Nick (Sequel to JP)

So Much Has Changed…


By luvyalots

Nick glanced at his watch as he rode his bike into the high school parking lot. Whoa! He was 15 minutes early! It took him a lot less time to pedal there from his house than it did in June. His legs must have gotten stronger – and his endurance better – than he thought. Locking his bike in the bike rack, he hoisted his bag over his shoulder and headed toward the building. Man, his thighs felt good; he could feel them burning from the morning ride.

It was mid-August – the first day of the Spartans Middle School Wrestling Camp – and Nick couldn’t have been happier. A whole year had passed since the day that changed his life – the day he met JP Maloney and was introduced to wrestling. In those twelve months, so much had happened, so much had changed. He had grown 8 inches and gained over 50 pounds – a lot of it muscle – since last year, he had discovered girls and experienced sex for the first time and he had learned more than he ever thought he could learn in such short a time. And there was the most important change, the one thing that really made all the difference in his life…Erin. Nick felt like the boy he was only a year ago was not only younger, but much more inexperienced and much less confident.

As Nick neared the front doors, he realized the registration table wouldn’t be open for another 10 minutes or so. Trying to decide how to kill the extra time, he wandered over to the fence bordering the football field. Across it, a few dozen teenagers in football gear were lined up and going through their morning calisthenics. Oh yeah, the middle school football camp had been going on for the past week. Billy had told him he was signing up for it. Apparently, Tyler Backton – who had since graduated – had talked him into football. That was probably good, since Billy always seemed frustrated that he could never remember all the moves in wrestling. Plus, with his size, he’d make a great defenseman…just like Tyler.

Nick searched the ranks for Billy, wondering how big he had gotten over the summer. Sure enough, it didn’t take him long to find him; he was easily the biggest junior high kid there…twice as big as some of the fifth and sixth graders. Even from a distance, Nick could see how enormous Billy’s chest and shoulders were. He had put on even more size since school ended. When the players were finished, he headed over to a water bottle and guzzled it down. Nick waved his arms to get his best friend’s attention. Noticing him, Billy trotted over to the fence.

“Hey, Nick!” he greeted him, huffing slightly from the jog. “I haven’t seen you in a while. How’s it going?” Nick shook his head at what he saw. Billy was enormous! He towered over Nick by a good two or three inches – and Nick was a solid 5’7” – and his torso was so wide, he almost blocked out the sun rising over the horizon. The shirt he was wearing was cut off just below the chest, so Nick could see his gut. He didn’t have a six-pack, but the boy’s abs were hard and tough. And his arms were just massive, two huge pythons that seeped with strength. “You look good,” Billy continued, oblivious to his friend’s reaction. “You been working out?” His voice had deepened drastically and it was huskier than it used to be.

“Oh yeah,” Nick answered. “Billy, you’re gigantic!” Billy shrugged, his shoulder pads heaving toward his ears as he did.

“Thanks,” he answered. “Tyler helped me get bigger. I weigh 180 now.” Nick’s mouth literally dropped open. 180 pounds on a 13-year-old!?! “They had to give me high school shoulder pads,” Billy went on. “The middle school ones were too small for me!” He laughed, his muscle gut quaking along. “But seriously, dude. You look awesome!”

“Yeah, uh, thanks!” Nick blinked. Suddenly, a whistle sounded shrilly in the background.

“Oh, hey, I gotta get back!” he smiled. “Catch up with ya tonight?”

“Sure,” Nick called as Billy started running backwards toward the field. “I’ll see you then.” The two said their final goodbye's and Nick headed back toward the building. Jesus! He couldn’t believe how much Billy had grown. The guy was going to be colossal by high school! But Nick was happy for him. Billy had changed a lot, too. He used to be so shy and reserved and not very sure of himself; now he was quickly becoming a full-blown jock…just like Nick.

Ryan glared at his nude reflection in the bathroom mirror. He had a gorgeous body; every bit of it was beautiful…but it wasn’t perfect. He vacantly pinched a small roll of fat on his side. Vomiting after every meal had become part of Ryan’s routine, not to mention that seemingly constant working out and jogging every day. But the results still weren’t satisfying him. He wanted to look more cut, more defined…like JP. And Jansen was always on his back about it.

“Ryan, come back here!” Brionna called from his bedroom. “My pussy’s wet for you.” Ryan grinned at himself, his monster cock growing hard at the sound of her voice. He couldn’t understand it; whenever he fucked other girls over and over, it got boring. But sex with Brionna never seemed to get old.

“Coming,” he bellowed, brushing his fingers through his black hair before strutting back into his room. On his bed, lay Brionna, completely naked with her legs wide open, offering her cunt to his every desire. “Fuck,” he whispered to himself, feeling his dick begin to throb.

“You want me again, don’t you?” she purred, licking her upper teeth seductively.

“Oh, yeah,” Ryan groaned and instantly pounced on her flawless body, attacking her huge breasts with ferocious lips. Brionna shrieked as his mouth brushed against her tits. Then, with an effortless swoop, Ryan wrapped his massive arms around her, lifted her up and plopped her right onto his cock. Brionna screeched in shock and delight as his dick plunged inside her. She wrapped her slender legs around Ryan’s waist and rode him like a bucking bronco, his pelvis thrusting back and forth against her, her breasts flopping wildly up and down. Ryan smiled; no one could fuck a girl like this – standing up – and take complete control of her. Suddenly, just as he was releasing his load into Brionna, Ryan’s cell phone rang. “Shit!” he growled and gave one last violent thrust before tossing her body to the bed in a flailing heap. Angrily ripping the condom off his cock, Ryan reached for his phone. Of course, it was Luke:

“What took you so long to answer, dude?”

“I was in the middle of fucking Brionna,” he yelled. “What do you want?” Luke laughed on the other line. Ryan rolled his eyes and sat down on the edge of his bed.

“Man, when are you ever not fucking her?” Luke chortled. “You free right now?” Brionna gazed up at Ryan with her sleepy brown eyes. Immediately, his cock began to stiffen again.

“More or less,” he told Luke, simultaneously flicking his wrist at his crotch. Instantly, Brionna bent over his lap and began blowing him expertly. A smile came to Ryan’s face and he closed his eyes.

“I’m down the street,” Luke went on. “I can be there in a few.”

“I’ll let you in,” Ryan grunted as he blew another wad down Brionna’s throat.

Minutes later, Ryan and Brionna were downstairs with Luke. Naturally, Ryan hadn’t bothered putting any clothes on, letting his meat dangle proudly between his giant thighs. Nonchalantly, he opened the fridge and grabbed two beers out, tossing one to Luke while opening the other with one hand.

“What’s up?” he said, guzzling the booze.

“Not much,” Luke answered, eyeing Brionna’s rack hungrily.

“How’s that kid of yours doing?” Brionna chimed, wrapping her arms around Ryan’s torso and placing her chin on his shoulder. It was almost like she was teasing Luke. Ryan looked at his best friend with a puzzled look on his face.

“I’m helping this eighth grader work out and get big,” Luke explained. “It was Brionna’s idea.” Ryan turned his head to his girlfriend, arching his eyebrow curiously.

“How come I never heard about this?” he asked. Brionna smiled devilishly.

“Luke told me how you did the same thing with your brother back in the day,” she said, “so I thought maybe he’d like to do something like that.” Ryan bit his lip. When he was in high school, he had started JP on a weight training regimen, never realizing how quickly he’d take to it. It seemed the kid kept adding massive amounts of muscle and strength each week. He grew so fast that pretty soon, he threatened to surpass even Ryan and Ryan couldn’t handle it. He had managed to barely stay ahead of his brother, but ever since then, their relationship was basically nonexistent at best.

“Yeah, you should see the kid,” Luke continued. “He’s gettin’ pretty jacked.”

“Good for him,” he muttered to Luke, unable to get the bitter taste out of his mouth. With that, he tossed the empty beer can into the sink and lumbered out of the room.

“Well, if it isn’t the little big man himself, Nick Angelakis!” Danny beamed from behind the registration table as Nick walked into the sports lobby.

“Hey,” he laughed, “I’m not so little anymore!”

“Yeah,” Danny shook his head. “Chrissy wasn’t kidding when she told me you were getting big.” Nick felt warm inside at the compliments from one of his idols. “Show me those guns!” Danny urged. Blushing, Nick rolled up his shirt sleeve and flexed his biceps. A solid mountain of muscle exploded out of his skin, rising to an astonishing peak. “They have to be pushing 14 inches!”

“They’re getting there,” Nick responded. “I bet they’re as big as yours now.”

“You wanna bet,” Danny grinned, lifting his sleeve and flexing his own biceps. It was like the old days when the two used to compare muscles all the time, but things had changed a bit since then. Danny’s barely outsized the younger boy’s…though Nick’s was much more defined. “Shit,” Danny breathed. “I’m gonna have to tell JP to stop training you. You’re getting too big for me.” Nick smiled sheepishly, glancing over Danny’s body. Was it him or did Danny look skinnier? Nah, I probably just got bigger, Nick thought. A lot had changed in Nick’s view now that he was growing – everything looked smaller to him than it used to. “Ok, enough,” Danny laughed, returning to his seat behind the table. “You know where to sign.”

“Hey, Nick,” a vaguely familiar voice boomed behind Nick as he bent over to fill out the registration form. He swung around to see who it was. At first, he didn’t recognize him, but then it quickly dawned on him and his mouth dropped open.


Ian Antoncelli had gotten HUGE! He was no longer the lanky kid that dwelled in the shadows of his friends – he was now very much their equal. Not only was he the exact same height as Nick, but he was just as built. He wore the wrestling camp T-shirt from last year and it was obvious that he had outgrown it – it hardly came down to his waist and the sleeves were torn off to make room for his impressive arms. Muscles bulged all over those guns and thick, snake-like veins ran down over his biceps and along his bulky forearms. His shoulders were big and round and capped with a heavy layer of striated muscle. And beneath his armpits, his lats flared out of split openings in the shirt like wings, pushing his arms slightly away from his body. The shirt was stretched tightly across his broad chest, enough so that his nipples visibly poked out from beneath the fabric. He wore low-riding board shorts to show off a fantastic pair of obliques and the lower set of a ripped six-pack. And his legs – or at least the calves which were all Nick could see – were just as well-developed as the rest of him, bulging with pure muscle.

“Jesus Christ, Ian!” Nick gasped. “What did you do, live in the gym all summer?” Ian smirked and cocked his head, the cords of muscle in his neck popping and flexing.

“More or less,” he answered. His voice was deep and full – even more so than Nick’s. And not only that, but Ian’s face looked different; it seemed older and more chiseled. His hair was spiked now and he had done something with his eyebrows, though Nick couldn’t put his finger on what.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were lifting weights?” Nick went on. “I would’ve done it with you.” Ian shrugged, his traps arching upward toward his cheekbones.

“You look pretty good yourself,” he mumbled, eyeing him coolly. Yeah, there was definitely something different about Ian’s attitude as well. He grinned. “I can’t wait to start wrestling again.”

The first day of wrestling camp was the best day of Ian’s life. Not only was Nick floored by his sudden growth spurt, but he was amazed at how strong he had gotten...everyone was. Ian had sprouted 3 inches and gained 30 pounds in three months – that’s 10 pounds for every inch…for each month. That was a lot of muscle…and with that muscle came strength.

Both boys were easily put into the heavyweight group. They were bigger and far more muscular than any of the other guys there, so they made natural wrestling partners. In fact, Ian and Nick were exactly the same height – 5’7” – and exactly the same weight – 145 pounds – which seemed odd because Ian could’ve sworn Nick looked smaller than he. As the first week progressed, it was clear that they were the top studs. Coach Graves was proud of his two young prospects and constantly used them as models to show the other – weaker – kids how to wrestle. All the high school wrestlers were astounded by how big Ian had grown, including JP. Ian couldn’t help looking over at the teen jock and imagining himself getting as big as him…or even bigger.

Last year, the camp was relatively small; there had been only about a dozen kids and it lasted only a week. This year, there were about 25 wrestlers and the camp went two weeks. They were worked harder than last year, too. Every day, they went through set after set of grueling sit-ups and push-ups, they ran laps around the track and even up and down the bleacher steps. It was punishing, but Ian ate it all up. He wanted to get huge and he knew the harder he worked, the bigger he’d get. By the end of each day, the other wrestlers would be exhausted; some of them could barely walk as they left in the afternoon. But Ian was always hungry for more. He wanted to keep wrestling; he wanted to lift more weights; he wanted to gain more muscle. He wanted to be so big, he’d leave Nick and all the others in his dust, unable to keep up.

“You wanna go back to my place and work out a bit?” Nick asked Ian one day after camp. The August sun beat down on their muscled backs. Neither of them wore a shirt, instead letting their sweaty bodies cool off in the late afternoon breeze. It must’ve been quite a sight: two physically superior 13-year-olds sauntering out of the high school after blasting through a day’s worth of hard training, their gorgeous, ripped bodies glistening brightly in the sunset.

“Nah,” Ian answered, “I have to go somewhere first.” Nick seemed to frown a bit.

“You sure?” he went on. “You can stay for dinner. I think my mom’s making Mediterranean meatloaf.” He grinned and arched his eyebrows. “It’s high in protein…”

“No thanks,” Ian repeated. His stomach growled at the thought of the meatloaf, but he didn’t want to spend his time with Nick. “See ya tomorrow,” he called before hopping onto his bike and pedaling out of the parking lot. It didn’t surprise Ian that Nick was suddenly treating him like his best friend again. Before the summer, he wouldn’t say two words to him. Of course, Ian knew why: before the summer, Ian was a nobody to him; he was skinny and weak. But now, he had muscles like Nick and Nick simply couldn’t deny that. Yep, things were going to be a lot different this year.

Feeling the wind against his shoulders, Ian rode through town, making a detour past the community pool. He loved watching all the girls eye him and admire his muscles. One of these days, he would stop and maybe make out with one or two of them. Luke always told him how awesome it was to be ogled by girls wanting to get inside your pants. Now he knew. He felt proud, he felt like he was somebody for once.

Finally, he pulled up in front of Luke’s house, laid his bike against the side of the garage and followed the path around back to the pool. He had spent all summer with Luke, lifting weights, hanging out. And frankly, Ian liked it better there than at home. Luke had a sweet set up. He had a full gym in his basement and outside, there was an Olympic-sized pool, a Jacuzzi and a huge patio complete with a mini-fridge. His family must have been loaded to afford all that. Maybe I’ll be that rich someday, he thought. He called Luke’s name as he rounded the corner, but Luke was nowhere to be found. Instead, there was a girl in a bikini swimming laps in the pool. A smile came to Ian’s face.

Kim closed her eyes as she started her final lap of backstroke. She loved the summer; she didn’t have anything to worry about, she could do anything she wanted. She touched the wall of the shallow end and looked up at the sun sinking toward the horizon. Luke would be home soon. Casually, she waded to the ladder and climbed out of the pool.

“Hi,” a deep voice startled her. She looked up to see a hunky kid standing on the deck. He looked about Kim’s age, but his body was way beyond his years. His arms were heavily muscled, his chest was broad and full and his abs…wow, his abs were ripped. The board shorts he wore ran so low on his hips that Kim was able to see all the way down to the top of his crotch. Her mouth immediately began watering at the sight of his sexy obliques. At first, she didn’t know who he was, but then it dawned on her that this must be the 13-year-old her brother was training all summer. But he certainly didn’t look 13. He stood there, as if he had just walked out of an Abercrombie catalog.

“Hi, I’m Kim,” she smiled, thrusting a shapely hip out flirtatiously.

“I’m Ian,” he returned, though Kim already knew his name. Luke had told her about him, but since she was older, it never occurred to her that he’d be this hot.

“You’re pretty buff,” she commented, taking a step forward. Ian smirked, moving forward and taking her into his arms. They felt strong and powerful. He didn’t waste any time, Kim thought.

“You’re kinda hot yourself,” he whispered. Kim’s pelvis was pressed up against Ian’s crotch and she could feel his cock twitch. Then, she reached up and began kissing him, playing her tongue with his. When they released, she looked up into his eyes. She could tell he knew what she wanted and she slid her hand down the front of his shorts, firmly grabbing hold of his dick. He grinned proudly.

“My brother keeps some condoms by the Jacuzzi,” she suggested and that was all he needed to follow her over to the other side of the pool. After showing Ian where the condoms were, he opened one up and pulled down his pants to put it on. As he did, Kim checked out his manhood; it was maybe a little bigger than average, but thick as hell – definitely one of the nicer-looking ones she had seen. Ian’s hands were shaking a bit and she realized that this was probably the first time he’d ever had sex. “Get in,” she purred, unclasping her bikini top and letting it fall to the ground. Ian obeyed her and climbed into the Jacuzzi. Kim followed him in and the two immediately began making out in the water. Gently, she placed her hand on his bubble butt and guided his cock into her cunt. It slid in easily. “Yeah, that’s it,” she moaned into his ear. Slowly, he began pumping her, becoming more and more at ease as he progressed. Ian was actually pretty good for a virgin. Soon, he began grunting as his pelvis began thrusting harder and faster, the waves around them growing more turbulent as they humped each other in ecstasy.

Finally, Ian came…just as Kim climaxed. Damn, that was awesome! When they were finished, they gazed at each other silently, their chests heaving from the exertion. Kim reached up and gave Ian one more kiss on the lips. And at that moment, she could tell in his eyes that he loved sex. •

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