Leaina and the Stone of Power



By cscpttrainer

Time had past since her vision and Leaina had been unable to locate the warrior she saw in that vision. Despite her sorcery, her reflecting pool was failed to give her an image of him. She was growing frustrated and tense. She wondered if the vision was from far into the future and the man was not yet born? Or perhaps she was misinterpreting it and the man did not even exist. Her ability to see the future was limited for the gods did not permit this power to be developed in human mortals. Yet she knew she must plan to protect her reign.

Leaina was the seventh child born into a family of 13 in the small kingdom of Achaia. Her father, Anthos, was one of the lesser of the eight tribal leaders but was generally wealthy. Her mother, Clymestra, was the daughter of another tribal leader and was secretly skilled as a child in the dark arts by her nurse. Clymestra saw that Leaina was a strong willed, determined and selfish child. Her mother trained her as she herself was trained in herbs, potions and magic. Clymestra learned these skills to survive as a strong-will woman in a world of warrior-men and she saw that her daughter would need them as well. Leaina took great interest in her mother’s teachings as she saw them as a path to gain power particularly over men. Clymestra taught her daughter all she knew and she recognized that her daughter had a skill for magic. However, her mother’s skills were primitive compared to that of a sorceress or witch and Leaina thirsted for more. She nagged her mother to learn more and her mother finally arranged for Leaina to spend a short apprenticeship with Lestra, a hermit-witch, once Leaina reached the age of menarche. Clymestra told her husband that Leaina was going to spend two years with her sister in Sikyon. Her father felt he already had too many children and did not object seeing one go off, particularly if it was a girl.

Lestra was an old, frail woman who lived in a mountain cave close to the border of Achaia and Doria. Folk who were desperate would visit her entreating her for some magical potion to cure some illness or to foretell their future. She had no use for these people unless they offered her something she needed. But often they offered gold coins for which Lestra had no use. When her mother brought Leaina to Lestra, Lestra saw magical power in the young girl. She agreed to train the child upon a promise to deliver them food every month. Clymestra agreed and arranged for a local tribesman to do so.

Lestra trained the child in sorcery and worked the child hard. Leaina was an eager pupil and learned more about herbs, talismans, potions, spells and other dark magic. Lestra also taught Leiana the shills of love making as Lestra knew that another path to power was sexual expertise with men. Leaina excelled at all these tasks taught to her, however she hated the rugged conditions under which she lived with the hermit-witch and wanted to return to her home where servants waited on her.

After her two years of training, Leaina returned home. She had grown into a beautiful and shapely young woman. Her father saw her striking beauty and brought her to the King Thallus who led the tribal council. King Thallus was taken with Leaina’s beauty and buxom figure. He admired her flowing dark hair, green eyes. pearly white complexion and succulent full breasts. As King, he was permitted to have many wives and he arranged with Anthos to take Leaina as one of them in exchange for more farmland and he also agreed to raise Anthos within the tribal hierarchy. Leaina used her sexual skills to soon become the King’s favorite. However, given that the King was much older than Leaina and had had many wives, he also taught her many things and her experience with him only increased her copulatory prowess.

North of Achaia was the warrior kingdom of Doria. It was led by a cruel and fearless king called Alcaeus. Alcaeus was a skilled warrior and commander. He intended to build an empire and had created an elite warrior class within his kingdom to do this. He desired to conquer the kingdom of Achaia as it held an important trading port on the Aegean. Alcaeus had failed to secure a merger of his kingdom with Achaia so he decided to invade and take Thallus’s kingdom from him.

Alcaeus’s invasion began one night and he laid siege to the capital for many months before starving the city into submission. King Thallus was killed in the battle and Leaina was taken into captivity when Alcaeus claimed the city. Although Alcaeus did not practice polygamy, he did have a harem and his first task after plundering Thallus’s treasury was to examine Thallus’s wives to see if any were attractive to him. Leaina caught Alcaeus’s eye and with her phallic talents she soon became one of his favorites as well. However, Leaina felt very insecure and she knew she wanted more--- she wanted power and she wanted to rule Alcaeus’s kingdom. She saw the other members of the harem as a threat and worked to undermine them one by one. She placed a special mineral stone in the spring that brought water into the harem’s living quarters. The minerals from the stone made all women who drank from the spring infertile so they could no longer bear Alcaeus any heirs.

As a result of both her sexual skills and magical potions, Alcaeus feel deeply in love with her. She accompanied him everywhere and he brought her into his war council meetings with his generals. He taught her military strategy and she assisted him with his continuing campaigns. As his obsession with her grew, others in the King’s entourage began to fear her. No one dared to challenge or question her and that made her even more powerful. She bore him a fraternal set of twins, a boy and a girl. Twins were highly prized among Dorian culture and were believed only to be for those who were blessed by the gods. This further enhanced Leaina’s stature. Leaina also curried favor with Alcaeus’s generals who came to admire her ambition, drive and strength. She was unlike any other woman they had met. After many entreatings from Leaina, Alcaeus, with the consent of his generals, finally agreed to name her his queen and she ascended the throne beside him. Now with her place assured, she needed to get rid Alcaeus so she could rule alone as she felt she was destined to do. She slowly poisoned him and he gradually grew ill. During his illness, he relied more and more upon her and she gradually took the reins of power from him. With his death, she was accepted as his heir until one of his offspring had reached the age of wisdom and demonstrated the leadership needed. But Leaina had no intention of permitting that while there was still the breath of life within her.

Under her leadership, the kingdom continued its ruthless advances into the surrounding towns and villages much to the happiness of the generals and her warriors. •

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