Nick (Sequel to JP)

Prologue: A New Page


By luvyalots

“Nick, did you see the ad in the paper?” Ian beamed as he walked through the door to his best friend’s house.

“Dude, are you kidding me?” Nick answered back immediately. “Why do you think I called you over? There’s no way I was going to pass this up.”

The two boys headed excitedly into the kitchen, where the Washington Post was spread out on the table, opened to a page in the local sports section.

Nick Agelakis and Ian Antoncelli had been the closest of friends since first grade. They did everything together: video games, skateboarding, basketball at recess. And now that they were both almost done with sixth grade, they planned to spend the entire summer together before starting junior high.

They were your typical 12-year-olds – full of energy and enthusiasm and excited about the prospect of growing up. They would daydream about what it would be like to play football and wrestle in high school, constantly talking about their high school heroes. And in fact, that was exactly why they were meeting on this particular afternoon in June.

“What did the ad say again?” Ian asked, practically vibrating out of his shoes.

“Central High School is announcing its inaugural Junior High Wrestling Camp,” Nick read aloud. “All boys who are incoming seventh and eighth graders are invited to attend a week-long session with Coach Howard Graves and members of the CHS Spartans Wrestling Team, including District XI Finalist, JP Maloney.”

“Man, I would kill to be taught by him,” Ian broke in. “The guy’s a god!”

“I heard he’s working extra hard to win next year,” Nick exclaimed. “My sister knows him and she said that he’s been training like crazy.”

JP Maloney, just like his brother Ryan had been before him, was the jock king of Central High School – not only for his athletic prowess, but especially for incredibly good looks and amazing body. Every girl wanted him and every guy was jealous of him. And all the boys in Nick and Ian’s school idolized him enormously. Nick had been following his career ever since his humble beginnings as a young freshman and had watched him grow into a phenomenal athlete. Nick would spend hours reading and re-reading every article about JP, daydreaming of a time when he might be able to follow in his footsteps.

“Did you sign up for it already?” Ian asked.

“Of course, I got Chrissy to help me beg my parents.”

“And what did they say?”

“They weren’t sure about the price at first,” Nick explained, “but they figured it would keep me busy during the summer.” His hands were almost shaking from excitement just thinking about it. Imagine, he thought, being in the same room with JP Maloney. “Did you sign up yet?”

Ian shook his head. “But I’m like this close” – he held his fingers about an inch apart – “to getting my mom to say yes.”

“Well, she better let you,” Nick said. “I wouldn’t dare do it without you.”

“What are you two guys talking about?” a female voice called from the next room. And then, Chrissy walked through the kitchen door. She was Nick’s older sister…and an incredibly hot sister at that. At 17, she had a beautiful figure and full breasts that today, were hugged by her tight-fitting tanktop. Ian immediately felt his dick begin to get hard as he watched her glide across the room.

“That wrestling camp JP’s been organizing,” Nick answered his sister’s question.

“Oh yeah,” Chrissy’s face brightened. “He’s been working on that for months. It’s supposed to be awesome. Are you going too, Ian?”

“Huh? Oh…yeah,” he stammered, trying not to stare too obviously at her butt as she bent into the fridge for a bottle of water. Damn, Ian thought to himself, she is banging! Chrissy stood up straight again and smiled warmly; Ian bit his lip. This was still an awkward thing for him, the feeling he got when he looked at a hot girl. Surely, Nick had the same feelings, but he seemed to do a better job at hiding them.

“By the way,” Chrissy mentioned, heading toward the door again, “Nick, it’s your turn to take out the garbage tonight.” And with that, she was gone.

“Ian, will you stop looking at my sister like that,” Nick chided. “It freaks me out.”

“How do you know I’m looking at her?” Ian defended poorly.

“Dude, there’s practically a puddle of your drool on the floor!” He grinned, instantly bringing attention to his dimples. “Nah, it’s cool.”

Ian, still red from embarrassment, looked at his watch. “Shit,” he blurted, “my mom’s gonna want me home soon. I gotta go!”

“Alright,” Nick agreed. “I’ll see you tomorrow in school, then.”

“Yeah,” Ian called behind him as he headed toward the front door and outside to his bike. He rode swiftly through the neighborhood. He only lived a few streets away – close enough to walk – but riding his bike was a lot faster. As soon as he got home, he searched the garage for the paper and flipped through the pages to find the ad. When he did, he crudely tore it out and bounded up the steps into the house.

Ian had actually told a small lie to his best friend. He hadn’t really told his mom anything about the wrestling camp and wasn’t sure if she’d let him do it. He was an only child and his parents sometimes were overprotective. And wrestling might sound like a dangerous thing to them. But everything would be safe and controlled, right?

He burst into the kitchen. “Mom?” he called. No answer. Then, he noticed the note on the kitchen counter. His parents were out until late; dinner was in the fridge. Ian sighed. I guess the wrestling camp would have to wait until later. He stuffed the ad in his pocket and went upstairs to his bedroom.

His backpack was on the bed where he had left if before he hurried over to Nick’s house, but there was no way he was going to do homework when he had the whole house to himself. So, he walked right past it and to his computer. Almost immediately after the Redskins screensaver vanished, an IM box popped up.

BillyBoy: Ian, u there?

It was Billy Freeman. Ian rolled his eyes. He didn’t really want to talk to him right now. Billy was another of Ian’s friends, but he was slow. Until a few years ago, the school had stuck him in the special ed classes, but for some reason, he had been moved up to a regular class. Mainstreaming or something, they called it. Anyway, Nick had been assigned as a buddy to him.

You see, Nick was somewhat of a genius. He had a really high IQ, but his parents never wanted him to skip a grade because they were afraid it would hurt him socially, so he stayed in the same class with Ian. The teachers always thought that Nick would be perfect to help Billy get up to speed with the rest of the class, especially since Nick was constantly looking to be challenged anyway. Therefore, Nick often had to stay after school or spend his lunch period with Billy, tutoring him in whatever subject. Ian would sometimes tag along and that made Billy get the idea that they were best friends.

But as far as Ian was concerned, it was ok. It made him feel smarter, especially since Nick was way beyond him. I mean, it wasn’t that Ian was dumb – in fact, he was also smarter than average – it was just that he sometimes felt stupid next to a genius like Nick.

E-man: hey billy whats up?

BillyBoy: nuthin, just doing homework

E-man: me2

BillyBoy: did you see the ad in the paper for the wresling camp?

E-man: yeah

BillyBoy: u doin it?

E-man: yeah

BillyBoy: me too, I cant wait

E-man: good, I’ll see you there, but I gotta go

BillyBoy: ok, ttyl

Ian sighed and leaned back in his desk chair. At least it was a short conversation, he thought. He looked over his shoulder at the backpack on his bed. He still didn’t fell like doing homework, so he decided to go downstairs and watch TV. As he got up, he happened to glance at the wall mirror on the opposite side of the room. For some reason, he walked over to it and stared at his reflection.

Distantly, he rose his fingers to his forehead and played with the stray hairs between his eyebrows. He hated them; it almost made him look like he had a uni-brow. Why couldn’t he be good-looking like Nick? The kid had perfectly straight teeth, dimples that everyone thought were cute and beautiful hazel eyes. Ian had a plain, pale complexion and boring black eyes. The girls never looked at him, but they always looked at Nick.

Maybe that’s why he didn’t mind hanging around with Billy. He wasn’t ugly or anything, but he looked average, like him. But he knew that all that was going to change soon – maybe this summer. That was the real reason why he wanted to do the wrestling camp. He didn’t know much about the sport itself, but he did know that all the high school wrestlers were chick magnets. And maybe if he got a head start now, he would be one of them by his freshman year.

Thinking this, he smiled at himself and headed downstairs.

Meanwhile, Nick had gone up to his own bedroom once Ian had left. Holding the ad in his hand, he looked at it, reading it to himself for the millionth time. He couldn’t believe that he was actually going to do it, that he was actually going to be getting wrestling lessons from JP Maloney.

Nick went to his desk and, opening up the bottom drawer, pulled out a scrapbook. He flipped over the cover and paged through the newspaper articles and photos of JP in action, reading the words that he practically had committed to memory, gazing at his hero looking up at him from amongst the print.

When he got to the first empty page, he carefully slipped the wrestling camp ad underneath the transparent slip. Then, he drew his eyes over to the previous page across from it: an article detailing JP’s district bout. He had lost it, but the quotes he gave showed that he was just more determined to win next year. A headshot of JP glared seriously at the camera, sheer pride and confidence emanating from his fierce eyes.

Nick admired the lines of his idol’s face, the curl of his lips, the hypnotic gaze of his gorgeous eyes that seemed to command Nick even in black and white. Underneath was a photo of JP during the match, his shredded muscles pumped and bulging, his singlet stretching and expanding under their power. Nick looked at that body and couldn’t take his eyes off of it. It was amazing, the epitome of perfection. Every fiber of muscle, every vein stood out from JP’s body. He truly was a sight to behold. That’s when Nick felt his dick begin to harden.

For as long as he could remember, Nick had been turned on by muscular, gorgeous guys. But at the same time, he would become aroused by a hot girl as well, just like the rest of the guys at school. He couldn’t explain it; it just didn’t make sense. He knew about gay guys and how they liked other men, but was sure they weren’t supposed to be attracted to women, too. For a while, he thought that maybe it was just a phase or just hormones, but lately, it had been getting more apparent. Whenever he would look at a picture of JP or other guys like him, he would feel his penis get stiff. And sometimes, he would even have to go to the bathroom to jack off.

But this time, as he marveled at JP’s muscular physique, he looked back at the wrestling camp ad and felt something new inside him that he also couldn’t explain. It felt like every nerve in his body was jumping with anticipation, like he couldn’t sit still. He looked up at the mirror on his closet door and saw his reflection. Getting an idea, he slowly put the scrapbook aside and stood up.

Glancing briefly back down at JP’s headshot, he tried emulating the same look, the same expression, on his own face. He clenched his teeth together, making his jaw muscles twitch and he glared as menacingly as he could at the mirror as if he was trying to shatter it. He took in a deep breath, feeling his lungs expand, and then let it out. A low, deep scowl escaped from his throat.

He peeked one more time at the photo of JP wrestling and took in another breath, this time deeper and more deliberate. On the exhale, he closed his eyes, tightened his fists into balls and tensed every muscle in his upper body. An electricity seemed to sweep through him, passing through every part of his limbs. Damn, it felt good.

He opened his eyes again and looked at his body. He could almost see the blood pulsing through his forearms as his heart beat faster and harder. Then without thinking, he stripped his T-shirt over his head and stood in front of the mirror bare-chested. He took in another breath, feeling his ribcage expand and seeing his chest get bigger. His cock was pulsing as he watched his body tense up again, every muscle in his torso and arms flexing.

He imagined himself having muscles like JP, being able to flex them and watch them bulge out of his skin. Nick flexed his biceps, he squeezed his chest, he crunched his abs – there was very little muscle under that skin now, but somehow he knew that all that was going to change soon – maybe even this summer. He was going to get big and strong, just like JP Maloney.

Nick smiled at himself and looked back down at the scrapbook. The wrestling camp ad sat by itself on an empty page – a new page that soon would be full of new articles and pictures of the next great athlete of Central High School…Nick Angelakis. •

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