gleaming scarlet secrets. His thoughts were old thoughts. We did not speak, but I felt their arcane susurrus pass through me as his skin neared mine. His lithe-muscled body was a furnace. I should have expected that demons would run hot.

He watched me as I struggled to get my clothing on, face burning at my nakedness. I felt like less of a man than usual beneath the demon's frank appraisal, especially compared to his preternatural beauty. As I threw on a crisp maroon polo shirt, the demon sighed.

"I don't like being naked around you," I told him. When he did not respond, I continued, "I mean, look at you. You look like some sort of porn star. I didn't even know they had porn when Solomon was around."

"It was boring."

"I'm an idiot. I mean, here I have this perfect guy, sitting right in my room, and he's obviously way out of my league even if he happens to be something from the darkest levels of hell. And I can't do anything because I'm embarassed. You know the last time I had a guy over? No, of course you don't. It's been ages, ever since--"

"Wanna fuck?"

"Yes," I rasped.

Moments later, I was lying on my bedspread, and as Shift crawled toward me with a wolf's stealth. He started at the foot of my bed, barely indenting the spread with his weight. He was as light as a dream, but looked so solid. The bulge snaking across his left thigh, barely contained by the silken loincloth he wore, looked especially solid. It was not just larger than any I had ever seen. It was inches beyond any I'd ever imagined.

His eyes held mine as he progressed up the bed. I watched as the muscles in his arms tightened to hold him in place. His stomach clenched with light breaths. I wondered if he needed to breathe, or if it was just for the effect of exciting me with the movements of his abdominals. If it was the latter, Shift's plan was working.

He reached my waist, and his cock brushed against the slender length of my left thigh. Even through my jeans, the organ burned. My dick leapt against the denim, throbbing painfully.

"The beast awakens and stirs within its prison. Shall I release it, my master?"

Shift's eyes trailed down my chest. I could almost feel the heat of the gaze trail between my little pectorals and down the line formed by my pubic hair.

One of his fingers traced the outline of my member in my jeans. Despite it being slightly below average size, it was not hard to find. The jeans were tight and I was harder than I could ever remember being. His fingers caressed the length of fabric-clad cock, bringing me torturously close to the edge of pleasure before letting go. Tears were leaking from my eyes with the agony of denied pleasure, the loss of control.

My demon looked up at me. One of his eyes was concealed by a waterfall of dark, curling hair. The stray locks did nothing to hide the wicked smile on his face as he whispered, with unvarnished truth in his voice, "Mine's bigger."

I shuddered at his pronouncement. His was bigger, and it leapt with excitement as he continued his crawl upwards. Nothing human could move as he did. I wondered, for a moment, if I was in over my head already, if I should just give up, but a thought of Reagan and Brent, with their smug superiority, came unbidden to my mind, setting my thoughts ablaze with fury. Shift let out a throaty laugh, as if he could see the parade of thoughts floating across my eyes.

His hands were deft and subtle as they undid the buttons of my polo shirt. One of his arms snaked around my back and lifted me as he pulled the shirt off over my head. Despite his lithe physique, he had no trouble lifting me. I wondered just how much strength was packed into those muscles. He threw my shirt to the side.

"I like your nipples," he whispered.

"I like yours, too," I responded, feeling stupid. "Can I... touch you?"

He wordlessly pushed himself up off of me, and the muscles of his chest and arms came to rigid attention. At flexion, they bulged to half-again their unflexed size, throwing rivers of veins and striations into relief beneath his tanned skin. Needing no guidance, I raised a hand to his chest and tweaked his nipples. It stung my fingers with its heat, and I recoiled for an instant. Then, unfettering my caution, I rested a hand on his chest. It was sweetly moist, unyielding as steel. I pulled my hand back more slowly and licked my forefinger. His sweat tasted good, like lemon drops.

He lay down on top of me, his arms around my back. I yelped softly. Something hard and inferno-hot was blazing against the denim of my jeans. I gazed down. It was Shift's cock. I swore I could almost see the material start to smolder, but of course that was ridiculous.

"That's too hot," I told him.

He looked down, smirking as if I had just complimented him on its mammoth size, and the sensation of overwhelming heat drew back, if just a bit.

One of his hands crept out from our embrace. It grazed the skin of my undefined abdomen as it moved to the button of my jeans. My cock bounced again in anticipation. Shift's left pec tensed as he undid the jeans button with one small movement. The zipper went next. A human man would have let his own sexual anticipation hurry the process, but Shift drew the zipper down tooth by tooth, until reaching the bottom became a climax of its very own. I was agonizingly close to the edge. My dick felt swollen far beyond its capacity.

He shucked my pants down off of my ass with a minimum of effort, straddling my body with his legs. This put his gargantuan bulge right on top my stomach. It was improbably heavy.

Shift slid down my body, letting my sheathed cock feel every brick of his washboard abs as he pushed himself down between my legs. My cock freed itself from the boxers with a desperate bounce.

"Look," I said, out of breath. "Magic."

Shift sneered. "Clever. Want to see some real magic?"

And then he took me in his mouth.

I thought I would wake the entire dormitory with the scream that tore out of my lungs. Shift reached up with one hand to cover my lips. His hand was gentle but inescapably firm, and my shriek came out as a muffled sound. His mouth, too, was like living flame, but after the initial burning, he proved to be beyond talented. He took my entire shaft in one large gulp.

He wasn't just a great cocksucker. The guy worked me like he had invented the art. It was entirely possible, I realized, that he had. His tongue worked up and down the slim length of my shaft as one of his hands tickled my balls. I could almost feel the semen bubbling up within my nuts like a volcano ready to burst. Then, the tip of his tongue traveled around the ring of sensitive skin around my cockhead, driving me back. I swore I could feel the walls of his mouth massaging every inch of my member, drawing me ever closer to orgasm, but each time, he pushed me back from the edge.

I bucked my hips against his mouth until my abs were aflame, but still he would not let me cum. He watched me, one eyebrow quirked with amusement, and his muscled belly shook with a moment of laughter.

Rage blurred my vision. With a cry of wordless fury, I reached out with one arm and forced Shift's head down on my cock and began fucking his mouth in earnest. My pelvis slammed against his face. If he were human, I would have probably sprained his neck. I was in complete control here. Shift was a perfect male, and I was dominating him. It was a small victory over everyone who had looked down on me.

The volcano erupted. I came. Black static rushed across my field of view. Fire and ice in equal measure roared through my arteries. Shift's hand had fallen away from my mouth, and I shouted something incomprehensible at him as my seed exploded into his boiling hot mouth. Fingers of flame burned into my muscles, and a strange tingling sensation, like nothing I had ever felt before, wriggled through me.

My eyes widened. Shadows crawled around the walls, forming shapes that were vaguely human. The silhouettes were oddly distended, as if cast by a strange candle, and out of the corner of my eyes I could see stranger figures. Tentacles, wings, all bubbling up in two dimensions. If I strained, I could hear their voices, calling to me in a black susurrus. The meanings were incomprehensible, alien, but nonetheless tantalizing to my ears.

The whispered, infernal chanting almost distracted me from the strange sensation passing through me. I felt the covers beneath me shift, heard my skin move against them, almost as if I were being dragged across them--except the sensation tickled my back from every direction at once. Perhaps it was my imagination, but the room looked larger. And Shift, with his mouth still fastened to my cock like a lamprey, was swelling.

I thought it was purely a figment of my mind at first, but as the moments passed, the valley between his pectorals deepened. His arms swelled and bulged, until there was no mistaking the change. They were definitely bigger now, the veins and muscles pressed against his golden skin in sterner relief than before. My orgasm subsided, and he threw his head back, showcasing his the veins in his abs as they thrust up beneath his skin. He laughed, rich and low. His loincloth was stretched around an even larger cock. It looked as if he were getting harder, but that was improbable. He was growing, slowly.

And I was getting smaller. The shadows were fading from the walls. I looked down at my arms, and fear rose in my gullet. My arms looked so much thinner than before, not that they were large in the first place. And my chest--even the little definition that years of lifting had given me was gone. I stared at Shift.

"Y-you said I was your master!" My voice came out reedy and weak, higher-pitched.

He boomed a baritone laugh, shrugging his broadening shoulders. I swore I could still feel my strength being sapped, and he definitely looked larger. His muscles were no longer slender and lithe. They had grown full, with round bellies and thick, corded veins. I did not think it was possible for him to look more gorgeous than he had first appeared. I had been so wrong.

My erection did not subside, but I scrambled away from him, babbling out accusations with growing terror.

"Eloquent," said the demon. "Would you like me to explain, or would you prefer to cry first?"

I glared at him. Grudgingly, I hissed, "Explain."

"That is what you will do to your enemies. I have the power to take from them the stuff that sets them above you in society's eyes, and give it to you, my master."

I eyed him warily. "How? And why did you drain me, my--"

"Hungry," he said, and yawned. "Are there any cattle nearby? Or... microwaveable popcorn. Yes. I would like a sacrifice of cattle, or popcorn."

"You just destroyed my body, wasted months of work in the gym, and now you want popcorn!? Fuck you," I growled.

"As you wish. When?"

"No, stop that! I want my body back," I snarled.

Shift rolled his eyes. "Fine."

With a single, jerking motion, he rose and yanked his loincloth downward. The head of an enormous prick popped up over his swollen abs. It was glistening with precum. I gasped. It was thicker than I could have imagined, almost three full inches across at the widest point, and a good eleven inches long. Maybe a foot. Some guys, especially porn stars, bragged about having a foot-long, but seeing one face to--ah, head--was a completely different story. The anaconda bounced with the beating of the demon's heart.

I stared at the penis for what seemed like hours. It was only after Shift coughed, politely, that I drew my gaze away from it and back up to his cold, dead eyes.

"Ah, uhm. How am I supposed to get my muscles back?"

Our gazes traveled down to his cock again in unison.

The demon grinned. "Guess." •

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