Nick (Sequel to JP)



By luvyalots

Kim walked out of her fifth period algebra class and into the crowded hallways. It was her first day back at school since her breakdown and while she was hesitant in her return, she felt happy to be in amongst a crowd – just another anonymous high school girl in the throngs of teenagers that surrounded her. She no longer felt exposed like she had when she was forced to attach herself to the supermuscular arm of Ian, the over-dominating, roid-pumping freshman jock of Central High School. Now, she felt free – free to do anything she wished – instead of having to answer Ian’s never-ending call for sex night after night.

She shook her head, trying to get the bone-chilling look of her ex-boyfriend’s lustful face out of her mind. God, she had to move on! Kim gazed down the hallway, her eyes falling on Billy Freeman, his tremendous bulk impossible to miss. Immediately, a smile came to her face – it always did when she saw him. Billy was such a sweetheart. Despite his intimidating appearance – the guy was built like a Mack truck – he was very soft-spoken and compassionate.

“Hi, Kim,” he greeted as he came toward her.

“Hey,” she responded, her heart already warming at the sight of his brilliant, boyish smile. There was something different about him. He seemed genuine; he never aimed to impress. He was just himself – and that was more impressive than anything. Frankly, that’s exactly what Kim felt she needed, especially after her recent traumatic ordeal.

“How are you doing?” he asked, his eyes softening as he looked down at her. She instantly felt like she could trust him, like she could tell him anything.

“I’m ok,” she answered softly

“I was wondering,” Billy continued, “if you were, uh, doing anything after school today. I know its Friday and all, but…you know…” Kim reached out and touched his hand – he had a habit of rambling on nervously and she wanted to save him the anxiety. As soon as they touched, she felt the warmth emanating from his skin. She could tell in his eyes that he apparently felt the same thing.

“I’m not doing anything,” she said, watching him fondly. He gave a sheepish grin. “Why?”

“Do you wanna…” he shrugged his massive shoulders, “do you feel like, you know, getting somethin’ to eat somewhere?”

“You mean, like a date?” she peered up at him expectantly.

“Well, not really a date,” he immediately replied. “Just, you know, Five Guys or something.”

“Sure,” she remarked sweetly.

“Great,” he grinned. “I’ll see you later.” And then, the two parted ways to go to their next class, though their eyes lingered a little longer.

“So, I heard you and Kim went out together after school yesterday,” Nick remarked to Billy in his basement gym as they prepared for the day’s workout. Billy looked up sharply, a sudden expression of guilt on his face. Nick couldn’t help but smile to himself.

“Do you think it was too early to ask her out?” the larger boy asked.

“Nah,” Nick shook his head, peeling his tanktop over his head, his steel pecs automatically bouncing as he did. “You’re the kind of guy she needs right now.” Billy looked at him with puzzled eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Billy, you’re the most decent guy I know,” Nick explained. “It’s never about you. You only care about everyone else. You always have.” He dropped his voice to a near-whisper. “That’s what I like about you, man.” It was true; Billy had always put his friends first, ever since they were little kids. If only other people were like that, Nick said to himself as he thought of Brandon. Yeah, Brandon was insanely hot and a cool guy…but he had a knack for being egocentric sometimes. And that side of him certainly came out when Nick had decided to help Ian recover from his heroin addiction. Didn’t he see that he was just trying to be a good friend…and make up for ignoring Ian for so long?

“What you thinking about?” Billy asked, bringing Nick back to the present.

“Oh,” he snapped out of it, “nothing. So, let me guess. You took her to Five Guys.” Billy’s face turned red with embarrassment. Nick knew how much he loved that place…and their burgers. They were the perfect size for him – big and beefy. He laughed, picturing Billy chowing down on a tableful of GigaBurgers with a disgusted Kim staring wide-eyed at him.

“What?” Billy looked confused, but then soon caught on and started laughing himself, his huge musclegut shaking along. “No, I only ate four.” Nick shook his head. Only four…

“Nicolas!” Nick’s mom suddenly called down from the basement door. “Greg is here! Would you like me to send him down?”

“Yeah, mom!” he answered, eagerly jogging to the bottom of the steps. So Greg had decided to come over and workout; he had seemed a tad apprehensive about the whole thing. Who wouldn’t be – lifting weights with two of the biggest, strongest jocks in school was a little daunting to someone of Greg’s small stature. But Nick was glad he was here. “Greg, come on down!” The skinny boy nervously came down the stairs. “How ya doin’, man?” Nick asked him cheerfully.

“Alright,” Greg acknowledged, sounding as if he were out of his league. Well, the two of them did look kind of ridiculous standing next to each other. Nick was more than twice his size – 218 pounds of rock-hard, bulging, rippling muscle dwarfing Greg’s 120 pounds of skin and bones. But Nick knew that would change soon enough.

“Greg, this is Billy Freeman,” he introduced his two friends. “Billy, this is Greg Hazelton. He was in the musical this year.”

“Hi,” Billy extended a hand to shake. Be gentle now, Nick mentally warned him. Greg stared at that arm in half-awe, half-fear.

“Holy crap,” he muttered. “Your arms are bigger than my legs!” Billy suddenly bit his lip, looking down at his feet.

“You should see him in football pads,” Nick laughed. Greg looked up at him in sheer respect. It was obvious the kid was living a dream. He adored Nick like crazy and would love to become even a fraction of the man he was. But then, his face fell and his thin shoulders hunched over again. “What’s wrong, dude?” Nick asked.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Greg sighed, tucking his long brown hair behind his ears.

“What are you talking about?” Nick tried to cheer him up. The kid needed an ice breaker…and he knew just the thing. “We’ll be starting with legs today, so why don’t we stretch them out first?” Nick knew this was something Greg was comfortable with from his background in dance. And sure enough, he was easily able to extend his hands far past his toes, his chest just touching his knees.

“Whoa,” Billy gasped, “how do you do that?” Greg shrugged.

“It’s easy for me,” he replied softly, “always has been.” That’s when he got the sparkle in his eye that Nick was looking for. “You wanna see what else I can do?” Immediately, he stood up, bent one leg behind his back, grabbed it with his hands and pulled it almost to the back of his head. Billy’s mouth dropped open in shock as if it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.

“Ok,” Nick chuckled, “you don’t want to overextend yourself.” Although, he knew that would be next to impossible for someone as extremely flexible as Greg. “Before we start lifting,” he continued, “let’s do measurements. That way, we can track our progress over the summer. Greg, we’ll start with you…take off your shirt.” Greg blinked, hesitating for a moment, but then he stripped his T-shirt over his head. Nick’s eyebrows went up. The kid actually had a nice body already: his shoulders and arms were thin and his skin was pale white, but his waist was tight and trim and he even had a faint six-pack. “Wow, Greg,” Nick said, “you have a really good base. I can just see you packing on muscle easy.”

“Really?” The boy face brightened, completely blown away by the compliment.

“Yeah,” Nick nodded. “But right now, let’s see where you’re starting.” And with that, he got out a tape measure and began taking Greg’s stats. He was a little reluctant at first, especially after learning his arms were just barely over 11 inches and his chest was only 32 inches around. He was small – especially for a 16-year-old – but even Nick was impressed with how little bodyfat he had. Greg’s waist was exactly 25 inches and his legs were well-toned – thanks to years of dancing – at 19 inches around.

Next, they measured Nick and as expected, his stats were beyond comparison: 54-inch chest, 29-inch waist, 29-inch thighs and 20-inch biceps.

“Oh, my God!” Greg shouted when he read Nick’s arm measurements. “Your arms are bigger than my legs!” Nick grinned sheepishly.

“It won’t stay that way for long,” he replied.

Finally, they moved on to Billy, beginning with his chest. But when Nick wrapped the tape around it, the ends didn’t meet. They stopped about an inch short of each other.

“Holy shit!” he blurted. “This is a 60-inch tape measure!”

“That means my chest is bigger than 60 inches!” Billy grinned. He looked down, his chin pressed up against his thick pecs. “It looks like 61maybe?”

“Just about.” Nick could only shake his head. He glanced over at Greg who was staring wide-eyed at the behemoth that stood before him. A 60+ inch chest…was that possible on a 15-year-old? And the rest of Billy was just as big: 22.5 inch arms, 38-inch waist and 30-inch thighs. “Alright, let’s get started.”

The trio – two massive muscle hunks and one skinny, but well-toned kid – began their workout session. Nick had wisely decided to start Greg out on leg day – squats, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls and calf raises – because he knew they would be the strongest part of his body. On each exercise, Nick would first demonstrate how to do each one and then have Greg do a set with a weight light enough to manage. Once he got the technique, they’d up the weight a bit, pushing him to just above his comfort level. Nick didn’t want to push too much too early; he wasn’t sure how he would take to it.

Once Greg was resting, it was Nick and Billy’s turn. They would load on the weight, adding three, four, five, six plates on each machine. They were unimaginably strong to Greg and he would watch in awe as they pushed hundreds of pounds up and down over and over again, their gigantic thighs bulging with sheer power, the thick ridges of muscle – particularly in Nick’s legs – getting more and more pumped with each rep. Well, they didn’t get that big doing nothing. By the end of the morning, their legs looked flushed and were covered in veins.

“I’m getting really hungry,” Greg commented, holding his rumbling stomach.

“That’s good,” Nick grinned. “That means your body wants fuel.” He came over to Greg and placed a sweaty arm around his shoulders. “And all that fuel’s gonna turn into muscle, just you watch.” Then with a comical growl, Nick flexed his huge biceps in front of the boy’s face. Greg looked like he was about to pee in his pants and delicately reached up to touch the hardest muscle he had ever felt.

The three teens went upstairs where Nick’s mom had lunch all ready. Nick could tell Greg was hungrier than he had ever been in his life as he gobbled up the protein-rich meal that Mrs. Angelakis had prepared. The kid’s going to be growing fast, he thought to himself.

Suddenly, the front door slammed and Erin ran into the kitchen, making a beeline for her boyfriend. Before he even had a chance to fully stand up, she planted a long, tongue-filled kiss on his lips. Shit! His heart instantly began racing a mile a minute.

“I can feel your muscles growing inside,” she whispered in his ear, sending a barrage of chills down his spine. He gazed into her deep, brown eyes and melted.

“Whoa, guys,” Greg spoke up from across the table. Erin blinked and looked over at him.

“Oh, hey, Greg,” she greeted, smiling sweetly. Greg smiled back. “I hope my boyfriend didn’t beat you up down there.” He shook his head.

“Nah,” he replied. “It was kinda fun actually. I only feel a little sore.” Nick could tell that there was something different in the way he spoke. He seemed more sure of himself, less insecure. He no longer struggled to get a complete sentence out. One day in the gym and he was already building not only his body, but his confidence as well.

“Cool,” Erin answered before turning back to Nick. “I just spoke to Chrissy.”

“Oh yeah? How’s Ian doing?” he asked.

“He’s doing ok. He probably won’t be back in school for the rest of the year, but he’s planning on making it up in summer school.” She placed a hand behind Nick’s head. He could tell she respected him for sticking by his friend in a time when he needed him the most. “By the way,” she went on, “he wanted to know if you could stop by school and clean out his gym locker.”

“Sure,” Nick nodded. “Should I meet you somewhere later?” Erin grinned, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

“Actually, I have an interest meeting for color guard.”

“That’s the people who spin those flags and rifles in the marching band, right?” Greg interjected jovially, his mouth still full of food. Erin turned to him and smiled.

“Yeah. You want to join?”

“Do they allow boys?” he asked, his eyebrows arching up expressively.

“I don’t see why not,” Erin answered. “The band’s doing Carmen next year for their show, so I’m sure they’d love to have a guy in the color guard.” Greg beamed brightly.

“Cool, maybe I’ll go with you!” Erin looked back at Nick in amazement, as if to say, What did you do to the kid? Nick knew what she meant. Before Greg had ever really known him, he never would’ve so earnestly volunteered for something like color guard. He already was a different guy.

“Well, then,” Erin chirped as she made her way toward the door, “I guess I’ll see both of you boys later.”

Brandon walked into his house, taking off his sweat-stained muscle shirt as he closed the door. Sometimes it felt good to just go for a hard run, even if he wasn’t really training for anything in particular. It got his mind off of everything that was going on at school. In fact, that’s how Brandon dealt with a lot of things – just lift some weights or jog a few miles and he would begin to feel better. It was something he got from his dad. He went into the den to catch a few minutes of TV and let his glistening, naked torso air out before he went to the school weight room for a few hours.

“Brandon,” his dad said. He hadn’t even noticed his dad standing in the doorway to the kitchen and he suddenly felt exposed. It wasn’t because he was standing in the middle of the room wearing only his running shorts – that was his usual attire at home. It was the way his name came out of his father’s mouth. “You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Brandon lied and turned back toward the TV.

“You’ve been working out alone lately,” his dad continued. “That’s what you do when something is bothering you.” Brandon flexed his jaw and peered down at his forearms, emptily tracing the veins underneath his golden tan skin. He knew his dad; he wasn’t going to let it go until he told him what was on his mind. That was how he did things – he kept plugging away until it was done. Brandon sighed.

“You remember what happened with Ian Antoncelli,” he began, still not making eye contact.

“Yeah,” his dad nodded in recollection. “It’s a shame what happened to that boy.”

“That’s just it,” Brandon fired back, rolling his eyes. “Everyone’s feeling sorry for him. They forgot that he was the one who plotted to get me kicked off the football team!” He swung around and threw his shirt on the sofa, making it flop heavily against a pillow. “And Nick’s the worst,” he went on. “He’s helping the bastard. He and his sister and Erin.” It just didn’t seem fair; shouldn’t Ian get what he deserved?

“Brandon,” his dad answered calmly, a small smile forming on his face, “I forget how self-centered you are sometimes.” Brandon glared at him. What the fuck was he saying? “Son…”

“Oh, don’t start with that fatherly crap,” Brandon protested, though deep down he knew it was what he needed.

“Brandon,” his father tried again, “I was the same way. When I met your mom, she was perfect…and I just knew I deserved her.” Brandon looked back at his dad; whenever he brought her up, he had to listen out of respect. “When she…died,” he continued, somewhat painfully, “I realized that I had always taken her for granted.” He paused to place his hand on his son’s round shoulder. “Nick is a great guy, a true friend…and the fact that he’s helping out someone who wronged him in the past is a testament to that. Your friendship with him is too important to throw away.” Brandon stood there, silently looking into his father’s eyes. He was probably right; he usually was. I’m probably just being stubborn, he thought.

“I’m going to workout now,” he finally said. “I’ll be back in a few hours.” And then, he grabbed his gym bag and ran out the door.

Nick finished dumping all of Ian’s gym locker stuff into a bag and closed the locker door. It was a shame he wouldn’t be coming back to school until September – and even then, he probably wouldn’t be on the football team next season. Despite his sins, Ian was a good guy; Nick knew the temptations were just too great for him to overcome. And I didn’t even notice it, he cursed himself. But he’d make it up to him. He would personally help get Ian through rehab, making sure he didn’t relapse.

He was just about to leave when he heard the showers turn on. Who was taking a shower now, he wondered. Quietly, he snuck toward the shower bay and peeked around the corner. Instantly, he felt his blood begin to race, his heart pumping wildly. Brandon was standing under the running water, completely naked, his flawlessly muscled body shimmering under the dim light. Nick couldn’t take his eyes off of him and for a brief moment, he forgot where he was. Brandon was so beautiful, the most gorgeous boy ever created. There was not a single imperfection on him, every muscle was exquisitely carved, from his broad, muscle-capped shoulders to his diamond-shaped calves. His face looked angelic as he held it under the water, his eyes closed. His cheekbones and jaw were strong, yet they gave off a cherubic glow. His full red lips looked so sexy in their pout that Nick had to fight the urge to run up and kiss him. And then there was his cock. Never in history was there an organ so beautiful. Thick and heavy, it hung down six inches flaccid between his chiseled thighs, swaying gently as he shifted his weight. His balls loomed behind it, hanging low, almost the size of small oranges. Nick’s own cock began to get hard at the sight of him.

“Oh, shit!” Brandon suddenly yelped, having finally seen Nick leaning against the wall. Nick jumped and immediately looked away, embarrassed.

“Sorry, man,” he muttered.

“Jesus Christ!” Brandon exclaimed. “You scared the crap out of me!”

“I’ll just go now,” Nick began to head toward the door, but Brandon came forward.

“Wait!” Nick turned back…and noticed that Brandon’s cock was half-hard and getting bigger by the second. Was he getting turned on by me, he wondered. “I need to talk to you,” Brandon said.

“Yeah,” Nick choked, struggling to get the word out of his throat.

“I’m sorry,” Brandon continued, taking another step toward him. “I’ve been a jerk.” They were only a foot from each other and Nick’s heart was beating rapidly in his chest.

“It’s alright,” he replied distantly, completely taken by Brandon’s baby blue eyes. Their hands met and instantly, Nick began to feel his friend’s warmth pass into him. Both of them knew what was going to happen next, but neither could stop it from happening. Nick leaned forward and began to kiss Brandon on the lips, their strong tongues playing passionately with one another inside their mouths. Brandon’s wet arms wrapped around Nick’s waist, their pecs pressing up against each other, soaking his shirt.

“We can’t do this,” Brandon breathed between kisses.

“I can’t help it,” Nick replied, diving his hand through Brandon’s blond hair.

“Me neither,” he hissed. Suddenly, in a fit of ecstasy, Nick pushed Brandon up against the wall, ripping off his shirt and shorts in the process. He wanted all of Brandon; he wanted Brandon to feel all of him. Nick could feel Brandon’s 13-inch cock poking his rock-hard abs – his own 10-and-a-half incher was nudged against Brandon’s inner thigh. Blindly, he lunged for the monster, aching to feel its incredible thickness – nearly as thick as a soda can. He could barely get his fingers around it as he stroked it fervently, pressing his lips even further into him. The two superjocks groaned as then groped each other with wild desire. Hard muscle rubbed against hard muscle, creating such heat, they began to perspire, their sweat mixing together as they embraced. Suddenly, Brandon’s cock erupted in a geyser of jism, ten gigantic spurts of his genetically superior cum shooting high into the air and showering the pair. But Nick didn’t want to let go. Then, his own dick exploded eight loads of his own spunk up along Brandon’s buttcrack. The two boys screamed out as they orgasmed, both overwhelmed by each other’s lust.

“Fuck,” Nick hissed when it was all over, his huge chest heaving up and down.

“Nick,” Brandon reached over, giving him his “I want you” look. Jesus Christ! He was hard already, his 13-inch boner pointing straight up into the air. Immediately, Nick began to get hard again. “Nick, I want you to fuck me.” How could he say no? How could he not give himself up to the most gorgeous guy he had ever laid eyes on? He nodded slowly and Brandon turned his body, placing his palms against the shower wall. Nick looked down at his friend’s ass and almost cried at its beauty. The two half globes of steel muscle were calling to him. Tenderly, he cupped his hands around them, taking in every inch of their bubble butt perfection. Closing his eyes, he glided his lips along Brandon’s traps.

“Oh, my God,” he whispered. Then, he reared back his hips and inserted his throbbing cock up his best friend’s ass. Brandon breathed in sharply, titled his head back, his sexy wrestler’s neck expanding outward. Nick kissed it, sucking on the cords of muscle that made it wide and thick. With each millimeter he pushed, a wave of electricity swept through every part of his body…and he knew Brandon was feeling the very same thing. It almost paralyzed him. Just then, Brandon reached a hand around and grabbed Nick’s ass. He had no choice but to shove all 10 and a half inches up Brandon’s anus. Brandon screamed out in half-pain, half-ecstasy. He had done this before, Nick knew, and he knew what to do. Clutching onto Brandon’s ripped abs, Nick began pumping him, gyrating his pelvis back and forth, each time getting harder and harder, faster and faster. Pretty soon, he was railing him so fast and so hard that Brandon’s pecs were smacking against the tile wall, their concrete hardness making a high-pitched slap that echoed through the showers.

Finally, Nick spewed, releasing what seemed like gallons and gallons of cum into Brandon. Brandon let out a primal grunt, letting go his own mammoth load. Completely exhausted, the two boys slumped to the floor, barely able to sit up. It was unlike anything Nick had ever done; he had never had sex this hard, but Brandon was a jock just like him – it had to be hard. All of a sudden, Nick sat up, his eyes wide with fear.

“Oh, shit!” he exclaimed. “Oh, fuck!”

“What is it?” Brandon asked, fatigued.

“Erin,” Nick breathed, a foul taste coming to his mouth. He had just had sex with someone other than his girlfriend! What would she do if she found out? “I…I have to go,” he sputtered, gathering up his clothes and stumbling out of the showers.

“Nick, wait,” Brandon called after him, but his bare feet kept slipping on the mixture of water, sweat and semen that covered the shower floor.

“I can’t!” Nick said hoarsely, almost in tears. “I gotta go!” And with that, he was gone. Brandon slowly pulled himself to his feet, still breathing hard from the most amazing sex he had ever had. It wasn’t the first he had been fucked by a guy, but never had someone like Nick, someone who was a musclebound god, fucked him. His ass ached from the penetration of Nick’s huge, thick cock, but that wasn’t what hurt the most. He had betrayed his best friend. Yeah, he had given Nick what he wanted, but only what his body wanted. Brandon knew Nick was in love with Erin and would never cheat on her. So why did having sex with him feel so good? Nothing made sense. Brandon held his head, sensing a headache about to come on. He was supposed to make up with Nick, not make out with him.

Sullenly, Brandon cleaned himself off, put on clean clothes and went outside. As he biked home, he tried not to think about the events of the last hour. He would talk to Nick in school on Monday, tell him it was a mistake and that it would never happen again. He hung his bike up in the garage and headed inside the house. He was about to go upstairs when he passed the kitchen. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his dad sitting at the table, a letter in his hand. His eyes were red and puffy. Puzzled, Brandon walked into the room and peered down at him.

“What’s wrong, dad?” he asked worriedly. His dad swallowed and took in an unsteady breath.

“We just got this in the mail,” he said and handed Brandon the letter. As he glanced over it quickly, his mouth dropped open in shock. “Brandon, there’s something you need to know, something your mom and I had never told you.” •

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