Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle

The Installation of Dr. Calgari


By fillups44

Dr. Calgari was actually humming. Today was the day. Finally, the planning, the pushing, the conniving would all come to fruition. “Thank badness I got a corporate sponsor that doesn’t ask questions,” he thought to himself as he glanced over the pressure gauges and the electronic monitors of his dream project. And why should they, after all? His specifications had been precise and brilliant. His last genetic modification had been very successful before it degraded. Fortunately, he was the only survivor with an intact memory left to talk about it. But still the formula had been practically perfect—if it weren’t for the damned cost cutting. That wasn’t a factor today every thing was top of the line.

He stared frankly at the row of six athletes waiting to go into the modification chamber. Primo specimens to a one and controlled for different racial reactions too. They were to a one well muscled and graceful. They looked eager. They knew that this could make them unstoppable in their various sports. Dr Calgari had to resist running his fingers over the various men as they stripped revealing their bulging chests and chiseled six packs. “Just you wait my pretties,” he chuckled to himself.

“Where do the bedpans go Mr Calgargly?” a harsh, heavy voice broke into his thoughts. He turned from the veritable perfection of the athletes to the squat middle aged janitor whose blue work clothes were straining over his formidable belly.

“It’s DOCTOR Calgari, janitor,” he sneered, “and please put them in the little room behind the installation. And while you’re back there please make sure the storage area is dust and spiderweb free. We need everything as close to sterile as possible.” Doug, the janitor scratched his balding head, “Will do Doc. It’ll take a while that storage area is a filthy hole.” Good thought the doctor with a small smile. That will keep the lug out of the way. It’s too bad he detested cleaning and menial labor so much he had to hire a janitor for a top secret project. However one look at the man’s pasty white unshaven face, beady brown eyes and imbecilic expression made him sure that the janitor was as dumb as paint. “Well then I suggest you get right to it then,” and he turned thankfully away and surveyed the now naked athletes standing in the warmth of the laboratory before his device.

“Men you know that you’ve been selected through a very specific screening process because you are as close to as genetic perfection as I could find. This tested process will allow you to maximize your genetic potential to its utmost. The wonderful thing is once the process is over you will register as a totally natural athlete. No test in the world will be able to discern how you came to your superhuman level of performance. “ The doctor smiled warmly at all the subjects and pressed a button opening the metal door to the large glassed in room filled with clear tubes and pipes. “Now gentlemen please enter and stand on the circular disks in the room.”

The athletes paraded into the room and each took his place on the circle under a nozzle connected to clear tubing. The doctor sealed the room with a push of a button. With a push of another button the clear tubes in the room began to fill with a toxic looking lime green substance and soon the nozzles began misting the substance over the athletes. There was a red blinking light; a small leak in the central pipe. The doctor frowned and looked over the gauges, the athletes would still get an adequate dose. More clean up and he’d have to get some sort safe suit for the lug. He sighed over the inconvenience and then looked up at the athletes. The transformations had begun.

As the misting ended, the green liquid was absorbed into the skin of the athletes. Instantly, each man began to sport a hard erection as the jolt of the formula kicked in. Their veins began to protrude as the substance pumped through their bodies. Their shoulders began to swell outward and their already defined muscles got harder and harder. Then, suddenly, one of the men let out a scream. The erections were going down, not just going down but the men’s penises and balls were shrinking visibly. And the muscles that had been so full and strong were sagging visibly as if now each man was a sack of fat. There was huge bass bestial roar coming from the installation. Just then the building began to shake as if there was a huge impact or major seismic activity and Dr Calgari heard the sound of brick and mortar being rended apart.


It was a weird job but it paid well, Doug thought as he got up. He took a quick look at the clock. Time for a little fun before work. He quickly clicked his remote on the DVD player and started the wrestling video. Batista and Cena were going at it. He watched the two guys’ huge arms as they picked each other up and slammed each other down again. He hooked his hands down on his pants where his cock was bulging. He pulled it out. He was fully nine inches erect. He pumped his hand up and down while watching the wrestling and quickly spouted up streams of cum into his handy towel.

As he went to the bathroom to wash up, he looked at himself in the mirror. “Tomorrow the gym for you, guy. Not interested in the chubby chasers anymore.” He said patting his stomach and opened his collar just a bit to show the dark hair of his chest. He ran a comb through what was left of his dark hair and set off.

At work, his boss was in a testy mood. The guy was obviously a closet case. Doug knew he was a homophobe too. The screening process the Doc used on the athletes made sure all the athletes were straight. But a job is a job and it wasn’t the first time he had worked for phobic guy. The doctor seemed to look angry every time Doug passed in front of him, almost as if Doug’s very presence offended him. Those pretty boy athletes seemed annoyed by him too. Everyone too good for a friendly chat, Doug thought. Doug almost threw the bed pans and walked out on the lot of them.

He carried the lot back to the room. It was a filthy, narrow closet of a room. He would need to pull the shelving out to clean everything out. He wrestled most of the equipment out and started in on the shelves. He pulled the shelving free and noticed a long crack running along the back wall. “Hmm must’ve happened when they put in one of those big experiment things for the Doc, “ he muttered staring at it. And then a thin stream of green gunk spurted out into his face soaking him through his clothes.

“I don’t need this shit,” Doug yelled reaching for a rag to mop up the worst of it. “Is this stuff antifreeze?”

All of the sudden Doug felt a jolt of energy run through his body. It was like someone turned on a current. His body slammed back against the wall. He felt a throbbing pulse run through him. Even though he had just masturbated that morning he felt his penis throbbing into an erection but what an erection. It felt like a shaft of steel. The blood pushing harder than it had ever pushed before. . He heard a ripping sound. Doug gasped as the swollen mushroom head of his cock forced its way through the strong blue fabric. It was huge, thicker and longer than it had been, he could feel the huge weight of his balls between his legs and he let out a sigh of pleasure.

The heat up and down his body. He felt a tremendous tightness all over his chest, shoulders, arms and thighs. His clothes were too tight and he could feel the seams bursting as he grew. The current feeling grew stronger. It felt like he had been linked up to a nuclear reactor.

Again he heard a ripping sound as the fabric of his shirt shredded revealing his chest and shoulders. “What is happening?” Doug gasped. His chest was now made up of two huge round orbs of muscle freakily defined under his dark hair. The muscles were so thick and round that they pouted his now thick peanut sized nipples downwards. A huge deep canyon yawned between the humongous pectoral muscles. He watched them thicken and widen even more. His shoulders were had grown mountainous and were criss-crossed with thick tendons and veins. The word cannonball didn’t even do them justice. And then they began to grow more. He watched his arm muscles widen. The biceps and triceps almost wrestling with each other pushing away the ragged remains of his shirt. He saw the thick straw like vein on his biceps pulsing and nourishing the thick meat of his arms. He felt the muscle on his back rounding and pushing him forward from the wall and he could hear as the fabric rent away from and exposed his back. And then more ripping as his thighs now monstrously with power easily burst his heavy duty jeans. He watched the thick black hairs on his legs moving with the pulse of the blood through the massive and striated tear drop muscles of his legs. And his stomach!! He didn’t recognize it. Sure the same trail of dark hair down the middle but it had become so taut, almost petite and it was ripped at least a ten pack of squared off power. But then his swollen chest muscles began blocking his view.

The power surges began to lessen a bit. Doug decided to stand up. He carefully got to his feet. Difficult, when the power surges hit him again and again. Doug felt trapped in the room. It was so narrow he had to stand sideways. He couldn’t turn back towards the front of the room. His shoulders were too wide. Even standing sideways his chest was pushed up next to the wall and his back was pressing the other way. And his penis was thrusting like a thick, veiny, muscular tree trunk over a foot and a half in front of him.

“Grrrrrrrrrrr!” bellowed Doug in frustration and stamped his massive leg. He was shocked at the bellow that came from him. Deeper and more powerful than his voice had ever been, his voice was more like the enraged growl of an extremely large grizzle bear than a man. When he stamped his leg he could feel the force of it tremor the building around him. The foundation was listing slightly under the force of his unintentional blow.

Doug gently pushed against the side of the wall and the heavy brick and mortar crumbled with a resounding crash. The dust welled up around him and suddenly he was jolted with a huge power surge. Everything looked bright and sparkling and then he lost consciousness. •

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