Finding Mark

Shoots & Mirrors


By Nightwolf285

For the next several minutes, Mark continued to stare as his massive reflection in the long, skinny mirror. He had to move side to side just to see it all. The bulging biceps, his thick pecs, and his rippling washboard abs stared back at him, also enjoying their new size. In their own way, they were just begging for more.

All the while, his cum was still sliding down the mirror, obscuring his legs in the reflection. “Guess I should clean that up,” Mark chuckled matter-of-factly.

Looking down at his hand, he also gazed upon his thick forearm, seeing the veins still snaking around it. Mark commanded his hand up to the door, following it with his eyes. Gripping its edge, he pushed the door in some. Mark had to, or he would not have been able to fit in his rooms little entry way.

As he lifted his foot, he noticed something odd. His first steps were like a baby’s first effort in walking. His limbs moved differently with their added size. Rather than driving a car, it was more like trying to drive a semi. “Whoa,” Mark exclaimed, feeling the new thickness and size of his own body, “This feels so weird… but so cool.”

However, Mark, unlike a baby didn’t fall. He wasn’t used to having all this mass on his body. Being short and skinny all of his life, he could never have been prepared for being a sixteen year old hulk, not to mention a hunk.

He gripped the knob of his bedroom door and swung it open. Mark, not being aware of his new strength, was surprised to see the door fly open with a bang as it hit the hallway wall. He brushed it off as another thing he would just have to get used to.

Then there was the doorway. Mark’s shoulders had gotten too wide to fit head on, so he turned his body some in order to escape. “I’m wider than doorways?” he thought in awe, grinning to himself, “This just keeps getting better and better.”

Heading down the hallway was a different story. With each step, he could feel his calves flexing and his thighs rubbing up against each other. They had gotten really big. In fact, that was not the only thing his legs were rubbing up against. His thighs were also grinding against his package, and he had to figure a way to keep from crushing them. Having little experience with such things, he decided to just change how he walked. He straddled his legs like a person would on a horse. However, in this case, it was his own stallion that he was riding.

To the casual observer, he would appear to be walking almost normally, but Mark felt like he was doing the splits. Normally, people don’t have a problem with this. Then again, normally people don’t grow into giants over night.

As he passed over the living room balcony, light shown in from the first floor windows. The clear blue skies soaked his smooth skin, finding every ridge in his hardened body. The light made his skin glimmer, reflecting off his cold beads of sweat. Even the cum that had gotten on him earlier shimmered as it rolled into his tightly strung naval. Walking through the shadow and the light, Mark looked liked a true bodybuilder. He strutted all of his rippling size without having to even try. Even the muscles that just had to hang there coursed with strength in their relaxed state.

Finally reaching the end of the hall; he had arrived at the bathroom door. Opening the door more carefully this time, he revealed a long, oversized space, full of all the amenities. However, it felt strangely small and cramped as he twisted his large figure into the room. Flipping on the light switch, little balls of light flickered to life above a large vanity mirror that stretched along one side of the room.

Mark caught sight of his body once again and could only smile. Muscles were still bulging all over him like large boulders. His nipples were just as hard, pointing almost straight down at the floor. He grabbed one and rubbed on it, pulling and twisting it. Mark watched as it caused his chest to spasm, making his pecs ripple and bulge outwards.

A sudden pain in his dick made him look down. Although he was standing half a foot away from the sink, his cock had gotten hard again, and hit the vanity on its way up. The sight of his throbbing member was so hot. It had sprung to life again like nothing had happened.

In a flight of fancy, he imagined himself expanding higher and higher until he hit the ceiling of the room. “How cool would that be?” Mark said gleefully.

His eyes widened. His breath slowed, and his mouth dropped as he realized what was about to happen. The overwhelming sensation he had felt twice before had returned. “But I didn’t say anything,” he laughed. It didn’t matter though; the tingles were already embedding themselves all over him.

Mark’s body was beginning to inflate once again, inching taller and higher in the air. Though his muscles weren’t growing bigger on his frame, they were getting larger as the rest of him was getting taller. In the mirror, he watched as his body slid up higher and higher by the second. He saw that his dick had not only completely hardened but was also growing proportionally to his new height. His penis stretched over one of the marble sinks, its blood filled mushroom head being pushed further from his body and closer to the mirror.

He only watched in delight as his torso filled the extremely large space. The cum in his naval seemed to disappear as it was engulfed by his growth. His head, once many inches from the top of the mirror was about to grow right past it. Mark only giggled in ecstasy as his huge teenage muscle body inflated like someone had hit the zoom button on him.

His feet slid across the white tile, also growing with his height. As body inched higher, they were inched further apart. Mark’s body just kept expanding, trying to fill the space as he had imagined. In doing so, his quads had begun to rub up against the vanity. The pulsing chords of his thick muscles were grinding against the polished marble. At this rate, Mark’s thickening teenage legs would crush the older thin marble in no time if he didn’t stop growing soon.

Mark’s whole body was filling more and more of the space. To him, it felt like the space was getting smaller and smaller. Briefly looking up, he noticed that the ceiling was only a few inches away. Eight feet was almost his. All he had to do was stand there and feel his body be engulfed in the erotic sensation sweeping over him.

A sharp feeling from his cock brought his attention back down to the vanity. He had expanded so much that his dick was now rubbing up against the mirror. It had been doing that a lot lately. The pressure hurt a little bit, but the sight of his huge mushroom head rubbing up and down against the mirror as it pushed against it was almost too much for this teen to take. It began to spasm with pleasure, hardening even more.

Before crushing his thick rod into the mirror even further, Mark’s head brushed the ceiling and his growth stopped. His bed head hair was being firmly pushed back down on his giant head. He immediately had to take a step back. His large legs and long feet were being crushed against the cabinets and vanity far below his head. If he had only taken another few steps back, he would have hit the other wall too.

“Oh—wow,” Mark bubbled in amazement.

The room looked so small now. The vanity only came up to his mid thigh, and everything in the room seemed so tiny. “This is amazing,” he finished quickly.

He was right. His body was exactly the same as it was. Now, it just “was” at eight feet tall. His girth and muscles filled the space due to his growth, but relatively to him were exactly the same.

Lowering his head, he looked into the vanity mirror and waved at himself. “Hey,” he bellowed, “You have got to be the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

His throbbing member just couldn’t take the teasing anymore. It made his enormous hips thrust back and forth, getting ready to shoot its load. Feeling the swelling ecstasy in his package, Mark quickly straightened back out. He never thought his penis could get this hard. It was so hard; it felt like it was trying to pop right off of his body. Instead, he began to cum. Mark screamed in ecstasy. He hadn’t even touched it and it began to shoot its thick juices all over the bathroom mirror. It throbbed harder and harder, making every vein engorge in blood around it as it continued to fire its massive load. Mark’s transformation had just been too much for him to handle, especially so soon after the first one. Besides, this sixteen year old didn't need or want much of a reason to cum anyway.

After a minute or so of just standing in the bathroom, wincing to the last bits of cum dripping off the mouth of his dick, he looked back down and roared with laughter. “What is it with me and shooting all over the mirrors?!”

Still laughing some, he finished, “I almost hope this becomes a trend.” •

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