Friends Indeed


By FanTCMan

God, I love my cock when I feel it in my hand, hard and thick inside my jeans. I'm so turned on by it I almost can't stand it. I'm holding onto my dick and I'm rubbing my pecs, feeling my muscle, looking at Gavin, and now I'm thinking how unbelievably hot the sheer size of his muscles is. I can't wait until mine are so thick and dense. His body looks to me like total maleness, with its body hair, the massive muscle and thick veins, and the gigantic bulge in the crotch of his little briefs. Even my old buddy Russ looks so much more intensely male to me now. Not only more muscular, his beard is heavier, his armpit hair is thicker. Now I wish he'd take off his clothes again. I want to see him in his briefs again, with all that groin hair, and that new hair on his torso. I want to see the bulge in his bikini again, to see if it really does look bigger.

Then Russ is saying that he can see how hot and sexy I'm feeling. He says that's what this stuff is all about. How it works on your male sexuality, how it exaggerates those feelings about your own maleness even while it's exaggerating the physical effects. He says it's all about the erotic nature of the male animal, the erotic essence of the very male characteristics it enhances, the basic erotic pleasure of growing big muscles, a big cock and a big pair of balls, and the masculine hair to set it all off.

He says look at this guy, meaning Gavin, have I ever seen a man so totally erotic. Then Gavin says to Rusty that he's pretty fucking hot himself, and Gavin lifts off Russ's tank top and unbuttons the fly of his Levis so they fall down to his ankles. Russ has a hard on, too, which he doesn't try to hide or cover, and it does look bigger to me. I'm astounded, excited by the extreme maleness of the way it looks bulging in those skimpy trunks with all that hair around it, setting it off. And Gavin is getting one. Rusty says that when this stuff makes you feel like this, so wildly turned on by your own sexuality, the only thing to do is to enjoy it.

Look at this, he says, and he pulls Gavin's trunks down so that his balls fall free and his dick flops over them and rises quickly, growing into to the longest, fattest cock I've ever seen. Russ grabs it, holds it for me to see, and says he can't wait to get that big himself, how about me. I'm standing there, holding onto my own dick thinking how unbelievable Gavin's is, how hot mine feels right now, how much hotter it would feel to be so big, when Gavin pulls down Rusty's trunks, and both of them are naked. Then Russ starts to feel Gavin's muscles while he's saying to me look at these fucking tits.

These huge, hairy pecs are so hot. Can't wait to have muscle like this.

I'm watching Russ get off on Gavin's muscle, his hairy chest, even his giant dick, and I'm thinking that this is totally queer, one guy getting off on another guy's body. But everything they are doing is so hot to me, and I want to touch him, too. Russ looks at me and says he knows I want to get naked, because this stuff makes you feel like that, so why don't I just do it, and with that suggestion, I can't stop myself from taking off my jeans and shirt and underwear. I feel hot enough to boil.

Before I know what's happening, I'm feeling every inch of Gavin's incredible body. Nothing has ever made me so hot as his muscles do. The intensity of the feelings I have about physical masculinity are growing stronger. I love his body hair, I love his huge dick, and the size of his balls, bigger than golf balls, drives me crazy. I love Rusty's body. I can't believe how erotic and exciting his hairy groin is as I sink my face into his pubes and suck his cock, all the time feeling the hard, sexy ridges of his abs and the deep cuts he's getting under his pecs. And my own body is feeling more hot and erotic to me every second. I can't wait to get as developed as Gavin, but even as it is right then, I feel a thousand times more turned on by my body. My muscles feel like pure sex to me, and so does my dick and my balls. Everything masculine about me, about my body, turns me on. Even my pubic hair is hot to me. Just like Russ's and Gavin's. I'm on my hands and knees with my face buried in Russ's hairy, musky, man-scented crotch, and Gavin is behind me rubbing his horse dick against my ass. I know what he's about to do, and I can't wait to feel his rod inside me, filling me with his manhood. I don't even know how many times we all came that night. I still can't believe how this stuff makes you able to come and come, over and over again, and how you stay just as horny and full of huge load after huge load of hot, thick, sexy man-juice.

When Russ and I finally go home, he's laughing at me all the way about how I said that sharing the bedroom would be okay as long as he hadn't turned queer on me. I just say, hey, who could know, and I'm always open to learning new things.

The next day when we get up, first thing, I'm so horny again I can't stand it, and I find Russ in the bathroom already, jacking off if front of the mirror, feeling his chest like it's the sexiest thing he's ever had his hands on. I'm already hard and horny, and it looks pretty fucking hot to me, too.

Russ sees me come in, and he says good morning, but he doesn't even pause with what he's doing. When I get close enough, I can see that he's looking a little hunkier than he was the night before. Amazing, but I can see it. His pecs are thicker, and so are his arms and his legs. It looks like his butt is bigger, too. And there's definitely a little more of that new hair that was growing on his chest and down his abs. Seeing that really gets my motor running, as if it already wasn't.

He says it looks like I should join him, and I'm already standing there with my cock in my hand. Watching him jack off makes me get extremely excited, and I also realize that I still feel like I did last night, so unbelievably turned on by my own body. I watch him, but I'm also looking at myself as I start to jack off with him, real slow and sexy, and feeling myself. I feel hunky. My tits feel fabulous, sensitive, hard, cut. My abs feel hard and cut, cut deep and clean. I notice Russ is enjoying me getting off on myself. We both take it slow, tantalizing each other, until we come in the sinks and on the mirrors. Russ laughs that the only drawback he can see to the effects of this stuff is how you're always cleaning up after yourself.

He suggests we shower together, which we do. Soaping up is hot, especially when we start soaping up each other. Before we turn off the water, we've sucked each other off. Then we go to the kitchen where Russ makes us protein drinks. Of course, we're still both nude and we both still have hard cocks, which we try to ignore for about a minute, until we've finished our drinks, and then Rusty is feeling my bod, telling me how hot I am, how hot we're both going to be, and we're having sex again on the sofa in the living room.

Finally he says we have to go and meet Gavin at his place to take our morning dose, and then get down to the beach for our workout. He puts on a pair of those posing trunks and throws me a pair. I pull them on, thinking about how embarrassing they would have seemed to me before. They feel so skimpy on me that I have to laugh. When I adjust my cock and balls and make them try to cover me, they only just cover and hold my private parts, and they make me look big, or at least feel big. I like the way they feel. They just cover the crack of my ass, and they won't pull up high enough to cover my pubes completely, but that feels very hot to me now.

We go over to Gavin's, and we all take our doses, and it hits so fast and strong that we end up getting naked and having a quick fuck together before we get to the beach. Truly, this stuff is incredible the way it amps your sex drive into overdrive. By the time we get to the beach, we are buzzing so hard and fast on the stuff that we put in the hardest workout I could ever imagine. It feels so good, pushing all that weight, feeling the deep, deep pump, while all these other people are watching. It's a totally sexual experience. We know all those people watching are turned on by us, by how we look and what we're doing. We also know that we're giving them one hell of a a show.

A couple of the guys come up to talk, and they let us know what a turn on our little show is. We know we've got them excited, and we continue to show them what we know they want to see. I've never felt so hot in my life, so intensely, erotically sexy that every move I make is a blatant act of seduction. I love the way they stare at me, at all three of us. Finally, Gavin asks a couple of the hottest looking guys if they want to come over to his place with us for a beer. Of course, they do.

I guess the other people there noticed us leave with them, because after that, it got to be almost a ritual that guys would come to watch us work out and afterwards, some of them would get invited over for a "party." And you should see some of these parties. We always put some of the stuff in their beers, just enough to turn them into sexual animals. Some of them, in fact, have come back several times for repeat performances, and they are starting to show the effects of our magic formula.

It seems like the guys who invented this stuff, who give it to Gavin, are enjoying seeing its effects, because they are giving it out to more than just Gavin. We discover this when the workout area at the beach starts to attract guys we don't know who are obviously taking the stuff, too. They aren't hard to spot. Lots of guys wish they were us and come to the beach wearing the skimpiest little posing briefs, like we wear, but some of them are showing the extreme development that the stuff produces. The workout pen starts to get like a pickup bar every afternoon.

Meanwhile, I can't believe what is happening to Russ and me. Not to mention Gavin and the other guys. In a couple of weeks, I start to really be able to see that my cock is growing, and that it really is going to get huge like Gavin's. It grows more than an inch and at the same time keeps getting thicker, so that after just two weeks it feels fat and heavy. The more it grows, the sexier it feels. I love how the bulge I show in my bikini keeps getting bigger and fuller. Even my balls are getting bigger, and people always stare at my crotch. It is so hot. Also, at the same time, I'm getting so fucking muscular. I love the feeling of my body getting thick with muscle. I love the way I'm starting to walk, the way the muscle makes my arms stick out over my lats and the way my legs are starting to roll around each other. I'm actually starting to look like a real bodybuilder. And so is Russ. He is so hot I can't stand it, and he feels the same way about me. When we are alone, we're naked all the time, because we are almost always having sex and getting off on each other's bods. And while we keep getting bigger so fast, we are both growing more and more body hair all the time, too. It's all so hot!

At first I just noticed a few hairs on my belly, starting to grow into a line down toward my pubes. I also noticed, first on Russ, then on myself, that my pubes were getting thicker and spreading out. Suddenly my pubic hair wasn't just around my cock and balls anymore. It was growing farther up my groin, out onto my thighs and between my legs. My briefs didn't cover it up any more, and having such a hairy groin, and letting show at the beach in public felt incredibly sexy. The hair in my armpits got thicker, too. And the hair on my belly kept growing up my abs to my chest. Then some fine, dark hairs sprouted in the center of my chest and around my nipples, and day by day it kept filling in until, in that same two weeks, it grew all over my chest, up to my collar bones and my throat, out to the sides of my pecs, and filled in all along the bottoms of my pecs, where the muscle was getting thick enough to fold over in deep cuts on my ribs. And all of this just made me feel sexier and hotter.

Meanwhile, Gavin is getting so huge, he looks like a new kind of human male, like a new species. Every time we think about getting as big as he is, we get hard. And there's still no telling how big he, or any of us, will be able to get. It's great, because he says it feels so hot to have 29 inch arms that he's constantly turning himself on, and he can't wait to see what 30 inches, and 31, feels like. And it drives him crazy how much we get off on his body, how we worship him. We're like disciples, and the more we are obsessed with being as big is he is, the more he gets off on acting like our god, and dispensing the elixir that forces us to develop and grow. The bigger he gets us, the more it excites him, and the more we excite him, the hotter we feel.

Yesterday, Russ got a call from his little brother. Garrett is 17 and just graduated from high school, and he's decided he wants to come out to California to visit for the last two weeks of August before school. Garrett idolizes Rusty, always has. When Russ and I started working out, Garrett wanted Rusty to teach him how. When we started into actual bodybuilding, so did Garrett. For a 17 year old kid, he's got a beautiful body. He's also real good looking, just like Russ.

Rusty told him it was okay to come out, and he decided not to tell him the whole story about what we've been doing, even though the minute Garrett sees us, he'll know something. He just said that he and I had gotten into a whole new, amazing thing with our bodybuilding, but he'd tell him about it when he got here. He knows that Garrett will want to do whatever we're doing, that if it's cool with Rusty, it'll be cool with him. Personally, I can't wait to be there when he takes his first dose. •

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