Nick (Sequel to JP)



By luvyalots

Nick pedaled home from football camp, his mind filled with thoughts. Yeah, practice had been going great – the upperclassmen still hadn’t gotten over how strong and talented their new teammates were – but it was Friday and Nick had yet to submit his quarterback decision to Coach Palmer. Both Brandon and Ian were remarkable passers, they both worked well under pressure from the defense and they were both beyond smart. It would have to come down to which one Nick communicated with the best; that was probably why Coach came to him in the first place.

Nick had been buddies with Ian for years – they certainly knew each other inside and out. But Brandon had become almost like a brother over the summer. He and Nick could practically read what the other was thinking on the field.

Nick’s head ached as he turned onto his street, his sweat-drenched shirt draped over his shoulder so that the wind blew against his bare chest. He had to call Coach tonight with the answer he didn’t have. What would he do? Maybe he could call Ryan Maloney. He had been a star running back in his high school days; he might be able to give some insight. JP had assigned his older brother to check up on Nick every now and then while he was away at college. Nick wondered if Ryan would be home from NOVA yet as he pulled into the driveway and leaned his bike against the side of the garage. As he watched the sun dip lower behind the trees, his stomach growled. God, he was hungry!

“I’m home, mom!” he shouted as he came through the front door. She answered him from the kitchen where she was preparing dinner. The smell of paprika hit Nick’s nose and his stomach rumbled even louder.

“Hey, Nick,” Erin greeted him, coming into the foyer from the den. Nick sighed as he stared at his girlfriend, her golden brown hair flowing elegantly across her shoulder and over her supple breasts, which were held tightly by the shirt she was wearing.

“Hey,” he breathed, completely blown away by her perfection…though she seemed equally floored as she gazed at him. Without another word, the two embraced and kissed, Nick’s muscular arms nudging Erin’s shapely sides, her breasts pressed up against his hard chest. She smelled so good, she felt so good, he nearly forgot everything he was thinking about. “What are you doing here?”

“Your mom invited me for dinner,” she answered as if it was the stupidest question in the world. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled. But then, she looked away gloomily. Nick immediately knew why.

“Today was Luke’s hearing, wasn’t it?” he remembered. Erin nodded. It had been almost three weeks since Luke had attacked her and he was now under charges for attempted rape of a minor. “What happened?” Nick could feel the knot in his stomach, imagining what might have happened that night if he hadn’t gotten there when he did.

“He got three years,” Erin answered plainly. Nick tilted his head, attempting to look back into his girlfriend’s eyes. He knew she was trying her hardest not to tear up. The news of Luke getting jail time should have been good – he was being punished for what he did. Nick pulled Erin into him.

“I’ll always be here,” he whispered into her ear; she instantly began to relax.

“Are you two almost ready for dinner?” Nick’s mom called, walking into the hallway. “I’m making your favorite, Nicolas…Mediterranean Meatloaf.” Nick felt Erin lift her head up.

“Why do you really think I came tonight?” she asked, smiling again. His arm still around Erin’s waist, they filed into the kitchen where the table was set for yet another of Mrs. Angelakis’ famous feasts. The rumbling in Nick’s stomach reminded him how hungry he was.

“Hey, mom,” he said, bending down slightly to kiss her on the cheek. She smiled, obviously proud of the young man her son had become. But then with quick dexterity, he stole a piece of meat off the plate cooling on the counter behind her back and popped it into his mouth. Almost instinctively, she slapped his hand and shook her head. The kiss had only been a ruse.

“You go take your shower first,” she scolded. “This kitchen smelled a lot nicer before you walked in.” Nick laughed as he headed back into the hallway toward the stairs, Erin giggling behind him. As the two reached the bottom of the staircase, Nick turned around and peered straight into his girlfriend’s eyes; she grinned. She knew exactly what he was thinking.

Silently, they stole upstairs to Nick’s bathroom and immediately began to strip. Erin barely had her shirt off as Nick started kissing her desperately. He simply couldn’t keep his hands off of her any longer. Erin tugged at his shorts, pulling them down around his huge thighs, his thick cock bouncing up and slapping her in the hip. With their lips all over each other’s necks, Nick started on her bra strap, his hands shaking.

“Be careful,” she gasped breathlessly. “I don’t have another change of clothes.” Her shorts slipped down her slender legs just as her bra fell off, her melon-sized breasts bouncing freely against Nick’s pecs. He cupped his hands around them longingly, her nipples nudged between his fingers. Shit, they looked bigger and more perfect than ever! By now they were both buck naked and Nick reached inside the shower to turn the water on. Without a sound, he pulled her inside and wrapped his huge arms around her nude body. She sighed as he held her, the hot water running down their skin, seeping into their every crevice.

“God, you’re so perfect,” Nick whispered, gazing into her when they parted lips; he wasn’t exaggerating. Her body was so flawless – her long, shapely legs, her flat stomach, her full breasts, her stunningly gorgeous looks – he almost felt like he didn’t deserve a girl like this.

“Shut up,” she hissed and began kissing him again. Nick’s balls tingled, his cock ached, as her pelvis pressed up against his. Damn, he wanted to fuck her right now…and he knew she could read his mind. “We can’t,” Erin exclaimed softly. “You don’t have a condom.” The two stopped kissing for a brief moment and stared into each other’s eyes. Then suddenly, Erin turned around and faced the shower wall, offering her ass to her boyfriend.

“Oh, God!” he breathed, gently placing his arm around her trim waist and moving in closer, his lips up against the back of her neck. Easily, his 9-inch monster slid into her anus and Erin breathed in sharply, her mouth open in ecstasy. Blind with passion, Nick pumped his cock in and out of her, his hands groping her breasts and abdomen with fervor. Erin clutched his wet, massive arms in return, taking in every inch of their rock hardness. Back and forth, their bodies pounded against each other, the water running off their skin around them. This was the first time they had had sex like this and it was exhilarating. Nick felt as if they were one person; with his thick cock inside her, he could practically think what she was thinking.

“Shit!” Erin gasped as Nick blew his wad straight into her. He had never unloaded without a condom before and the feeling was tremendous, his superior juice filling her insides with a warmth she had never felt in her life. It seeped into her every pore; every bit of her felt like it was glowing. Slowly, she turned back around to meet gazes with her boyfriend. He peered down at her with his hypnotic blue eyes. Entranced, she wiped the black bangs of his wet hair off his forehead and glided her fingers down his cheek. She wanted to worship him so badly; she wanted to feel every bit of him under her own fingers. Her eyes moved down to his broad chest, his round, taught pecs lined with striations, trickles of water streaming toward his erect nipples. Mesmerized, Erin grabbed the bar of soap and began rubbing it all over his chest, the palms of her hands feeling the warmth that emanated from their stone-hard strength.

She slid up to his cantaloupe delts – big, round and powerful – the soapy water poured off of them like a waterfall. His upper arms hung like hams away from his sides – nearly 18 inches of marble perfection, as if they were carved out of stone, etched with muscle fibers and covered with thick veins. His lats flared out from behind his chest – two slabs of wings that widened his already huge torso.

And then there were his abs – six impossibly chiseled sections of the densest muscle Erin had ever felt. She knelt down for a closer look, watching how the water flowing through the deep valleys in torrents. Gently, she pressed her cheek against them, her mouth at his belly button, taking in their beautiful fullness. She closed her eyes and lowered her head even more, her lips meeting Nick’s thick, juicy cock, already hard again. The heat that rose from it was tremendous, as if it had its own source of energy. She wistfully kissed his shaft, working her way down the entire nine inches. She didn’t want to stop worshipping her boyfriend’s miraculous organ; it deserved everything she could give it. Gently, Erin cupped her hands around Nick’s gigantic balls which hung heavily between his shredded legs. When she finally reached the head, he let out a soft groan and she began to massage his penis, lightly gliding her fingers upward. Nick started groaning louder as pre-cum began dripping out. Erin held her tongue out to catch it; she wanted to taste its saltiness, she wanted more of her boyfriend inside of her. Suddenly, Nick gasped and braced a hand against the shower wall, his abs tightening alarmingly. At last, he blew his second load – even bigger than the first. It splattered against the tile and rained all over Erin’s body. There were four huge spurts that gushed out of him before they subsided, leaving him leaning breathlessly underneath the showerhead, the streams of water pouring down his heaving chest and abs. His dick swayed back and forth between his thighs, still dripping with cum.

Nick was exhausted as he stepped out of the shower with Erin. That was by far the most intense orgasm he had ever had. That way her hands moved smoothly over his skin, around his muscles, was amazing. As he dried himself off, he watched his girlfriend wrap a towel around her immaculate body. Everyone always said how he was a god – an object of worship, but they had no idea what they were talking about. Erin was an absolute knockout. Just looking at her, Nick felt his mind begin to clear. Everything he had been thinking about suddenly seemed to fall into place. With a single motion, he grabbed Erin in his arms and gave her one more kiss.

“I have to make a phone call,” he said.


“I know who the quarterback should be.”

Brandon bounded down the stairs wearing only gym shorts, his pecs bouncing up and down as he did. They never really did that at the beginning of the summer. Before the move from Indiana, he had been stuck on a plateau and it was making him frustrated. He loved it when he would suddenly hit a growth spurt. It would sneak up on him – he wouldn’t realize how big he was getting until one day he would look in the mirror and…damn, where did those muscles come from? It’s what happened all through his life and it’s what had been happening all summer. He was now a solid 185 pounds and was one of the stars of his new high school’s football team; his life couldn’t have been better.

“I’m cooking steaks on the grill,” his dad announced as he entered the kitchen. “Why don’t you go check on them.”

“Sweet,” Brandon answered as he made his way toward the back deck. The stuff sure smelled good! He opened the grill top, sending a large puff of smoke floating into the air. He grinned. Suddenly, he heard the phone ring from inside and immediately jerked his head up, his heart pounding at the prospect of who it might be.

“Brandon,” his dad stuck his head out, “it’s Coach Palmer.” As he handed the phone to him, he smiled proudly. He took the receiver from him and – taking a deep breath – held it to his ear.

“Hi, Coach.”

“Good evening, Brandon,” Coach Palmer answered on the other line. “I’m just calling to tell you that I’ve decided – or actually Nick and I have decided – to have you be starting quarterback of the Varsity team this season.”

“Thanks, sir,” Brandon said as calmly as his voice would allow, though on the inside he was jumping up and down.

“You are a great addition to this program,” Coach continued, “and I look forward to all the successes that you will help bring to it.”

“Thanks, sir,” he repeated.

“Well, I’ll let you go. I have a few more phone calls to make. I’ll see you at the next practice.”

“Alright, sir, goodbye.” As soon as Brandon hung up, he pumped his fists in the air. He had dreamt for so long to be a high school quarterback and now his dream was coming true.

“You got it, didn’t you?” Brandon’s dad said, leaning against the doorpost. Brandon nodded, his face beaming with pride. “I’m proud of you son,” he came forward and patted him on the shoulder. “You deserve it with all the hard work you’ve put in all these years.” Brandon could tell his dad was excited and overjoyed, though he too kept it from all but sneaking out. Then, he sighed and leaned closer. “And you know,” he said more softly, “your mom would be very proud of you, too.” Brandon looked up at his dad and smiled reverently. “Ok, get ready for dinner, let’s go.”

Grinning uncontrollably, Brandon headed back upstairs to put on more clothes– his dad never let him eat at the dinner table with his shirt off. Actually, it was a rule leftover from when his mom lived with them. Coming into his bedroom, he opened a drawer and took out a picture frame. It was taken when he was eight years old, when his pee-wee football team won the league title – he was a main reason of course. He was smiling brightly still in his uniform and on either side of him were his parents, both of them beaming proudly. Brandon sighed as he gazed at the photo; it was the last picture of his mother that he had…the last real memory of her. God, how he wished she could be here right at this moment. He gently touched the image of his mother’s face.

“I miss you, mom,” he said out loud.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck,” Jessica screamed out as Ian fucked the living daylights out of her, her flailing body sprawled out on top of his, his pelvis ramming her with tremendous force. The girl was in absolute ecstasy, but to Kim, who was lying on his side nuzzled up against his huge pecs, it was a living hell. Sex for Ian was no longer an act of passion – it had become a challenge. He wanted to see how long he could go; he wanted to see how many girls he could take at one time. Nearly every night, he would come over to Kim’s house with another girl and the sex marathon would begin. Hour after hour, he would go back and forth between the two, fucking one senseless and them fucking the other while the first recovered. And he’d keep doing this until they were both exhausted…then he’d just go into the bathroom and jack off to himself some more. To the other girl, it was always amazing, but Kim was in agony. I mean, the sex was good, but it was the way Ian had sex that made it impossible to bear.

“Fuck, that’s awesome!” Ian roared as he spewed his load into Jessica. Kim reeled at the sound she made as she orgasmed. “Hell, yeah,” he grunted, suddenly taking Kim’s head and kissing her hard, his tongue dominating everything inside her mouth. She had no choice but to kiss back. This was Ian’s latest thing – banging one girl while making out with another. Kim was afraid of what would be next. “Damn, that was good, wasn’t it?” he asked Jessica once he released Kim. The girl nodded in reply, her pupils dilated. “Which part of me do you like the best?” he asked, grinning terrifyingly. “Is it my huge biceps?” he flexed his massive arms, the muscles pushing his skin to a menacing peak. “They’re 18 inches now,” he bragged, reaching over and licking his biceps. Jessica shrieked at the sight of it. “Or maybe you like my pecs,” he continued, glancing down at his huge chest, his pecs bouncing as if they had a mind of their own. Suddenly, he peered over at Kim; she instantly began to cringe. “Come on, lick my nipples,” he ordered. “I know you love ‘em.” Then, before she had a chance to do anything, Ian’s hand grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth around his right tit. Kim was smothered in hard muscle and sweat. She had to lick them, no matter how bad they tasted. “Oh, yeah,” Ian groaned.

“Wow!” Jessica breathed. How could this be so hot for her? Kim couldn’t understand.

“Hey, Jess!” Ian went on. “I know which part you like best…my cock!” His balls began to tingle and then, his dick began to erect again, standing straight up in all its glory. God, look at that thing, he thought to himself, it’s perfect. Jessica’s breathing began to get faster and she immediately lunged her mouth around it, licking it with everything she had. Shit, that felt good! Ian looked across the room at the wall mirror. God, this never got old: him, in bed, one chick blowing his cock, the other sucking his tits. Still, it was starting to get too easy. Pretty soon, he’d have to graduate to three girls – now that would be awesome. Let’s see, how would that work? He could fuck one, make out with the second…and the third could worship his chest or something. Yeah, that’d be hot! Ian grinned at the thought of it. And they’d all be delirious for him, too!

Suddenly, his cock erupted in an explosion of jizz that shot into Jessica’s mouth. FUCK! She began gagging and the white cum dripped out of her mouth. Shit, Ian thought, that’s all from me. He looked down at Kim who had fallen away from his chest and was now lying on her back, staring up blankly at the ceiling. Yeah, she was tired. Jessica slumped over his thighs, nearly passed out. Damn, Ian said to himself, I don’t feel the least bit tired; I could go all night.

Carefully, he slipped his legs out from underneath Jessica and got out of bed. Standing in front of the mirror, he looked himself over. Shit, he was a god! Everything about him was wide – his neck , his traps, his chest. His thick midsection just overflowed with power and his legs were ridiculous. 201 pounds of shit-kicking muscle. Yeah, that’s right, he had just gained a pound in the past week…but he knew he could get even bigger. Hell, if he got much bigger, he’d have to take on three girls at once.

He glanced over his shoulder at the two girls on the bed. They were fast asleep. Good. Quietly, he searched the drawers of Kim’s desk, one after another. There was only one reason why he still dating her. Hell, he would’ve dumped her long ago – she was too boring, she never seemed to want to do anything and she frankly didn’t seem to be as into him as other girls. Shit, she was probably a lesbian or something. Anyway, the only thing Ian really cared about was getting bigger…and to do that meant supplements – and maybe some illegal stuff – to speed it along. And that got expensive. Ian didn’t even have a job – he had no income. But he did have Kim and Kim’s family was loaded. He could steal money from her. Well actually, the way he saw it, it was more like borrowing – he could pay her back with sex beyond her wildest dreams once he got even bigger. She’d never be able to resist him then.

Finally, he found a roll of hundreds in the bottom of the last drawer. Grinning to himself, he took a few and stuck them in his gym bag. That should give him enough for a few months or so. He wondered how much more muscle he’d have by then, how much he’d weigh, how strong he’d be. Then, without even glancing at the girls one more time, he stole away into the bathroom and jacked off another five times to his own reflection. •

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