Brad's Big Change

Brad's Big New Start


By FanTCMan

Brad felt so excited by his new body that sleep never occurred to him. In the bathroom, he posed for himself again in the mirrors, still astounded by what he saw. Even his face was different, more masculine, handsomer, much sexier. He had developed what looked like several days' growth of stubble, dark, perfectly outlined, and his hair had grown several inches. It hung over his eyes and he had to continually flip it back with his hands or a toss of his head, and it brushed his shoulders. It made him look wild and hot. He couldn't stop feeling his enormous, hard, massively rounded pecs, so wide, so deeply cut, so heavily overlapping his ribs. He couldn't believe they were his, attached to his own chest. He tried squeezing his arms together in front of them to watch how they flexed and mounded up, how unbelievably thick they were, how they created a crevasse of cleavage. He felt the dark hair that swirled flatly across them, so hot, so intensely masculine, so completely erotic. He felt how the hair covered his torso from his chest down to his groin, how it gathered down the center of his brick-like abs, plunging in a dark line, erotically pointing the path from his magnificent tits to the dark, thick, generous spread of his pubic hair. He couldn't believe how much he loved being hairy like this. He had to see all this body hair wet and soapy. He had to see what it felt like to shower such a hairy, musclebound body. Jumping into the shower, sensually feeling every hard, enormous muscle, his hands slippery with the soap, caressing, sliding over his massive contours, the dark hair foaming with lather. It felt as hot as he thought it would. He looked at himself wet and soapy, turned to see the width of his back, the size of his hard, rounded glutes. A bubble butt times ten. Jesus. He loved this. His feet were forced a yard apart by the tree-trunk girth of his thighs. His arms, relaxed, felt like a pair of hams; flexed, they looked like melons or footballs. Everywhere he bulged impossibly with muscle.

When he finally allowed himself to grab his rigid, throbbing cock, he laughed out loud at its size, at how incredibly good it felt, how hot it was to him to have such a huge cock and balls hanging from his hairy groin. Its sensitivity seemed to have grown with its size, and it sent waves of sexual pleasure through him as he stroked its length with both hands, all the while watching himself in the mirror, thick beyond belief, bulging with mass, dense, heavy, slick with wet soap, his body hair plastered to his skin, so sexy, so masculine. He felt so good, so powerfully male and sexual, so hot. This was better than a dream. Nearing orgasm, he thought of every fantasy he had once had about being a bodybuilder, getting massive, musclebound, freaky, about how he wanted it, and how afraid he was of it, of being embarrassed by being that big. Now, as he watched himself jacking off again, he realized with profound satisfaction that he was even bigger than those fantasies, bigger than any of the guys in the bodybuilding magazines that he used to beat off with. There was no choice now, no going back, no hiding it: he had become a preternatural creature, more than massively musclebound, resplendent with the most intensely masculine body hair, and a cock and a pair of balls so enormous they looked like a gay porn fantasy, and he absolutely loved how it felt. He felt so fantastic that he couldn't stop laughing, stroking his gigantic organ, and finally he came again, roaring with the pleasure of the feeling, spurting hot cum all over the mirror and the floor.

He rinsed off, toweled off, all the while growing steadily more turned on by his new body. His cock stayed hard and he still felt so hot, so erotically charged. He couldn't get enough of looking at himself, feeling his new muscles and body hair and his enormous sex organs. Everything about him felt sexual and kept making him hornier. He went into his home gym, set up his camcorder, and taped himself lifting weights, posing, showing off for the camera as though he were making a porn movie. When he played it back, he became even more aroused, seeing himself from different angles, really seeing how truly massive he had become. He couldn't believe his own rear view, the flare of his back up from his narrow hips and waist up to his bowling ball shoulders, the size and shape of his ass. God, what an ass! Like Gary's. Maybe better. Looking at himself made him so much hornier that he had to jack off again, and each time he came, it felt just as intense.

He thought about how the clothes Gary had put him in had shredded right off his body as it grew the last time to these gigantic proportions, and now he wondered if he would be able to get into any of the things he had brought from the gym. He found the stretch shorts and tried them. They held together, but his mass stretched them so tight and thin they were like his own skin. They clearly outlined and emphasized every anatomical bulge and curve. His basket looked like it held a couple of large lemons and a five pound sausage. He thought about how embarrassed he had been the first time he wore a pair of shorts like this, that showed off his manhood so distinctly, then how quickly he got used to it, enjoying being somewhat blatant, in a way that had become socially acceptable, about his sexuality. But this. Holy shit! He was in a whole different league. He couldn't believe he looked like this, that he had this kind of basket. Nobody had this kind of basket! Maybe Gary. He couldn't wait to go out in public and shock people on the street strutting this body.

He pulled on one of the muscle T's. He could barely stretch it over his huge torso, and he looked absolutely massive in it. Then he peeled off the T and tried on a tank top. Everything he put on was such a turn on and made him feel so hot and sexy that if it weren't the middle of the night he would have gone out right then. God, he wanted to show off. In fact, he felt more than desire; he felt a drive, a need to display this powerfully sexual body. He discovered that he could will his cock to stay soft, so at least he could make a pretense at public decency, even though he still felt just as hot and relentlessly horny. Truth be known, he wouldn't have minded parading around the supermarket naked with his full fifteen-and-a-half inch hard-on bouncing stiffly in front of him. Fuck public decency.

He needed to show this off to someone, someone he could taunt, someone who would appreciate his awesome body. Paul. He thought of his old workout buddy who lived just upstairs. They had met in the apartment house gym, and then had started going to the old hardcore bodybuilders' gym together. Paul was only seventeen, but he was a hot little stud who had always been very single minded about his desire to become a serious, big time bodybuilder, and he had always wanted Brad to go for it too. Brad had been more hesitant about getting big and freaky, but Paul had pushed and cajoled him constantly. Paul had always made a big noise about being straight, said he was just into bodybuilding for the sport and the accomplishment, but once when they got stoned together he told Brad he thought men with massive muscles looked very hot and sexy and that was really why he wanted to get big himself. He wanted it so badly that he had finally decided to give steroids a try and wanted Brad to try them with him. But Brad had decided he would rather spend the money, which Paul didn't have, on this highly experimental gym he had heard about.

He hadn't seen Paul for several months. He knew Paul had gone to the desert for a summer long training camp. He intended to do nothing but pump iron and do his 'roids. He was going to concentrate completely on turning that corner that would make him into a real bodybuilder. He already had a beautiful, cut, muscular body, and Brad figured if he had followed his program, he should be looking pretty hunky by now. They had talked by phone a couple times during the summer. Paul had said he was excited by the gains he was making, and Brad told him that he had decided to give that experimental gym a try, that they were supposed to have things that were much better than steroids. Ha, he thought, what an understatement!

Paul should have just got back from the camp. It was nearly seven o'clock, and he decided to give him a call.

"Hello?" the sleepy voice answered.

"Paul? It's Brad. I just wondered if you were back."

"Jesus, Brad. What time is it?"


"Really. Yeah, I'm back. What's up?"

"Amazing shit, Paul. Amazing shit. How'd your camp thing go?"

"Great, man. Maybe those 'roids are dangerous, but they sure are working for me. I put on fucking forty pounds of muscle, man."

"You did? I can't wait to see how you look." He thought of how Brad always liked to wear extremely brief posing trunks, how he always liked to let just a bit of pubic hair show. Sexy little showoff. He would really look hot now. "You know that gym I told you about?" he continued, "where they test all those experimental space age 'roid replacements?"


"Well, I decided to let them try some new, really strong formula on me."

"You did? Cool, man. I knew you'd go for it one day. Did it work?"

"Wait'll you see."

"Yeah? You finally gettin' big?"

"You got to see, man. It'll fucking blow you away."

"What do you mean?"

"Why don't you come on up. I'm dying to see how big you've gotten. Wear some show-off trunks. I will, too. I'm dying for you to see what this genetic formula did for me."

"Genetic formula? What's that?"

"I don't know. But whatever it is, it works about a hundred times better than any fucking steroids."

"Oh, come on, man."

"I swear. Just come on up here and you'll see."

"All right, man. I'll be right up."

Brad went and got one of the posing briefs Gary had given him. He held it up and laughed at the size of the pouch, like a deflated balloon, and the extremely skimpy cut. He stood in front of the mirror to put it on. When he had it pulled up and placed his prodigious equipment into the pouch, he laughed again to see how he looked in it. The bulge of his basket was enormous, and the weight of it pulled what little fabric there was low on his groin, barely covering the base of his cock and exposing nearly all of the dark, thick spread of pubic hair that surrounded his genitals. The suit was so small that it exaggerated how huge he was. He had always thought that a bikini like Paul always wore, cut so small that it let a bit of pubic hair show out of the top, was the most daring, blatant, sexy thing a muscular guy could wear. But this was outrageous. His mammoth thighs pressed together so firmly that they forced his basket to rest entirely in front of them, pushed forward so that it looked even bigger. He had to concentrate to keep from getting hard again. He turned to view himself from all angles. He looked like a fucking gay fantasy of everything male. And just then his doorbell rang.

He looked out his fish eye peephole. There stood Paul, a short, blond crew cut, morning stubble on his boyish face, the telltale steroid thickness of his neck. Even in the distortion of the lens he could see how much more muscular he was. He opened the door and stepped back.

Paul stepped inside. He had worn only one of his bikinis, which did, as usual, fall so low on his groin that a few pubic hairs crept out at the top. He walked in and stood with the air of a guy who knew he looked hot. He had accomplished his goal: he looked like a bodybuilder. He stopped short and a look of complete amazement came across his face.

"Holy shit, Brad!"

"I told you."

"Holy shit. Mother fucking holy shit!"

"You always said big was best. So what do you think?"

"I don't fucking believe it."

"Amazing, isn't it?" He struck a double biceps pose for Paul.

"Oh, man! You're fucking huge. I don't think I've ever seen a guy as big as you. And how'd you get so hairy?"

"It's that stuff. It stimulates your male hormones while it changes your genetics to make your muscles grow. I guess that makes all this body hair grow, too."

"Fuck, man. I mean you're really a hairy dude."

"I know. I like it. It feels really good."

"Yeah? It also looks like your muscles aren't all that got big." He glanced and nodded towards Brad's basket.

"Another effect. Weird, huh?"

"Very weird."

"So, what do you think?"

"Shit, man. You got to give me a few minutes to get used to it. Is that really all you in there?" He was looking Brad up and down, his looks pausing at the bulging crotch.

"Oooh yeah, guy. It's all me and it's all man." He reached down and hoisted his basket for emphasis, thrusting his hips a bit. He knew if Paul was turned on that he would try to cover it up.

"You're looking pretty fucking hot, yourself, man. You definitely look like a bodybuilder now." Brad looked Paul's body over openly.

"Yeah? You think so?" He flexed for Brad. "I was feeling pretty cocky about how much I put on over the summer, but now . . ."

"No, you're really looking good."

"Yeah, well, all of a sudden I feel pretty puny."

"So you think this looks hot,then?"

"Fuck, man. I dream about getting huge like you, bigger than anyone. It must feel incredible."

"You can't even imagine how incredible it feels. There's something about that stuff that makes you feel unbelievably hot and sexy." As he spoke, he rubbed his hands slowly over his massive pecs, relishing the feeling of all his hair, and down the heavy ridges of his hairy abs, wanting to tantalize Paul with his obvious enjoyment of his body. "The body hair is great. Don't you think?"

"You know, I'm used to all the big guys being shaved smooth, but that hair does look good on you."

"I'd love to see you all hairy like this, too."

"Yeah, well, you're not likely to. I can't afford that place, anyway."

"You'd fucking love the way it feels. And you know what else you'd love?"

"I think I can guess."

"Can you imagine what it feels like to be hung like a fucking horse?"

"You sure you don't have something stuffed in there?" Paul was staring at Brad's crotch, now, and his excitement was stirring his groin.

"You want to see?"

"I've told you, man. I'm not gay."

"You don't have to be. Every guy is curious about other guys' cocks, about comparing with their own."

"Fuck, dude. Yeah, I'd like to see what all that looks like." He shifted his weight, feeling his cock swelling a bit, trying to hide it.

"Get a load of this," Brad said as he pulled down his trunks slowly, savoring Paul's expression as he revealed his big meat a little at a time until it hung free, his ten thick, soft inches propped forward by his huge, low hanging balls.

Paul stared. "Unbelievable," was all he could say.

"Yeah, isn't it? Now watch this." Brad was so hot, showing off for Paul. He wanted him to see his cock to get hard, and now he let it go. It quickly rose, swelling thicker, growing longer, until it stood straight out from his groin. "What do you think?" he said, gyrating his hips to make it bounce and flop aginst his groin. "It's fucking fifteen and a half inches, man. Can you believe it? And it's so fucking thick. I fucking love it."

"You know what, man?" Paul's own cock was getting so hard he couldn't hide it any more. "I'd fucking cut off my hand to see what that all feels like."

"Yeah? Really? I wasn't sure you'd be into this kind of extreme size. I'd love to see you like this." He grabbed his pecs again, flexing his biceps as he pushed them together, making the crease between them deeper. "I bet you'd like to see what it feels like right now, wouldn't you?"

"What do you mean?" He gulped. He knew his hard-on was about to pop out of his briefs. " Maybe you aren't gay, but you told me once how sexy you think really big muscles are. You gotta see what these muscles feel like, man, especially under all this great hair."

"I'd like to feel it on myself."

"I think you'd like to feel it on me," he nodded in the direction of Paul's straining erection. "I think you'd like to feel this muscle right here, right now."

"Shit, man. I'm really fucking embarrassed." He reached down and covered his erection with his hands. "I've never had a hard-on in front of another guy, but it does look so fucking hot."

"It's me, Paul. Don't worry about it. I've got a hard-on, too, and I don't care if you see mine. Come on. Come here. Feel this." He flexed his mountainous right arm.

Paul finally stepped forward and awkwardly reached up and felt the arm. It was like a boulder. Brad took Paul's hand and put it onto his pecs, moving it for him over their hairy contours. Paul was so close that Brad's cock brushed against his stomach, and when he felt it, he didn't move away. He was moving his hand, and then both hands, on his own now, all over Brad's torso, feeling, studying the size, the shape of his huge muscles. Brad brushed his cock again lightly against Paul's lower abs. Again Paul stood his ground, pretending to ignore the contact. When Brad brushed the swollen mushroom head against Paul's own hard dick, still trapped in his trunks, Paul's hips involuntarily jerked forward, colliding firmly with the shaft of Brad's cock.

"Oh, man. This is so fucking hot, what you did," Paul said, kneading Brad's pecs, sucking in his breath, his heart beating faster.

Brad reached for Paul's pecs, massaging them, rubbing hard against his nipples with the heels of his hands. "Yeah? I'd love to see these hot tits of yours get really huge, like mine."

Paul leaned into the pressure, pushing his groin against Brad's cock at the same time. "So would I, man. So would I."

"And these arms." Brad moved his grip down Paul's muscular arms.

"Yeah." Paul was working Brad's muscles harder now, faster.

"And I'd love to see some hot body hair on your chest and your stomach, running down these abs," he moved a hand down the center of his abdomen toward his groin, "right into a big bush that spreads out of your trunks just like mine does." His hand reached the top of Paul's trunks, flicking the pubic hairs that stuck out.

"Yeah, man. That looks so hot."

"You think so? With a huge cock and a huge pair of balls? You think you'd like that?"

"Fuck, man. Are you kidding?"

"As I remember, you've got a pretty nice dick as it is." Brad reached for Paul's trunks and started to slide them down, slowly. Paul let him do it, let his hard cock spring out. He did have a big dick for a regular guy, probably eight inches and thick, but it looked small next to Brad's.

"I used to think so."

"You know what I'd like to do?" Brad asked.


"I'd like to give you that formula they gave me. I'd like to watch you grow huge and hairy."

"That's okay with me, man. Could you do it? Would you?"

"You'd let me make you into a muscle monster?"

"Fuck, yes, man."

"I'd like to hold onto this cock and play with it while it grew bigger and bigger right before our eyes." With this, he took hold of Paul's cock, squeezing it gently. When he did, Paul stepped back almost involuntarily, just enough to break free of his hold. "I'm sorry, man," Brad said. "I almost forgot. You're not gay."

Paul managed a nervous laugh. "No, I'm sorry. I guess you just surprised me. But that does sound hot, if you could do that to me. Really hot."

"I can tell the idea has you turned on. It has me turned on, too." He started playing with his own cock, then stroking it. "Another thing that stuff does," he said, stroking now with both hands, "it makes you unbelievably horny. Hope you don't mind if I jack off in front of you."

"Fuck man, I don't mind. I'd love to see you work that big dick, if I'm going to get to have one like that, too."

"Why don't you jack off with me. That's not too gay, is it?"

Paul was so turned on by the whole thing that was happening, that he was seeing in front of him, that was being offered to him, that he gave in and went along, jacking off with Brad. When they both came, Paul was astounded by Brad's orgasm, by the amount of cream he spurted. And then, as soon as they cleaned off, Brad told Paul he had to run to the gym and check in, but, if he waited there, he'd be back shortly with a big present for him.

"You swear?"

"I'll do my best."

"Then I'll be right here, man. How long do you think you'll be? I can't wait."

Brad got into a pair of shorts and a tank top and hurried to the gym. He thought of Paul, waiting for him, of giving him the formula and seeing him react to the rush of horny sexuality as he swelled and grew as big as he was. He thought of hot Gary at the gym, how he would react when he saw how much bigger he had grown last night. He thought of what Gary had said just before he left, about carrying the experiments further, getting even bigger. As he drove, he was aware of the constant stares directed at him. He had been so excited, he hadn't even realized that he was actually out in public in the light of day, displaying this magnificent body to the amazed people that passed him by. He was so turned on by all that was happening that he felt giddy. His cock strained in his shorts, its full, steel hard length and girth nearly bursting through the fabric, seeping a large spot of pre-cum. He wasn't sure he could hold back his orgasm until he got to Gary's office. •

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