Adam Ponyboy


By QuoteTheRaven

Trib and Adam walked back from the session. Trib squeezed his hand on the back of Adam’s neck and let his hand go into the limp hair. Time for you to get back on the scale. They entered the common room and Ponyboy made for the medical grade device. He fidgeted with the tank top and pulled the front so that the gaping head hole moved forward in a less drape-y way than it had ridden before. Ponyboy stepped up and mussed more with his shirt. Trib leaned in and blocked the view of the dial with a straining right arm curl.

Adam grappled with both hands and tried to wrestle the behemothic strength down. I don’t think so, frickin’ geld, Trib said and his eyes lasered with a deep pine green and he peaked his ‘cep further just to smugly prove how incomprehensibly built he was. Adam split his lips from his thrusting teeth and bit onto the bodybuilt extreme. I want to see, but changed his attack and supplicated the muscular pride by slurp-mouthing the gorgeously perfected, vein-rooted summit.

Trib gave a final crunch to his mutant inched ball, looking at its 21.5 inches with an indulgently narcissistic draw. Trib shifted his focus to the dial obscured behind his arm. You’re probably not gonna cream yourself at what it reads. Trib’s arm went down to his body-built side and his chest rolled back into a swollen hill. It was the shield upon a muscle giant’s helm.

Adam was worried then in reaction to the dismissive words. Whatever he’d hoped, he now felt like breaking 145 might not be in store. He tore his eyes off the mass hound’s swollen size and looked at the dial. He breathed with new intensity. He was 154. His cock nastily began to stir.

Adam was with Romiano and it was different this time. Another 21 days had passed. Adam took off his clothes and was completely naked at 168 lbs. Now, for the mercenary, he fondled his addictive dong. He swung his growing hips and moved his legs sexily to and fro. His innocence still shone on the soft purenss of his ivory-girl skin. But, there was something that banished the newborn’s vulnerability from the formerly childish realm. He moved with a dawning hunger that Romiano hadn’t seen before.

Aren’t Ad-ddDuMm FoAl… LiitTle YyurearnNing fOal? Romiano whispered and his face came close to Adam’s side. Slowly his inch-away irises passed around the line of Adam’s boy-changing-to-a-lean-man build.

Adam drew up, heightening away from the drinking eyes and there was a small sense of cockiness that he never had felt before. He grew interested in that sense and interested in the question of what one did with such a feeling.

Romiano’s visual lock didn’t circle completely, but the delicate dark hands quietly took Adam’s cock in their hold. The touches of those tender fingers on points around Adam’s softened shaft were tingles calling him to wake. On its own, Adam’s dong demanded to grow large.

Oh this is going to be good, Ponyboy thought and watched as Romiano turned and laid himself flat on the cot. Oh I think I start to realize – this can be fun – very fun, his thought continued.

He was half ponyboy now as he crept forward and put his tongue to Romiano’s soft ass. His blossoming post’s head stuck up over the edge of the bed. How do you want it, mr. man? he said aloud and then his still thin face was lost in the small ass that muffled any further sound.

It was the fifteenth week and Adam/Ponyboy asked them if he could deadlift and shrug. Dennon and Trib shook his fit-guy 179 lb shoulders and laughed. How incredibly different he looked now than he had 3 short months ago. He could have put a swimsuit on now and drawn other guys eyes. Could have impressed them with his flat abs and their wonderful divisions. The guys could have enjoyed his 15 inch athletic arms and his white smile. They could have looked at his legs that had a simple split on the thigh. He couldn’t believe how handsome he had become. Couldn’t believe how great it was to have an active and athletic and toned body.

He knew it was time to get serious and that it was time to go way beyond this. He knew he wanted to shrug, to deadlift, to bench, to SQUAT. They could shake his shoulders and laugh but they all knew that this is what came next. They just laughed because he showed how much he wanted the change.

They brought him to the long row of dumbbells and pulled 80s to put one in each hand. Form is important, horsey boy, they said to him as his hands shimmied on the steel exploring for a grip with a sense of discovery like a developing rider knowing for the first time what it is to get the fit of a new mount.

He executed each tentative squeeze of his shoulders to his ears with touching concentration, and even as his fingers came close to yielding their load he clung for control and sputtered out 4 repetitions more.

He racked the finished chore and mooned at them in the mirror, not losing his own placement with the corner of his eye. He wanted to say, oh yeah, but he merely looked at them and let his graze worthy choppers cut a nascent smug-stupid grin.

His shoulders and missing traps cringed with the lift-focused pain and the tanktop now hung easily on a body that looked like it was fit; like it was the kind of body that might play ball with the other guys, or go for a run, or throw a free throw or more. It looked like the kind of body that might bed another athletic, hot F---. Fuck he felt great and alive. G-d, He just wanted more.

The dream seemed to last for several hours. Adam had never had a dream that was so sexual for sure. He didn’t want it to end.

Six bodybuilders deliciously large had surrounded him. Their bodies bulged and their dicks thickly pushed, wrapped in lycra’d spandex cut so brief across their hips and up on to their asses so high that Adam could imagine devouring every millimeter of their testosterone-seeping skin.

He’d knelt among their massive packed pouches touching at them beggingly as they’d orgied each other and admired each other’s great pummeled guns and stanchion-inflated wheels. Now they’d swung toward him and as they pissed unexplained arcs on him he saw that his body was taking their fluid and ingesting it, and that this river of man-urine was doing to him what he’d always yearned could come true.

Muscles were rupturing all over his body and his head started to rise until his horse’s snout looked down at them from several feet above. His chest was expanding into two heliotropic globes. His arms were rising like some kind of unnameable power was entering them making the biceps swell huge and his arms plow away from the mighty vee he could feel skyscraper framing his back.

F-ing Shit, it was the most intense feeling. He swung a mane and saw that he’d been endowed with a gargantuan muscular vein unending in size that ran down his enormous cock. His every part of himself was churning with muscles that humped further and further up and out and under his skin. OOOhhhhh GOOODD, he moaned and didn’t ever want to awake.

His muscles were swelling with unfathomable size and a powerplant charged radiatingly through the fabric of great and mighty quads that throned upon the legs that erupted from his puny strangulated dick-holding core. He snorted with urgency and then a long groaning HHrrgghhhHRRGGHHHHHHHHHH noisily brought him to consciousness.

He panted into the pillow and his palms were on the mattress at his shoulders’ sides. Uggh, punctuated his subsiding orgasm and he realized that his abdomen was puddling in a sweet pond. His thirteen inches of dong felt indescribable and he smiled letting them slick up and back in the peninsula’ing liquid of the spunky pool.

It was so often more about muscle now, but it had to be. That was what he demanded, insisted on so that he’d continue to grow and to grow. Frick, his body had actually started to look somewhat large in places… now that he had actually made himself weigh 184 that is.

Oh, crud, yeah, he said.

The night before he’d buttock-injected his first dose ever. They said it was nothing just something to start. Maybe it wasn’t muscle-hulk piss that would inflate him instantaneously huge, but it had made him so hard just the thought of it. Oh geezus what he wanted it to do him. His lips pulled back from his teeth in a big horse-ish grin. Yeah, what he wanted the junk to do to him.

Cycle away, little grower, they’d said. Do all you want. Even as mild as this stuff is, you’ll see the change. And don’t fuckin’ doubt, that we’re someday going to give you something that will force you to heave up into something truly monstrous and large. They’d flexed when they’d said that and Ponyboy had drooled at the muscle mass that the two Hulk-Fuks had displayed.

Oh god, how he’d loved it and had fucked himself off and now was fucking himself off still even in his sleep.

Oh, Adam, he groaned to himself in utter pleasure, You are going to be gorgeous. You are going to be a fucking mammoth Adonis-rivaling MAN.

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