Nick (Sequel to JP)

Truth Be Told


By luvyalots

“Eight!” JP called out as he gently held onto Nick’s sides, spotting him on the squat machine in JP’s basement. “Nine!” Nick’s eyes were shut tight, his entire body quivering, as he neared the end of the set. He blasted his legs and butt upward, letting out a primeval yell. “TEN!” JP smiled, helping his young pupil rack the heavy bar. “Good job, Nick,” he congratulated him.

“Thanks,” Nick grunted, breathing hard and rubbing his shredded thighs proudly. “I can’t believe I actually did it!” JP wrapped a massive arm around the boy’s striated shoulders.

“How many 13-year-olds can squat 300 for ten reps like you just did, huh?” Nick blushed and took a swig from his water bottle. Nick Angelakis was making tremendous progress…as usual. Although he hadn’t grown as much in the last couple of months as he had during the summer, his strength was still growing steadily. Just the other day, he had smashed the 200-pound barrier on the bench press – a statistic JP didn’t reach until he was well into high school – and yesterday, Nick performed 20 perfect pull-ups…with 100 pounds strapped to his waist! The kid was a machine.

“Pretty soon,” Nick taunted, his ever-deepening voice booming, “I’ll be as big as you.”

“Not so fast,” JP answered, rubbing his fist against his skull in a noogie. “Your little, puny muscles are no match for mine.” Nick giggled, but JP knew that one day, he would surpass him. He looked at the boy’s arms – mountains of rock that rose to an impressive 14-and-a-half inches. Every muscle fiber was clearly visible and defined; it was like looking at a page from an anatomy textbook. No doubt, they would quickly move past the 20+ inch guns that JP possessed and beyond. Just like the rest of him. Every bit of Nick’s body was flawlessly built, from his wide, sinewy neck and chiseled back to his broad, ripped chest and corrugated, washboard abs. People always talked about how gorgeous of a body JP had, but soon, Nick would be the one on everyone’s lips. JP shivered, imagining how big he could get. It was obvious the kid had the potential to become someone even JP could never dream of becoming. Though barely a teenager, he already epitomized the teen jock – the confident gaze in his eyes, the bulging, rock-hard muscles, the sweat-stained T-shirt ripped to the shoulders.

“So, Matt is coming home from college today?” Nick asked, sitting down on the bench. JP froze. All this training had done some to get JP’s mind off what happened at Ryan’s party a few weeks ago, but at the mention of his boyfriend’s name, the eyes of Matt Andersson filled his head.

“Yeah,” he answered nervously. He hadn’t seen him in months and was aching to hold him in his arms again, but... JP had cheated on his boyfriend, and with a girl. Surely, Matt would sense that something was wrong and the truth would come out. JP didn’t know how he would break the news, if at all.

“Is he going to take my place as your workout partner?” Nick asked, smiling, his perfect white teeth shining brightly. JP could tell Nick knew there was something amiss and was trying to cheer him up; Erin probably told him what had happened, but the kid could never know the true nature of his mistake. He couldn’t have known that sleeping with Brionna was worse than it seemed; Nick couldn’t have known that JP and Matt were dating.

“Why,” JP answered, grinning weakly, “you wanna fight him for it?” Nick laughed infectiously.

“You think I could win?”

JP bit his lip and avoided the question. “Oh, just go upstairs!” he joked, throwing a towel at him. Nick laughed again and bounded toward the steps. Once the boy was gone, JP sighed. His mind was so confused. He was excited to see Matt again, but dreaded the moment he’d look into his eyes, knowing that he had committed the ultimate betrayal. His eyes searched the room for some unknown reason and settled on the squat machine, still racked with the 300 pounds Nick had just been working with. Distantly, JP got up and immediately added even more weight to the bar…until it held 575 pounds, his own working weight. Then, he got into place, unracked the bar – bending under the sheer weight of the plates – and started repping squats…one right after the other, his breathing efficient and rhythmic. His thighs shook, his glutes burned, but JP just kept going.

Why did all this shit have to happen in his life? Why couldn’t he just lift and train and get bigger and wrestle like he wanted? It was so easy. He had nothing to worry about when he was in the gym or on the mat. Sometimes, he wished he had never fallen in love…but then he knew he would’ve never been the athlete he was now if he hadn’t. As he continued lifting, sweat began pouring down JP’s body, soaking his boxers. Finally, after countless reps, he racked the bar and walked toward the mirror. He had come so far from his dorky-little-kid days, back when he barely weighed 100 pounds…and now here he was, a hulking 220-pound musclejock. And he owed so much to Matt; that’s why it hurt so much knowing he cheated on him. He felt his eyes begin to water with tears and did a most-muscular pose just to keep from crying. His muscles exploded out of his paper-thin skin; his dense fibers twitched, his thick veins pulsed. That’s when he heard the shriek behind him. He immediately turned around to see Matt kneeling in the doorway, his eyes gazing longingly at JP’s body. The inside of one of his pant-legs was wet – he must have blown his load and collapsed to his knees when he saw his boyfriend’s immaculate body. But all JP saw were his eyes, those big, round, blue eyes that filled the whole room – and JP’s whole insides – with emotion.

“Matt,” he gasped, “you’re home!” Impulsively, he rushed over to him grabbed him by the arms – the warmth instantly seeping into him – and pulled him to his feet. “Are you ok?”

Matt stared sheepishly at him. “Yeah, I…” Then, without warning, he threw himself around JP and eagerly began to kiss him. JP had no choice but to kiss back. He could feel Matt’s body lean into him, giving himself up completely. Their limbs groping each other’s backs, their tongues exploring every inch of each other’s mouth’s, the two stumbled toward the coach and collapsed on top of it, Matt buried underneath JP’s tremendous muscles. Matt began to sweat profusely as their lust grew and he slipped his lips down JP’s neck. Without thinking, he tore Matt’s T-shirt off his body, the fabric ripping surprisingly easily. His beautiful chest and abs were exposed, their slender contours twisting and writhing with sheer ecstasy. At the same time, Matt began tugging at JP’s boxers, freeing his monster cock; he could tell he wanted it so badly he was aching inside.

JP pulled himself up, gently pushing Matt’s head into his chest. He groaned as Matt feverously licked his pecs, his tongue grazing against his nipples. Waves of intense pleasure swept through his body. Instinctively, JP began slowly moving his pelvis up and down, humping his boyfriend and egging him on, urging him to give even more. The orgy got stronger and more powerful, Matt now clutching onto JP’s ass, JP’s rock-hard, 10-and-a-half inch cock rubbing against his abs. Suddenly, both their loads were unleashed at the same time, JP’s erupting up Matt’s torso, drenching his pecs. Finally, they calmed down and JP returned to eye level with his boyfriend. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“I missed you so much,” he whispered. As he stared into Matt’s eyes, his cock began to get hard again. Matt sensed it and his eyes immediately began to get wide. JP felt the lust rise up suddenly inside him – he wanted to make up for all the nights he had been without him – and he dove down to Matt’s abs, licking up the cum that had settled in between the ridges. They flexed; they were nowhere near as deeply cut as JP’s, but damn were they beautiful, angling down underneath his jeans, toward his crotch.

Then, Matt grabbed his ass and JP knew exactly what he wanted. He turned his body so that his dick was near Matt’s mouth. Almost instantly, he began to blow him and JP desperately started unbuttoning Matt’s jeans to return the favor. But then, he began finger-fucking him and it became just too much. JP blew another gigantic wad straight down Matt’s throat. His body thrashed around; he was unable to control his body as wave after wave of jizz shot into his boyfriend. When it was all gone, JP carefully moved off of Matt and squatted down next to him, kissing him gently on the forehead. “You don’t even know how much I’ve needed you,” he sighed. Matt looked into his eyes and he could tell he sensed a sadness; JP couldn’t hide it from him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. JP blinked.

“Nothing,” he answered. “I just missed you a lot, that’s all.” Matt’s eyes knew there was something more, but he didn’t ask. Instead, he brushed the hair out of JP’s eyes and smiled.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous, JP,” he said.

“So are you.” And the two kissed again, but this time, it was gentle and overwhelming, like time had stopped. JP realized that he was completely relaxed and felt like he had no care in the world. All he wanted was to feel himself inside of Matt; he wanted the feeling of Brionna to leave him. He wanted all of that to go away. “Let me fuck you,” he breathed. “I need to…I have to feel you again.”

Placidly and without response, Matt turned over, offering his ass to his boyfriend. JP delicately lowered himself on top of him, breathing softly against the back of his neck. So many times had he laid in this position that an immediate sense of calm and easiness came over him. He quietly began pumping in and out of Matt’s butt, their sweat acting as a natural lubricant. The pleasure that swept through his body was indescribable and he knew Matt was feeling the same things. Everything was so silent, he could actually hear his penis exploding inside of Matt as he climaxed and he didn’t make a sound. But then, tears came to JP’s eyes. Fucking Matt was unlike any other feeling in the world, but this time, he couldn’t help thinking how much he had betrayed his boyfriend; it just didn’t feel the same. A tear rolled down his cheek and feel onto the back of Matt’s head, unnoticed.

“You are so fucking gorgeous, Nick,” Erin crooned as she lay on top of her boyfriend, her head nudged against his armpit, her hand across his broad chest. They were lying on the couch in front of the TV, but they weren’t watching it; they were gazing into each other’s eyes. When Matt had arrived and gone downstairs, Nick had decided it was time for a break from working out. His shirt and shorts were soaked with sweat and he stank – Erin usually hated the smell when it came from her brothers – but she didn’t mind it coming from Nick. There was something about the scent of his testosterone that turned her on. And his muscles glistened so beautifully when they perspired.

“So are you,” he whispered back and they kissed. Instantly, Erin’s stomach did somersaults. Imagine, she used to have a huge crush on Matt Andersson, but ever since she met Nick, he was everything in her life. Her hand wandered under his shorts and held his rock-hard dick in her fingers. It was so thick and so warm. She knew he wanted to have sex again right then and there – they had done it several times since that first time a few weeks ago – but JP and Matt were only downstairs. If they came up and saw the couple in the middle of intercourse, it would be extremely awkward.

“You wanna come over later tonight?” she asked. He nodded; she would leave her window open and then the two could spend the whole night together. God, it sounded like something out of an old movie. Nick glanced at his watch. It was almost dinnertime.

“I should probably get going,” he said somberly. Erin smiled and gave her boyfriend one more kiss before getting up. He went to the basement door to say goodbye to his mentor. “JP!” he called down the stairs. “I’m about to leave.” Erin could hear the sound of rustling and then her brother answered. “Ok, I’ll be right up. Don’t bother coming down.” She bit her lip and looked over at Nick. She could tell he was thinking the same thing she was.

“Were they doing what I think they were doing down there?” Nick laughed softly, turning back toward his girlfriend. She raised one eyebrow. Her brother and Matt were having sex, no doubt. They hadn’t seen each other in months, so she knew they wouldn’t have been able to keep their hands off each other for two seconds once they reunited. “See you tonight,” Nick whispered and gave her one last goodbye kiss before he turned and hurried out the door. Erin sighed as she watched his wide back, his perfect bubble butt, his ripped legs disappear around the garage for his bike. She closed her eyes for a moment, still tasting his lips on hers, and went into the kitchen to start dinner. Mom and dad would be home soon. Just then, JP popped through the basement door; Erin immediately looked up. Sure enough, he and Matt did have sex; his hair was a little out of place and his eyes were still dazed. Coming into the kitchen, he looked around.

“Where’s Nick?” he asked.

“He left already,” she answered curtly. “Had to go home.” Then, a devilish smile crept across JP’s face as Matt came up the stairs, looking even more disheveled…and wearing one of her brother’s shirts. The sex must’ve been rougher than I thought, she said to herself.

“So what were you and Nick doing up here this whole time,” he said, smirking. Erin nervously brushed her brown hair around her ear.

“Nothing,” she said, truthfully. “We were just talking.”

“Uh huh,” he replied, looking unconvinced. Erin headed to the fridge for food as JP asked Matt if he wanted something to eat, to which he said no. Suddenly, the front door slammed and the house was filled with laughter. Ryan and Luke were home from wherever they were and they were arguing about which one some girl was eyeing. Frankly, she wasn’t paying much attention. Only Luke walked into the kitchen – Ryan must’ve gone upstairs to shower – and immediately, he eyed Erin.

“Nice of you guys to stop by and smell up the house,” she retorted. Luke smirked.

“I’d think you like it, baby,” he scoffed, disgustingly licking his upper teeth.

“Pig,” Erin sneered before heading out of the room. She didn’t want to be around that jerk. Taking a different route to avoid having to pass Luke, she went upstairs to her bedroom. This is exactly why she never dated anyone before; all boys were assholes…well, except for Nick of course. He was different; he was far superior to any guy she had ever met. And imagine that, a 13-year-old being more mature than a 19-year-old!

As Erin passed by Ryan’s bathroom, she heard the shower running, his moans echoing off the walls. Repulsed, she winced; her brother was probably jacking off to himself. She barged into her room and flopped onto the bed. Why did she have to be surrounded by such conceded, narcissistic jocks like Ryan and Luke? At least, JP wasn’t so bad – maybe because he was grounded by his love for Matt. Suddenly feeling a wave of exhaustion coming on, she closed her eyes.

She was about to fall asleep when she heard two sets of feet come charging up the stairs, almost at a run. Now what? Erin opened her eyes just in time to see the bulky figure of JP rush past her door, followed quickly by Matt. They continued down the hall to JP’s room and slammed the door. She could hear their muffled voices, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying. It sounded like they were arguing about something; it sounded weird – she had never seen them fight. But then, she realized the only thing it could have been. Matt had found out about JP sleeping with Brionna. Curious, Erin snuck to her brother’s door and listened.

“I mean,” JP tried to explain, “I was drunk and—”

“So what?” Matt hissed, making Erin jump. “I’ve been drunk at parties and I’ve never fucked anyone else.”

“Matt, you don’t understand.”

“Shit, of course I do!”


“JP,” he snapped, “I know what kind of a bitch she is. This is her game. She even tried coming on to me once, but you know what, I was able to fight her off. I thought you’d be able to do the same thing.” Erin could picture the tears coming to JP’s eyes; Matt was not taking the news well. “Are you even gay?” he continued. “Or is this some sort of sick charade you’ve been playing?” She could almost feel the iciness in his words and she almost started to cry. Why am I hearing this, she asked herself.

“Fine,” her brother answered, his own voice filled with bitterness. “Maybe this has all been a game.” Erin heard JP move and knew he was coming toward the door. Quickly, she ran into Ryan’s room and peeked from behind the doorframe. She heard the creak of JP’s door opening and the word that sent chills running through her blood. “Leave.” It was entirely devoid of emotion; he had shut Matt out of his heart. A tear ran down Erin’s cheek. They were in love; this wasn’t supposed to happen. Matt walked into the hallway, partially into her view, but then, he turned around to face JP. The look on his face was devastating, his eyes ready to burst into tears. His jaw flexed as he tried to keep it together.

“Just so you know, there is a guy back at school who I know would love to be fucked by me,” he stated dryly. “I’m telling you this ahead of time so you won’t think I’ll be alone and crying my eyes out over you.” Erin swallowed, practically feeling the pain his words must have caused her brother. But then her brother spoke back:

“Just so you know, Brionna told me it was the best sex she’s ever had.” Erin’s mouth dropped open. She had heard her brother say nasty things to Ryan, but never with that much disdain. It cut through her so sharply, she could only imagine how damaging it must have been for Matt. He stood there for a moment and then, unable to respond, he turned and walked toward the stairs, JP slamming the door behind him.

Erin leaned with her back against the wall, her head echoing the words she had just heard. This didn’t make sense. JP and Matt were meant for each other; she could see it in their eyes whenever they looked at each other, in those pictures she had discovered on JP’s computer. How could they break up so quickly, so easily? Why didn’t Matt see what JP did as just a mistake? Or was he just like all the other guys, self-centered and uncaring? Or worse, was her brother like that?

As Erin headed back to her room, wiping the tears off her face, a million thoughts floated through her mind, none of them comforting. It was in their voices, in their eyes. JP and Matt had shut each other out. They were no more. •

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