Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle

Walk Loudly and Carry a Huge Rod


By fillups44

This saga is my own tribute to this page and the great stories on it. Even though it has taken me a while to deal with it, my central conceit is that somehow all the musclegrowth stories that have appeared on this web page exist simultaneously in this alternate universe. I've already alluded to several stories and will allude to more in future installments. I do know where this is all going to end up but I'd like to playfully have Doug interact with a few alternate versions of some of my favorite characters that have appeared in these stories on the way to Doug's destiny. With full apologies and credit given to the original authors of course.

Doug awoke slowly, groggy. The familiar medicinal taste of the hypno gas in the back of his mouth. As he moved he could feel the dried cum all over his body like a thick paste. I gotta get washed up. He got up and looked blearily around at the encrusted walls. "Fuck this place is rank. Back to cleanin' up. I know Doc hasn't hired a new janitor."

Of course, he couldn't fit in the shower, so awkwardly he ran the water at full and got into various positions. Eventually he got the crust washed off. As his senses fuzzed back into focus he noticed the metallic tang of the hypno gas more and more. "That bastard drugged me. What an asshole." He moved quickly then toweling his massive body off. Unfortunately, his back was gargantuan that he couldn't stretch the towel behind him and couldn't reach all of it. "Well it couldn't be all fun having big muscles," he muttered, "you gotta put up with crap like not being able to reach your back and being fucking kidnapped and imprisoned." He pulled on the black shorts.

"DOC," he roared shaking the room, "WE NEED TO TALK!" and while the room rattled impressively, there was no answer. Doug strained to hear movement and there was nothing. "I'm starving in here damn it."

"Fuck this shit,"I'm not gonna be Mr. Nice Janitor anymore! Gonna show 'em and trash this place." Doug squeezed his hands into fists glancing out the powerful tendons criss crossing under his sking and watching the muscle ripple down his massive forearms. He throws a light experimental punch at the heavy metal wall of the chamber. The wall caved in to the punch his fist buried deep into the thick material the metal all around the impact strained and warped. "FUCK!!" he bellowed pulling his fist our and examining it appreciatively. "I'm gonna destroy this place." He punched a little harder and smashed through an adjoining wall. "grrrrrrrr this is for starving me, this is for tricking me." Doug's put his hands on either side of the hole he had torn out of the wall and shoved the structure apart. It gave like soggy cardboard under his hands. He was on the outside of the structure now slamming his fists faster and faster at the deformed chamber, the friction radiating a terrible heat.

Doug stopped suddenly his whole body drenched in sweat staring at the large lump of metal that had been the isolation chamber. It looked like someone had put a large van in a metal compactor. It was completely unrecognizable. Doug stared at his hands, completely unmarked. "What the fuck have I become," he whispered in awe.

"Hey help, help!!" Doug turned at the distant sound of the voice. He ran quickly through the still empty main chamber of the installation to the smaller rooms on the side. The room was locked by a heavily bolted door.

"Hey guy. Back away from the door. It's gonna be blown open." Doug yelled rattling all the furniture and light installations in the room. Doug easily smashed the door in and dodged into the room. There was a table with heavy metal restraints and on the table was Eryk looking frightened.

"Eryk! What happened?"

"Doug, was that you? I thought, I don't know what I thought. We have to get out of here. Onyx took the staff away. They thought you'd be out a lot longer like you were before. They probably know something is up already. Can you get me out of this?"

Doug moved quickly his muscular fingers making short work of the restraints. Eryk sat up rubbing his wrists, "Doug we need you covered a bit more. There's more of that stretch clothing in the closet put it on quickly. Doug wrenched open the door and found outfits with the same stretchy substance folded. Quickly he pulled it over his body surprised at how it could stretch to fit his massive frame.

"Okay we need to move Eryk." Eryk jumped off the table but his legs were wobbly from the lack of circulation, Doug scooped him up with one huge arm. "I know a back entrance and it's in the city. I think we can get out." Doug started moving in a blur of speed towards the rear entrance.

Eryk gasped at both Doug's sudden movements and the wreckage of the lab particularly the isolation chamber.

Alarms started to go off and heavy doors started to move across the exits to seal the room. Doug put an arm up to shield Eryk and smashed through the heavy metal as if it were balsa wood, he wasn't even slowed down by the obstacle. They were in a long corridor now and Eryk could hear the hiss of a gas being released. "Hold your breath Doug."

Doug nodded and continued to speed towards the end reaching it in seconds and crashing into the bottom of the stair well. The stair had a wide empty section it angled around as it went up 50 stories and Doug positioned himself in the middle of this and then crouched down and then flexed his mighty quads and launched himself up the middle of the shaft. They hurled up like a comet, air shrieking past their ears. Doug almost hurtled through the ceiling but slowed himself by catching a rail ripping it off the wall but it was enough to swing in front of the door. He threw the rail straight down the shaft and then rushed through the door and they were suddenly outside next to a non descript warehouse.

Doug put Eryk down. Eryk shook a little bit but quickly scoped out the location and turned to Doug, "Hey I know this area. My cousin's friend's brother has a place we could go to. They won't trace us there.

"I was going to go home and get some stuff." Doug protested.

"I wouldn't do that. They might have a nasty surprise there. We'll go to the shop and make plans." Doug nodded and discreetly crushed the metal of the warehouse doors together with his fingers so they formed a seal.

"Doug try to move softly. We don't want to attract any more attention than we can help. Earthquakes do attract attention."

The warehouse was near a Chinatown like area. Eryk moved easily among the people but Doug felt conspicuously huge and drew stares from the people as they hurried through the crowd. Eryk whispered, "The shop is up ahead. I'm going in but you should circle around and find the alley in back. I'll let you in."

Alone Doug looked around for any of the little paunchy lab assistants or anyone who looked like they were watching him. The trouble was everyone looked like they were watching him. He tried to walk delicately and succeeded in not causing the ground to vibrate with each step. He moved awkwardly around the building. Less people were on the side street and he casually moved into the alley behind the shop.

Eryk appeared in one of the doorways and motioned him in. The store was crowded with inexpensive knick knacks and dusty boxes. Eryk hustled Doug into a storage area. Left and returned with hot fried rice and a large portion of steaming stir fried chicken. "Thanks," Doug gulped and started shoveling the food into his mouth. Eryk also ate his portion hungrily.

"Okay we're lucky to get this far, Doug. This thing is big. I heard Onyx and Calgari talking. They have big plans for you and Onyx considers you his personal and very valuable property."

"I don't know what they turned you in to Doug. But you know that chamber you were in? It was built to withstand multiple nuclear explosions. You turned it into scrap metal in a few minutes. And even your voice is a weapon. When you were yelling for the doctor the room I was in was rattling from the sound waves. That's crazy, scary stuff."

Doug finished licking his fingers and looked gratefully at Eryk. He noticed Eryk's dark eyes and handsome face and the graceful muscles moving through his forearms. He felt his cock starting to get harder.

Eryk noticed it too. "What are you doing, Doug? You need to focus. Besides," he hissed, "you saw my profile. I like girls. I like screwing people weaker than me not people who could turn me to a smear on the sidewalk by punching me a little too hard."

Doug looked dejectedly at Eryk, "You were the nicest and cutest guy there. I didn't help you to get anything or anything like that but bein' alone in this room with you."

Eryk looked frustrated, "Doug I am so grateful you pulled me out of there and I think you seem to be a nice but very scary guy. You're too big of a target. I'm not abandoning you but we do have to separate for now. I think it will be easier for both of us apart."

"I think I should go back and fight them. I mean think about what kind of power I have if what you said was right." Doug flexed and Eryk could feel Doug's already humongous arms knot up and increase in size.

Eryk looked thoughtfully at Doug's massive structure, "You might be able to do it Doug. But remember Onyx has had a lot of experience in dealing with this stuff and you do succumb to that gas. Who knows what else they might have up their sleeves. My experience in the world is that no matter how big and strong you are there is probably someone who can take you down and in a way you don't expect."

They heard a crash in the front of the store and the sound of pounding feet. Eryk looked panicked, "They found us somehow!" Run out the back Doug. My best friend is Krisna Bui. Look him up if you need to get in touch with me."


"Hmmmmm excellent," said Onyx as he glanced at the data streaming into his computer from the nano machine now swimming through Doug's bloodstream. The machine was unable to decipher elements of Doug's chemical composition. But it was clear from the destruction of the lab and his quick recovery from the gas that Doug was one of the most powerful muscle mutants Onyx had ever run across.

There were signs too that his chemistry was still in the process of altering itself. Augmenting his responses to the environment like the hypno gas. Also his cells appeared to have a resistance to outside effects. They maintained their integrity in the face of outside factors now. So not only could he restore others but he himself is resistant to a force changing him.

Onyx flicked the switch and saw the glowing dot that was Doug on his map of the city. He radioed instructions to his peacekeepers. He then activated the nano machine to start interfering with Doug's nervous structure and slow him down. As he did so, he noticed a startling change in the data stream he was being sent. A spike in several elements and then----all signals broke off. The machine had been destroyed. "Damn. I should have guessed. His body is very self protective. Damn it." He couldn't afford to have a muscle mutant of his own making loose in the city. How could he be so sloppy. He would have to notify Zon. •

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