Leaina and the Stone of Power

The Vision of the Future


By cscpttrainer

In the fifth year of her reign following the death of King Alcaeus, Queen Leaina felt a strange foreboding. There was an unease in her life--a feeling of impeding doom. Her kingdom continued to expand through the skill of her generals and her army, but she felt a tragedy was going to befall her. She decided to use her sorcery to try to find the cause of these ill premonitions. Late at night she prepared the necessary elixir using special herbs, including coca leaves, and heated it into a warm drink. She quaffed the elixir and then lay down on her bed. She repeated a special chant that the Hermit-witch Lestra had taught her and called upon the dark forces to show her the future of her reign. She quickly fell into a trance and white smoke began to puff out of her mouth when she exhaled. The smoke quickly filled her bedroom chamber and then as she gazed into it, it parted and the vision appeared. In her vision she saw a battlefield where her best forces were engaged in combat with a large army of herdsman. The herdsmen were led by a large, powerful and muscular young warrior unlike one she had ever seen. He was tall, about 6 1 and 195 pounds with a broad muscular ripped torso and small waist. This muscle giant crushed each soldier he came upon with powerful blows. He must have killed 200 of her men and he never seemed to tire through the battle. She watched as her soldiers went down to defeat. She tried to cry out but no voice came out of her and the vision faded only to be replaced with another one.

In this new vision, the same warrior appeared again. Only this time he was naked and he stared at her blankly. His long locks of brown hair with streaks of gold rested comfortably on his broad tan shoulders. His large chiseled arms were spread out from his body with his palms open, facing her and his legs were spread as well. His musculature was amazing to her both in its size and definition. His hairless, six-pack abs rose with every calm breath he took. In his left palm sat a round grey stone about the size of a small grapefruit. It had a semi-rough pitted surface and looked like grayish limestone. She watched as his fingers gradually closed around the stone and he squeezed it causing the veins in his left forearm to pulsate. Then the man slowly turned his head to look at his right hand with which he slowly made a fist and began to curl his arm. He watched his right bicep as he brought his fist toward his face. The muscle began to rise and swell---17 inches, then 18 inches, then 19 inches when it peaked. As it peaked, it seemed his entire musculature grew even larger than before and she could see the strands of muscle dance across the swelling mound of his arm. He smiled at it. Then the vision faded and Leaina fell into a deep sleep.

When she awoke the next day, she pondered what she had seen. She knew it foretold the defeat of her army at the hands of this young warrior and his tribe. But who was he? When would these events unfold? And what did the second vision mean? Did the stone mean anything? Did it represent the Earth or something else? She knew that the spell was imperfect and the answers it provided were not clear. She also knew that the vision gave her an opportunity to use this knowledge to her advantage and her first task was to use her sorcery to find this incredibly strong warrior.

In front of her reflecting pool she repeated a special spell and touched the water. The water grew black and she called upon it to show her this muscle god whom she saw in her vision. But the waters stayed black and no vision appeared. Frustrated, Leaina called upon a group of ravens and ordered them to search the land for this powerful man. Meanwhile, she studied her magical treatises that she had collected over the years to see if they could help her. Weeks went by and no reports came back to her. She grew impatient and frightened. With all her wealth and magical power, she seemed unable to stop her vision from coming true. She grew lonely and even began to miss Alcaeus for there was no one she believed could protect her from the power of this warrior. •

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