Nick (Sequel to JP)

Dazed and Confused


By luvyalots

“You ready for 290?” JP asked Nick with a broad smile. Nick glared at the bar laden with all those weights and took in a deep breath. It looked heavy as hell…but he knew he could do it. Working out with JP Maloney was a dream come true. Both boys were looking to get bigger than they already were…and they were doing it. Nick had packed on another 10 pounds of muscle in the last two months and was enjoying breaking his old personal bests. Every morning when he looked in the mirror, it seemed like he was bigger and stronger than the day before. And the growing pains in his legs and shoulders told him he was far from done.

Meanwhile, JP continued to bulk up, reaching 225 pounds of pure beef. His pecs were gigantic, his arms were tremendous, his legs immense, but he still had a perfect six-pack that was so chiseled, his sweat would actually pool in the cracks when he lay down. When Nick would ask him what weight he was shooting for, JP would shrug his huge cannonball shoulders and say, “as big as I can get,” in a voice that would send shivers down Nick’s back. How big could he get? There didn’t seem to be a limit.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Nick remarked, making his way over to the bench. “I’m gonna blast through this set like it’s nothing.” He loved feeling his round pecs become red and pumped and his lats flare out like wings. No one ever believed him when he told them he had just turned 14. They would always say he was lying. How many kids his age were 5’10” and 175 pounds of solid muscle? How many could boast 16-inch biceps, a 27-inch waist and a 46-inch chest…with only 3% bodyfat? How many could catch the eye of every girl as he walked down the hallway, their gaze lingering at his broad shoulders, his bulging arms, his sexy bubble butt.

“That’s it,” JP grinned as the two got into place with the older boy spotting. 290 was going to be a record for Nick, his previous being 285, but he attacked it like he attacked everything – with sheer confidence and determination. Firmly gripping his hands around the bar, Nick gazed up at JP hovering over him like a guardian angel. “You ready?” he asked. Nick nodded and they lifted the bar off the rack. Immediately, his arms wobbled slightly under the heavy weight, but he quickly righted himself, breathed inward and lowered the bar to his chest. Then, with a tremendous burst of strength, Nick blasted the bar back up, letting out a huge gush of air. “Yeah!” JP beamed. He didn’t even have to help him; Nick had benched 290 pounds all on his own! “Come on, dude,” JP encouraged, “another one!” Nick lowered the bar a second time.

“AAAARGH!” he screamed as he forced it from his flushed chest. Once again, he needed no help from his mentor.

“Shit, you’re strong!” JP gushed. “I know you have one more in you,” he yelled. Nick lowered the bar again and squeezed his eyes shut as he began to bench the heavy weight one more time. But suddenly, out of nowhere, he saw Brandon’s face staring right at him, smiling with that gorgeous smile of his, his eyes twinkling brightly. Instantly, his stomach flipped and his heart began beating faster. Fuck, it was happening again. Immediately, Nick’s arms began to falter and he screamed out. On instinct, JP grabbed the bar – relieving the burden from Nick’s young body – and guided it back to the rack.

Shit! Nick sat up and ripped off his lifting gloves, throwing them to the floor. Why did this keep happening? Why couldn’t he get Brandon out of his mind? No matter how much Nick concentrated on his training, he just couldn’t stop thinking about the guy.

“Nick, are you ok?” JP asked him, worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Nick lied, trying to turn away, but the older boy persisted.

“You’ve seemed a little distracted lately,” JP continued. “It doesn’t seem fine.” Damn, he had noticed. Nick swallowed hard and put his head in his hands. “What’s wrong, dude?” JP said, sitting down next to him and wrapping his massive arm around his shoulders. He had to tell him; he had to tell someone. He couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Have you….” he started. “Is it possible to be in love with two people at once?” JP jerked his head back slightly as if he was surprised by the question. He leaned toward Nick, closely enough for him to hear his breathing.

“Is it another girl?” he asked softly. Nick looked up at his idol, feeling his eyes begin to water, but he desperately blinked the tears back. Their eyes met straight on and, though he couldn’t tell how, he knew JP could see exactly what he was thinking. “A guy?” JP whispered. Nick immediately looked away. God, this was embarrassing! JP slid off the bench and squatted down in front of him, crouching his head to catch his eyes.

“You know about me and Matt, don’t you?” he said. Nick flinched, but JP’s voice was smooth and calm. If he was upset about him knowing his deepest secret, he certainly didn’t show it. Unsure of what to think, Nick nodded slowly. To his surprise, JP smiled. “My sister told you,” he went on. “I had a feeling she knew.” He said this all as easily as if it were a normal conversation, but Nick’s stomach was doing flips and his heart was beating a mile a minute. He tried to look away, but he couldn’t tear his eyes off of JP’s. Am I gay, Nick asked himself. Am I gay like JP? He felt like he had to say something. Who else could he talk to?

“I don’t get it,” Nick began, his voice cracking with emotion. “The way I felt when I first met Erin, I feel whenever I see him. But I know I still love Erin.”

“Nick,” JP spoke up, “what is your relationship with this guy like?” Nick looked blankly at his idol. In reality, he had been avoiding Brandon as much as possible. He hated the feeling he got – or rather, he hated getting the feeling. He was afraid of the awkwardness a friendship with him might bring.

“I haven’t really talked to him much,” he replied. JP smiled and shook his head.

“Let me tell you something,” he explained. “When I first met Matt, I had the same feelings about him – just like you did with Erin and you do now with this guy. But I went straight up to him and talked to him that very first day. We were friends long before we became boyfriends. I’m not saying you’ll have that kind of a relationship with him, but how will you know if you keep avoiding him?”

“But, but what about Erin,” Nick protested. “And what if he, like, hates gay people or something.”

“Nick,” JP laughed quietly, “I’m not telling you to come out to him…just be friends with him. Maybe the more you get to know him, the more comfortable you’ll feel with him. Trust me, you’ll make yourself crazy if you stay away.” He patted Nick on the shoulder and grinned broadly. “Alright?” Nick smiled weakly. “Good, now let’s do some flyes.”

“Fuck yeah!” Ian screamed as he tore through his third set of lateral raises, admiring how his delts rippled in the mirror. “Hell yeah! These weights are getting so fuckin’ light!” He loved talking as he worked out; it pumped him up even more. And those veins were practically exploding out of his skin. “They’re getting too easy for these big fuckin’ muscles!” As soon as he completed the last rep, Ian threw down the weights, letting them crash to the floor. God, he loved that sound. “Jesus Christ, fuckin’ look at me, Rick!” he bellowed as he went into a most-muscular pose in the mirror.

“Damn, you look awesome,” Rick gasped in awe from behind. Ian smirked at the reflection of his friend. He was completely dazed. When the two first met last Halloween, Ian knew Rick thought he was the dominant one, but as time went by, Ian grew and grew and got bigger and bigger…while Rick stayed basically the same size. In a period of barely eight months, Rick had gone from Ian’s trainer to his training partner to his spotter and now he mainly watched Ian lift heavier and heavier weights all the time. Rick did only what Ian wanted, when he wanted.

“Oh shit,” Ian yelled, “I’m jacked!” And with that, he moved to a double biceps pose and kissed both his arms triumphantly. They were over 16 inches now – Kim couldn’t put her hands around them anymore. “Look at my guns, dude! Fuckin’ HUGE!”

Yeah, Ian Antoncelli was huge! 185 pounds of teen jock muscle. He was unstoppable; he was irresistible…just like he always dreamed…and he was still only 14 years old! He could only imagine how big he’d get during high school. And he was ridiculous in the gym; he’d spend hours in there lifting, making his muscles grow even more. He never seemed to get tired. Hell, even the roids he was taking weren’t enough. Luke actually gave him some even better stuff that made him grow even faster. Standing there in his gym shorts, Ian liked – no, loved – what he saw. But then, he dropped his shorts and loved it even better. His cock was thick and swollen – he always got hard when he worked out. God, he was so horny right now!

“Rick!” he called over to his lackey, “Get over here!”

“What is it?” the guy immediately answered, bounding over to his side. Ian looked at him with a sneer on his face.

“Get on your knees and suck my dick,” he ordered.

“WHAT!?!” Rick looked scared out of his mind.

“Come on,” Ian commanded him. “Fuckin’ get down there and suck my cock!” This usually was Kim’s job after his workouts, but she wasn’t around and he needed a blowjob NOW! He didn’t care who did it. Speaking of Kim, Ian was thinking of dumping her; she was getting boring and anyway, he was going to be in high school soon. There’d be plenty of hot chicks to fuck there.

Hesitantly, Rick dropped to his knees right in front of Ian’s throbbing dick and slowly held his tongue out to it. Ian had to laugh; he looked like he was licking a spinach-flavored ice cream cone or something, his face was so screwed up in disgust, but Ian didn’t care. Suddenly, he clutched Rick by the back of the head and thrust him into his crotch, forcing his dick down Rick’s mouth. Instantly, Rick gagged and began squirming, but Ian held him there until he spewed his spunk straight down the guy’s throat. Damn, that felt good! Rick was practically in tears when Ian finally let him go and fall to the floor in a sad heap, his face covered in Ian’s jizz.

“That wasn’t so bad, cocksucker,” Ian retorted. “I think that’s what I’ll call you from now on, cocksucker.” He laughed, pulling up his shorts. “Come on, let’s get something to eat, I’m starving!” And with that, he turned and headed out of the gym, Rick following obediently behind him.

To JP, whenever he had sex with Matt, nothing mattered. He heard nothing but the heavy breathing that escaped their mouths; he saw nothing but the angelic body of his boyfriend beneath him. But what he felt was indescribable. As his giant 10-and-a-half inch cock slid easily in and out of Matt’s gorgeous butt, the waves of pleasure and bliss that pulsed through his body always sent him into a daze. JP bent down and grazed his lips against Matt’s cheek as he laid facedown on his bed.

“Oh my God!” Matt breathed, reaching behind him for JP, his hands greeting by the thick, vascular forearms of his god-like boyfriend. JP – his pelvis still humping up and down agilely – leaned in to kiss him on the lips. As soon as their tongues touched, JP blew his load into Matt’s body. Matt moaned uncontrollably and even JP nearly lost all consciousness. For almost a whole minute, cum gushed out of his aching cock, filling all of Matt’s insides, but the two never parted lips. JP’s hips were pressed hard against Matt, smothering him in 225 pounds of dense muscle, but Matt loved every bit of it.

Finally, JP gently lifted himself off of his boyfriend, his flaccid – but still huge – dick toppling out of Matt’s crack. He gazed fondly at the pronounced ridges down the middle of Matt’s lower back, leftover from when he was on the high school crew team. JP sighed. Matt never realized it, but he had a gorgeous body. Yeah, he wasn’t anywhere near the size of JP, but every inch of him was perfect, from his broad, round shoulders to his thick, well-built legs. The guy had great genetics; one of these days, JP would mold him into the Adonis he deserved to be. Groggily, Matt turned over onto his back, his torso twisting elegantly, and stared up at JP.

“Wow, that was amazing!” he said, his eyes still dilated from the best sex of his life. JP grinned.

“No, you’re the one who always leaves me dazed and confused.” Matt blushed. JP knew he didn’t believe those words, but he had to know they were genuine coming from the boy he loved.

“Oh, guess what?” JP suddenly blurted, plopping down on the bed next to his boyfriend. “I have news I think you’d like to know.” Matt looked at him with eager eyes. “I finally decided where I want to go to school next year.” Countless colleges were practically fighting to have the legendary JP Maloney attend their school; with his grades and his remarkable high school wrestling career, they were throwing scholarships left and right at him.

“Really?” Matt exclaimed. “Where?”

“Ohio State,” JP answered. Matt nearly jumped out of the bed, his mouth flying open in elation.

“That’s only two hours from Baldwin-Wallace!” JP smiled, knowing he’d be ecstatic. The last year had been agony; they sometimes wouldn’t see each other for months at a time, but now that they would be going to schools not far apart, they’d probably be able to meet nearly every weekend…maybe more. And then – the thought of this made JP shiver – they’d be able to have sex whenever they wanted. “Please tell me,” Matt went on once he calmed down, “that you didn’t choose Ohio State solely because of me.” JP shook his head.

“Well,” he shrugged, “they offered me a full wrestling scholarship and the computer science department is pretty good there.” He paused, biting his lip. “But being close to you was kind of the clincher.” Matt shook his head. JP could tell it was like a dream come true for him.

“I can’t wait,” he whispered, leaning closer to him and kissing him gently on the lips. The warmth immediately filled JP’s body and when they parted, a smile remained on his face. “What?” Matt asked.

“I was just thinking about something that happened today,” he replied. Matt gazed at him, questioning him silently. “I was helping Nick Angelakis work out this afternoon when….” He smirked.

“What?” Matt asked again, laughing.

“Nick and Erin know about us,” JP finally said. Matt’s eyebrows darted upward, surprised at the news. “Apparently,” JP continued, “she figured it out a while ago and told him.”

“Did they tell anyone else?” Matt whispered, a hint of worry on his face. He knew JP was apprehensive about coming out just yet.

“No, they haven’t.” He stared up at the ceiling, lost in thought. Matt nuzzled in closer.

“You’re not ready to tell your parents yet, are you?” he said. JP swallowed and nodded.

“I don’t know why I am,” he wondered out loud. “Your parents know and they seem to be handling it ok.” He shook his head. “But you don’t know my dad.” JP’s father was a traditional military man and frankly, JP was anxious about what his reaction might be if he found out.

“Well,” Matt assured him, smiling, “I know your dad well enough to know he will always love you and be proud of you.” JP looked back at him and couldn’t help but feel better as he gazed into those round, blue eyes. God, I love him, he thought to himself.

Ryan made his way toward the American Eagle store at Springfield Mall. He had finally decided to get his life back on track and had registered for business classes at Northern Virginia Community College. But now, he needed new clothes. The stuff he wore in college – or rather, the lack thereof – would not work…and the clothes from high school no longer fit him. As soon as he walked through the door, the eyes of every girl were on him. He had gained a little weight since the hospital, but his massive chest and huge arms still filled his shirt to the max. And he still had his debilitating good looks – those piercing green eyes that immediately commanded attention wherever he went. Ryan headed directly over to the dressier clothes – he had to change his style a bit; tank-tops and muscle shirts were not going to cut it anymore.

“Ryan Maloney?” a voice called suddenly from behind him, almost making him jump. He turned around to see Luke standing there. He had his arms folded across his chest and – damn, he looked bigger than he used to. He must’ve been hitting the weights hard. His forearms were thick with veins and his biceps were practically bursting out of the sleeves. “Dude, where have you been?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ryan,” Luke laughed, “you haven’t answered anyone’s calls, you’re never around and you’ve disappeared from all the parties.” Ryan rolled his eyes, flexing his jaw muscles as he did.

“I know,” he replied, “I’m not doing that shit anymore.” Luke laughed again and shook his head.

“Dude,” he scoffed, “you’re joking, right?” Ryan shook his head as seriously as he could. The smile instantly disappeared off Luke’s face. “Ryan, you’re a legend. You can’t just drop it.” Ryan stepped toward his former friend and lowered his voice to a near-whisper.

“Something happened when I was in the hospital back in January,” he tried to explain. “It’s hard to describe, but I’m no longer the same person I was before. I don’t like the person I was before.”

“What are you trying to say?” Luke asked, not being able to hide the disdain in his tone.

“I’m saying,” Ryan continued calmly, “I don’t want to be around you or the other guys again.” With that, he turned his back to Luke and walked out of the store.

Luke was stunned as he watched the tremendous back of his former best friend walk away from him. He can’t fucking do that, he thought. Ryan Maloney was a god; dozens of guys revered him for the hulking, muscle-bound, sex-crazed stud that he had become over the last five years. And now, he was just going to walk away from all that? He was just going to leave behind everything that made him who he was – his friends, the parties, the chicks? Luke was completely bewildered.

How dare he abandon me, he said to himself. They had grown up together – gotten big and buff together, gone to every party together, even fucked girls together. And now he was just giving all that up? He was steaming as he looked at his reflection in his bathroom mirror back at home. This just wasn’t fair. Luke had committed so much to Ryan; he had been his best friend, his training partner, he had always been by his side.

“Fucking asshole,” he said out loud. Well, I’ll just have to fill that role, he thought. Not taking his eyes off of his reflection, he reached into a drawer and pulled out a syringe and a small vial. He inserted the syringe and drew a little bit out. He looked at it briefly, then recapped the syringe and grabbed an alcohol pad. Pulling down his shorts slightly, he wiped his hip flexor a few times with the pad, then picked up the syringe and uncapped it. With one quick motion, he drove the syringe deep into the muscle. He pushed the plunger in, injecting himself with the stuff. He removed the needle and smiled to himself, feeling the shit already coursing through his veins. He was going to get even bigger and stronger than Ryan could ever imagine. If Ryan wanted to forget his friends, then Luke would make his friends forget Ryan. There was a new stud in town….and his name was Luke Johnson. •

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