Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle

The Isolation Chamber of Dr. Calgari


By fillups44

Doug felt groggy like he had been given some sort of drug and his body felt tight, constricted. “Eeew what happened?” he groaned. He started to move and felt some sort of resistance around his chest and arms. He pushed a little and the sound of shrieking, rending metal shocked him awake.

“Whaaat?” and he looked around sleepily at the tortured mass of metal bars lying around him. He had been lying on the ground and he guessed that the metal had somehow been around him. He looked down at himself. Two mountainous mounds of hairy striated muscle that were his chest blocked his view of the rest of his body. He gingerly raised his hand and touched the muscle. Hard as a rock and he wasn’t even flexing.

“Oh my god. It wasn’t a dream.” He looked at his arm. His biceps were bigger than his both his legs put together used to be. He looked around him. He was in a medium sized steel room. There was a cot a table and a smaller room with a toilet and sink. Facing him was a heavy duty door that looked like it could withstand the end of the world.

Next to the bathroom there was a very long full length mirror. Doug got up and walked to the mirror. The mirror was too narrow for Doug to see all of his body at the same time. He was simply too wide. But he kept staring and staring. “It can’t be me. But there’s my ugly mug on top of this….this.” words failed him as he surveyed himself. He was gargantuan in every department. His wide, wide thick hairy chest. He bounced the huge muscles and enjoyed the feeling of power they radiated. Doug flexed his arms and watched as the already huge beefy muscle grew as it flexed hard and harder into majestic peaks of muscle, striated with thick veins. His cock grew hard as he stroked the deep hard ridges of his abs and admired his striated waist. “The only part of me that got smaller.” He muttered and his cock stiffened until it was bumping up through the canyon of muscle in his chest. He glanced down slightly and noticed the big mushroom head of it shiny with precum inches from his lips. “Shit.” he muttered. And then looked further down at his magnificent legs, each at least twice as big around as his small waist. He flexed a leg slightly and admired the huge striated teardrop that ran down his thigh. His powerful calves were thick and round and as he moved around he noticed the deep cut diamond like shape. His chest and legs had the same brown hair as before and the trail of hair down his abdomen. Otherwise he was a hairless and as pale as he had been before.

“Janitor,” a crackly voice came over the loudspeaker, “Janitor you have been quarantined. You have been exposed to some unstable elements and we’re trying to determine how much damage you’ve absorbed.”

“Doc, if this is damage, hit me again and again. I’m a muscle god!!!” Doug boomed rattling the furniture in the room.

“This may be temporary,” the voice said waspishly. “You need to understand that you could be in some danger and be a danger to others. We need to run tests.”

“Don’t worry, Doc. I feel amazing. I’ll be good and sit still for your tests though.”

With a hiss of released air, the door behind Doug opened and a small potbellied man in a radiation suit walked into the small room with Doug. Doug could see the small air lock chamber behind him as he carefully closed the door. Doug stared down into the mask and he could see it was one of the athletes, the cute Asian guy. The man was staring at Doug uneasily and said, “Why don’t you put on this. We have already done a visual examination,” and handed Doug some sort of black shorts made out of a stretchy material. Doug pushed and pulled the shorts over he mammoth legs and thought about naked girls until his dick was soft enough to push into the shorts. Even soft, the bulge was gargantuan and incredibly the shorts held and fit him snugly around the waist.

Doug turned back toward the Asian guy and was instantly aware of a peculiar double vision. He could see the youngish man weirdly shrunken and portly and he could also see a shadowy broad shouldered outline of the athlete the man had been. Doug felt a need to touch the man. He extended his hand with a smile, “Hi, I’m Doug. We never got introduced the right way.”

The man looked surprised but feebly took Doug’s hand with his gloved one. “My name is Eryk Dim.” Doug felt a strange surge of power within his body through his hand into Eryk’s hand and watched as Eryk’s frame filled out to its former size. It was as if he had never been in the experiment.

Eryk shook his head and his eyes looked more alert and then frightened. “What am I doing here? What are you?”


Fortunately, Dr. Calgari had had experience dealing with disasters. This hadn’t even been the worst. Everyone was alive more or less (which sometimes was more difficult to deal with). First he gassed everyone with his patented hypno-gas, one of his few inventions that worked almost flawlessly. He gave just enough to the athletes to help them remember they were his lab assistants and not potential litigants. He then gave enough to the janitor to turn several herds of cattle into beefsteak. Dr Calgari had the sinking feeling the stuff even at that strength was not potent enough to kill the stubborn creature so he took the further precaution of putting him into the isolation chamber. It only took all six athletes and a heavy duty forklift to lift the massive hulk. The chamber was made so one could test nuclear explosions inside. He then had his assistants movie heavy bars of galvanized steel and weld them tight around the monster’s body.

“Not a total loss at all,” thought the doctor, “I’m up six assistants and a freak.” He was almost in a cheerful mood until he heard the tortured shriek of steel being rent apart. He flicked on the monitor to survey the inside of the chamber. The creature was moving around. He wondered if it was his imagination but he almost thought he could feel the ground vibrating slightly with the impact of each step the muscle monster took. It was like watching a traffic accident the criss crossing of cables of muscle that ran through the incredibly thick hamstrings as it moved across the chamber towards the mirror. The thing was still human sized at least in height. He guessed it was maybe 7 feet tall. The forklift had been tested with several tons and it had strained to lift the creature so its weight was not human at all at least several thousand pounds. He shook his head in disbelief as he calculated it. He turned his attention to the screen again and watched as the creature began enjoying itself in a bestial way with its oversized organ

Fortunately, it seemed he could reason with the thing. He sent the closest assistant in and smiled as the man obeyed his orders without question. He absentmindedly listened to the exchange between the creature and the man and then suddenly the assistant was outside slamming the air lock door closed. “You---you madman!!!! What have you done to these men?” the man had somehow been restored. He looked back to normal health and aware of his surroundings as well. “What is that THING you created. Is that what you wanted us to become? We’re not freaks.” The man was backing away, as Dr Calgari was reaching under his desk for a tank of hypno gas. “I’m going to take you down Doctor.” He moved with the speed and grace of the gymnast he was and was out the lab door and into the underground installation before Calgari could ready the dose.

He suddenly did feel that slight vibration of floor as if something incredibly huge was moving. “DOC,” a voice thundered and he could hear the speaker sputter as it coped with the decibels of sound trying to force their way through it.

“There’s been a slight problem. “ he answered. The man in there is suffering some sort of reaction. I beg you to calm down until we can actually test you.” He glanced at the monitor as the thing went back to look at itself in the mirror. “You self absorbed moron,” he inwardly sneered and then dashed towards the underground installation exit hoping against hope that the security measures slowed the gymnast down enough so he could intercept him.

The installation was fairly large and the doctor arrived at the exit almost twenty minutes later to see a strange and frightening scene. His former lab assistant lay crumpled on the ground and standing over him was a six foot tall black man in a business suit. The suit hid the man’s body but the doctor could tell he was massively built bigger than most professional bodybuilders. The suit rode awkwardly on the man’s oversized traps and looked visibly stretched over the man’s wide back.

“Hello Doctor Calgari, allow me to introduce myself simply as Onyx, a representative of the Zon Powers Supplement Corporation that is funding your research,” the man rumbled in a deep voice and smiled wide as he shook the Doctor’s hand in a punishing grip that he was obviously trying to keep light. “Unfortunately, this man was a bit hysterical so I had to subdue him. Let’s take him some place where he can recuperate and we can talk.” He easily slung the prostrate athlete over his shoulder and followed the speechless doctor into the installation.

After stowing the former assistant in an examination room with some hypno gas, the doctor sat down across from Onyx who was in his office staring at the video images of the creature who was once again playing with himself. “Doctor, you have created the answer to our prayers.”

“What??” the doctor looked shocked.

“Yes. You may not know it but there is an epidemic out there in the world. There is an epidemic of musclegrowth. For some reason people all over the world are either becoming the victims of bizarre experiments, taking classified supplements or becoming involved in the occult and changing into huge muscle behemoths. Naturally, this messes up the order of things and me and my partner, Zon, have been trying desperately to keep order. Typically these people are young white males and usually not very socially developed. It’s causing problems.

“I, myself, was a pencil neck scientist and my own experiment gave me some superhuman strength although I’m not as strong as most of these behemoths but mostly my partner and I use science to stop these creatures from running amok. We haven’t had a good way to eliminate the danger they represent though, until your creation. He somehow can restore the atomic structure of altered entities. We probably need to test him more and Doctor that’s why I’m here. We need Doug.” •

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