Finding Mark

When Size Becomes You


By Nightwolf285

Mark could only stare straight down. Why would he want to take his eyes off of it? Peering through the huge crevasse between his pecs, he gazed at himself in awe. His hulking form stood lifeless as he stared in awe at his body. His member was still throbbing, but now just out of reach of the cum covered mirror. Every once in a while, it would jerk, causing his abs to crunch, sending a wave up each rippling brick. It was a surprise he could see his abs at all, considering how far his pecs hung away from his body. They were still staring down at the floor with Mark, also looking upon the erotic sight of his engorged teenage body.

As he stared, his eyes had become increasingly irritated. Maybe he had been wide-eyed for too long or maybe it was the fact that he just grew a whole two feet taller, but his eyes felt like they were on fire. Mark slowly brought his left hand up and rubbed them down with his long fingers, trying in vain to make the pain go away. �This is why I hate contacts.�

Mark wasn�t blind without them by any means; however, he liked to be able to see just as much as the next person. He wouldn�t have been wearing them at all, but a few days ago, he had misplaced his favorite pair of thin black frame glasses. Not wanting to wear his �old people� glasses, as he called them, he decided to use the contacts. He�s been wearing them ever since.

�Where are those eye drops?� Mark asked the counter, sounding more irritated.

Looking around both sinks, he finally spotted the white bottle sitting all the way down there next to one of the silver faucets. Of course, Mark instinctually grabbed for it, but ended up wiping out not only the bottle, but his toothbrush holder, a cup, and a hairbrush that was lying out near the eye drops. �Damn these large hands of mine,� he joked sarcastically.

With more focus and a little less speed, Mark clutched the tiny bottle. Though it would normally be as big as his hand, it was barely the size of his palm. �It�s official,� he began, �I am living in a doll house.�

His own reeking sarcasm brought a small smile to his face. As humorously irritating as all of this was, the real fact was that he was almost too big to mingle with ordinary household objects. �Can�t wait to get in there,� Mark said, glaring at the normally spacious tub, sitting at the end of the bathroom.

Mark was catching onto what being this large meant and realized his next problem. He would have to tilt his head up to put eye drops in, but the ceiling was already possessively rubbing his head. He let out a small groan as he thought of the answer. Looking behind him, he noticed that there was a little space between him and the next wall. Perhaps it was enough for him to bend down and put this stuff in his eyes before they burned off.

Taking a step back, he was only a few feet away from the wall behind him and the counter in front of him. Bending straight down at the knee, he lowered his head away from the ceiling. He was able to bring his eyes level with the little lights above the mirror before his butt hit the wall. Mark had gotten as low as he could without destroying the room. He held his massive body suspended in the air with his rippling quads. Each chord was hard as steel, erecting mountains of budging muscle from his legs.

Using the tips of his fingers, he carefully unscrewed the cap. He watched his moves carefully to make sure he didn�t accidentally crush the bottle. His hands had thick veins coursing down them, surrounding thick balls of muscle next to his thumbs. They were just as strong as anything else and could crush things just as easily as a misplaced foot or lunging arm.

Dropping the pointy top down onto the vanity, he held the bottle up in the air above his dried out emeralds. His elbow rubbed up against the smooth eggshell ceiling. From holding his thick arm in the air, his bicep formed into a small basketball that reached off his arm. The thick vein on top stared back at Mark as it was squeezed further off his shredded muscle. Mark finally squeezed the bottle as gently as he could but could still feel the cool liquid flood from the bottle onto his barren, dried contacts.

A sweeping sense of relief swept over him as he flooded both of his eyes. It only took a few more seconds to finish them off; unfortunately, it also finished off the bottle. Though he was being as gentle as he could, all of the contents had been forced out of the bottle by his gigantic hand. Streams of cool liquid flooded down his face and dribbled off the rolling hills of muscles below, hitting the floor. The sensation made every little hair on his chest stand straight up and tingle intensely.

Blinking his eyes rapidly, he pulled his head back down and dropped the empty bottle in the sink. It looked like tears were still falling from his eyes and dripping off his rounded jaw. Though he was sixteen, and now a eight foot version of his former self, his face was much like a child�s in that it was not all that defined. It was smooth and rounded, with thin eyes peaking around his nose.

Straightening back out, he bumped his head on the ceiling, having almost forgotten just how tall he still was. Finally opening his now relieved eyes, he looked around with a condescending look on his face. �Oh, is everything still tiny?� he remarked.

With his cum still flooding down the bathroom mirror though, it brought the teenage overlord back to reality and reminded him of the task at hand. He not only had this mess to clean up, but also had the other one in his room to clean up too. Turning around, he reached for the double door closet. The knobs were level with a bulging chord of muscle in his leg. He fumbled with one of the knobs for a moment, trying to figure out how to get his incredibly long fingers and huge palm around it. Finally, he was able to open the door. �Thank God,� Mark sighed in relief, �I thought I was going to break the door.�

He took a step back and felt his huge hams hit the vanity. The sudden stop also made his head bump the ceiling again. Mark let out a small squeak. He would have rubbed his head, but it was still being coddled by the hard, cold ceiling.

Still standing right up next to the sink, Mark�s cheeks hung over the vanity by several inches. Though it was relaxed, his large bubble butt still was hard as a rock. Even the mirror had to admit how brilliant Mark had become. Following the thick valley along his spine, going straight up his back, it too thought he had grown into the sexiest teenage hunk the world had ever seen.

Mark finally got a few rolls of toilet paper out and was beginning to wipe up his mess. It took almost a whole roll, but he got every drop. After throwing away the used roll into the tall waste basket next to the toilet, he was faced with his new problem: how to get out of here. �Oh, I didn�t think about that.�

His head hung far above the door frame and his body was far too wide to fit through the opening. Unlike the space he was standing it, the door was much thinner. Mark tried to bend down and get his huge body through the frame anyway. The shelves of bulging muscles protruded from his chest like two thick balloons. With his thick shoulders and widened back together, they cleared the doorway by no more than an inch on either side.. As he bent his knees down to fit his head through, his butt shot out and began rubbing hard against the door frame. Mark�s granite cheeks grinded against the molding, unrelenting with its size and shape.

While stuck in the door way, Mark had to admit that the sight must have been pretty funny. With all of his enormous muscles and his rippling mounds of strength, he was still being beaten by a few slates of molding. He looked much like a baby who was trying the wrong way to get out of the womb. However, unlike the baby, Mark couldn�t figure out how to get out.

Mark had to pull back. �This sucks!�

As great as Mark thought that was, being so big that he couldn�t even fit through a doorway properly, he knew this presented a major problem. �I don�t want to bring the house down trying to get out,� he realized.

�But why should I have to be small just to suit the house? Maybe it�s the one that is too small,� Mark retorted sarcastically.

Looking down at his tiny surroundings once again, feeling his head bumping the ceiling as it had before, he tried to think of a solution with no avail. �Then again,� he thought, �I can�t go to school looking like this either. I think people would get pretty suspicious if some random hulk showed up to school today.�

Mark knew that he had a point. He wouldn�t be able explain this, and he can�t even fit into any of his clothes. He knew that for every question he had, they would have two. Besides, Mark had some questions of his own that he wanted answered. How did this happen and why? What triggers it and most importantly, what is the full extent of what he can do?

Thinking back on the past few times this has happened; he reasoned that all he had to do was think it and it would happen. Like here in the bathroom, he only imagined getting this tall. �But will it work in reverse?� Mark asked himself nervously.

Looking at his huge body, he wished it goodbye for now. He tried to visualize what he had looked like before. However, he couldn�t get a clear picture in his mind. Thus, nothing happened. �Ok,� Mark thought, �When I was in my room, I only had to say it and it happened.� This time though, rather than saying it, he thought the words to himself to see if that would work. First, return me normal.

A familiar sensation swept back over his heavily muscled body and in a matter of seconds, all that size and strength fell away. Air was rushing past his face as it flew closer and closer to the floor. He quickly descended past the top of the mirror, and watched in sadness as his body withered back to the way it was. It was painful to watch, but he knew he wouldn�t be like this for long. Mark could feel his legs shrinking, shortening back to their original length. His torso became drained of its muscle and size, thinning back to the way it had been before. Even his arms shrank back to the little things they had been.

Everything that he had wished for had completely disappeared, leaving an average, but short sixteen year old staring at his smooth, naked reflection in the mirror. Even a thin layer of baby fat had returned, covering what little muscle he did have. But Mark had a plan. Now, make me three inches taller and give me a little more muscle.

Though he at first thought it odd to give himself third person commands, it seemed to work fine. Maybe later, he would practice doing it the other way. Until then, he was ok with this.

Sweeping tingles briefly covered his body. In the mirror that had seen so much this morning, it watched as Mark crept up a few inches closer to the ceiling. All of his body lengthened and widened out a little bit.

His muscles also responded, each of them balling up some. His chest poked back out, showing signs of muscle under the skin. A faint four pack reappeared on his stomach, and his legs thickened up some, showing a few of the chords of strength that he had lost only moments before. However, all of these muscles were not very defined, seeing as how there was still a layer of fat above them. This gave Mark a slightly stocky look that he didn�t mind.

The growth came to a halt and Mark was content for now. He didn�t look that much different, which saddened him. Although, he did pull his legs up and down, glad to have their original freedom returned to them. However, just because he gained some mobility back didn�t make him feel that much better. Trying to make himself feel a little happier, he pulled his arm up and flexed it. A ball of muscle did come to life, balling up toward his thinned shoulder. It was nothing like it had been before, but there was defiantly something to show on his arm.

�It will do,� he sighed, �for now.�

Bringing his arm back down, Mark felt a new sensation in his stomach. He gripped it, feeling it begin to twist. �I didn�t do this,� Mark wondered, soundly a little worried, �Did I?�

His stomach started grumbling at him. It was loud. �I�m hungry?�

Feeling his stomach painfully twist again and gurgle some more, he reaffirmed, �I�m hungry.�

Mark wanted to throw on some clothes, but didn�t have the time. This sudden wave of hunger was intense. It was causing his abs to spasm, making him try to double over on himself. Mark just wanted to get this new feeling appeased, so, he quickly rushed out of the bathroom. Rounding immediately to the left, there was a cherry wood banister heading to the first floor.

Mark hurriedly got downstairs. Rounding the right of the staircase, he quickly walked through the lavish living room with large panned windows and made it into the kitchen. He would have flipped on the light, but there was plenty flooding in from another group of windows on the far right wall. Besides, he felt his stomach yelling at him again. �I�m hurrying,� Mark snapped at his stomach, �Just� give me a second.�

Rushing to the pantry on the other side of the kitchen, Mark opened it up and looked inside. There was a wide array of food, but he reached for what he wanted: his favorite cereal and a box of cherry pop tarts.

Holding the boxes firmly in his hands, he turned to the island in the center of the kitchen and set them both down. Mark whipped around. He swung open one of the many cabinets above the counter and grabbed the biggest bowl he could find. Rather than a cereal bowl, he had grabbed a large, silver mixing bowl.

Opening up the box of Fruit Loops, he dumped its rainbow colored contents. It only filled up a little over half way before the box was empty, but Mark hoped that was enough. Rounding around the glossy, black marble counter, Mark went to the refrigerator and opened it. A breath of cold air rushed onto him, sending a shiver all over his body. Quickly grabbing a half full carton of milk, he went back to the bowl of cereal and left the refrigerator door wide open.

Mark spun the little blue lid off and poured it on the cereal, filling the bowl to the top. He put the carton down, opened a drawer just below him and pulled out one of the many tablespoons sitting in a tray.

At first, Mark tried using the oversized spoon to stuff his face, but he wasn�t eating fast enough. His stomach was still yelling at him for more. This made him drop the spoon and just drink the cereal. For the next minute, he emptied the large bowl�s contents into his mouth, shockingly not spilling a drop on the counter or his bare body. As he drank the bowl, he could feel his stomach tightening as it filled up with cereal. It began to pug out slightly, drawing his abs taught around his waist.

Mark finally finished the bowl and set it back on the counter. Taking a few deep breaths and gripping his bulging stomach, he realized he still felt hungry. Opening the new box of pop tarts, Mark grabbed one of the silver packages out. He furiously stripped the two pop tarts of their aluminum covering. Not wanting to wait for the toaster to heat them up, he inhaled not one, but both of the cold cherry delights. It took less than a minute for him to finish them both off. Though his stomach was very tight and felt overfilled, he felt strangely satisfied. In moments, he felt his stomach loosening back up and returning to normal.

He opened his eyes and stared at the barren remains of what he had just devoured. Mark knew he wasn�t fully by any means. However, it was appeased for now.

As Mark cleaned up what he had left on the counter, it didn�t take him long to realize that there was another reaction to his new gift: hunger. �It must be where all the energy comes from,� Mark said knowingly. �It had to come from somewhere I guess.�

He was more right than he knew. As he finished putting everything away and closed the refrigerator door back, he noticed that he had totally missed a note that was stuck on it. Removing a round brass magnet, he grabbed the slip of paper:

�Mark, sorry we had to leave early again. Your father and I had to get an early start on this case we are working on. Have a good day at school. Don�t wait up for us; we will be home late. And happy birthday. �Mom�

Crumpling the note in his hand he could only say one thing, �Typical.�

Opening up the trash compactor under the sink, he threw the note into it and didn�t give it any more thought. �It�s probably better anyway,� Mark commented coldly, �Two less people I will have to explain all of this to. And maybe when this is over, perhaps they will even notice me from time to time.�

Looking up at the embedded, pristine microwave that hung above the sink, Mark saw little green numbers showing him the time. It was 6:35. �Oh shit,� Mark yelped.

Barely staying on his own feet, Mark darted for the staircase. And why was he so concerned? �I�m covered in sweat. I have cum all over me. I�m naked�� Mark listed off franticly to himself, �and I have ten minutes to get out that door!� Rounding the top of the stairs, and with oozing sarcasm, he screamed, �Perfect!�

I hope all of you liked the third installment. A fourth will be shortly following here in a couple of days. I look foward to reading your comments. •

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