Nick (Sequel to JP)

It Always Hurts the First Time


By luvyalots

“JP, have a beer!” Danny yelled to his friend, practically shoving the can in his face. JP smiled appreciatively.

“No, that’s alright,” he answered, noticing the early signs of drunkenness in the slighter boy’s face. It was yet another night at yet another party at the Maloney house…hosted by Ryan of course. JP didn’t really care much for them, but he felt he had to stick around to make sure nothing got out of hand. So, the last thing he needed was to get drunk.

“Come on, man!” Danny slurred. “You’re a senior now! You deserve it!” Well, maybe one or two wouldn’t hurt, he thought. He was a pretty big guy. Hesitantly, he took the beer and, opening it, took a swig. “There you go!” Danny cheered.

Across the room, JP eyed Brionna making out with some guy he had never seen before. Based on his looks, he must’ve been another model in the agency that Ryan worked for. JP couldn’t believe his brother was still at that place. It had cost him his scholarship and any future in sports, but Ryan didn’t seem to care. In fact, he didn’t seem to care about anything but whose pants he got into that night.

Suddenly, Brionna, her huge breasts still pressed tightly up against the guy’s chest, gazed over at JP seductively. JP immediately looked away, hoping to avoid any eye contact, but she started coming over to him anyway. Already, he could feel the disgust and rage rise inside of him. He knew that Brionna had something to do with Ryan getting kicked out of Virginia Tech – his brother wasn’t one to leave drugs just lying around with his football stuff – but he hadn’t been able to prove anything. He hated her more than anything. Seething, he gulped some more of the beer.

“Hey, JP,” she drawled, casually licking her lips. “You look great! You’re bigger than ever!” She reached for his arms that stretched the sleeves of the black button-down shirt he wore, but he instantly pulled them away from her.

“What do you want?” he said coldly. Brionna shot him a fake look of hurt.

“Oh, nothing,” she purred. “I just wanted to say hi.” Her eyes looked down at his body. JP was used to girls looking him up and down – no one could miss his six foot one, 220-pound frame of sheer muscle. But when Brionna ogled him, it made him cringe. “What you up to, stud?” she went on.

“Nothing,” JP muttered. God, he wished she would just go away. She squinted her eyes at him.

“You don’t like me,” she observed. “Why?” JP glared straight at her; she blinked.

“I know what you did to my brother,” he hissed. “I know you somehow got him kicked off the football team. I don’t know how, but I will find out.” Brionna stared back blankly at him and then laughed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she started, though JP could’ve sworn there was a hint of defensiveness in her voice. “And even if I did do something, Ryan doesn’t really seem to care, does he?”

“That’s only because he won’t show it,” JP blurted, taking a step closer to the girl. “I know my brother and believe me, he never lets anyone know what he’s really thinking. He’ll keep it inside of him.” He could feel his face was red with anger, but Brionna just smiled and cocked her head to one side. “Well, it’s nice to see you’re not like your brother,” she answered saccharinely. Then, she patted him gently on the cheek. “You know, you’re kinda cute when you’re mad.” With that, she winked and walked away. Furious, JP chugged the rest of his beer and reached into the cooler for another one.

“Ok, you two,” Mrs. Johnson said as she pulled her Jaguar up in front of the house, “have a good time. And make sure you’re home by midnight.”

“Yeah, mom,” Kim rattled off automatically. She and Ian stepped out of the car into the brisk October evening air. It was Halloween and the two were arriving at Rick Stevens’ house. It was Ian’s first high school party and he was excited. He had heard so much about them…and now he was finally at one. Of course, he was still in middle school, but who would know – he certainly didn’t look it.

“Do we really have to be home by 12?” Ian asked Kim as the car sped away. Kim gave her boyfriend a weird look.

“My mom doesn’t care a fuck about what time we get home,” she answered incredulously. “She’s probably not getting home herself until about three.” She was always proud that her mother had yet to catch on to how her daughter spent her social life. They walked up the front steps and rang the doorbell. Already, Ian could hear the thumping of loud music and laughter from inside. “By the way,” Kim leaned over to him, “you look amazing.” He beamed proudly. He had decided to come dressed as a Greek god, complete with toga – that showed off his fantastic shoulders and pecs – and laurel wreath on his head.

“You look fuckin’ hot, too,” he returned. Kim did. In fact, Ian had boned as soon as he saw her. She was a harem girl, clothed in a small bikini top and see-through pants. Her tanned body looked so awesome in the get-up that Ian wanted to fuck her right there on the doorstep. But just then, the front door opened and a pirate grinned at them. He had a blue rag around his head and a patch over one eye, but the white satin shirt that he wore was parted down the middle all the way to his waist, exposing his cut chest and ripped abs. This was Rick Stevens, the stud of the freshman class and quarterback of the JV football team. Naturally, he was drop-dead gorgeous…and he knew it.

“Hey, Kim and…you’re Ian, right?” he asked, pointing to him.

“Yeah,” Ian replied, proud that he was already known amongst the top echelon of the high school.

“So, Kim tells me you’re only in eighth grade?” Rick went on, raising one eyebrow and leaning his shoulder coolly against the doorframe.

“Yeah, so?” Ian fired back, ready to give the guy attitude. He consciously bounced his right pec, just for emphasis. The older jock smirked.

“You just don’t look like one,” he joked. “You sure you weren’t left back a couple years?” Ian narrowed his eyes at the boy. “Welcome, man!” he finally said, sticking out his hand. Ian took it strongly and squeezed it a little harder than was probably necessary. As they clasped, Ian checked out Rick’s flexed biceps. Yeah, I’m already bigger than this douche, he thought to himself.

They followed their host into the house where almost two dozen teenagers were already well into the party, drinking and moving to the music. Ian looked around in awe. It was almost all freshmen – and a few sophomores – but they were the jocks and cheerleaders of the school…and all stunningly good-looking. He puffed out his chest, knowing that he was right up there with them. This was going to be a night to remember.

Erin leaned her head against Nick’s warm chest as they lay on the coach, watching the movie. It was so quiet, she could hear his heart beating…and hers fell into the same rhythm. Sighing, she placed her fingers in between his abs. God, they felt so hard, yet his skin felt so soft at the same time. She gazed up at her boyfriend, her eyes meeting his.

“Thanks for letting me rent this movie,” she purred. Nick smiled, his teeth glistening. Even though it was a chick flick, he didn’t protest.

“It’s alright,” he answered. “Josh Hartnett’s pretty good in this one.”

“He’s pretty hot, too,” Erin grinned. Nick pursed his lips playfully, causing her to laugh. “But not as hot as you are,” she quickly added.

“That’s better,” he said. Erin shifted her body up to kiss him, completely relaxing into his torso. Gently, she brushed her fingers though his black hair. Shit, his eyes were beautiful! She turned her head back toward the TV and laid it down on his chest again.

“Would you be able to not think about me for 40 days like in the movie?” she asked. She felt his pec ripple as he snickered. She already knew the answer.

“I wouldn’t be able to last a single day,” he whispered. Every nerve in her body tingled at the sound of his voice in her ear. Nick’s hands brushed against her cheek and she looked back up at him. His eyes were soft and deep and she knew he loved her more than anything in the world, but this time they were even softer, if that was possible. That’s when she realized what he was thinking.

Nick wanted to have sex with her.

Erin knew her boyfriend wasn’t a virgin – he had told her about Angela – but she had never even thought about having sex with a guy…until she met Nick. She knew from the moment she saw him that she wanted to stay with him forever, and she knew he would be the guy who would bring her into womanhood. This moment was going to come whether she wanted it to or not. But remarkably, she didn’t feel scared.

“Do you really want to do it?” he asked her softly. She nodded, her heart beating a million miles a minute, though she felt completely at ease. Slowly, the two got up from the couch. Erin admired how Nick’s abs crunched together efficiently as he moved and realized that her boyfriend’s body would soon be on top of her in the ultimate gesture of love.

“I’m ready,” she said.

“God, you’re so hot, Ian!” the girl breathed as she stuck her tongue between his lips. Ian countered hers with his own, showing her – Jessica, her name was? – how it was really done.

“Yeah, a regular Italian Stallion,” Kim echoed her praises, rising from his chest, his toga having long-since slipped off, to join in. Ian couldn’t believe his luck. Here he was, at his very first high school party – as only an eighth grader – and he was making out with two of the hottest freshmen girls at the same time. All three of their tongues wrestled gently with each other inside Ian’s mouth as both girls’ bodies rubbed up against his. God, this felt so good…and the buzz from the alcohol made it even better. His cock was rock hard. Slowly, he slipped his hand down Kim’s abdomen and into her panties, expertly fingering her cunt. She moaned as he made contact with her clit. Meanwhile, Jessica ran her hand through Ian’s hair, turning his head toward her – she wanted him all to herself. Damn, he thought, they always want me!

“Oh shit!” Kim gasped as he continued rubbing her g-spot. Then, with his other hand, he glided up Jessica’s shirt and gently grabbed hold of her tit, playing his finger around her nipple. She groaned in return and seemed to almost lose control of herself. She leaned against Ian’s chest, lustfully groping his chiseled abs. Damn, this was awesome! He readjusted his body so that both girls were on top of him, lying lower on the couch. Fuck, he could handle both of them at the same time…no shit!

“Fuck, my cock’s so hard right now,” he whispered into Jessica’s ear. She looked at him, her eyes wide with passion. Oh yeah, she definitely wanted him…especially over that prick, Rick Stevens. Immediately, her hand dove into his briefs and clutched his dick. He pressed her mouth into his again as she started beating him off. Suddenly, Kim savagely began licking his nipples, groaning as if she was about to cum. As Jessica’s lips slid down to his neck, Ian leaned his head back against the couch and grinned, the orgy continuing below. God, if this is what high school is like, he thought, I can’t wait.

Nick’s hands were shaking slightly as he slipped the condom onto his dick. It was a good thing Chrissy kept some in her room.

“Damn, you’re huge down there,” Erin gasped, staring dumbfounded at his cock. Nick blushed. He knew his seven-inch piece of meat was a lot bigger than average, but the way his girlfriend said those words made his head spin.

“Are you ready?” he asked, standing naked at the foot of his bed, his heart beating rapidly. Gulping visibly, Erin nodded, completely blown away by the striking display of perfection that towered above her. She had already taken off her clothes and was lying down, her flawless body a little stiff at the awkwardness of her exposed state. “Relax,” Nick whispered, lowering himself on her. He gently kissed right next to her belly button. Instantly, her muscles seemed to let go as he slowly worked his way up her abdomen to her breasts.

He had been waiting for this moment ever since he had first laid eyes on her…so he wanted it to last as long as possible. She shuddered as his muscled shoulders brushed up against her nipples, her body completely relaxed now. Nick pulled even with Erin’s face and gazed into her eyes…she almost seemed to melt into his. “Just let me do everything,” he sighed. She nodded and closed her eyes; she knew she could trust him. Nick delicately glided his hand around the base of her right breast, over her shoulder, up her neck and behind her head. And then, he bent down and kissed her. It was a kiss unlike any in the world. It was so full of love and passion that it was as if his whole body was overtaken by its power. He felt as if Erin’s body lifted into his and the two were one being. After their lips parted, Nick knew she was ready; she didn’t have to say anything. Tenderly, he slid his right hand along her side and reached underneath her butt and slowly lowered his pelvis toward hers, his cock penetrating into her vagina. Suddenly, Erin winced; Nick immediately stopped. Shit, he was hurting her!

“Are you alright?” he asked worriedly. She opened her eyes; they were calm and placid.

“It’s supposed to hurt a little the first time, isn’t it?” she smiled. Nick smiled back, mentally slapping himself for not remembering how much she trusted him. He kissed her again and continued, his dick pushing further into her. If it hurt her anymore, she certainly didn’t let on. It was almost as if it was perfect, her body was so relaxed and so warm, but he could tell – he could feel – that he was affecting every part of her, making her into a new person. A tear rolled down her cheek as he began slowly pumping her, his pelvis moving up and down. Eventually, Erin placed her hand on his butt and started moving along in rhythm, both their bodies swelling and falling in perfect unison.

Nick didn’t need a sign to tell when she was nearing her climax…he could sense it. Erin pushed his body into hers at the exact moment his cock burst with a flood of semen. Her mouth flew open and her head lurched back in ecstasy. Nick felt his body tremble uncontrollably and then fall limply against his girlfriend’s. For a few minutes, the two just lay there completely exhausted, his cock still inside of her, slowly returning to its flaccid state.

“Wow,” Erin finally breathed. Nick could tell it was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. It was impossibly better than when he had sex with Angela…and he knew why.

“I love you,” he whispered and quietly kissed his girlfriend on the forehead.

Brionna slipped into JP’s bedroom and looked around. Hm, the usual teenage boy’s room – posters on the wall, sports equipment and clothes strewn about the floor. But this boy was no usual boy. He was a god! Brionna had grown tired of fucking Ryan day in and day out. It wasn’t that he sucked at it – hell, he was easily the best she had ever had – but it was time for her to move on. And from just looking at him, she knew JP would be the next level. Not only was he even more gorgeous and more perfectly built than his older brother, but he was supposedly a virgin. Ryan would always make fun of him for not even having a girlfriend…which seemed odd. A guy like JP without a girlfriend sounded impossible, but that just made her quest even more rewarding. She sat down on his bed, smiling at her own cunning. She had orchestrated everything – from getting Ryan kicked off the football team to suggesting that Luke take on a protégé. It was all to get in bed with JP Maloney. She knew from the beginning that he wouldn’t be an easy lay, but she knew he had one weakness…and that was his hatred for his brother’s social life.

There had been several stages to her brilliant plan. First, there needed to be opportunity – a party would be perfect. But JP would never go to one at Virginia Tech. Therefore, Ryan needed to drop out and live at home. Second, there had to be motive – Brionna knew how much Ryan regretted starting JP on the path to greatness. This one was a little trickier, but she knew that Luke would love to be adored by some kid about the same age that JP was when he started working out with Ryan. And sure enough, it made Ryan upset and in turn, made the relationship between the two brothers even more hostile. JP was absolutely pissed at him and that meant payback was imminent. And finally, all that was left was to get JP drunk. There was no way he would have sex with her sober. That’s where Danny Tranh came in. As one of JP’s best friends, he’d surely coerce him into downing a few…or more than a few. Yeah, it might have been a bit complex for one night with a guy, but Brionna knew that night would be worth it.

Suddenly, she heard JP crash into a wall outside the door. Yep, he was wasted alright. She moved to the far side of the room as he staggered in. His shirt was already half unbuttoned – his massive pecs peeking out – and his eyes looked disoriented. Barely able to stand, he propped himself up against his desk, his huge triceps bursting out of his skin. Brionna almost started cumming right then and there. Showtime, she thought and walked up to him from behind.

“Hey, stud,” she chimed, wrapping her arms around his wide lats and placing her hands on his chest. “You look tired.”

“Wha?” JP answered, his reaction time slowed. He turned around, taking a moment to recognize whom he was talking to. “Brionna?”

“Yeah,” she smiled, knowing that he wasn’t used to being drunk. “Why don’t you just lie down for a minute?” And with that, she gently pushed him onto the bed. His legs, weak from alcohol, gave out underneath him and his giant bulk collapsed. Before he had time to realize where he was, she reached down and kissed him squarely on the lips. Damn, he tasted good! Feebly, he tried pushing her away.

“What the fuck!” he protested, but Brionna was already working on getting his shirt completely off. Shit, his body was amazing – a lot more cut than Ryan’s. His abs were ridiculously shredded and his obliques – God, they were sexy!

“Wow, you have a gorgeous body, JP!” she crooned, moving down to his pants.

“Stop,” he groaned, attempting to wrestle her off of him, but he only managed to end up on top of her, straddling her on the bed – exactly what Brionna wanted. By this time, his pants were off his hips and his enormous cock had fallen out. Holy shit, it was HUGE! It had to have been well over 10 inches long and thicker than any cock she had ever seen, including Ryan’s – it was already erect of course.

“Whoa,” Brionna exclaimed, though it was partly genuine. “You’re fuckin’ huge! You’re so much bigger than your brother!”

“What about my brother?” JP drawled, his anger rising. Brionna grinned, knowing that her plan was working. She wrapped her hands around his athletic waist and over to his hard bubble butt, fingering him seductively. His cock got even bigger and harder. Damn, how the hell was he a virgin?

“I bet you can’t fuck with that thing better than Ryan,” she suggested. JP’s eyes tried to focus on her, but the combination of his drunkenness and his anger didn’t allow him to. “I bet you’re not at good at sex as he is.” Then, she pushed against his lower back and he fell onto her, his cock missing her cunt by barely an inch.

“Fuck,” he growled. She could sense the sibling rivalry heating up inside of him. The rest would be easy now. “He’s not better than me,” he hissed and he began fucking the living daylights out of her. Brionna just lay back and enjoyed it, her pupils dilating as he banged her over and over again. JP Maloney may have been a virgin, but it was definitely the best sex she had ever had in her life. The last year of manipulation was so worth it. •

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