Nick (Sequel to JP)

A New Stage


By luvyalots

Ryan paced the floor of his bedroom, cell phone in hand. Ashley was the only thing on his mind. He couldn’t stop thinking about her; she was so beautiful. He had simply never met a girl so perfect in all his life. But lately, things had changed. Just as they were about to reach a new stage in their relationship, she seemed to suddenly withdraw. She wasn’t answering his phone calls or his e-mails and the few times he saw her in class, she seemed scared to even be talking to him. The long conversations over coffee – a routine they had been carrying on for months – had abruptly ceased and they hadn’t gone on a date together for over a week. And then there was the night she broke into tears when he told her about his past. He couldn’t figure out what was going on. Was it something he said or did? Or was it something else?

Staring down at the phone, Ryan debated on whether to call her again or not. Maybe she found someone else, he thought with dread. For so long a girl hadn’t rejected him, that he had forgotten what it felt like – that feeling of a broken heart, when someone you love suddenly tells you it wasn’t meant to be. But it was meant to be, he told himself. He knew from the moment he first laid eyes on her that they were perfect for each other. So why was this happening? Closing his eyes, he dialed her number and listened. Sure enough, after a few rings, it went to her voicemail.

“Ashley,” he began after the beep, “it’s Ryan. I need to talk to you.” He didn’t know what to say next, so he said the one thing he could think of.

“I miss you.”

Ashley shut her eyes as she heard Ryan’s voice over the answering machine, her feet curl up on her couch, tears flowing down her cheeks. The TV was on low, but she wasn’t watching anyway. The velvety sound of Ryan’s deep voice echoed through her mind. She couldn’t stop thinking about him; he was simply the most perfect guy she had ever met in her life. But why would she burst into tears, shuddering uncontrollably whenever she saw him? She knew why…Brionna.

Ashley had tried her hardest to cut herself off from that part of her past. Why did it have to come back and haunt her when her life was finally headed in the right direction? Why did that bitch of a sister have to force her way into her life again? It just didn’t seem fair. She knew she was in love with Ryan; she was certain that they were meant for each other. So why was it impossible for their relationship to reach that next stage? She was afraid to even talk to Ryan for fear that Brionna was planning something behind his back; concocting some plan to get back at him. Ashley just didn’t want to get caught in the middle of it again. She was done with it.

Sadly, she reached over and deleted Ryan’s message from her answering machine.

Matt searched the gym for Chrissy, finding her at last sitting near the top of the bleachers. Being back in the high school for a wrestling match brought back fond memories. He used to come all the time to watch his boyfriend wrestle, cheering him on to victory, admiring his flawless body from the stands. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked around. Some things were different however, the bleachers were packed with fans; the Central High School Spartans had become a powerhouse in the sport, a far cry from the days JP first started wrestling.

“Hey, Chrissy,” he greeted his old friend.

“Matt!” she shrieked, jumping up to hug him tightly. Chrissy looked fantastic – exactly like she always had in high school. The two had been close; she was one of the very few people to know that he and JP were gay. “You look amazing,” she observed, glancing down at his body. Matt immediately blushed. “No, seriously,” Chrissy went on, “you’ve obviously been spending some time in the gym. What you weighting these days?”

“About 170,” Matt replied.

“And all muscle, too, it looks like.” She flashed him a broad smile and leaned closer. “You must have a lotta guys after you,” she whispered in his ear. Matt shrugged, knowing that he would always have JP and no one else. “By the way, where is JP?”

“He’s still in the sports lobby,” Matt laughed, “signing autographs.” JP was somewhat of a local celebrity, having been responsible for the sudden emergence of the Spartans as a wrestling power. And with his added success at Ohio State, he had adoring fans almost everywhere he went. “There he is,” Matt spotted him coming toward them, talking to a gigantic linebacker-sized boy who he didn’t recognize. But Matt was mainly staring at his boyfriend. He looked immaculate in the blue and white Spartan Wrestling T-shirt that hugged his heavily muscled torso, his massive arms filling the sleeves, his huge pecs distorting the print. Matt tried to hide the hard-on that raged in his jeans.

“Hi, Chrissy,” JP grinned as he kissed the girl on the cheek. As she kissed him back, her eyes widened as she looked at the boy he had been talking to.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed. And that’s when it dawned on Matt who he was.

“Jesus Christ!” he blurted. “Billy Freeman?” The kid was downright enormous. He was well over six feet tall and nearly made even JP look of normal size. His chest was full and beefy with incredibly broad shoulders and thick pecs, his arms were like giants hams as they dangled away from his sides. Damn, they practically look bigger my own legs, Matt thought. Billy had grown big…big in every since of the word. “The last time I saw you, you were still a little kid,” Matt said, shaking his head. “What happened?”

“I hit the weights,” Billy shrugged, grinning sheepishly.

“Hard, obviously.” Then, he stared down at the five hot dogs Billy carried in his arms. “Don’t tell me you’re going to eat all that.” Billy grinned again and nodded.

“I’m trying to bulk up,” he explained. “I wanna get to 250 by track season. I’m doin’ the shot put,” he announced proudly. Matt could only shake his head some more. He suddenly felt tiny next to the two teen behemoths that towered over him.

“Hey,” Chrissy interjected, “the team’s coming out.” As the Varsity wrestling team filed out of the locker room, the crowd roared. It was astounding how much support they had now that they were wildly successful. Not only that, but the guys on the team actually looked bigger and stronger.

“Which one’s your brother?” Matt asked Chrissy.

“Right over there,” she pointed, “by the door.” Sure enough, Nick turned around and gazed distantly up at the ceiling. Matt nearly fell over at the size of him. He was still wearing his warm-up suit, but the musculature underneath was obvious by the width of his shoulders and thickness of his neck. And then there was his face…Matt had heard how popular the kid had gotten in high school, despite being only a freshman, and he could immediately see why. Nick had a pair of the most hypnotic eyes Matt had ever seen; they seemed to capture your attention with one glance. “He’s wrestling 215 this year,” Chrissy continued. “He’s gotten so big, I can’t even believe it.” Matt nodded in agreement. He remembered Nick when he was still an adorable, chirpy kid and now he was a living Greek god. Then, a much smaller boy came over to him and the two began talking.

“Is that Kyle Backton standing next to him?” JP asked, nodding toward the second wrestler who must have made a joke something; Nick laughed, showing his brilliant smile.

“Tyler’s little brother?” Chrissy looked at him. “Yeah, he’s 112. Very talented.” Kyle began unzipping his warm-up suit, while still talking animatedly. “He’s obviously not the size his brother was, but he’s in ridiculous shape.” Sure enough, Kyle’s body was ripped to shreds. Every cut and striation was clearly visible, even from the stands. When he laughed, his abs tensed so tightly, they looked like six solid bricks under his paper-thin skin. Suddenly, he comically flexed his biceps in front of Nick’s face – Matt could only imagine what Kyle’s story could have been about – and a ball of muscle the size of an orange jumped out. Nick laughed and lifted his own arms, flexing them with a silly expression on his face. The sleeves of the jacket rose dramatically to make way for what had to be a massive pair of biceps. Kyle laughed even harder, shifting his legs to keep his balance – every muscle and tendon in his thighs twitching as he did. He pulled up the straps of his singlet and began to get ready for his match.

“I like the new uniforms,” JP quipped. “They look really sweet.” Matt agreed; they really did bring out the best in a wrestler’s body. The neckline dipped down to the top of the abs – showing off Kyle’s square pecs and chiseled shoulders – and the stylized Spartan head on the back looked awesome.

“I wonder what you would have looked like in that,” Matt leaned over and whispered to his boyfriend. JP grinned and blushed. Matt could feel his dick hardening in his pants at the thought of it.

The group watched the team as they obliterated their opponent. By the time the 189-pound match came around, the Spartans were undefeated. All the news Matt had been hearing about them were true; they were extremely talented. And the fact that many of the wrestlers were underclassmen meant that the team would only get better.

“You gotta check out this new guy,” Billy commented between mouthfuls of hot dog. “Brandon Jones, that kid from Indiana? He’s sick!” Chrissy nodded.

“He and Nick are best friends, but Brandon’s supposed to be some kind of athletic prodigy.” There was a deep expression of reverence on her face. “They say he has dozens of trophies from something like a dozen different sports.”

“Shit,” Matt shook his head. He couldn’t believe what his old alma mater had become. Central High School used to suck at sports and now they were brimming with star athletes. As big as Nick was, Brandon was nearly his size…and he was a drop-dead gorgeous hunk, too. The singlet fit him perfectly, displaying his meaty pecs and bulging arms, his little bubble but and…oh my God! Matt bit his lip when he saw the boy’s bulge in his crotch. It was HUGE! It looked bigger than even JP’s, but was that possible? What the hell is in the water around here, he thought. There was one thing, however. If they were best friends, how come they never even so much as looked at each other; they stood on opposite sides of the team’s area, as if they were avoiding one another. Matt decided not to say anything. Either way, it didn’t affect his wrestling skills since he also decimated his opponent, winning 15-7.

“Nick’s up next,” Chrissy announced giddily. That’s when every eye in the gym was on Chrissy’s little brother…though he was not so little anymore. Gasps and shrieks of teenage girls could be heard as he slipped off his warm-up suit. Matt’s mouth dropped open at the boy’s stunning physique; it even rivaled his own boyfriend’s. JP nudged him in the side and he looked over at him. He was smiling proudly; he had mentored the young stud from the beginning.

Nick Angelakis was simply an Adonis. He had more than just perfect looks; he had the perfect body. Every muscle was highly developed, from his high-arcing traps to his diamond-shaped calves. His chest was big and ripped, his shoulders were like cannon balls. Each individual muscle in his biceps and triceps stood out in bold relief. His abs were disgustingly chiseled and his legs were gigantic, bulging with what had to be unlimited power and strength. Nick had become like JP…at only 14 years old. He was the next generation of human perfection, the next stage of evolution, perhaps.

And then he stepped onto the mat. You knew immediately that it was his turf; no one was going to best him. His opponent looked utterly scared, despite being a well-built kid himself. As soon as the whistle was blown, Nick had him on the floor fighting for his life. Every move, every hold was so textbook perfect, it was like watching a professional. The other guy didn’t stand a chance against the sheer strength and agility of Nick Angelakis. All he could do was pray for the match to end quickly. But Nick – no doubt with intention of racking points up for the team – refused to pin him, despite several blatant opportunities. In fact, he ended up winning 27-3. When the referee raised his hand in victory, the crowd erupted in pandemonium; Nick pumped his fists, flexing his peaked biceps, as an army of girls shouted his name.

“Holy shit,” Matt said aloud, as he added up the score at the end of the night. The Spartans had out-wrestled the opposing team 130-28. He had never before seen anything like it.

“Pretty wild, huh?” JP chided. Matt glanced over at his boyfriend. It was all his doing; he had been the one who started the team in this direction. It was because of him that they had become dominators. “Where’s the kid goin’?” he asked Chrissy, watching Nick as he jogged back into the locker room.

“Where do you think?” Chrissy smirked. “He and Erin always meet up after every match. God only knows what they do together after all that.”

Nick and Erin’s grunts echoed through the boys’ bathroom in a far corner of the high school as they had sex in one of the stalls. His right hand held her thigh, his other hand feverishly groping her breasts, as he pounded her cunt with his thick, 10-inch cock. Erin wrapped her slender arms around his wide torso, her fingers tightly clutching his rock-hard ass. Their mouths desperately explored each other in a frenzied display of passion. Then, Erin shrieked as the two simultaneously reached their orgasms, their bodies shuddering uncontrollably. Nick backed her into the wall of the stall, making it creak on his supports.

“Damn,” Erin gasped, trying to catch her breath as Nick pulled out and began pulling the condom off his still-dripping dick. The two couldn’t get enough of each other. After each and every wrestling match, Nick would steal Erin away to a secluded bathroom and fuck her nearly senseless in a fit of ecstasy. But Erin of course didn’t mind. In fact, they had been having sex almost every time they saw each other – every morning before school, during lunch period, after school ended, then once or twice when Nick was done with wrestling practice, and then at least a half dozen times at night. They both carried a box of extra-large condoms with them at all times and it got to the point where Erin would begin lubricating the moment she saw her boyfriend.

“I love you,” he whispered into her ear and instantly, she started getting aroused again. She looked down at Nick’s cock and sure enough, it was already getting hard. He dove his hand into the condom box and pulled out a fresh condom. Ripping open the package, he quickly rolled it onto his dick and the couple immediately began having sex a second time. As Nick pumped his pelvis against Erin, her hands groped his thick, rock-hard pecs. God, they could do it three or four times in a row without stopping; they had even had marathon nights, going for hours just fucking each other until they literally fell asleep in each other’s embrace. It was as if Nick didn’t want to let go of her, but she didn’t mind. The sex was unbelievable.

“SHIT!” Erin screamed as he blew his wad into her again. Nick stepped back and leaned against the opposite wall, his sweaty chest heaving with exhaustion. “Wow,” she breathed. Her boyfriend didn’t answer; he just gazed deeply into her eyes. She looked around at their clothes scattered on the bathroom floor, having been discarded in their lust for each other. Nick smiled when he realized what she was looking at.

“We’re kinda crazy, aren’t we?” he muttered and looked down at his feet bashfully. His expression seemed strange, but maybe it was because he was just being modest about his perfection, his remarkable stamina when making love. Gently, Erin stepped forward and took Nick’s hands into hers, fondly fingering the deep cuts of his abs.

“No,” she replied, “we’re in love.” He peered down at her with his piercing blue eyes and she instantly became entranced by him.

“Yeah, we are,” he sighed.

Kim pulled into the high school parking lot in her brand new Porsche Boxster, a birthday present from her parents. Imagine that, a 16-year-old girl – who only recently got her driver’s license – driving a $45,000 car. But that was the way her family was, particularly her dad. Just shower people with expensive gifts and they’ll be happy. Kim’s father had finally sensed her despair over her boyfriend Ian, but he completely misinterpreted it. She was just upset because she didn’t have a car in which to show him off, he probably thought. So he buys her a Porsche and everything is hunky-dory again. Hunky-dory, my ass, she said to herself. Her parents were in such denial over what their kids really did. To them, all she had to worry about was school and friends. You’d think that after what happened with her brother Luke, they’d pay more attention to what kind of people she spent her time with. But they loved Ian; he was a star athlete and a good-looking guy. They didn’t see what she saw – a narcissistic, self-centered, juiced-up meathead. It seemed he got bigger every time she saw him. And the bigger he got, the worse he got; the stronger he got, the more forceful he became in bed. He wouldn’t let her sleep, let her go, until he was completely satisfied. And then he’d just fuck some other chick.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. Ian was stealing money from her to fund his steroids; she knew it. He was using her! She was actually paying for him to get bigger and bigger! But she was afraid of what he would do if she confronted him about it. He had already hit her a couple of times for saying she was too tired to have sex; she had to use tons of makeup to cover the bruises up. Kim was on her last straw. She didn’t know anyone she could talk to…except maybe one person.

Kim watched as Erin walked out of the school, her backpack over her shoulder. She was jealous of her; she had a boyfriend who really loved her and a family who truly cared about her. They had once been so close, that is until Luke nearly raped her.

“Erin,” she called nervously as the girl came within earshot. Erin looked up abruptly and then immediately began heading the other direction when she saw who it was. “Erin, please, I need to talk to you,” Kim pleaded.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” Erin sneered.

“But I need you to help me!”

“Help you with what!” she suddenly snapped, flinging herself around. “What the hell do you need help with?” Kim swallowed hard and did the only thing she could think of. She pulled down the waistband of her pants enough to reveal the dark bruise on her groin. Erin’s eyes narrowed as she began to realize what it was. “What happened?” she asked.

“It was Ian,” Kim answered, almost choking on her words. Erin froze with her mouth slightly agape. It was beginning to dawn on her and she looked away. “He threw me down,” Kim explained. “He’s juicing…really bad, too. I don’t want the same thing that happened to Luke to happen to him.” She tried to fight back tears, but a few escaped. “You may see me as a poor, little rich girl…but I’m desperate. I don’t know who else to go to.” Erin closed her eyes and flexed her jaw. Kim could tell this was a dilemma for her. Here she was, the sister of the guy who raped her…and she was asking for help. After a long pause, Erin took a breath.

“I’m sorry,” she said before walking away, leaving Kim standing on the sidewalk, stunned.

Nick nervously ventured into the auditorium, the music clutched in his hand. What was he doing here? Why did he promise Erin he’d try out for the high school musical? He didn’t fit in with any of the drama people; he stuck out like a sore thumb, a huge, muscular sore thumb. What would they say when they saw Nick Angelakis, the star wrestler and wide receiver, auditioning to be in a musical?

“Hi,” a voice spoke to him just as he was about to turn around and leave, “are you here to audition?” The speaker was a tall, bushy-haired woman with a bit too much makeup on her face.

“Um, yeah,” he answered.

“Great,” she replied boisterously. “I’m Ms. Gross, the drama teacher. Can I have your name please?” Nick licked his lips. Why was he doing this?

“Nick Angelakis.” Ms. Gross shot a startled look up at him and then down at his bulging arms that were barely contained by the long-sleeved shirt he was wearing. Then, she smirked and twitched one eyebrow. Nick could only imagine what she was thinking. But she just handed him a card with 17 on it.

“You can sit down over there and wait to be called,” she informed. “You have an accompaniment for your song?” Nick nodded, handed her the music and silently made his way to a seat as far from anyone else as possible. As she sat there, waiting for his turn to audition, he caught a few stares from some of the other students. They looked at him with wide-eyes; a few even whispered amongst each other. All Nick could do was slink lower into his seat and try to hide his tremendous size as much as he could.

“NUMBER 17!” A pot-bellied, balding man bellowed dramatically from a seat a few rows in front of the stage. Nick immediately jumped up. Shit, that was his number! He hesitated, not sure what to do. “Number 17, are you here?” the man repeated. Nick cleared his throat.

“Yeah,” he mumbled. Everyone in the auditorium turned to look at him, there seats creaking as they did. Instantly, Nick’s heart began to race. He was used to being the center of attention, but not like this. “I’m here,” he said, stumbling out of the row.

“Well, get on the stage and sing,” the man ordered. Nick nodded and half-jogged up the stairs. The pianist smiled brightly at him, as if to reassure him everything would be fine, but he only half-smiled back. He cautiously looked out into the audience. He couldn’t see much – the lights were very bright – but he could vaguely make out the faint outline of Ms. Gross and the other teacher sitting not far in front of him. “Nick Angelakis…” the man announced, eliciting a few murmurs from some of the other students in the room, “You may begin.” And with that, the pianist began playing. There was no turning back now. Nick closed his eyes, took in a deep breath and started singing…

This is the moment! This is the day, When I send all my doubts and demons On their way!

Every endeavor, I have made, ever, Is coming into play, Is here and now, today!*

Nick sang exactly as he had practiced with Erin. He opened his eyes and looked straight ahead, hearing his voice as it rang clearly into the hall. That’s when it happened. That’s when he felt himself relax. It was almost as if he didn’t have to do anything. He just thought the words and his voice did that rest. As the song went on, he began getting more comfortable, rising in volume with the music, his voice becoming fuller and more sure of itself.

This is the moment My final test Destiny beckoned, I never reckoned, Second best!

I won’t look down, I must not fall! This is the moment, The greatest moment of them all!*

As he held the last note out, Nick felt it vibrating inside of him, filling his whole body up. It was like he was holding Erin in his arms, feeling her heart beating against his chest. He released, the note ringing off the walls of the auditorium. And then…silence. Nick looked into the darkness, but he couldn’t see anything. The male teacher leaned over to Ms. Gross and whispered something into her ear.

“Well…ok,” she said, clearing her throat, “thank you Mr. Angelakis. You may go.” And that was it. Unsure of what to think, Nick walked backstage and out into the hallway. He knew they wouldn’t release the cast list until the next day, but he felt uneasy. What if the whole school would suddenly start making fun of him? What would his teammates say when they found out? Nick grabbed his backpack and started heading for the door.

“Oh my God! You are Nick Angelakis!” a voice said from behind him. Nick turned around to see a rail-thin boy with long, shoulder-length brown hair staring up at him.

“Sorry?” Nick replied, a little taken aback by this unknown admirer. The boy blinked and held out his hand nervously. Nick took it carefully, almost afraid that he would break it – it was less than half the size of his own.

“My name is Greg Hazelton,” the boy introduced himself. “I just wanted to say…that, uh…I saw you sing…and you have an amazing voice.” Nick blushed and cracked a half-smile.


“I really think you got the lead, you know, the part of Joe?” Greg continued. “Mr. DiPalma was speechless. I’ve never seen that happen.” Nick bit his lip; he didn’t know quite how to respond, but Greg kept going. “I never knew someone like you…someone who is…who is…”

“A jock?”

“Yeah,” Greg smiled awkwardly, brushing his hair out of his eyes. “I didn’t know a jock could sing like that. You blew everyone away!”

“Thanks,” Nick said again. “I heard you audition. You sound pretty awesome yourself.” Greg turned red and looked down at his shoes, taking a strand of his hair and placing it behind his ear. There was a moment of silence between the two until Nick broke it. “Well, I gotta go. I have wrestling practice in ten minutes.”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” Greg mumbled, shifting his weight rapidly back and forth between his feet. “I guess I’ll see you around,” he added. Nick grinned graciously.

“Yeah, see ya,” and then he made his way toward the locker room. As he changed for wrestling, Nick thought about the look on Greg’s face when he talked to him. It had been one of deep reverence, one of total respect. He glanced at his half-naked body in the mirror. He knew that he had the adoration of nearly every student in the school, but he had always thought that that was because of his looks, his athletic prowess. But Greg’s reaction had been something more. For the first time, Nick felt like someone adored him for something else. Perhaps auditioning for the musical would change the way he was viewed; Nick was more than just a jock…

*lyrics from “This is the Moment” from Jekyll & Hyde, words by Leslie Bricusse. •

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