Nick (Sequel to JP)

On the Brink


By luvyalots

CRASH! Billy Freeman smashed into the tackling dummy with everything he had…all 6 foot 2, 225 pounds of him. He didn’t care that the August sun was beating down on him; he didn’t care that every muscle in his body ached; he didn’t care that on the opposite side of the dummy was Tyler Backton, a 6 foot 3, 285-pound defensive tackle for Penn State, pushing against him. Tyler only had 60 pounds on him…that was all. Hell, Billy could curl 20 reps with 60 pounds; he could do pull-ups with 60 pounds strapped to his waist. 60 pounds was nothing!

“Come on, Billy!” Tyler yelled. “Keep your shoulders low! Use those legs!” Billy roared and rushed at the dummy again…this time with even more power. The metal joints creaked, the footings groaned as he pushed with every ounce of strength he had, working his massive legs like pistons until they burned. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Tyler suddenly called, prompting Billy to immediately let up. He stood up straight to see Tyler on the ground behind the dummy – his entire body having been knocked off the sled.

“You alright?” Billy asked meekly, hoping he hadn’t hurt him in some way. Instead, the college jock began to laugh.

“Jesus Christ, Billy!” he said. “You nearly broke the thing!”

“I did?”

“Yeah.” Tyler climbed to his feet as Billy came over to him. The two were nearly the same size now – a far cry from the days when they first started to train together. Tyler had to admit that Billy, already a huge 14-year-old, looked absolutely gigantic in the football uniform he now wore. His tree-trunk thighs filled the shorts with pure power while the shoulder pads added even more width and bulk to his immense upper body. He could even see a faint hint of his thick abs peeking from underneath the jersey, which barely fit around his enormous chest. The kid had come a long way since the chubby seventh grader he used to be. The only thing that hadn’t changed much was his boyish face, which right now was hidden behind the grill of the helmet. “You should’ve seen how that sled almost tipped over!” Tyler recounted between laughs. “You’re gonna need three guys to stop you on the field!”

“Really?” Billy said, taking off his helmet and wiping the sweat from his forehead. He loved training for football, especially when Tyler was home to help him. He was able to get them onto the high school practice field before football camp officially started in a couple weeks. Coach Palmer was more than happy to let his former star mold the young prodigy.

“Seriously, man,” Tyler shook his head. “How many freshmen can bench almost 400 pounds?”

“I don’t know,” Billy shrugged, “not many?” The older boy laughed again.

“Go change out of your uniform,” he playfully ordered him, “and meet me at the track.” Billy instantly turned on his heels and began jogging toward the locker room. Tyler was so awesome. Here he was, an all-star football player for a big school and he was giving a private clinic to an eighth grader – no, an incoming freshman. Man, that sounded weird. He never thought he’d like high school, but he couldn’t wait for it to start. And boy, was he getting ready for it. He had been training all summer, working out, getting big. Even his parents couldn’t believe how fast he was growing. As Billy neared the building, he passed by a squad of cheerleaders, their short skirts riding high up their slender thighs, their shirts hugging their breasts snugly. Immediately, Billy felt his cock get hard and he began walking faster.

“Hey, Billy!” one of them called, waving her arm flirtatiously. Billy blushed and nervously waved back, sending some of them into a torrent of giggles. Man, how his life had changed. A couple of years ago, those girls would be making fun of him, maybe even calling him a retard, but now they seemed attracted to him. Was it because he was a football player – girls were supposed to like jocks – or maybe because he was big? He was the biggest guy in his class. Billy swallowed hard as he retreated to the locker room and began taking off his pads. God, his dick was hurting. He slid the pants down over his huge thighs, letting his penis spring free. Every time he looked at those girls, he got hard…and sometimes it hurt. Gently, he held his cock in his hand, its girth filling the space between his fingers; it felt warm and he could actually feel the blood pulsing inside. How did the other guys do it? How did they go all day being around all those hot girls and not become visibly affected? Billy’s life had changed a lot…but there was still a lot for him to learn.

Nick glared at the weight stack as he mentally prepared himself for his third set of lat pulldowns. His muscles were burning, but he knew that only meant they were getting bigger and stronger. Then, with a grit of his teeth, Nick began the set with tremendous power and determination. His lats flared out with each rep, stretching the fabric of the wife-beater he was wearing. By the fifth rep, he started slowing down, his body calling to stop, but he ignored the pain…he was used to it.

“Come on, kid,” Mr. Jones urged from his side, “don’t stop. You’re stronger than those little pieces of iron.” For the last month and a half, Nick had spent every day at Brandon’s house working out with him and his dad. And every day, Nick could see how those workouts were affecting his body. In only six weeks, he had packed on 20 pounds of solid muscle; he now weighed a huge 195 pounds and was easily blasting weights that he struggled with only a few months ago. Whenever he looked in the mirror, he seemed to look bigger. His neck was ridiculously wide at 18 inches around and his traps were massive. His shoulders looked like cannonballs and his arms had exploded to 17 and a half inches. His pecs had ballooned gigantically, pushing his chest to 46 inches, while his waist stayed a trim 29. And then, there were his legs, ripped and massive as hell, they measured nearly 26 inches around and his calves were rock-hard 19-inch diamonds. Nick Angelakis had become a muscular teen god! Surely, some of this had been caused by a sudden growth spurt since he had also sprouted a couple of inches, reaching the 6 foot mark a few days ago. But Nick knew the workout program Mr. Jones had put him on did most of the work. He had said that this was a mass-building program, designed to add the maximum amount of size to a guy’s body in a short amount of time, though he always said that Nick possibly had the best genetics he had ever seen. That comment would always make Nick blush.

“Holy shit!” Brandon remarked from his other side as he neared the tenth and final rep. “Look at your wife-beater!” Nick glanced in the wall mirror and smiled. There was a sizeable rip down the side of his shirt and it was getting longer and longer with each rep. His lats were outgrowing this shirt? “How many is that now?” Brandon asked, shaking his head. It seemed that nearly every day, Nick was ripping out of his clothes; he even tore through at least three or four pairs of boxers while doing squats. Nothing could contain his growing body; it was simply going to keep getting bigger and bigger.

“Alright!” Mr. Jones said, helping Nick to his feet. “Good session.” Nick looked over at Brandon who was still shaking his head over the size of his friend. As if he didn’t have something to be proud of himself. Brandon had also hit a sizeable growth spurt and now stood at 5’11”, 185 pounds of the most beautiful muscle Nick had ever laid eyes on. A few months ago, Nick had been so nervous to work out with the stud, but ever since he did, his feelings for him had subsided somewhat. At least, he wasn’t thinking about him when he was with Erin. Maybe that was because he was spending every day with him anyway.

“Brandon, you wanna go outside?” he asked. He couldn’t believe how much energy he still had after a three hour lifting session like that. Brandon nodded, smiling broadly. The two boys knew they were going to be on the football team – how could Palmer pass them up? – and had been practicing their passing every afternoon in the backyard. They jogged outside, Nick tearing the remains of his wife-beater off and tossing it to the floor. That was the end of that one.

“Go for a long one!” Brandon yelled, grabbing a football from the ground. Immediately, Nick sprinted across the lawn, his strong legs easily pumping his huge body like pistons. Brandon threw a perfect spiral all the way to him. He caught the ball squarely in his hands and covered it in his chest. Damn, he and Brandon were going to be unstoppable on the field next season! Suddenly, Nick’s cell phone rang from the patio. He instantly recognized it as Erin’s ring-tone. He jogged back over to it, shoving the football under his arm.

“Oh,” Brandon taunted him, “it’s the girlfriend! It’s Erin!” He tried getting in Nick’s way, but Nick simply pushed him away with his huge, muscular arm. Even he wasn’t a match for his strength.

“Shut up,” he said, tackling the boy to the ground and landing on top of him, staring into his eyes. Brandon grinned mischievously. Nick felt a lump in his throat. God, the guy was gorgeous! He blinked and forced his attention back to his cell phone.

“Hey!” Nick answered. Shit, the sound of his voice sounded so awesome. It sent chills down Erin’s spine every time she heard it.

“Hi,” she replied. “I’m on break and…and I just wanted to hear your voice.”

“Well, now you’re hearing it,” he teased. Erin bit her lip. He was using his husky voice, the one that always sent her in a daze.

“Hey, Erin!” a deep voice yelled mockingly from the background. She immediately knew it as Brandon, the new guy Nick had been working out with. All the girls couldn’t stop talking about him. He was a total hunk, but nothing compared to her Nick. Brandon laughed – her boyfriend must have punched him to make him shut up or something.

“I’ll see you later,” he said.

“No” she answered back suggestively, “I’ll see all of you later.” She heard him sigh longingly just before they hung up. Erin sat back in her chair outside the Chesapeake Bagel Bakery where she worked, the face of her boyfriend in her mind. Man, he was a god! And he had been getting huge lately. His muscles seemed to get bigger every time they had sex; she loved to feel them up and down as he lay on top of her. And then there was his cock! Shit, the thing was also getting massive. She urged him to measure it one night and it came to just over nine inches! Nine inches! It was gigantic. And it was all hers.

“Erin!” a voice yanked her out of her daydream. Her eyes flew open to see Kim standing over her., her cheeks were streaked with tears. Erin instantly felt worried.

“Kim, what’s wrong?” she asked, gesturing for her to sit down. Kim swallowed and took the offer.

“I didn’t know who else to talk to,” she whimpered, on the verge of hysteria. Erin leaned in closer.

“Tell me,” she said, “it’s ok.” Kim’s lip shook.

“It’s Ian,” she began, “he’s…he’s…”

“What about Ian?” Her eyes darted around Kim’s body, looking for any marks. “Did he..?” The girl immediately shook her head.

“It’s the opposite,” she replied. It was obviously hard for her to explain. “He’s a total jerk!” she finally blurted. Erin sat back, a look of surprise on her face.

“But I thought you loved him.”

“I did, when I first met him, but,” Kim shut her eyes, “he’s changed.” Well, that was an understatement. Ian had blown up in the last year from a scrawny little kid to a huge, beefy jock. It was similar to Nick, but even more so. Erin had always wondered if Ian was juicing, especially since he had packed on so much muscle in so little time. “He doesn’t care about me anymore,” Kim went on.

“What do you mean?”

“When we have sex, he doesn’t even acknowledge me. I mean, he keeps talking about himself, he’s always staring at himself in the mirror.” She was practically having a nervous breakdown. Erin held her hand in an attempt to calm her down. “He even jacks off to himself…right in front of me!”

What an asshole, Erin thought, trying to hide her disgust. In that case, the solution was easy. “Why don’t you just break up with him?” she suggested.

“I can’t,” Kim immediately blurted. Erin gave her a puzzled look. Kim spoke more softly. “I’m afraid of what he’ll do to me if I do,” she explained. “He’s like 200 pounds now. He’s obsessed with getting bigger...and he is. That’s all he really cares about.” Erin looked away for a moment, genuinely not sure what advice to give. Her relationship with Nick was so perfect, she sometimes forgot that other people had problems. She simply had no idea what to do.

“Thanks for dinner again, Ryan,” Ashley said as the two walked out of TGI Friday’s.

“You know, you don’t have to keep thanking me,” he answered, smiling. He looked so cute when he smiled. His eyes squinted and sparkled when he did. “It wasn’t that expensive anyway.”

“I know, but still,” she gently grabbed his huge upper arm. His muscles were so big and so hard, but they were so warm to the touch. She gazed up at him longingly. He looked away briefly and brushed his hand through his black hair. That’s how she knew he was flustered.

Ashley had gotten to know Ryan pretty well over the past couple of months. Almost every day after class, they’d meet for coffee or something. And then, a few weeks ago, he had asked her out on a real date. They had gone out for dinner about half a dozen times now and each time, Ashley felt more and more at ease with him. Ryan Maloney was gorgeous beyond belief, but she had always imagined him to be just as cocky as the jocks she had dated in the past. But Ryan was different. He was soft-spoken and caring, but she could sense that there was something else in him, something that he never really wanted to talk about. She had seen his medical chart; she knew he had had bulimia, and that may have been part of the reason. But she knew that that couldn’t be it.

“You wanna come over to my place?” she asked. Ryan bit his lip and looked at the ground.

“Thanks, but no,” he answered. “I need to wake up early tomorrow morning.” She reached up to give him a goodbye kiss on his cheek; he returned it with a light one of his own. Ryan really was different from all the other guys; he seemed to want to take things slowly. He didn’t seem overly interested in getting into her pants or anything. But that just made her respect him that much more.

“Yo, Ryan!” a loud voice shouted from across the parking lot. Ashley looked over to see a huge – no, gigantic – blond guy strutting over to them. He must have been about 240 pounds, mostly muscle…and he was obviously drunk. The warmth of Ryan’s skin seemed to suddenly turn cold as he glared warily at him, unsure of how to answer. “What? Aren’t you gonna say hi to me?” As the jerk got closer, he seemed to get bigger. His arms were bulging with grotesque muscle, his chest practically splitting his sleeveless shirt at its seams. Then, Ashley spotted the stretch marks on his shoulders and the roundness of his gut…sure signs that this guy was roided.

“What do you want, Luke?” Ryan finally replied. He sounded annoyed. He obviously knew this guy, but Ashley could tell he wished he didn’t. The guy – Luke – spread out his arms, stumbling as he did.

“I see you’re with the girls again, man!” he drawled. “I was gettin’ worried about ya.”

“Go away,” Ryan warned, but Luke ignored him, his attention instead turned toward Ashley.

“Hey, baby,” he said, “you like what you see here?” He flexed his tremendous biceps. They rose impressively, but Ashley wasn’t taken by them. This guy was a complete asshole, the total antithesis of Ryan. How the hell did they know each other?

“Hey,” Ryan suddenly erupted in a way that made Ashley jump. “Get away from her!” He stepped up into Luke’s face, enough so that he had to lean back a bit. “I don’t play that game anymore,” he hissed. “I have a life now, a real one. I’m no longer a loser like you.” She could tell Ryan’s words were finally getting into Luke’s head. He scoffed.

“Yeah, whatever,” the guy smirked. He started back away, nearly bumping into a car in the process. “Say hi to your sister for me,” he laughed before disappearing back inside. Once he was gone, Ashley looked up at Ryan’s face for answers. She had so many questions, but she had a feeling he wouldn’t want to talk about it. Ryan Maloney had been somewhat of an enigma from the moment she first met him in the hospital, but now, she was downright confused.

Luke’s tires squealed as he turned off the main road. A car honked angrily at him as it swerved to avoid hitting him.

“Fuck you!” Luke yelled. He raced up the quiet residential street, chugging his beer. So, Ryan had a real life now, whatever that meant. As far as Luke was concerned, Ryan was the loser. Shit, the guy even looked small compared to him now. He was gettin’ soft. Probably couldn’t even fuck that girl he was with right. Hell, I’d love to get my hands on her, he thought. She was banging! That’s when an idea got into his head.

He made a hard right onto another street, nearly fish-tailing onto the opposite curb. Luke’s blood was beginning to boil now. How dare Ryan call him a loser! Who was the one who over 240 pounds of sheer muscle? Who was the one who fucked girls day and night? Certainly not Ryan Maloney; his time had passed. It was Luke Johnson’s time. And he wasn’t gonna let a little fucker like Ryan show him up in front of a hot girl.

Luke made a final turn and screeched to a halt in front of a house. Looking up at it, he noticed a light on in one of the upstairs windows. Slowly, an evil grin stretched across his face. Yeah, he would teach Ryan not to fuck with him. Taking a final gulp of beer, he opened the door and climbed out of the car with some difficulty. Shit, he thought proudly, I’m even getting too big for my ride. Then, throwing the empty beer can to the side of the road, he headed up the front walk toward the Maloney house. •

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