Nick (Sequel to JP)

Keeping Secrets


By luvyalots

Kim’s bed rocked back and forth, creaking on its supports, as Ian fucked her earnestly. He loved sex more than anything else in the world…well, maybe except for working out. He loved how Kim’s pupils dilated, how silent gasps escaped from her open mouth, how her breasts jiggled up and down as he penetrated her cunt with his cock, pumping her over and over again. It was awesome. The feeling of power and pleasure he got from screwing her almost every night made him feel so good.

The last two months had been amazing for Ian. Not only had he suddenly been introduced to sex by an incredibly hot girl, but everyone at school suddenly revered him for the jock he had become. He, Nick and Billy were easily the studs of the middle school and the high school coaches were already practically drooling with the prospect of having any combination of them on their teams. But while Nick and Billy stayed a little more low-key, Ian went all out with his new-found status. He wore tank-tops and one-size-too-small T-shirts to show off his body…and what a helluva body it was. Since school began in September, he had added another 10 pounds of muscle to his already-well-built frame and had grown another inch – making him 5’8” and 155 pounds…though they were still the exact same stats as Nick. But Ian was a god! He loved it when a girl’s eyes followed his bulging biceps and beefy chest as he passed her in the hallway, obviously wanting to fondle his hard muscles…and he let some of them do it, but Kim was the only one he had sex with. She was in high school, so she knew what it was all about; all those middle school girls weren’t good enough for Ian. But once he got to high school, every girl would be fair game.

“Damn, Ian,” she breathed once they were finished. “You’re getting better every time we do it.”

“Yeah,” Ian smirked, lifting himself off of her and climbing out of bed. “That’s probably because I’m bigger every time we do it.” He strutted over to a mirror and flexed his arms; the muscles jumped on command. Fuck, I’m getting huge, he said to himself. Kim propped her naked body up so she could get a better view.

“So what are you going as to Rick Stevens’ party?” she asked. It was the night before Halloween and everyone was buzzing about the party Rick was going to throw at his place.

“I’m thinking maybe a Greek god,” Ian answered, grinning. He turned so that he could see his butt in the reflection, admiring its perfect bubble shape. Man, that ass is getting nice and hard, he thought.

“Of course you are,” Kim chimed, giggling. Ian peered over at her and then suddenly pounced on her for another round of sex. He had to be somewhere soon, but they could wait.

“Where the hell is Ian?” Nick wondered aloud as he and Billy waited with JP on the bleachers above the high school track. “He knew we were meeting here at 10.”

“Maybe he had to mow the lawn like you did,” Billy suggested. Nick looked at him.

“That’s why I woke up at 7, so I’d have time to do it,” he stated. Nick knew that probably wasn’t the real reason for Ian’s tardiness. His parents never made him mow the lawn…or actually, they never made him do anything. They were never around. But, whatever; Ian was arriving now, riding through the fence by the football field on his bike.

“It’s about time you got here,” JP chided, though a hint of acidity was still evident in his voice. “You’re 15 minutes late.” Ian just shrugged as he hopped off his bike.

“Sorry, I slept in a bit,” he apologized, though it didn’t seem like he really meant it. He hadn’t bothered putting on a shirt – which had been typical of him lately - and was only wearing gym shorts that hung so low on his hips, the bottom of his obliques – along with the top of his pubic hairs – were visible over the waistband.

“Uh, Ian,” JP remarked, pointing to the boy’s shorts, “you might wanna pull those up. You don’t want them falling down when you’re running.” Ian looked down and smirked. He obviously had them that low on purpose. Nick wasn’t really fond of his best friend’s sudden change in attitude, but he had known him for years. Surely, his remarkable growth spurt over the summer was the factor; he’d grow out of it eventually. Though something in the back of Nick’s mind thought of Ryan – JP’s brother – every time he looked at Ian and it made him shiver. Ian pulled up his shorts barely an inch, but it was enough to keep them firmly on his hips.

“Are you timing us, JP?” Billy beamed, already bouncing on his toes to warm up. His calves bulged enormously as he did and his huge chest heaved up and down. He had gotten even bigger in the last two months, tipping the scales at 190 pounds and fast approaching the six foot mark in height. Not only that, but his chest was getting fuller as his muscles started to outgrow the fat he had always had. Despite his still-childish antics, he was constantly being mistaken for a high school kid…sometimes even a senior.

“I want to see how fast you guys can do a mile,” JP remarked, taking a stopwatch out of his pocket. Nick couldn’t keep from staring at the teenage god’s massive arms. They’ve got to be 20 inches by now, he thought. They threatened to rip the sleeves of the shirt he was wearing and the veins that snaked around them were incredible. “You ready?” he called as the three middle school jocks lined up at the starting line. Nick could actually see the muscle fibers in his legs – and Ian’s – twitch with anticipation. “GO!” JP shouted and they instantly started off.

JP watched proudly as the three boys started off around the track, Ian and Nick immediately taking the lead. But Billy was right behind them. For a big kid, JP thought, he can surely move. He seemed determined to keep up with his two lighter friends as long as possible. Nick and Ian breezed easily around the first lap; they almost didn’t seem to be breaking a sweat yet. Their ripped bodies glistened in the sun, their slender pecs bouncing slightly, their thigh muscles jiggling, with each step. JP smiled.

Nick Angelakis had come a long way since the time he first met him. He was a full-blown jock, but somehow was able to keep a good head on his shoulders. Ian Antoncelli, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be taking to his newfound glory as modestly. He had an air about him; he obviously knew he was tough shit. And frankly, that made JP a little worried…Ian reminded him too much of a younger version of Ryan.

“Hey, JP,” a familiar voice called from above him. He turned suddenly to see Chrissy standing on the bleachers.

“Whoa, Chrissy,” he jumped, “I didn’t see you.” She bent over the railing to give him a hug. “What are you doing here?”

“I came home for the weekend and your mom said you were here with my brother and his friends.” She looked out at the track. “Little Nick isn’t so little anymore, is he?” JP shook his head.

“Yeah, the kid’s getting big.” He pointed to the trio who were now well into their second lap. “Can you believe all three of them are only 13 years old.” Chrissy bit her lip as she came down the steps.

“First you, now them,” she smiled. “It must be something in the air around here.” JP laughed.

“How’s Johns Hopkins treating you?” he asked. Chrissy blew a puff of air out of her mouth that lifted a strand of her brown hair.

“Pre-Med is killing me,” she griped. “I have no time for anything…even Danny.” Oh yeah, JP thought. He had heard that the two were struggling with the long-distance dating routine. Then, Chrissy gazed at JP with sincere eyes. “How have you been holding up?” JP sighed as the boys ran past them to begin their third lap. She knew how much he and Matt were in love and had been inseparable in high school, but since Matt was away at college in Cleveland, they hadn’t seen each other in months.

“It’s been tough,” he mumbled. “But I’m getting through it.” He cracked a weak smile. In reality, he missed Matt so much, it hurt. Sometimes, he wanted to hold him in his arms so badly, he would wake up in the middle of the night, his eyes wet with tears. “I wanted to take the Greyhound out and surprise him one weekend,” he explained. “But with wrestling season just around the corner, it’s looking like that’s not going to happen.” Chrissy’s face lit up at the mention of his favorite sport.

“Oh, yeah,” she exclaimed. “I heard they’re already pegging you to go all the way to States again this year.” JP blushed and looked away. “Oh, come on,” Chrissy continued. “Don’t be so modest. You’re the best wrestler this school has ever had.” Well, it was true. He had gone undefeated last season, winning every title including the State Championship. The local media expected nothing less of him this season. But he was going to be wrestling 215 – a far cry from the 189-pound weight class he had dominated last year.

JP jerked back to the task at hand, as Ian, Nick and Billy – in that order – began sprinting around the final turn. Ian was an incredibly fast runner and he actually beat Nick by a couple of feet, with Billy not too far behind, panting desperately. JP glanced down at the stopwatch and nearly fell over…4:58! That was barely a second off the middle school record. He gulped. And that was with little warm-up. He looked over at Ian and Nick who were strolling around with their hands on their hips, their chiseled abs contracting and relaxing with each breath. Walking over to Ian, Nick patted his friend on the back.

“Good run, man,” he said. Ian smiled pompously back at him, obviously extremely pleased with his performance, though Nick looked just as proud of him as he was of himself.

“Awesome job, guys!” JP walked over to them. “All of you. I think you’ll be serious threats next year in high school.” Then, he looked at Nick and Ian and grinned. “You two should definitely consider trying out for the track team. Coach Webber would love to have you.” The two boys beamed brightly. “And Billy?” The third boy looked up suddenly as he continued to recover from his run.

“Yes, sir?” JP smiled. He always said “sir” to him.

“With your strength, you’d probably make a great shot putter or something.” Billy looked at him with a puzzled look. Oops, he didn’t know what a shot put was. “That’s the event where they throw that ball across the field…” he explained, miming the action so Billy would know what he was talking about. Then, a look of recognition came across the boy’s face and he smiled broadly.

“JP,” Ian spoke up. “Can we do that thing where we run up and down the bleachers.” JP saw the look of competitiveness in his eyes. He loved that exercise because he was good at it, no doubt.

“Sure,” he shrugged, “why not.” And he led them over to the bottom of the stands to continue their training.

“Ian and Billy did really well today,” Nick said as JP drove him home. He sat in the passenger seat with the window open, the wind cooling off his tanned, sweaty body.

“Yeah,” JP answered. “Billy especially is really coming along and Ian’s giving you a run for your money, huh?” Nick grinned. He was proud of Ian for his gains since the spring. He just wished he’d do something about that arrogance. It was starting to get annoying.

Nick looked down at his own shredded torso – at his rippling pecs and his deeply cut abs – and then over at JP’s. Even though he was still wearing a T-shirt, there was no hiding the size underneath. His chest distorted the printing on the front and his lats stretched the material almost to the breaking point. And his arms packed the sleeves so fully, they seemed ready to burst. I can’t wait to look like that, Nick thought. It must be awesome to wake up every morning, knowing that you have the most beautiful body in the world. Suddenly, Nick felt his cock begin to harden…and he shifted uneasily in his seat to keep JP from seeing it. He bit his lip. God, he hated it when that happened, but there was nothing he could do.

Eventually, the two returned to JP’s house and pulled into the driveway. Nick immediately hopped out of the car and through the garage. Pausing only to say hello to Mrs. Maloney, he bounded up the stairs and straight to Erin’s bedroom. She was lying on her bed, writing in her diary when he burst through the door.

“Whoa, Nick!” she giggled as she gazed deeply at him, completely taken by the sight of his glowing, immaculate body. As soon as he saw her, Nick felt the butterflies in his stomach – they never seemed to get old – and his blood began pumping.

“I missed you,” he crooned, sitting down next to her on the bed. She turned over and he leaned over her stomach, caressing her belly-button, uncovered by the mid-drift she was wearing. “Although I only saw you yesterday.” Erin smiled as she reached up a hand to gently fondle her boyfriend’s abs. Her fingers felt so warm to the touch, a sense of ease instantly swept through every pore of his body. Then, a devilish smile spread across his face. “My heart’s beating for you,” he said dramatically, bouncing his left pec rhythmically as if it really was being moved by a giant heartbeat. Only recently had he been able to do something like that; that meant his chest had gotten bigger. Erin laughed infectiously…she liked it.

“Stop it,” she shrieked, slapping him lightly on the chest. He grinned and bent over to kiss her. Their lips locked together perfectly and their tongues danced inside their mouths. Nick moved more fully on top of her, her breasts nudging against his pecs. When they released, he stared into Erin’s eyes. God, they were so beautiful! They looked just like JP’s, but softer…if that was possible. Just then, a thought came into Nick’s head and he looked away for a moment.

“What is it?” she asked, detecting his thoughts almost as if she had read his mind.

“Why has JP never had a girlfriend?” Erin blinked suddenly and diverted her eyes toward the door. Instinctively, Nick followed her gaze, confused by her reaction. He got up from the bed and looked at her questioningly.

“You have to promise me never to tell anyone what I’m about to tell you,” she whispered conspiratorially. Puzzled, Nick nodded his head, cracking a weird smile. Erin got up and stood in front of him, his hands in hers. “You know Matt Andersson?” she started, her eyes peering sincerely into him. “That guy that JP hangs around with all the time?” Nick nodded, silently urging her to continue. She took in a deep breath. “Well, he and my brother are…you know…” Then, Nick’s jaw dropped as the realization came to him.

“What!?!” he stammered, but then suddenly remembering to keep his voice down. “Are you telling me that they – your brother and Matt – are gay?” Erin jerked her head yes. “Holy shit!”

“Now you see why you can’t tell anybody?” She gently grabbed his arm. “He doesn’t even know that I know. I found out by accident. And I’m sure he won’t come out until he’s ready.” A million thoughts flew through Nick’s head. He never would’ve guessed that JP was gay; he didn’t come close to fitting the stereotype. And Matt, too. I mean, he was into music, but he was also a jock – he had been on the rowing team. Neither had ever let on to anyone that the two were in a relationship. “I’m telling you because I trust you more than anyone else in the world,” Erin said, leaning closer to him. “I can’t keep anything from you.” The words floated through his head and he knew he trusted her the same…but he never told her about…

“Erin?” he began. She looked up worriedly, reading his voice. He had been trying to find a time to tell her since last summer, but he couldn’t. Now, he felt like he owed her. “There’s something I need to tell you about your brother…”


“No, Ryan,” he answered. He glanced out the window, thinking how best to break it. “I think he might be bulimic.” Erin shot a confused look at him.


“I saw him throwing up one night in the toilet,” he explained. Erin blinked.

“He might’ve just been drunk,” she protested. “You know how he’s always going to parties.”

“No, he was forcing his fingers down his throat,” he went on. “I researched it the other night on the Internet. It could be a problem.” Erin let out a nervous laugh and shook her head.

“That doesn’t sound like Ryan.

“It wouldn’t,” Nick grabbed his girlfriend’s hands anxiously. “Guys who are bulimic tend to hide it from other people.”

“You read about this on the Internet, too?” she narrowed her eyes. He nodded. Erin sighed and brushed her fingers nervously through her hair. “It doesn’t seem possible…”

“Think about it,” Nick continued. “He used to wrestle – JP said how Ryan always had problems making weight – and now he’s a model. It fits.” Erin ran her tongue along the bottom of her upper teeth, a sign that she was thinking hard.

“What are we going to do?” she said. “We can’t just go up to him and tell him. He’ll deny it or worse, beat the crap out of you for just mentioning it.”

“Maybe we can tell JP,” Nick suggested. “He might know what to do.” Erin raised her eyebrows and gazed longingly into his eyes. He could felt his body fill up with warmth. “I can tell him,” he said, his voice now back to a calmer tone, though he wondered why he hadn’t thought of that before. Erin gave him a tiny smile, her eyes twinkling.

“I love you,” she whispered and they kissed each other one more time.

Ian pulled his bike up to the Johnson house. He knew no one was probably home – except maybe the housekeeper – but he needed to get inside. He felt tense and jittery. I mean, the workout that day had been awesome – he had beaten Nick in just about every race, but he knew he could do better. He needed to do better.

Lifting the fake rock by the front porch, he uncovered the key. He had seen Kim do this one day coming home from school, so he knew exactly where it was. Quietly, he unlocked the door and slipped inside. Checking to see that no one was around, he then snuck upstairs to Luke’s bathroom. As he turned on the light, he caught his reflection in the mirror. He briefly admired his bare torso; it had come a long way in the last few months…and he knew it had to do with the program that Luke had put him on over the summer. His shoulders were as broad as hell and his arms and chest were thick with muscle. He could even bounce his pecs – something he could never even think of doing in the spring. And the balls of rocks his biceps made when he flexed them gave him such a rush. Yeah, Ian had gotten a dream body…but he knew he could do more. He needed more. But ever since Luke went back to college at James Madison, Ian’s progress had slowed somewhat…and he knew exactly why.

Frantically, he searched through Luke’s medicine cabinet, but he wasn’t finding what he came for. Shit, where was it? I know he has it here somewhere, he thought to himself. He ruffled through the drawers, becoming more and more desperate with each passing second. Finally, in the bottom of the last drawer, he found the bottle. Yep, this was it! Excitedly, Ian unscrewed the cap and shook two pills out into his hand. He looked at them closely. It was hard to believe that something this small could make such a big difference in his life. Then, without any more hesitation, he popped them into his mouth and chased them down with a glass of water. He closed the bottle and stuck it in his pocket. Luke wouldn’t miss them. Fuck, the guy could afford anything. Ian stared at himself in the mirror again. He could almost feel the pills working in his body. Then, he raised his arms and flexed them. The little mountains of muscle exploded out of his skin. Fuck, he thought, I’m not just going to get huge…I’m going to get MASSIVE! •

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