Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle

Doug Digs In


By fillups44

Doctor Calgari studied the man sitting in his office before him. Taking in the man’s massive frame underneath the carefully tailored suit, his clear black skin, stylish goatee. The doctor’s eyes narrowed, “So how did you know what was going on here?”

The man shook his head, “Doctor, you don’t think that total funding for an experiment like this comes surveillance free? We have a lot of very sophisticated equipment monitoring your every move. We need to watch our investments. We knew your experiment was enormously risky and we’d probably be taking a loss. But somehow the one man in a billion or maybe in the entire world that would develop abilities that we could use, wandered into your experiment.” Onyx waved his arms expressively and smiled.

“And the janitor can help you?” the Doctor said unbelievingly, “because I was trying for augmented, HUMAN athletes and that thing in there would never pass.”

“Doctor it’s like you were mining for nickel and dug up diamonds or plutonium. This is so much more valuable and powerful. I mean I’ve seen young men turn into 30 foot giants of muscle and unscrupulous coaches turn whole football teams into muscle bound engines of destruction, men who are like muscle vampires and can absorb muscle power and that’s just a few. Doctor it’s a mean and incredibly violent world out there and I believe Doug has what it takes to take these guys on.

“And since technically we own the results of your experiment. I will be doing some of my own tests on the subject and you will be allowed to continue your work with your ‘assistants’.”

Calgari could feel himself being backed into a corner and was thinking longingly about his tank of hypno gas but knew he could never reach it and deploy it before Onyx could intercept him and beat him up. Onyx smiled as if he knew exactly what Calgari was thinking. “Then we have a deal, Doctor?”


Doug was staring at the mirror feeling his body still unbelieving. He muttered under his breath, “Hey Cena, Bautista you guys got guns. But I got cannons.” And he brought his huge arm up and flexed the mountain of muscle. With his other hand he reached and felt the striated beef. He couldn’t fit his hand around any portion of his arm; it was too fucking huge. “I think you’re out armed guys,” he smirked.

Behind him he heard the hiss of the airlock door and an appreciative whistle. “Doug, you are one hell of a hunk of muscle.” Doug turned and saw one of the biggest and handsomest men he had ever seen in person.

“Who are you?” he breathed.

“I’m Onyx.” The man stuck his hand out and smiled. Doug happily noticed the way the man’s eyes seemed to travel over his massive body and seemed to linger on the massive package under his rapidly tightening shorts. Doug walked over to the man, the chamber shuddering with each step and grasped his hand lightly. Onyx didn’t wince but his eyes widened appreciatively at the strength of Doug’s grip.

"My company funded the experiment here. We heartily apologize for the inconvenience. You never volunteered for this project and were simply a temp employee. I hope you will understand why we need to hold you just a little longer to make sure of your safety."

Doug was staring at deeply at Onyx's deep dark brown eyes and the measured breathing of Onyx's large chest. "Sure I understand that. It sounds okay. I mean I wanna know what the freak is going on with me too. Is it real? Will I have to give it up? Am I souped up with some weird radioactive shit? Am I in danger of dying from this?"

Onyx softly patted Doug's enormous arm, "I wouldn't touch you if I thought it would hurt me, Doug. We do need to make sure you're stable though and find out the extent of your abilities. I heard what happened with the lab assistant. How did you do that?"

"The man that was in here---I saw a shape like a shadow and I knew I could make him fill that shadow out if I had contact with him. Not his flesh just touching something that was touching him and I felt something reach out of me and he filled the shadow."

"Do you see a shadow in me, Doug?" Onyx asked.

Doug concentrated staring deeply at Onyx in a different way. "Yeah I do. But it is really, really faint and it's smaller than you. Really, really skinny. "

Onyx asked, "Do you think you could change me to that shadow?"

Doug stared harder and thought, "I wouldn't know unless I tried. But---but I wouldn't want to try on you."

"Why not Doug?" asked Onyx. Doug looked at Onyx's face. "You're too beautiful. You're perfect, I wouldn't want to mess that up."

"I won't ask you to do that Doug." said Onyx looking at Doug all over and moving his hand to gently massage the thick hard cables of muscle and veins of Doug's forearm. Doug hissed a quick intake of air and then breathed it out.

"That feels so good. I can't believe a man like you would be touching me like that."

Onyx whispered, "Many men will, Doug." and leaned up against Doug. Doug was aware of Onyx's hard muscular chest bumping up next to his own chest. He shuddered with pleasure. Onyx gently tugged Doug's shorts down and out sprang Doug's mammoth dick. Onyx's eyes widened in surprise and pleasure.

Doug started to fumble with Onyx's shirt. Onyx gently pushed his hand away and carefully unbuttoned his shirt revealing the gleaming expanse of his chest. Quickly he undressed and put his clothes aside. Onyx didn't take his eyes off of Doug drinking in his massive chest tapering to mountainous cobblestone abs and Doug's magnificent cock now almost fully erect. As Onyx removed his pants his own impressive 10 inch erection was dwarfed in comparison to Doug's huge penis. Doug reached over with his thick muscular fingers and started to massage Onyx's cock.


Onyx had seen some impressive muscle giants in his life and he tried not to look impressed when he saw Doug flexing in the mirror but it was impossible. The man was huge and powerful beyond belief. Every movement caused ripples of incredibly thick muscle to movie in gargantuan waves under his skin. Every movement was an incredible display of muscle. Onyx tried to estimate the width of Doug's arms—well over 40 inches unflexed and that amazing hairy chest must be in the triple digits. When Onyx saw admiration in Doug's eyes for HIS body he almost started to cum in his suit.

As Doug moved closer his huge sword brushed up against Onyx's cock. It was nearly a foot longer and substantially thicker and more striated. Onyx felt his own cock grow harder and stiffer as if drawn to Doug's swollen member and then Doug's fingers gently began rubbing his cock. Onyx used every bit of training he had not to cum instantly. He moaned.

The two men were now touching. Onyx's face met the hairy, bulging rippling chest of Doug. Doug's pecs felt like that largest globes of pure muscle on the planet. The huge mounds of muscle rippled right at Onyx's face. The meat bulged so much it seemed as if the skin couldn't contain it. Onyx's knees weakened as his face began to caress Doug's mighty chest. Onyx gasped for air as he became light headed. Doug's nipples faced the floor, due to the overhand of his pec muscles. Doug moved one of his nipples so that it met Onyx's lips. Onyx sucked and instinctively bit down on the nipple. Doug leaned down and gently massaged Onyx's balls and then moved his massive arm under Onyx so he was astride the dense fibrous forearm. Effortlessly, Doug moved Onyx's 350 lbs into the air, arm curling Onyx with one hand, his huge gun contracting and bulging. He lifted Onyx until they were eye to eye and then leaned in to give Onyx a deep and passionate kiss.

Onyx began to cum uncontrollably, thick white strings of cum splashing over his ebony skin and in the brown hair of Doug's torso. "Aaaaw," Doug smiled, "I didn't get to taste your meat yet."

Doug gently set Onyx down in front of him. Onyx fell to his knees in front of Doug's mammoth erection. Onyx's eyes grew wide as he gazed upon the beautiful organ stretching up past his face. Doug flexed his body hard and his penis became taut and bigger. Onyx stood up to touch the red swollen mushroom head. Onyx began to wriggle his tongue madly, lashing at Doug's penis, splashing the precum. Onyx's face pushed madly forward. He strained forward into Doug's unimaginable bulk. Both men breathing hard straining...flexing....licking each other.

Doug's thick, warm cock was harder than any cock Onyx had ever sucked. The meat seemed to be made of muscle encased steel. It was hard, harder, hardest.

Onyx's tongue explored the thick shaft, finding every facet, every muscular bulge, every striated fiber, every thick blood vessel. He moved his mouth slowly, drawing out the experience as long as he could. Doug flexed his penis and, unbelievably, it seemed to stiffen more.

Onyx moved both hands onto Doug's coconut sized testicles. He began to rub them and squeeze them. He pulled on the moist skin. Doug moaned and started to push his hips forward. Onyx sucked and licked. "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum." Doug said breathlessly. Onyx pulled away as Doug's huge penis began to spew like a geyser. Doug roared and the room shook as ropes of thick cum shot up to the ceiling and dripped down on both Onyx and Doug. Amazingly Doug continued to cum his eyes unfocused his muscular fingers grabbing his shaft pumping the semen out. He suddenly grabbed Onyx without thought like a rag doll and jerked him around and held him as he moved his cock in position to ram it up into Onyx. Onyx fought Dougl's powerful arms but it was as if he was an insect and for the first time he felt he had lost control of the situation. He was terrified.

"Doug, STOP," he bellowed at the top of his lungs. Doug's cock was still dribbling out quantities of cum but his eyes opened and he focused on Onyx.

"Oh man, I don't know what....I'm so....that was fucking AWESOME." Doug beamed and then looked concerned. "Are you okay?"

Onyx looked ruffled but he recovered and gave Doug a reassuring smile. "I'm fine. Sometimes when you play with fire....anyway. WOW that was an experience." Onyx reached back into his pants and pulled his glasses out with one hand concealing a small device in his other hand, "Everything looked blurry for a second,"

"You look weak. Can I help?" Doug leaned forward concerned. Onyx reached up to the bulge of Doug's magnificent shoulders and touched the device to Doug's skin. "Ouch!! What was that?"

"Static. There was a lot of power generated in here." Onyx answered using his glasses to focus to an almost microscopic level he saw the tiny nano device safely bury itself into Doug's pale skin.

Doug blinked trying to focus on the answer. "Hey. I'm feeling a little sleepy. Could we finish the exam another time?"

"Yes that definitely took it out of me too, Doug." he smiled as Doug lay down on a mat on the floor.

"Yeah I'm just gonna close my eyes and think about what we just did," Doug closed his eyes.

Moving quickly Onyx pulled out the hypno gas from his clothes and administered a dose. "That will keep you down a while. My precious investment" •

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