Photoshop BE


By Leminnes

“Steven! Leave me alone!” screamed Jase as his older brother beat him. “I didn’t do anything!”

“No! Not until you tell me why you were on my computer!” yelled his brother back.

“Your computer’s the only one with Internet, and I wanted to talk to my friends!” Jase bawled.

“You have no friends. Don’t think I don’t know that?”

Jase didn’t respond; he knew he’d never win. He just stood there with his arms over his face and took the beating until his older brother was done. This was pretty much a daily event for him. Everyday Steven would find a way to blame him for something and then continue to smash him to a bloody pulp. Today’s accusation was that Jase had deleted some of Steven’s porn when they both knew that their mother had actually found it and deleted it, but he didn’t dare argue with his brother because it never ended well.

Ever since he was born Jase had always played second fiddle to his brother, who, at sixteen, was already the captain of the swim team and quarterback on the football team at his high school. Eleven-year-old Jase was a slacker since birth. He never did any schoolwork or even tried to make friends. Once, he tried to do better in school, but nothing came out of it. When he turned eight, his parents took him to a doctor who diagnosed him with ADD. From then on he gave up on ever accomplishing anything in life.

He was very envious of Steven who knew this and took advantage of it. Whenever their parents weren’t home he would walk around after a workout with nothing on and let his fully mature 9-inch flaccid cock swing back and forth between his thighs. His bleach-blond hair, almost platinum in the florescent light, was short and spiky when not wet and would have a sexy brown tint when it was. His eight-pack abs glistened with sweat, and his pecs dripped perspiration from his round nipples. Because he swam, he was completely hairless from the neck down, but during the off-season, a sexy coating of brown-blond hair would cover his legs and torso. His ever-present brown stubble surrounded his thick lips, and his bright blue eyes shimmered in the light. He was an amazing sight to behold, and Jase wanted to be better than him but knew this was impossible.

Jase, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of his brother. He was just entering puberty, and the only thing that had been changing was his height. He had grown from 5’2” to 5’9” in about a year and nothing else. He had a tiny dick and no hair around it at all. He had mousy brown hair that was already turning gray due to a rare side effect of ADD. Everything else about him was boring: dull blue eyes, flat stomach, no muscle, no nothing. He was below average, and he knew it.

He tried to stand up but was still too weak from the beating so he crawled to his small bed and lifted himself up as best he could. As he lay down, he started reciting the words he said everyday, “I wish there was a way to change myself… I wish there was a way to change myself… I wish there was a way to change myself…” He repeated this over and over again until he fell asleep. He woke up some time later and saw the sun was setting.

He got up and walked over to his desk where he saw something that surprised him: it was a small Palm PDA. He picked it up, examined it and saw it had two programs on it, one called Photoshop BE and another called Image Ready BE. I wonder what these could be? And where this thing came from? he thought. He knew that no one in his family owned a PDA so it couldn’t have come from home. He was too curious to question it though so he decided to click on Image Ready.

A small splash screen came up showing the words “Image Ready BE” with an icon next to it made up of a thin-looking man that slowly got more muscled as the program loaded. The program finished loading, and a window popped up which asked a few questions. He guessed it was just for registration.

Name: Jase Monroe Age: 11 Ethnicity: Caucasian, American

He pressed Enter, and a loading bar came up. Once it got to 100% another window popped up asking him a really strange question: “How many options would you like to modify?” Jase wasn’t sure what it was talking about, but he picked “All” because it seemed the most obvious among the available choices.

When he pressed Enter, a Microsoft Word-like document appeared, and Jase started reading it:

“Born in Daven Port, IA as Jase Keller Monroe on April 2, 1994 to Alex and Mary Monroe. Jase was only a few months old when his parents could tell something was not quite right. He took many more months than his older brother, Steven, to start walking, talking and to potty train. This concerned his parents who put him in a special daycare center when he turned a year old. By then his brother was six and was already excelling in sports so his parents began to neglect Jase.

“When he turned two, things became worse. His parents hired a nurse to take care of him almost 24/7 because they were going to Steven’s soccer and football games. He was not put into preschool until a very late age so he started learning much later than other kids his age.

“At six he entered kindergarten and struggled in his class. He could never remember anything or color within the lines. In first grade he fell back even more when he failed to learn how to write or learn basic math.”

At this point Jase finally realized what this was: it was a biography of his life. There were even tabs at the bottom that said, “Early life, Present, Future.” He wasn’t sure what this thing did, but he decided that he would find out. He saw that he could edit his biography so he decided to change some things. At the beginning he changed his birth date to “October 9, 1987” and changed “could tell something was not quite right” to “could tell something was gifted about this child in sports and intelligence”.

He saw a button with a green checkmark on the top of the screen. He went over it, and it asked, “Save changes and modify existing text?” He said, “Why the heck not?” and clicked it. He watched as the words in the biography change completely and this time read:

“Born in Daven Port, IA as Jase Keller Monroe on October 9, 1987 to Alex and Mary Monroe. Jase was only a few months old when his parents could tell something was gifted about this child in sports and intelligence. At only two weeks old he had already learned how to walk which was astonishing for a kid his age. And at four weeks he learned how to talk with his first word being “ball!”

“As he turned two, things just got better. He was already walking, talking and playing soccer with his dad in the backyard. When he was 2-and-a-half, his mother had another baby named Anthony. It turned out Anthony was not quite as amazing as his older brother, but they became great friends as they got older.

“At four he started playing little league baseball, swim team and football, practicing wrestling with his brother, and even weightlifting with small weights. His parents called him a sports prodigy.

“At five he entered kindergarten and learned quickly. Soon he could write, draw, paint, and do simple math. At six he even skipped first grade into second, which was still easy for him. When he was eight, the doctor said during his semiannual check-up that he was more muscled and smarter than any eight-year-old he had ever seen.”

This seemed pretty uncanny to Jase, if only all of this could come true. He wanted to read the rest of it, but it was late already, and he wanted to go back to bed, so he pressed the exit button on the Palm, and it asked him “Take effect?” Not sure what it meant, he pressed Yes. Then it asked, “Duration?” He again wasn’t sure but entered six hours anyway. It asked another question, “See Photoshop?” Getting tired of this, he answered No. He turned off the PDA and went to go change into his pajamas. He started taking off his shirt when he saw a mosquito flying around his head. He swatted at it and missed. It wasn't long before he felt the inevitable sting, a small pinprick feeling, on his stomach.

He took off his pants and underwear and stood completely naked. Soon, he felt more pinpricks on his stomach. He started to scratch it but suddenly felt agonizing pain. He bent over and leaned his hand on the wall as pain overtook him.

“AhhhhhHHHH!” he screamed as the pain became worse. It seemed to be in his bones and muscles and head. It was everywhere. First thing to change was his height. He felt his bones breaking and melding together again forming longer bones.

His hair started to change color to a dark brown with blond highlights that grew down just over his eyes that were changing to a bright, aquamarine, blue. His facial features started changing as his large nose turned into a small button nose, his eyes dug deeper into his head giving him a mysterious look, his cheeks and jaw became much stronger and square, and his chin formed a small cleft.

The changes moved down to his small dick. It started growing, and growing, and growing until the flaccid penis hung down to his knees. His balls descended from under his penis and started developing to the huge size of soft balls. Suddenly a flow could be felt through his balls to the rest of his body. The testosterone flooded his bloodstream until it was being spread to every part of his body.

Muscle started piling on as his legs grew huge. Tight ten-pack abs formed on his skinny abdomen from right above his penis to right below his developing pecs. His pecs grew to 5-inch slabs of stiff muscle with nice round tan nipples. The growth continued to his arms where his biceps grew to gargantuan, superhuman sizes. His hands became thicker as veins started popping up on top of all his muscles. He felt his neck and traps stretch and thicken, almost blending in with his shoulders.

He was completely hairless, but that started to change as he saw brown hair, soft curly that was perfect in length and texture, form around his humongous dick. It trickled out of his skin up his abs and formed a small happy trail straight up the curves of his abs and gave his bulging ten-pack a soft coating.

He then saw his hair pushing through his skin on his ankle up his calf onto his thigh covering it in thick brown, almost blond, hair that blended into his pubic hair.

He felt the hair spread all over his pecs, up his chin and around his jaw. It thickened on his chin becoming rough and as sexy as possible. The hair then swirled around his forearms and up his biceps into his armpits where he felt an unfamiliar itchiness.

It seemed that his transformation was finally done. He breathed deeply and took his hand off the wall to see if he could stand on his own. He trudged over to his bathroom to see what he looked like. He was amazing, the perfect male specimen. He was at least 6’4” and 390 lbs. of genuine muscle.

“Hey, Jase, I heard grunts from in there. Don’t make me come in and see your tiny cock.”

Oh man, it’s my brother. He can’t see me like this! Jase thought. He wasn’t sure what to do so he opened up his window and jumped out.

When he landed, he abruptly felt clothes on his naked body. He wasn’t sure where they came from, but he decided to examine them. He was wearing a tight wife-beater that showed every one of his muscles and a pair of gym pants that were almost ripping at the seams. His giant feet just had large sandals on, and he was wearing a green trucker hat. He knew that he was prime beef, a muscle god.

He crossed his yard to get to the sidewalk. As he walked, he could feel the bulging muscles flexing then relaxing under his skin. He could feel his abs rubbing against the ribs of his wife-beater and his huge cock against his boxers and pants, which had an obvious huge bulge in them.

Jase lost track of time and realized he'd already reached downtown where he passed a nightclub called Rave. He wasn’t sure what his real age was now, but he knew he looked at least 21 so he walked up to the door where a bouncer was standing.

“Hey,” Jase said.

“Jase! My main man! Here again tonight I see!” greeted the bouncer.

“But I have never…” Jase paused for a second as he suddenly remembered who this was. “Hey, Truck! Wassup? Wanna let me in?”

“No prob.” Truck opened the door to loud music and the smell of sweat. It was intoxicating, and it felt like home to Jase.

He strutted inside and sat at the bar. “Hey Hugh, you fucker!” he called out to the bartender. “Gimme the usual!” The words just came out without him thinking of it.

As he waited for his drink, one of the hottest girls he had ever seen sat on the seat next to his. He turned around and winked at her.

He suddenly asked, “Hey there, hot stuff. What you doin’ tonight? Wanna party with me, babe?”

“Lead the way, stud,” she replied.

So they both got up and went to the backroom of the club which Jase knew was reserved for him. They walked inside and saw a large round bed sat in the middle of the room. Quickly, and without thinking, they tore off their clothes and flew into bed.

Right then, Jase got his first feeling of being a real man as his giant erect cock entered the girl’s pussy, and right then a million memories poured into his head. He remembered being good at every sport by the time he was four and his father being so proud. He remembered his brother being born when he was two and being great friends with him. He remembered starting puberty at eight and his cock going from a larger than normal four inches to an even larger than normal 10 inches in only two years.

He remembered gaining muscle every year even if he didn’t work out and even losing his virginity to a 14-year-old at the age of 11. He was amazed to recall deciding he was bi when he was 13 and doing his first guy at 14. He remembered even being extremely smart and getting straight A’s his whole life. He was now 18 and graduating as class valedictorian and the head of every team possible at his high school.

He suddenly woke back up in a bed, but not the bed he was in earlier. This was an even bigger bed in a huge room. Out of the blue, he lost all his memories of everything of he knew, overwritten by his new life. Jase shook his head to clear the cobwebs. He stood up out of his bed and looked around his room. He could feel his huge cock twitching in the air.

A huge wave of passion overcame him as he fell back into bed and started beating off. After about three minutes, his exploded all over his stomach and chest and face. He calmed down a bit and wiped the cum off as best he could, but it was caught up in his hair on his chest and abs.

He went to bathroom and turned on the shower. He stepped in and let the hot water pour over his tan skin, and it flowed off his cock. His long brown hair fell into his eyes so he pushed it back giving himself a look at his huge bicep with veins crisscrossing over the muscles and hair darker from the water.

He was extremely proud of his body and himself. He took his thick hands and rubbed them up and down his abs making a satisfying slapping noise. It was amazing as he looked over his massive pecs. His deep sexy voice echoed as he said his motto:

“I am a man.” Reply With Quote •

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