Nick (Sequel to JP)



By luvyalots

Coach Palmer filed the last of his charts and papers and stuffed them in the filing cabinet, officially ending the football season. It had been an ok one; at least the team ended up with a winning record. With Ryan Maloney and now Tyler Backton – Central High School’s two most recent football stars – in college, the talent had been pretty thin. But next year would be different.

Last summer’s middle school football camp had revealed some true prospects. Billy Freeman was possibly the biggest 13-year-old Palmer had ever seen – nearly six feet and almost 200 pounds! The kid was going to be a monster. Plus, another eighth grader, Nick Angelakis, would probably make a good running back, though his real love seemed to be wrestling – he’d have to talk to Graves about that. And then, Rick Stevens, the JV quarterback, had recently been talking about yet another incoming freshman…Ian Antoncheely or Atoncholly or something. Said he was a pretty big kid, too.

Palmer glanced through the office window into the weight room. There were a few kids – wrestlers mainly – who were working out that December night, but they were all huddled around the squat machine. They were watching someone lift, though he couldn’t see who. But whoever it was, he sure was lifting a considerable amount of weight. Puzzled, Palmer went into the weight room and over to the mob. Peter Evans, the kicker on the JV team, noticed him and rushed over to him with wide eyes.

“Coach,” he exclaimed, “you gotta see this guy. He’s about to break the freshman squat record and he’s only in eighth grade!” His interest now tweaked, Palmer moved through the crowd for his own view. Sure enough, a boy was standing there with the heavy bar on his shoulders, his youngish face grimaced in concentration. His shirt was off and shit, his body was far beyond his years! His pecs were thick and tightly stretched across his chest, his arms bulged with rock-hard muscles and his abs were incredibly ripped. Palmer was completely taken aback by the kid; he had never seen a body that young that so well-built.

“Come on, Ian!” Rick Stevens encouraged, spotting him from behind. Slowly, the boy lowered his body, his huge thighs flexing with power. Then, with an incredible amount of strength, he began squatting the weight, his skin turning beat red, his entire body shaking. He let out a scream as he came up straight and the other boys cheered. Rick helped Ian rack the bar and patted him on his wide back. “Awesome, man!” Ian seemed extremely proud of himself; it was obvious he loved the attention he was getting.

That’s when Palmer noticed for the first time how much weight was on the bar…360 pounds! He not only broke the old record – set by Ryan Maloney his freshman year – he smashed it by 30 pounds! Ian cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders as if he was showing off the sinewy cords of muscle underneath his skin. Palmer simply could not believe that a kid this heavily muscled could still possibly be in middle school. Jesus, the kid even had lats that actually pushed his arms away from his body. They were still pretty slender, but no one save the senior athletes had lats like those.

“That was mighty impressive, son,” Palmer complimented the boy, making his way over to him. Ian smiled broadly, looking up at the coach with sheer confidence.

“Thanks, coach,” he answered.

“They tell me you’re still an eighth grader?”

“Yep,” he beamed. “I turned 14 last week.” And just like he was talking to a buddy rather than a teacher, he flexed his arms. They exploded with raw power; Palmer’s eyebrows went up at the sight of them. “Yeah,” Ian continued, “168 pounds. I’m a big kid. Everyone always says that.”

“You know,” Palmer suggested, “you should really think about going out for football next year. You’d probably make a good wide receiver. With your leg strength, you’d make Varsity no problem.” Ian’s face brightened at the prospect of becoming a star football player as only a freshman.

“Hell, that would be awesome, coach,” he gushed. Palmer smiled and patted the boy on the back – hitting nothing but hard muscle of course – and began imagining the possibilities. Heck, this kid could probably break every record in the book, he thought.

Erin rolled off of Nick and onto her back, sweaty and exhausted. Jesus Christ, the sex with Nick just kept getting better and better. Of course, they used protection all the time, but Nick’s stamina grew to the point where they could do it two or three times in one night – Chrissy’s stash of condoms was beginning to run out. Erin would take one look at her boyfriend’s naked body and start cumming on sight. He had beefed up a bit since Thanksgiving, now weighing a solid 160 pounds – and naturally all of it was muscle. She could see in his arms, in his chest, even his legs and butt, that he was filling out. His voice had gotten deeper – it would rumble through her ears whenever he spoke softly to her – and his cock had grown to seven and a half inches long, an organ so perfect, it slipped perfectly into her.

“Shit,” she breathed, turning her head to look at Nick. His black hair was matted to his forehead and his torso glistening with sweat. “How do you do that?” Nick grinned modestly.

“Do what?”

“Keep making it better every time we do it,” she answered.

“No,” he corrected her, “you make it better every time.” And then, his eyes twinkled and she nearly started cumming again! Gently, Erin placed her hand on his chest, tracing her fingers along the ever-deepening crease between his striated pecs. It felt strangely rough there – where before it had been completely smooth.

“Nick,” she murmured, “are you getting hair on your chest?” He bit his lip and shrugged.

“Well, I am growing up,” he whispered, smiling. His dimples deepened in his cheeks. God, I hope he never loses those, Erin thought.

“I hope you don’t grow up too fast,” she sighed, wrapping her arm around the back of his wide neck. Suddenly, her eyes grew serious as she realized the weight of her words. Nick instantly felt it, too.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. Erin shook her head.

“Nothing,” she said, though they both knew exactly what was on her mind. JP and Matt’s breakup had been hard on everyone who knew about it, particularly Erin. She was there when it happened and she had never seen her brother react to anything like he did that day. Ever since then, he hadn’t smiled and talked little. He even lost a wrestling match – his first loss in almost two years! Most of the time, he was down in the basement working out alone. She could hear him grunting, trying to get the anger out of him, but it didn’t seem to work. Erin looked up into Nick’s eyes and nearly began to cry. “Promise that we’ll never be apart,” she suddenly burst out, burrowing her face into her boyfriend’s shoulder. Nick massaged her back, calming her down. He knew she didn’t want the same thing to happen to her.

“I’ll always be here,” he crooned. “You know that.”

After the dial tone rang for the fourth time, JP’s deep voice came on: “Hi, you’ve reached JP, but I’m not available. Please do your thing after the beep.” BEEP! Chrissy didn’t bother leaving a message – she had already left several – and closed her cell phone with a frustrated sigh. She was worried out of her mind. Ever since JP and Matt broke up, neither was responsive. They wouldn’t pick up the phone, they wouldn’t answer her e-mails or even reply to her IM’s. It had been like this since Thanksgiving and now it was Christmas break and there was still no word from either of them. That meant only one thing.

She would have to visit them personally.

Exiting off the Beltway onto Braddock Road, Chrissy’s mind was in a whirl. When she heard from Matt’s mom that the two had broken up, she was floored. Never in her wildest imagination could she picture JP and Matt apart from each other for even a day. And she couldn’t fathom how many tears they had shed. In almost desperate hurry, she pulled up in front of the Maloney house. Mrs. Andersson had said that Matt was in Baltimore with his dad, so JP was the only one of the two that would be home.

“Where’s JP?” she blurted out as Erin opened the door. The young girl pointed up the steps with – to Chrissy’s surprise – complete calmness. It was as if she knew why Chrissy was there, but that was the last thing on her mind. “Thanks,” she said rapidly and bounded up the steps. She hesitated at JP’s bedroom door, preparing herself for whatever sight she might find inside. Gently, she opened it and peeked in. JP was on the floor, doing push-up after push-up after push-up, his body bare to his waist. His huge upper back muscles were etched with breathtaking relief, his gigantic triceps and delts shredded and red with exhaustion. “JP?” she muttered.

He stopped and looked up at her. His eyes – those deep blue eyes that had always shone with warmth – were blank and pale. But the thing that moved Chrissy the most was his utter stoicism. There were no streaks of tears on his cheeks, no angered flex in his jaw; JP simply was devoid of any emotion. Slowly, he got to his feet, breathing calmly, his washboard abs condensing and relaxing, his massive chest moving up and down.

“What do you want?” he finally said, his voice as smooth as velvet, but with no inflection. It sounded like he didn’t care to know the answer.

“JP,” Chrissy started, “I need to talk to you.”

“I’m fine,” he murmured, turning away from her, the dramatic V-shape of his back prominently displayed. He bent over and picked up two 40-pound dumbbells that were lying on the floor. Then with ease, he began curling them, his round biceps becoming more and more pumped, rising to impressive peaks. Chrissy then realized what she was seeing. This was JP as he would have been if he had never met Matt – stoic, cold, unemotional. JP had shut Matt out of his life; his boyfriend no longer existed as far as he was concerned. But Chrissy knew that was impossible.

“JP,” she repeated, coming over to him and placing her hand on his arm to get his attention. His skin was warm, but only from the sweat of working out; there was nothing coming from inside. He stopped for a moment, blinked, but then continued curling. Chrissy leaned toward him and whispered softly into his ear, so softly, even she barely heard her own words:

“I know you still love him.”

JP’s arms dropped heavily to his sides from the weight of the dumbbells. He swallowed hard and a single tear ran down his cheek. Chrissy noticed it; she knew he would never forget Matt. The two were so in love, they could never stay apart for long. It was now obvious that the last month had been eating JP up inside. Tossing the weights onto his bed, he wiped the tear off his face and turned away from Chrissy.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he pleaded, his voice suddenly full of emotion. Chrissy moved around to face him again, placing her hands on his thick, arching traps, and stared up into him. His eyes quivered in a fit to control the tears that wanted to flow.

“Do you really want to forget him?” she asked. He didn’t answer; she went on. “Remember that feeling you got when you first met him that day at band camp – you always loved to tell me about it – you knew he was the one. I know you remember the first words you said to each other, the first time you kissed…had sex.” She paused, feeling her own voice starting to crack. So many times, she had seen the two display their affection for each other – gazing into each other’s eyes; she could almost feel the warmth that emanated from them as they touched. She couldn’t bear to see it all come to an end. “Do you really want to throw that all away?” Suddenly, as if a dam had broken, JP began to sob, tears streaming down his face, his jaw shaking uncontrollably.

“Damn it,” he burst, collapsing onto the bed, “why did I have to get drunk that night? Why did I have to push him away?” Chrissy kneeled down in front of him, taking his hands into hers.

“You didn’t push him away,” she insisted, fighting her own tears. “He still loves you; you know that. He will come back; you can never push him away.” For the first time, JP looked straight back at her. The color had returned to his eyes, the warmth to his face. He was hearing her words.

JP sat on his bed, motionless. He hadn’t moved since Chrissy left the room nearly ten minutes before. She was right; there was no way he could stay away from Matt for very long. The guy was so beautiful and so perfect, but most of all he was loving and kind. JP couldn’t imagine another minute without him. Slowly, he stood up and looked at his reflection in the mirror, at his immense figure – 6’1”, 220 pounds. He always turned heads wherever he went; girls sometimes visibly lusted over his body. But he knew Matt didn’t just love him for his body, he loved him for him. He loved him before he ever lifted a weight, when he was still a 98-pound freshman.

With newfound energy, JP grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt from his drawer and put them on, his huge muscles barely contained by the material. His massive chest bulged outwards; his broad shoulders stretched the fabric. JP was a behemoth…and he had gotten that way because of Matt; he knew it. Sighing, he plopped back down on the bed, smiling to himself, knowing that no one could have Matt except for him.

That’s when he heard the knock on the door and stood up. Standing in the doorway was Matt, almost as if he had heard him calling for him. Never before had JP seen a sight so beautiful. At first, he didn’t know what to say; he just gazed at him. It had only been a month since they had broken up, but it had seemed like an eternity. Finally, JP opened his mouth to speak:

“I’m sorr—”

“No,” Matt interrupted, “it’s my fault.” His voice was hoarse with emotion, red streaks running down his cheeks. “I can’t live without out you. I need you.” And with that, he lunged toward JP and began kissing him. Instinctively, JP wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, feeling his body melt into his chest. Shit, how he missed this. How could he have ever wanted to forget this?

That kiss was all that was needed to mend the last month. No words, no explanations. Matt was forgiving JP for cheating on him. He knew it was only a stupid mistake, it would never happen again. Matt and JP would always be together forever.

Still embraced, the two fell onto JP’s bed, limbs intertwined, lips interlocked. They didn’t want to ever let go of each other’s touch. They knew they were meant for each other; their bodies fit perfectly together. Finally, Matt rolled off of JP, breathless. Hypnotized, JP turned over, hovering above his boyfriend like the guardian angel Matt had always told him he was. Passionately, he gazed into his eyes. God, they were so gorgeous, so big and round, their blue hue seeping into JP’s mind, entrancing him with their warmth.

“I had a talk with Chrissy,” he whispered. “She made me realize how much I needed you, how idiotic I was for driving you away.” JP could feel tears still sliding down his face, but he smiled. Everything would be fine now.

“You can never be an idiot,” Matt said quietly. He sat up and looked around the room. JP knew the look in his boyfriend’s eyes. It was one of sheer awe and disbelief; disbelief that someone like JP could possibly be deeply in love with him. Believe it, JP mentally said to him.

“What is it?” he asked. Matt smiled.

“You’re perfect,” he purred. And with those simple words, JP knew that the last month had been forgotten. JP was forgiven. And Matt made a new promise never to leave him again.

The next few minutes were a blur. JP led Matt down to the basement, to the gym where the last four years of hard work had sculpted the Adonis that JP Maloney now was. So many summer days, the two had come down here to work out, making their muscles bigger and stronger, but this time they were coming down here to do something that both of them had missed for too long.

They stood in the middle of the room gazing fondly at each other, each reading the other’s mind, knowing exactly what to do next. Slowly – and without taking his eyes off of Matt – JP stripped off his shirt, revealing his immaculate torso of hard muscle. Matt couldn’t take his eyes off of his boyfriend’s gigantic chest, his striated shoulders, his bulging arms, his shredded abs. Everything was perfect; more perfect than any human being could possibly be. After a moment’s pause, JP continued taking off his clothes, unbuttoning his jeans, silently encouraging Matt to do the same. He did.

JP stood there, looking at Matt’s naked body. He never seemed to admit it, but he was gorgeous. The way his broad shoulders curved down to his narrow waist always made JP tingle. His slender pecs and perfectly formed six-pack were enough to make him weak in the knees. His thick cock – though dwarfed by JP’s monster – called to him. But it was Matt’s eyes that always did JP in. He couldn’t look into them and not fall in love with him all over again – it was a feeling that never got old.

Finally, JP turned around, offering his butt to Matt, asking him to give him everything. Gently, Matt wrapped his arms around JP’s massive chest, the warmth flowing between their bodies. Then, his cock began to enter into JP’s ass. He closed his eyes and moaned as it slipped inside, its girth filling him up with desire. As Matt started moving in and out – so smoothly, JP felt not a single bit of pain – they gradually became more and more into each other. The sounds of their erotic bliss filled the room as they humped each other, Matt’s hands wildly groping JP’s shoulders. JP felt the rush of sex overcome him, Matt’s breathing in his ear, his heart beating against his back. How could he even try to forget someone as angelic as Matt? How could he think that he couldn’t have him?

Matt continued fucking JP, the two quickly nearing their climax, when JP opened his eyes…and froze. It took him a couple of seconds to process what he was seeing and then sheer dread came over him.

Ryan was standing in the doorway. •

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