Finding Mark

Sweet Sixteen Surprise


By Nightwolf285


Mark's alarm clock was going off. It slowly pulled its owner out of his sleep with its annoying sound. Mark rolled over to face the glowing red numbers. He instinctually smashed his palm down on the clock, hitting the large off button on top. "You shouldn't have to go to school on your birthday," Mark grumbled agitatedly.

After a few moments of lying on his queen sized bed, he finally slid out from under the thick blue covers and stood half awake next to his bed. A chill came across him, now that he was no longer draped in sheets. All he had on was a pair of navy boxers and an oversized white t-shirt.

He grudgingly walked to the closet door in the darkness. Mark opened the door and flipped on the closet's light, making his eyes squint from the sudden brightness. The glaring full length mirror on his closet door didn't help any. At least he couldn’t see how wild his overgrown bed head hair looked right now.

He looked up, still squinting, and grabbed a long black robe off the wall. He stared at the oversized garment with a heavy sigh. "You would think that this was a hand me down," he mumbled sarcastically to himself, "But noooo. I’m an only child and my parents still keep forgetting how damn short I am."

Holding the robe in his hands, he just stared in the mirror at disgust with himself. On the back of the closet door, there were height marks from years past. The last one had last month’s date next to it. All of them were just as unimpressive in his opinion.

"Six feet by sixteen indeed," he remarked at his reflection, remembering what a doctor had said when he was a kid. "What a load of crap. Five six is more like it."

Mark continued to just stare at his stout reflection. “No wonder I’ve never been seen,” he sighed.

Mark recalled years of schooling where he had been nothing. He had no friends, no enemies; he just was. Every once in awhile, he would wish that he was picked on, at least then he would have been noticed for a little while.

Over the years, he blamed it all on his size. Always inches shorter than the rest of the class, he always had to look up to everyone else. People wouldn’t ever look down to see him. They would just glaze over him, barely having even noticed a ball of dark hair in their way.

In a moment of hopeless desperation, he intently stared at his reflection. “I just wish I was taller,” he sighed, “Six feet tall would be nice.”

After only a moment of the depressive silence, Mark felt the strangest sensation in his stomach. It was like a warm tingling that spread out through his whole body. It came so suddenly and unexpectedly, it made him drop the robe. "Wha-- what's going on?" thinking he was still groggy.

He looked at his reflection in the mirror again and saw the impossible. He felt the impossible. All of his limbs were growing. His whole body was expanding inch by inch every way he could see. His bare, smooth legs stretched longer. His shoulders widened out, and his head was approaching the top of the full length mirror.

Bit by bit, his whole body was enlarging, like it was inflating by some unseen force. His feet continued to slide across the floor without having to even move. Above, his legs continued to push his hips higher in the air. They, in turn, widened as his torso also grew in size.

Then as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. It left him staring at himself in bewilderment and awe. "What-- the--" he stammered, bereft at the sight before him.

He looked down at his legs, lifting his tighter fitting boxers up. He stared at them like he didn't believe that they just did what they did. Mark even grabbed a thigh and rubbed it to make sure it wasn't some kind of trick. "Real?" he whispered in amazement, "This is real."

He looked back into the mirror, as if to study his taller form again. Mark just stared at himself in awe; slowly realizing what he had once thought was the impossible. His fear was slowly turning to joy. The biggest smile of realization had just strung itself across his face. "I'm really six feet tall," he rejoiced.

Moving his hands onto his hips, he flexed his elongated fingers and started to feel up his body, fully taking in what had just happened. As his hands moved across his now regular fitting shirt, it made him wonder what else he could do. As if he were staring at a genie, he gleefully commanded to himself, "I want more muscle, a lot more. And I want this baby fat to go away."

Instantly, that same sensation returned, and like before it filled him. But rather than shooting taller, he felt his muscle slowly starting to inflate. He quickly took off his shirt as to not miss the transformation to his body.

His flat chest started to swell. Rather than bones, he could see little bulges of muscle pushing their way off his chest. Shadows were welling up between his pecs in the rising crevasse that grew between them. His stomach flattened out and started to show signs of a six pack forming. His whole body was tightening as muscle swelled on his once thin frame.

His shoulders widened with bulging strands, forming hard balls of muscle. His neck flared, bringing two growing humps off his body to surround his thickening neck. Veins had begun to grow thickly on his arms. They shot blood faster and faster to every muscle in his arm, making them swell against his widening lats and still thickening chest. The biceps were leaping off his arms, swelling with size, just like his forearms. A valley of veins pumped blood through them, fueling their growth.

He couldn't feel any better. He couldn't look any better and that is when his legs caught his attention. They had started to strain his boxers past the point of no return. His quads filled with rippling cords of strength and size. They were fitting in the boxers tighter and tighter. His butt bubbled out, growing bigger by the second, stretching the boxers even further out. Mark could feel the two cheeks harden with size. Below, his calves bulged out. They formed growing, hardening rocks, surrounding his lower legs.

His joy was overwhelming, even as the growth slowed to a halt. He stood there, buffer than ever, looking at his hulking reflection in the mirror.

Not only was he buff, but he was ripped. There was practically no body fat on him what-so-ever. Every muscle rippled with strength if they were moving or not. The cleft in his chest had grown so large and was huge. They hung above a perfectly rippling six pack.

He brought his hand up to the cleft in his chest and gripped it. His pecs were hard as steel and they weren’t even flexed. Mark slid his fingers underneath the cleft and continued to grope his thick chest. It felt so different; he had never had pecs before, but it felt great to him. While feeling up his chest, he could also feel the bicep in his arm ball up and rub on the other pec. It responded to the slightest of movements, hardening every time he moved his arm.

He took the opportunity to rub his nipples as he headed down to his abs. They were pointing almost straight down. Every finger glided along his bulging abs and caressed them, feeling every deep valley that the washboard made.

Mark wondered what it would look like if he actually flexed, so he did. He hardened his pecs, making them budge with strength. Every chord rippled together as they pushed even further off his chest. He also noticed a large vein snake each of his biceps as they balled up. He thought that was very hot, so he brought his arm up and flexed it, watching the huge ball leap up and harden instantly. It looked to be a little bigger than a baseball, but when he felt it up, it was even harder than that. His arm was solid.

Still exploring his new, huge body, he decided to turn a little bit to get a better view of his legs and hardened them as well. He lifted his foot up to flex one of his calves. Before he even flexed, it has already began to bulge out further than before. Strands of muscle rippled together when he did flex it though, forming hard diamonds. After admiring his thick calf for a minute, he set his veined foot, with its long digits back down and shook his quads. All the muscles swayed quickly back and forth, but he could already feel the strength that they held. The huge mass shook his whole hip as he moved his leg back and forth. Then he finally flexed it, and every huge chord of bulging muscle solidified. His quads fought for space not only in the straining boxers, but also against each other. Not to mention that his butt was hard as a rock and could probably crush walnuts if he had tried to.

"I look--- amazing," he gasped, "I am so buff."

The amazement was overwhelming, but his boxers were even more overwhelmed. They couldn't take the strain anymore and ripped apart, leaving him totally naked in his bedroom. "Oops," he childishly commented, "Guess I don't know my own strength."

He noticed that something else had also grown during the experience. Looking down, he stared in more amazement than he had yet. "Is that— mine?" he stammered.

Looking down at his hips, he noticed a fully erect member that was a few inches larger than he last remembered it being. It had also enjoyed this little worship session, seeing as how it was throbbing really hard with each heart beat. There was one vein that went straight across the top of the shaft, and it was bulging just as much as his dick was.

"I'm hot," he grinned ecstatically.

He was bubbling with joy, and only being sixteen years old, he was hornier than ever. Gripping his rock hard member, he stroked it back and forth. It was so much thicker than it had been and it surprised him, but he didn’t care. All he could do was stand there and look at himself, stroking it back and forth. His body filled the mirror with its new found size and that excited him, making him stroke faster. That’s when he got what he thought was a clever idea. “I want my dick to slowly grow longer, thicker and harder until I finish jacking off,” Mark slyly grinned.

And of course, it responded to his command. Not only was he getting off on his huge body, but now off the feeling of his dick growing in his hand. He stroked faster and faster, getting really turned on by his growing member. It felt so erotic to have it swelling in his hand.

Mark just kept staring at his massive muscular body and kept beating off to it. All the while, his dick was creeping bigger and bigger, filling his already huge hand. His abs started grinding together, each one swelling and pushing together as he felt the end approach. They crunched harder and harder together. His jaw fell wide open, as the sensation and his penis grew.

His member had grown a few inches and was only another few away from the mirror when it finally happened. Cocking back his head, he jerked on his dick furiously as he felt it cumming, watching thick streams shoot out all over the mirror, some of which bounced back on his smooth, beat red, body. His hand jerked some, but he loosened his grip on it, thus making his dick stop growing.

His body kept jerking though for a few more moments as last bits of ecstasy escaped. Finally regaining a little composure, he looked into the mirror again. “Oh— my—“he breathed heavily, “that was— so—“

He couldn’t even finish speaking he was so exasperated from the experience. Sweat glistened every crevasse of his rippling body, and all he could do was stare at his engorged member that was still sticking straight out at the mirror, staring at the mess it had just made. “I must be at least— twelve inches long right now,” he exhaled excitedly.

He was right; it was about a foot long and a little over half as thick, making his dick look almost gigantic in comparison to the way it had looked before.

Mark knew he was going to have to clean this up before getting ready for school, but it didn’t matter. Mark's body, once an average one was now probably the hottest and sexiest one he had ever seen. Even though his long hair was still standing every which way on his happy little head, he couldn’t wait for the day he had been dreading to finally begin.

"Happy birthday to me..." •

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