Brad's Big Change

Brad Goes For It


By FanTCMan

Brad couldn't believe how great he felt walking from the gym floor back to Gary's office. He thought how hesitant he had been about trying this formula, about really doing something with his repressed but insistent fantasy about becoming a huge bodybuilder. Now he was acutely aware of the powerful sexual impact of realizing that fantasy.

He felt how he was walking now, with his huge, rock hard thighs creating this new, rolling gait, and the wide swing of his massive arms colliding with his incredibly thick lats and pecs. He felt the weight of his cock and balls swinging against his thighs, bouncing off them so much lower than before, feeling so much heavier, meatier. Everything he felt was a rush of unbearably intense masculine sexuality. His hard, swollen pecs and biceps were as erotic to him as his cock. He couldn't believe he had been nervous about letting himself go through this, about being made into a musclebound hunk. He just hadn't imagined that real muscle mass would feel so good on his body. And the body hair. It felt so hot, so masculine. And the size of his cock and balls, now. He was still partly hard from his recent display on the gym floor, and he was so fucking horny he couldn't believe it.

The weight of Gary's arm around his shoulder suddenly became his central focus. That gorgeous hunk with the body beyond massive had brought him into the same league, and now was walking beside him, congratulating him.

"So, how do you feel, guy? You did great, and you responded great to the formula. It was amazing to see it work so fast."

Brad still felt a little dizzy from it. "It felt pretty fucking amazing, too."

"You were so nervous beforehand. About getting big like me, and all. Still feel strange about it?"

They arrived at Gary's office. A few guys from the gym were still watching as they went inside and Gary closed the door.

Gary turned and looked at Brad. He really had come through it beautifully. And what a turn-on to watch him change. Now it was just as much a turn-on to see him standing there, totally comfortable with his nakedness, enjoying how his biceps bulged as he flexed his right arm and felt his new muscle, his dick growing hard again. He looked down at his thick, hairy pecs, feeling their massive contours, the silky hair that lay across them. Gary felt his own cock growing hard, pushing on the thin, stretchy fabric of his shorts.

Brad looked up at Gary while he continued to feel his own body. "Do I feel strange? Well, it does seem strange. All of a sudden I'm like a guy I would have fantasized about. I mean, look at these pecs! And these arms! Look at the size of my fucking legs! Shit, man. I love it! I never knew that muscle like this would feel so good."

"It looks real good on you, too." Now Gary's cock was fully hard and his hard-on pressed against his leg and the material of his shorts. "So does that body hair, and that big pair of balls you've grown."

" God, it feels so good, too. It feels so fucking sexy." His dick was fully hard again, jutting straight out from his hairy groin with a distinct upward tilt. "I love this fucking cock, man," he continued. "How long do you think it is? I bet it's eleven inches! And it's so fucking thick!" He grabbed it, flopped it up and down a few times, enjoying how the size of it felt. "Shit, man. It feels so fucking hot. I feel so fucking hot, having a tool like this. I've got to see what it feels like to fuck with it."

Gary was smiling as he listened to Brad. He remembered how it had felt when he first experienced his own enhanced organ. He would give him the thrill of first use right now. He began slowly peeling down his skin tight shorts.

"I don't see why you should have to wait to find out how that feels." He had the shorts pulled down to the point where his belly hair merged into the thick bush of his pubic hair. He stopped, looked up. "Why don't you come over here and help me out of these shorts? It's always more fun when someone else does it."

"Okay, man. Cool." Brad walked over close to Gary, looked him up and down. "You know, you are fucking gorgeous," he said as he ran his hands firmly over Gary's pecs, down his abs, into the tangle of hair, and on down, into the soft fabric, grabbing the huge, hard shaft, lifting it out.

Gary sucked in his breath when Brad pulled out his cock. "Yeah. Go for it, you muscle stud," he said as he grabbed both of Brad's swollen, hairy pecs, working their outer edges hard, rubbing over the silver dollar sized nipples.

Brad loved hearing himself called muscle stud. It still seemed unreal, even though he felt how real his mass and size was. It was incredible to him that he was having sex with this huge, gorgeous muscleman, and that, if he viewed the scene from an objective distance, he could clearly see that he was another huge, gorgeous muscleman. The two of them were a ballet of outrageous, profoundly male eroticism. His sense of sexuality was extremely heightened, the feel of Gary's muscles intensely erotic, the sensation of Gary getting off on his newly huge muscles just as erotic. His drive was nearly unbearable. He pushed Gary back on his desk, threw his legs over his shoulders, and felt like he was hurtling into orbit as he felt his cock, so thick and long, so male, so powerful, plunge its full length into Gary's muscular ass. Fucking with this tool was as intense as he had imagined. Maybe more. As he plunged in and pulled out, pumping harder and harder, watching the hairy hunk beneath him groan with pain and ecstasy, jacking off his own enormous cock, he heard himself almost screaming with the intensity of his pleasure, "YES. YES. OH, FUCK MAN. OH, YES. BIGGER IS DEFINITELY BETTER!! OH, GOD!! OH, YYESSS!!" and he spurted what felt like a quart of cum all over Gary's torso just as Gary came, creaming his hairy chest and abs at the same time.

"You like that, man? I know you did." Gary rubbed the cum all over himself, plastering the hair of his chest and stomach down with its sticky wetness, rubbing some on Brad's chest and abs, too, wetting his hair. He got more off himself onto his hands, and rubbed it all over Brad's groin and his cock. It was still rock hard and throbbing. So was Gary's

"Fuck, Gary. I'm still so horny!"

"Another of the great side effects of that formula. You can go all night, if you want, and it keeps you so horny that you do want it."

Brad grabbed Gary's cock and stroked it, then bent down and took its head into his mouth. It was huge. He forced it as far down his throat as he could, but he couldn't take in its whole length. And it was so thick. He thought it had to be bigger than his. The bigger the hotter, he thought, and he wanted to feel it inside him. And when he did, it was white hot. The most erotic sensation he had ever had. Gary pumped him like he was a toy, and Brad screamed with pleasure. Finally they both came again.

"What do you think, now, Brad? You said it a minute ago. Bigger is definitely better, isn't it?"

"Oh, man. I feel so fucking hot, man. I fucking love this!"

"I knew you would. I could just tell the minute you walked in the door of my office."

"Yeah? How could you tell?"

"Probably by the way you were looking at me, checking out my bod. I could tell my size turned you on, that my bod excited you."

"Yeah, I guess it did. Still does. But I had no idea it could feel so cool, so sexy to be like that."

"If you hadn't thought so, you would never have come here in the first place, and you would never have responded to that posting."

"I guess you're right."

"I know I'm right."

"But now that you mention it, you know what?"

"No, what?"

"You're still bigger than I am. In fact, I think you're a lot bigger than I am. I know your cock is bigger than mine. And your balls. And I can see that you're carrying quite a bit more mass than I have."

"Well, the formula we gave you was designed to accomplish the most extreme morphing of a guy in the fastest possible time. It worked very well in that respect. But I agree that it could have used a bit more punch in the growth end. We might have gone a little shy, been a little too careful with how far we should take it the first time."

"Shit. I thought you would make me as big as you. At least."

"Hang on, there, big guy. We've got plenty of good stuff here. And what we're all about is experimenting. You telling me you want to do more?"

"I'd sure as hell like to be as big as you. How long is your cock?" I want to be at least that big."

"Really? I measure out at fifteen inches, hard."

"I thought so. It looks so hot. What about your chest?"

"What difference do measurements make, man? It's the size, the mass, the weight."

"No shit. What are your arms? About twenty-seven, twenty-eight, I bet."

"Twenty-nine." Gary answered with a grin. "But I think we're going to change that pretty soon."

"What do you mean."

"You know our saying, 'no man can be too muscular'? Well, we're still playing with pushing the limits, going way past genetics. I'm the guy who will put it to the test."

"No shit? How big?"

"Don't know, for sure, till we try it out. We'll probably go in stages and see how far we want to take it, or how far we can take it."

"Need any more volunteers?"

"We'll have to see about that. Meanwhile, since you feel you want to take yourself a little farther, like me, why don't you take this with you and give it a try?" Gary had gone into the small refrigerator behind his desk, had taken out a small vial of clear liquid, and handed it to Brad. "It doesn't have any of the hypnotic in it. You don't need that now, since you know you want to try it again and go for more. You'd probably enjoy doing it at home and just enjoying the experience, now that you know what to expect."

"Cool!" Brad took the vial, and then realized he had no place to put it, no clothes on. His clothes were still on the chair where he'd left them. He tried to put on the shorts, but he couldn't get his leg into them. They both laughed.

"We keep clothes here just for this reason. Things a big guy can wear. Let me give you some things you might like wearing."

Gary went into a cupboard where there were stacks of various shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, posing briefs, and pulled several out.

"These colors okay?"

"Sure, whatever. What are they?"

"We've got some stretch shorts here that should accommodate you. Here's a muscle-T. You want to show off what you've got, now, don't you?"

"Fuck, yes, man."

"I thought so. And here's a couple pairs of posing briefs. If you decide you want to go to the beach or something, or even for working out here, you might find these feel pretty sexy. They're specially made, cut extra skimpy, to show you off to the max, and with a generous basket, to hold all that he-man equipment." He winked as he held them up and put them down on the pile.

"Thanks, man. Let me try on some shorts and one of those muscle-T's." He pulled on a pair of light blue shorts. It felt strange and very hot to him to feel how he filled them up, how they made him aware of just how big and hard his butt had become. He arranged the fabric low on his hips and high on his thighs, just below his crotch. He loved the way they emphasized the muscular lines that angled down either side of his lower abdomen inside his hips, clearly delineating his groin, showing off his new body hair where it thickened and spread and obviously became pubic hair exposed above the waistband. He reached in and adjusted his balls so that the fabric held them up and forward, and fixed his cock so it curved down over his balls with its head lying against his thigh, the rim clearly showing in the thin material. His thighs flared dramatically from the tightly stretched legs of the shorts, creating a sexy background for the erotic bulge of his basket. He felt sexier than he had ever felt in his life. He pulled on the T-shirt, struggling to get his massive arms through the armholes, to pull it down past the wonderful width of his lats and the mounded, thick, hard mass of his pecs. It was cropped so that it came down just to the bottom of his rib cage. He had to adjust the sleeves, which couldn't even cover his bowling ball shoulders. He looked at the way it stretched over his torso, exaggerating his pecs, exposing his hairy abs. He was such a turn-on to himself that he started to get hard again.

"That's one thing that can be a little hard to control," Gary said, laughing at Brad.

"Fuck, man, I don't care. I'm fucking hot. Look at me, man. I am a muscle stud. I fucking love this!" And he pulled out his cock, jacked off as he watched himself in the mirror, and then put it back, soft again, and big and bulging.

"I better go." Brad picked up the clothes, his wallet, and the vial.

"Okay, guy. Have fun. I know you will. And come back in the morning so I can see how it worked for you."

"Yeah, I will. Thanks, man. See you."

Brad went to his car, enjoying every step of the walk, the way he felt in these clothes, the stares that followed him. As he drove, he noticed that everyone who passed him that could see into his car did a double take and stared openly at him. He had always thought he would feel embarrassed to look like a big bodybuilder and get stared at all the time. Now he found that he loved it. He would deliberately, casually push back his hair so he could flex an arm for them to look at. "Yeah," he thought, "Bigger is definitely better. They love it!" And he couldn't wait to get home and do more of that formula, get as big as Gary, feel himself grow. At a stoplight he flexed for a couple of guys sitting next to him that were saying, "Dude! Look at those muscles!" When they pulled away, he felt so hot, he decided not to wait till he got home. He only had a couple miles, and he wanted to feel the stuff in his body. He wanted to know it was in him, that any minute he would start to grow again. He carefully opened the vial and tipped back his head to drain it.

He wondered how long it would take to hit. A few blocks later, sitting at another stoplight with the same two guys sitting next to him, asking him to flex for them again, he started to feel the stoned, excited feeling that it had started with before. He suddenly felt very good, very hot, extremely sexy and horny. The light changed, the two guys turned off at the next corner. Now he was getting that feeling of intense, profound masculinity. He was falling in love again, more, with his muscles, his hair, his cock and balls. He had about a mile to go, and he knew that it would hit full force very soon. He should have waited. No, fuck it. It felt too good. His cock was hard again, and he loved how big it felt. And soon to be bigger. He drove faster, but he knew he didn't want to get stopped now.

Just before the turn that would take him into his neighborhood and about six blocks from home, the burning erupted inside him. He had remembered how good the growing felt, but he had forgotten how intense it was. He clenched his teeth, and then he couldn't hold back a scream as every muscle blazed, nearly exploding with internal pressure. He concentrated on keeping the steering wheel steady, but it suddenly became extremely difficult as his muscles started contracting, flexing, expanding on their own. Finally, a block from home, he had to pull over into an empty space. He clenched his jaws to keep quiet as he locked up his car. He grabbed the clothes, his wallet, and started up the block.

No one was out on the street. He tried to hurry, to get home, to get inside where he could watch himself change. Already, he could feel his legs getting thicker, forcing his gait wider, forcing his legs apart. His arms were heavier, his lats were pushing them out. It felt incredible. He could feel his pecs growing, thickening, widening, stretching the fabric of his shirt. This was fabulous, but he wanted to get inside, not so much to hide as to get to a mirror. He felt the load of his basket getting heavier, straining the fabric of the shorts to its limit. He only had three buildings to go to his apartment when the material of both his shirt and his shorts gave way. The seams burst open violently. His shirt fell away, his shorts fell down, held between his gigantic thighs like a rag. He crossed through the light of the building next to his, looking down at himself. He pulled out what was left of the shorts and let them fall to the sidewalk, and for the brief moment it took to cross to his own building, he felt free and wild and completely erotic in his nakedness. He felt like shouting so all the neighbors could come look. He felt magnificent. His cock was rigid as a steel rod, bouncing before him, big and thick and heavy and wonderful.

Inside, he ran up the three flights of stairs to his apartment. He went straight to his bedroom, to the mirrors that covered the closet doors. He felt on fire, and the fire was pure masculine sexuality. Every cell of his body was alive with a maleness so intense that the muscles themselves felt born from the maleness. His body hair was growing in denser, and it felt amazing. He held off jacking off so he could watch himself grow. His chest was so massive he could barely see past it. His arms were growing bigger and thicker, his back was growing so wide he couldn't believe it. He could feel his butt growing, his neck, his shoulders. His balls were hanging lower and had grown bigger and bigger and were still growing. His cock was growing longer and thicker before his eyes, and it felt so heavy, so meaty, so sexy. He knew what Gary felt like. This was amazing, incredible. The feeling of deeply intense maleness grew as he grew, stronger and stronger, until he was every bit as big as Gary and felt completely overwhelmed by the maleness that flooded him, filled him, made him feel like the essence of unleashed male sexuality, raw, masculine, totally erotic. He struck a most muscular pose and then a double biceps, and what he saw in the mirror was so exciting that his enormous cock exploded in an atomic orgasm, spurting again and again, all over his reflection, and running down the mirror into puddles on the carpet. •

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