Leaina and the Stone of Power

Enter Maciste


By cscpttrainer

Surely, Leaina thought, there must be someone she could find as powerful as this man who could serve her in her fight, if not merely as her bodyguard. Again she turned to her magic reflecting pool and called upon it to show her the strongest warriors. Again the pool grew dark and gradually images appeared of men. Many looked powerful and strong. She watched them and noticed one performing outstanding feats of strength on the battlefield. He fought with weapons and without. He was about 6’ 2 inches tall with dark curry hair and weighed about 210 pounds. He was muscular and ripped with biceps of 19.5 inches and a chest of 52 inches. His broad shoulders grew out of a 34 inch waist. She saw him kill many men in battle sometimes with his bare hands. This man looked as powerful if not more so than the one in her vision. She needed him to help her. The vision in the pool soon faded for though the spell’s magic was powerful, it was fleeting. Later that night she used the pool again to observe this strongman and saw him sleeping under a tree. She then tossed jasmine and engleberry weed onto the pool and read a dream chant. She then appeared to this man in his dream though he thought he had awoken from his sleep. In his dream, she asked him his name. “My name is Maciste, son of Kakeos,” he responded in a deep voice. He explained he was a mercenary and was hired by King Lartes. “And what kind of sorceress or goddess are you?” he asked. She identified herself as Queen Leaina. “Yes, I have heard of your army and your ruthlessness,” he answered. She then offered him twice the gold he was getting if he came to her kingdom to defend her. “Why would someone with your power need me?” he asked. She said she would explain everything to him when they met and offered to triple the amount if he agreed to help her. Maciste quickly agreed and set out the next day for the kingdom of Doria in exchange for her promises of wealth.

Leaina’s generals came to her to tell her that they needed to expand the grazing lands of the kingdom in order to support its larger size and growing army. They had identified the land of the Thessaly Valley. The Thessaly Valley contained vast lands for grazing cattle, they explained. Leaina seemed distant during the meeting as her mind was focused on Maciste and the unknown warrior. The generals explained the valley was the home of the Vaslos tribes who were herdsman. Although there were many of them, the generals predicted their superior warriors would be able to conquer the valley quickly. Leaina though usually interested in her general’s war plans could not focus on them now and she told the generals that she agreed with their plan but wanted to be more cautious about timing. The generals were disappointed but agreed not to attack for another month while they made war preparations.

Maciste arrived at the castle as he said and was brought to the Queen. She met him in her private chambers. In person, she found his physique even more remarkable than the image in her reflecting pool. His delts were large and rounded. His pecs laid like thick pancakes on his hairless, olive chest. His biceps. long and thick, were matched by even larger triceps. His legs muscles bounced and ripped as he walked toward her. “I am here for the gold you promised me,” he boomed. He showed no fear or respect for her. His radiant blue eyes added to his beauty. She said “Yes here are twelve gold pieces which shall be your down payment. If you stay and complete the tasks I will give you more, much more.” Maciste counted the pieces and asked, “What are these tasks?” She looked deeply into his soul and realized she needed him to stay with her more than just for gold. It would be too easy for him to walk away from her and abandon her if the tasks were too difficult. Also she felt he would need more motivation than just money if he was to successfully face the powerful threat to her. She needed him to commit his passion to her. She needed him to love her. “Maciste, please sit at this table and I will tell you more.” She reached for a wine pitcher in which she had added one of her love potions and she poured the wine into Maciste’s goublet. “You see, Maciste, there is a powerful warrior who wants to destroy me and my kingdom and I need you to help defend me,” she explained while Maciste drank from his goublet. “One man who could challenge your army?” he asked. She explained that she had a vision of the man but did not know anything about him but she knew he was a threat to her. She reached across the table at which they sat and began touching Maciste’s left palm and caressed it. “He is a very strong man and my army cannot stop him,” she said softly as she touched the deep muscular mounds of his palm. “But you too are very strong. I can see it in your hands alone.” She brought her fingers up to touch his thick vascular forearms. Maciste continued to drink. She walked behind him and began massaging a special oil into his shoulders and back. The oil had properties to make men relaxed and submissive. “Yes I need a man with strength and courage such as yours,” she said. Maciste began to stare up at Leaina. Her beauty is very striking he thought and he became aroused. Soon they walked over to her bed where she practiced her expert love making on her new found muscle god.

Within a week of living as her guest and after their many sexual encounters, Maciste fell deeply in love with Leaina as she hoped he would and stopped asking her for money. He craved her attention and did her bidding as she requested. He quickly came to enjoy life in the palace and as the Queen’s chief bodyguard and lover. He decided no one was going to harm her or disturb his life with her. This was just the dedication she needed from him. She knew his love for her would give him more strength to protect her and to persevere. •

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