Finding Mark

A Long Bus Ride


By Nightwolf285

The squeaking metal doors slowly shut behind Mark, leaving him staring at the withered old bus driver, Gary. A thick poof of curly white hair sat behind the oversized wheel. Where eyes should have been, coke bottles were instead, making his gray irises three times as large as they should be. Mark always wondered what kept them from crashing every day. Then again, he wouldn’t have minded. At least that means something interesting would have happened in his previously rather dull life.

Rounding a metal divider, Mark stood as close as he could behind Josh. He peered around Josh’s bags at the guys already sitting down. All of them were wearing the same uniform: an embroidered red polo and khakis. Though the bus had space to spare, it sounded like every seat was filled. They were so loud from chattering away, Mark thought even Gary might have heard them today.

Mark had also established that Gary was nearly deaf. When he tried to hold a minute long conversation with him once, he didn’t even flinch. Then again, if there had been a conspiracy going on, it wouldn’t surprise him that even Gary was part of it.

Despite the commotion, almost all of them seemed to notice that Josh had gotten on the bus. As they slid across the long, slender walkway, Josh got head nods from almost every person they passed. Mark, on the other hand, went unnoticed.

As they walked, Mark kept his head down for the most part. He only glanced around at the different guys sitting there. Unlike Josh, none of them even acknowledged Mark’s existence. It was like he was a ghost that had just randomly decided to follow Josh. Mark was used to this though. Ever since Josh had moved here, he had always been noticed. Being a great soccer player helped, but Mark knew that his appearance was good enough to get people’s attention. His bronzed skin, that cute smile and those piercing eyes were a little hard to miss. Thus, they all wanted to be his friend, but for some reason, he picked Mark. Mark would occasionally ask him why he stuck around, and Josh would say things like, “People are screwed up,” and“No one knows who they really are anymore,”and “They never take the time to notice what’s truly good in this world.”

Mark thought it was sweet for him to say so, but he suspected that it was also a little thing he called “the nerd factor.” As they drew closer to the last row, where they always sat, Mark recalled a conversation they had last week to justify himself.


They were up in Mark’s room just hanging out like they always did. Even though Josh was usually kept busy practicing for soccer, even in the off season, he would always find time to spend with Mark outside of school. Right now, they were having one of their favorite kinds of debates.

“You have to be kidding!” Josh exclaimed, “Anakin’s decent to the dark side was completely justified in the new trilogy.”

Mark rolled over, setting his glasses down on the night stand. Rolling back over, Mark’s elbows were hanging right off the edge over Josh. Maybe they were meant to remind Josh who was on top, especially now. “That is totally not true. When he attacks Mace Windu, he makes like the quickest switch I’ve ever seen in my life. Heck, it would be like someone in school actually noticing me. It would be sudden and without cause.”

Josh stopped fiddling with his necklace, and looked straight up into Mark’s eyes with sincerity, softening his defined but adorable features. “Don’t worry about them man. People are screwed up anyway,” he said, “I know its tough, but they will get theirs someday. It’ll all balance out somehow.”

Moving his stare to Josh’s dimpled chin and squared off jaw, Mark sighed as he always does. Readjusting himself on his neatly made blue sheets, Mark said softly, “It’d be nice if it balanced out sooner than later. I just don’t know how much more I can take of being utterly ignored. I’m not even important enough to be made fun of. That’s got to be some kind of record.”

Still looking straight up with his swirling aqua blues and greens, he furrowed his thin eyebrows some, looking more serious. “Things will change. Just because they don’t give a great guy like you a chance doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t,” Josh said sincerely, “Don’t worry. Things will change.”

Mark only got up to ‘great guy’ and began to blush. Josh seemed to notice, making Mark blush even more. The silence said it all. Josh always knew the right things to say. Not only the ones that made him feel better, but that could almost take his breath away. Trying to keep the butterflies from fluttering too much, Mark beamed at him, whispering, “You are so— sweet.”

“Always,” Josh whispered back.

Mark’s long shaggy hair hung down from his head. The shimmers of brown on Josh’s bronzed skin defined every smooth line Josh had. It especially brought out his high cheek bones, making him look even more beautiful in Mark’s eyes. Oh, how badly Mark wanted to say that, but he couldn’t. He just let the thought run to the back of his head and he locked it away with so many other comments just like it.

Out of the blue, Josh’s face turned to one of concern. “You alright?”

Mark stared at him, wondering what he meant. Shaking his head, he opened his real eyes. Mark found himself sitting next to a window at the back of the bus, staring at Josh’s slightly concerned face. “Oh,” Mark slowly recovered, “Yeah, sorry I’m fi-fine.”

The bus was rattling rather loudly. With that and the other guys on the bus, it made hearing Josh almost impossible. Letting his expression go back to normal, Josh said, nearly yelling, “For a second there, I thought you had gone catatonic. Where you lost in a daydream or something?”

Grinning his embarrassment at Josh, he only nodded. Finally, he added, “Yeah, something like that,” speaking a little softer than Josh had.

Mark looked out the window and saw they were already out of their little corner of the world. As he continued to reorient himself, he felt his stomach growl at him. It was loud enough for him to even hear. That little sprint might have caught up with him faster than he thought, making him hungry again.

Josh’s eyes went straight down to his friend’s stomach. “Wow man. Did you even eat this morning?”

“Yeah,” Mark sighed, “I guess it wasn’t enough though.”

“I guess not,” Josh laughed.

Reaching between his legs Josh pulled out his gym bag from underneath them. Opening it up, he pulled out two granola bars and gave them to Mark. “I’ve got plenty more, and it sounds like you need them a hell of a lot more than I do.”

Mark clutched the bars, ripping their covering off in two swipes. In another four bites, both bars were gone. Josh stared in amazement at what he just saw. Not a single crumb had been dropped. “I eat fast, but not that fast. Did you even chew, or was it like a bird and you just swallowed it whole?” Josh gawked.

Nervous as to what other kinds of questions Josh might come up with, he decided that now was the time to spill the beans. “Actually, that was nothing. This morning, I ate about half a box of cereal and two pop tarts in like under two minutes.”

“And you didn’t barf?” Josh asked somewhat amazed.

“Nope,” Mark continued, “Actually, I was still hungry, but I was running late as it was.”

Letting out a small chuckle, Josh asked, “So is this what you wanted to tell me? That you can eat scores of kitchens in a single bound?”

Josh’s reaction calmed Mark down some, making him less nervous for what he was about to say. “No,” he began, breathing more heavily, “Actually, you know how you thought I got taller since you last saw me.”

Josh nodded. “Yeah, but I was just kidding though.”

“No, you were right,” Mark blurted out, “I actually got taller.”

The roar of the bus and its patrons were still making it hard for either of them to hear each other, but Josh completely understood what he just heard. “Like a growth spurt over night?” he asked.

Josh was smiling now. Mark noticed that Josh seemed excited by what he was hearing. Though he thought that was a little odd, he wasn’t going to question it. Feeling more confident, Mark continued, “Actually no, I did it, myself.”

There was momentary silence between them. “Noooo…” Josh drug out, “You mean—“

Mark figured that this was the time for an experiment, to show Josh what he meant. “I’ll prove it to you. What would you like me to do? Get more muscles, get taller, what?”

Josh was a little bereft at the request and didn’t know how quite to respond. “You mean, you can control this growing of yours,” Josh realized, “at will?”

That made Mark actually grin. He didn’t know why, but Josh’s amazement in him was invigorating. “Yeah,” Mark beamed, “So, what would you like me to do?”

“Well, um, ho-how about your muscles. Put on a little size,” Josh stuttered.

Mark nodded with the biggest grin on his face. Not sure exactly what was about to happen, Mark took his glasses out of his pocket, and he put them in his gym bag. Sitting up again, he closed his little emeralds and thought the words to himself like he had before. Alright. I need to grow some muscle. Make me big and take this baby fat back off.

At first, Josh didn’t see anything, but then Mark could see his eyes widen as the tingling sensation swept over him. He knew his body was getting bigger. Josh could clearly see Mark’s arm swelling up. Resting right next to his own, Mark’s bicep was pushing up on the skin, inflating his whole arm. His triceps did the same thing and soon, a horseshoe formed on the back of his arm. The skin tucked around it as the muscle continued to shape itself larger and larger. Every strand rippling as the fat fell away, making his arms far more defined. As his arms continued to grow, his short sleeves were filling up. The muscles kept inflating bigger, and the sleeve was being force to ride up his thickening arm.

Josh followed a long vein that had formed on Mark’s bicep down to his forearm. At the base of his swelling bicep, a long ball of muscle started to lift up, pushing his forearm further up his own arm. A river of snakes appeared, engorging the rest in blood, making the rest of his arm grow with strength and size. His whole arm bulged and inflated. Josh could even see the base of his shoulder swelling up under the shirt. A large ball was inflating under the cloth, swelling up with thick mass. He wasn’t sure how much those sleeves were going to be able to take.

Following Mark’s rising boulders up, he could see his neck also swell. Two large veins had appeared and were bulging off his skin. The polo was starting to ride up his neck, even as it thickened because of his two large traps swelling up. Their increasing size forced the polo to stretch around the thickening chords as well as lift higher up off his torso. He hoped as Mark’s neck got bigger, that it wouldn’t snap his new necklace.

As his shoulders expanded, Josh had to scoot over in his seat, or Mark’s widening shoulder would have hit him. This moved his eyes along to Mark’s tightening chest. Even with the polo, Josh could see Mark’s pecs inflating. Every second more and his chest would swell even bigger. Two thick slabs were quickly dividing under his shirt, pushing it out away from the center toward his meaty, but ripped arms. The lion on the pocket of the polo almost disappeared from sight as it was pushed along the side of one of Mark’s inflating pecs.

Mark’s pecs were pushing out so hard that Josh could clearly make out two rock hard nipples. Pointing straight out, they weren’t relenting. The polo seemed to strain around them as they tried to force their way through a few threads of fabric.

His upper body had gotten so big and looked strained under his two sizes too small clothes. Not believing his eyes, he also caught sight of the transformation below. Mark’s legs were also keeping up at amazing speed. His pants were stretching to hold in his inflating thighs. Through the thin fabric, Josh could see large tear drops being formed near the knees. More cords rippled to life, filling up with their own mass as every strand continued to swell. Marks legs rippled with strength, barely being contained in the thin khakis he was wearing.

All Josh could do was stare wide eyed and with his mouth hanging open as Mark’s gorgeous growth came to a halt. Mark had gotten so wide, that his shoulder was rubbing up against the window and he filled over half the seat. Josh had to sit on the edge just to keep from either being crushed or falling off.

Mark looked over to his friends overwhelmed expression. Unsure of what it meant, he sheepishly said, “Surprise?” shrugging his large shoulders up to his thick neck and back down.

Josh was speechless. Though Mark was no where near the size he had been only hours ago, Josh’s thin frame was dwarfed by Mark’s hulking appearance. Josh quickly looked around the bus, as if to see if anyone had noticed the major growth that had just happened here. No one seemed to. Fortunately, those other guys were too wrapped up in their own lives to worry about the amazing thing that had just happened.

“Josh?” Mark asked concerned, “Are you ok?”

He would have moved his arm, but it was too big. His rippling bicep would have knocked Josh off his seat if he had tried to move it, not to mention he could feel how tight the sleeve was already. All the while, Mark was getting more and more paranoid about the choice he had just made.

Josh looked back at Mark to see that his expression had also changed. It seemed to be one of growing pain and of extreme pleasure. “A-a-are you ok?” Josh asked concerned.

It didn’t take long for Josh to figure out what was happening. He looked down and saw that not only Mark’s leg was filling his pants, but another large bulge had appeared and it was only getting bigger.

“I don’t—” Mark breathed out, “understand. I shouldn’t be getting off. I didn’t watch like last time. I didn’t—”

Josh would have asked, but it was obvious Mark was about to be in no condition to answer questions. As his member continued to swell, pushing its way along his leg, Mark got scared that it would rip right through his pants. It was growing, and inflating for no reason at all, and it was only getting worse. Not wanting his pants to split, he couldn’t think of another alternative. He moved his hands to his pants and unzipped his fly. The pants enjoyed the relief of having a little more room to move around. Now a pair of black boxers was exposed. With everything he had in him, Mark reached in with his fingers and moved his tightly wedged cock around to come out the newly formed hole. Josh could only watch in amazement at the sight before him, hoping that no one saw.

Mark’s rock hard dick shot out and was pointing straight at the seat in front of him. The sensation was getting more intense; his dick shook with excitement. Both of them knew what was about to happen. Mark’s blood filled head expanded as veins ran toward it, filling his cock with even more blood. He had to bite down on his lip to keep from moaning too loud. Josh even tried to restrain him, putting his hand around Mark’s tightly knotted biceps. They were hard as stone and bouncing with every flinch Mark made. Josh even saw that his pecs were hardening and bouncing with them.

Mark was about to do it. He couldn’t control it. He was lost in the intensity. The sensation was too great. A feeling welled up in his tightly gripped orbs. It was pushed firmly along his shaft and straight out its mouth. Mark bit down hard as he began to cum, throwing himself against the back of his seat and the window. He reared up his head in ecstasy as following streams of his own thick juice shot at the bench in front of him. It throbbed up and down as it continued to fire his load. The feeling was extraordinary and Mark could only sit there, letting nature take its course. Even Josh’s head turned down to see the sight of Mark’s dick spraying all over the seat.

His hips were jerking back and forth with each shot, and eventually slowed as his ejaculation came to an end. Though his member was still rock solid, it was done immersing the fake brown leather in front of it in its cum

Josh slowly let go of the behemoth, to see that both of them were sweating. Mark looked over at his friend with a satisfied smile on his face. Seeing Josh actually sitting there brought him head first back into reality.

Mark was horrified. Realizing what he had just done, what Josh had just seen, his face turned a bright cherry red. He saw his throbbing member still hanging there, bigger than it should be. Mark dropped his mouth in horror. Not only had Josh just seen his penis for the first time; not only had Josh just witnessed him getting off for the first time, but the back of the bus bench was covered in cum. Thick rolls of it were slowly heading for the floor.

Though the bus was as loud as it had ever been, there was nothing but silence between Mark and Josh. Mark wanted to escape, but there was nowhere to run. Besides, he was huge and it would be a little hard to hide in the bus. Despite the huge muscles and big endowment, Mark felt no bigger than a kid. However, Mark was so mortified and embarrassed that he didn’t even notice Josh having to readjust himself. •

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