Nick (Sequel to JP)

Summer Liftin’


By luvyalots

“I can’t believe you’re dating an eighth grader,” Kim exclaimed, “especially since we’re in high school now!” Erin blushed as she listened to her best friend.

“Well, then you haven’t met him,” she replied dreamily. “He certainly doesn’t seem like an eighth grader.” It had been a little over a month since Erin had met Nick and the effect of it hadn’t worn off one bit. In fact, if anything, it had grown even stronger. She couldn’t stand being away from him for even a minute, but since she was 14 and now had her working papers, her parents made her get a summer job. And that’s where she was now – wiping down the condiments counter of the Chesapeake Bagel Bakery, a coffee and bagel shop around the corner from the high school. Kim came by nearly every day to gossip, even though she didn’t work there – her parents were wealthy, so she didn’t need to get a job.

“What’s gotten into you?” Kim continued. “You don’t sound like the Erin Maloney I know.” Erin bit her lip, the vision of Nick’s gorgeous eyes in her mind, but Kim didn’t seem to understand. “I was almost convinced that you were a lesbian.” Erin dropped her washcloth and burst out laughing.


“Seriously,” Kim explained, stifling her own laughter, “you’ve turned down every guy in our class...” She looked away comically. “That and you look great even without makeup.” Erin let out a puff of air from her mouth, disturbing the strand of dark brown hair that hung down over her eyes.

“If you’d seen Nick, you’d understand,” she yielded. Kim peered into her friend’s eyes and suddenly realized what was going on – it was about time she did!

“Oh, I see,” she said in mock revelation, “you think he’s the one.” Her eyebrows rose dramatically when she spoke “the one.”

“I know he’s the one,” Erin returned sincerely. “Trust me.” She stared into Kim’s eyes, trying to get her to comprehend what she was feeling inside. Nick was more than just another cute guy; he was everything. When she closed her eyes, she saw him; when she opened her eyes, she saw him. Nick simply occupied her mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And she couldn’t possibly describe the pain she felt when she wasn’t around him. But Kim would never get it. She couldn’t. She had never been in love like that. Erin glanced at her watch – her shift was almost up. “I gotta go,” she stated excitedly. “I have to get home right away.” She tossed the washcloth into the bucket by the counter and began heading toward the back room, already taking off her apron as she did.

“You mean, Nick’s waiting for you at home,” Kim called after her. “Man, you’re whipped!”

“Yeah, Nick, that’s it,” JP encouraged his young protégé. “Straight up, just like I taught ya.” It was yet another hot and humid July day in JP’s basement gym and he was spotting Nick on the shoulder press. The kid was making amazing progress. In barely a month, he had packed on nearly 15 pounds of pure muscle…and he was still looking as ripped as ever! “Fight it, man!” JP yelled, lightly supporting Nick’s pulsing triceps as the boy – his face screwed up in a determined grimace – forced his arms to lift the 70-pound dumbbells above his head for a 12th rep. “PUSH!!”

“AAARGH!” Nick screamed as his powerful shoulders blasted the weights upward. The set finished, his arms immediately dropped to his side, the dumbbells falling to the floor with a clang. “Fuck, yeah,” he grunted, his voice echoing off the walls of the basement.

“Good job, dude,” JP congratulated him. “You’re getting stronger every day!”

“You bet I am!” Nick glowed, his deeply tanned body glistening with jock sweat. He flexed his shoulders in the mirror. JP couldn’t help admiring how incredible he looked for a 13-year-old. Nick was absolutely shredded. Every fiber and striation in his shoulders was practically popping out of his skin, especially after all that exertion. He leaned his head back, causing his neck to widen – it had gotten thick with muscle. No doubt all those exercises JP put him through were working wonders. His traps were becoming more and more solid with each passing day, his biceps were peaking higher, his triceps bulging bigger and his forearms were growing more defined. Then, there was his chest; his pecs were now two thin slabs of striated beef, rippling with strength – he could bench almost 200 pounds already. And his abs were ridiculous; they were so cut and shredded, he made even JP look chunky. There simply wasn’t a single gram of fat anywhere on the kid’s body.

“Nick, you look phenomenal!” JP gushed. Nick smiled proudly, looking up at his mentor.

“Thanks!” He stood up and shook out his arms, rotating his shoulders back as he did. Each individual muscle could clearly be seen underneath his paper-thin skin, shifting and flexing in the way that only a body with remarkably superior genes could. And Nick Angelakis was surely one in a million.

“Show me your legs,” JP urged. Happily, Nick lifted up his shorts to show off his chiseled thighs…and boy, were they chiseled. The sharp ridges popped and bulged; the teardrops of his quads jumped as if having a mind of their own. And his calves were perfectly shaped diamonds as hard as the rest of him. Between his incredible physique, his drop-dead gorgeous looks and his bronzed body, Nick looked like a young Greek god…and he was still only 13 years old!

“I look pretty good, don’t I?” Nick grinned, gazing in reverence to the hulking figure of JP in the mirror behind him. The kid had grown a little cocky, but he still admired his idol deeply.

“That’s the understatement of the year,” JP responded, making Nick’s face turn red. JP’s stomach instantly began churning, the blush reminding him of his boyfriend, Matt, and he became lost in thought. For months, Matt had been the one who worked out with JP in that very same gym. But now, he was going away to college and those workouts would be no more. God, he missed him so much it hurt. He didn’t know how he was going to live without seeing him every day. Well, at least helping little Nick – who was beginning to be not so little anymore – achieve his ultimate goals might get his mind off of Matt for a little bit…if something like that was possible.

“What do you think?” Nick asked, bringing JP back to the present.

“Huh?” he blinked. He was so dazed thinking about Matt, he hadn’t even heard the question.

“Do you think I’ll be as big as you someday?” the kid repeated. JP got a playful smile on his face and dove for Nick, wrapping a gigantic arm around the boy’s tiny waist and hoisting him easily above his head. Nick squealed in hilarious protest.

“We’ll see about that,” JP growled humorously and proceeded to do a few shoulder presses of his own using Nick as a weight. Hell, he could press an easy 250 pounds, so the kid was nothing to him. In fact, JP had bulked up to a massive 210 pounds since the beginning of the summer. He wanted to wrestle 215 this season and had also promised Matt he’d get as big as he could by the time he came home for Thanksgiving.

“Boys!” Mrs. Maloney called from the top of the stairs. “Dinner’s ready!”

Breathing heavily, JP safely plopped Nick down on the couch and started up toward the staircase, but Nick – not to be outraced – bolted under his thick lats and took the stairs three at a time. That kid’s going to be a super-jock yet, JP thought as he followed him.

“You boys have a good workout?” Mrs. Maloney asked them as they sat down at the table which was covered in a smorgasbord of healthy, protein-rich food that she knew would aid in their muscles growing ever bigger.

“Oh, yeah!” Nick gushed, already piling his plate high. “JP taught me some new shoulder exercises.”

“It looks like you were doing fine with the ones you had,” she commented, patting the boy’s shoulders. “My, you’ve been getting big!” Nick grinned, unable to speak due to the massive amounts of food in his mouth. Both he and JP still had their shirts off. JP’s mom didn’t mind; she was used to it, with both her sons being super-talented athletes. But even she couldn’t believe Nick’s progress as he seemed to sprout muscles almost right before her eyes. The boy had ridiculous genetics.

Suddenly, the front door slammed and Nick instantly popped his head up knowing who had just come home – Erin. His face began to glow and his eyes lit up as she walked into the kitchen, placing her purse on the counter. Without pausing to even say hi to her mother, she headed right over to Nick, sat down next to him and planted a quick kiss on his cheek, leaving him completely dazed. JP smiled, recognizing that expression. It was the same one he wore every time he saw Matt.

“Hey, Nick,” she greeted, gazing dreamily at him.

“Hi,” he returned with the very same look in his eyes. JP comically cleared his throat. It barely got his sister’s attention.

“Hi, JP,” she stated flatly, not taking her eyes off of her boyfriend for a second. God, they were so into each other, it almost made JP jealous. How he wished Matt was there at that moment. Erin glanced down at Nick’s shimmering, still-sweaty body and sighed. Lovingly, she took his hand and the two played their fingers with each other for a moment, having a conversation without words. “I have to take a shower,” Erin finally said. “I’ll see you later.” Nick nodded distantly and Erin leaned in for a goodbye kiss on the lips. He watched her as she got up and headed back toward to the door.

“Wow,” JP observed. “Now I know how to beat you in a wrestling match. Just put my sister in front of you and you turn into a rag doll.”

“Shut up!” Nick blushed, though JP knew there was nothing he could do about it. They were in love. No sooner had Erin retreated up the stairs, a violent rumble shook the house as Ryan came downstairs. He burst into the kitchen wearing nothing but a towel…over his shoulder. Ryan was buck naked, his massive body displayed for all to see. His mammoth pecs bounced as he stepped, his beefy arms swung heavily far apart from his torso and his gigantic thighs quivered underneath the 245 pounds of solid muscle that he carried. And dangling in between those thick columns was his proud cock – all six inches flaccid of it. JP silently scorned his brother’s arrogance. Ryan loved letting his giant fuckpole – nearly 10 inches at full length – hang freely, its massive girth swaying back and forth as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

“Tell mom I’ll be home late tonight,” he boomed at JP. “I’m going out.” JP shook his head, knowing what that meant. His brother was going to spend all night at some wild party with his shallow, self-centered friends, pleasing chick after chick. And then, he’d come home at some ungodly hour – with two or three girls on his arm – and continue fucking them until dawn. That was how Ryan lived his life, especially since he was home from school for good.

“I won’t wait up for you,” JP answered dryly, staring straight at his food. Ryan smirked and leaned over the table to grab a piece of meat off his younger brother’s plate.

“Ryan!” Mrs. Maloney suddenly reprimanded as she came out of the kitchen. “How dare you come down here looking like that when your brother has company over!” That’s when Ryan looked at Nick, noticing him for the first time. Don’t you even say anything to him, JP thought to himself. Nick only stared back wide-eyed at the behemoth.

“What is this,” Ryan grinned amusedly, “you don’t have any friends your own age, so you’re hanging around with little kids now?” At the notion of being called “little,” Nick got this angry look in his eyes, but Ryan – being Ryan – didn’t notice it. He just chuckled and turned to leave the room. JP glanced over at Nick to make sure he was alright. The kid’s fist was clenched tightly, the tendons in his forearm twitching violently. He was pissed at Ryan. And JP didn’t blame him.

Later that night, Nick quietly lifted his head up from the air mattress to see if JP had fallen asleep yet. Sure enough, he was sleeping soundly. This had been the best summer of Nick’s young life. A year ago, he couldn’t have imagined personally working out almost every day with the high school god, much less sleeping over at his house. But now here he was, only a few feet away from the hulking mass that was JP Maloney. The teen Adonis clutched a pillow tightly against his massive chest. Nick cocked his head, thinking how weird it was for someone so strong and confident to look like a little boy with his arms around the pillow. It was as if he was longing for something.

Carefully, Nick climbed to his feet, crept toward the door and tip-toed down the hall to Erin’s room. Every time he slept over at the Maloney’s’, he would sneak into his girlfriend’s bedroom and sleep with her. He couldn’t stay away from her for even a second and couldn’t stand when he was. She was everything to him; he thought about her every minute of every day and he felt so warm and comfortable when he held her in his arms. Nick opened the door and peeked his head inside.

“Erin?” he whispered.

“Nick,” she whispered back, the music of her voice floating through his head. Without a sound, he slipped into her room, closed the door behind him and immediately began taking off his boxers, stripping down to his dazzling nude body. The young couple loved lying together in bed, their bare skin touching, their love and devotion toward each other flowing seamlessly between their immaculate bodies. “Wow,” Erin exclaimed softly, “I swear you’ve gotten bigger.” She seemed mesmerized by him.

“You really think so?” Nick answered, feeling his face turn red. Well, he was getting stronger – all of his lifts had gone up drastically since the beginning of the summer – and he was really starting to grow. He had noticed hair growing under his armpits and his voice had deepened a bit from that of a high tenor to a lower one. And his cock had reached the seven-inch mark and had gotten even thicker lately. He knew it was a sight to behold. Nick delicately climbed into Erin’s bed, not once taking his eyes off of her. She was so beautiful, so angelic, he felt like he was hypnotized every time he looked at her.

“Yeah,” she went on, “you look so much thicker than when I first met you.” A tingle went down Nick’s spine as she said those words. Sensuously, she turned to face him and the two instantly began kissing. Their bodies intertwined as they made out, Nick’s muscular arms wrapped protectively around her shoulders, Erin’s hands grasping around his tiny waist, reaching for his tight bubble butt. Nick knew she loved placing her hands around the two muscular globes, feeling their incredible hardness.

“I love you so much, Erin,” Nick purred once they finished kissing, his head leaning back against the pillow with Erin’s head on his shredded chest, listening to his breathing. It was slow and relaxed, completely at ease. She lifted her head and placed her chin on his left pec. Her smile was captivating, her eyes spellbinding as she reached her hand up to his forehead and brushed the bangs of his black hair out of his eyes.

“I love you, too,” she whispered. Then, Erin straightened her body to a kneeling position above Nick and proceeded to take her nightgown off. She wore nothing underneath except panties, so her torso was completely bare. Nick gazed in awe at her figure; not even in a magazine had he seen anything so perfect. Her breasts were full and supple, her abdomen flat and hard; she was simply flawless. As the nightgown was whipped over her head and thrown to the floor next to the bed, her hair fell across her shoulders and she peered down at Nick seductively. Instantly, he felt a shudder run through his entire body.

“Wow!” he breathed. Bewitched, Nick took hold of his girlfriend’s hips and slowly glided his fingers up her torso, feeling every one of her perfectly formed curves. Erin gently took his hands and, leaning forward slightly, placed them on her breasts. Nick felt as if he had melted away; every muscle in his body was totally relaxed. “You’re so perfect,” he told her.

“So are you,” she began. “Your eyes, your dimples, your muscles…they’re all perfect.” Nick wrapped a muscular arm around Erin’s waist and delicately guided her body down toward his again, not once breaking his gaze. “I want you to grow so big and so strong,” she whispered. “I want you to be bigger than both my brothers combined.” A warm tingle swept down Nick’s spine as her words echoed through his head. He smiled down at her.

“Whatever you want,” he purred. And with that, Erin leaned up and kissed him again, but this time she played her tongue more passionately. Quickly, their lust grew and the heat between them began to rise. As their skin started to glisten with sweat, their bodies ground against each other with ease. Erin’s nipples brushed up against Nick’s sending him into a state of ecstasy. His cock got rock hard and getting more aroused by the second as Erin’s pelvis rubbed against it. He skimmed his lips down to her neck, sensuously massaging her lower back. She panted in pleasure – her mouth open – as her hands clutched the back of his head. Her hips began to shudder as she neared her climax…just as Nick’s cock erupted with an explosion of jizz that literally hit Erin’s chin. Immediately, the two began to calm down, their orgy having passed its peak. Erin leaned down and kissed Nick on the lips one more time, tasting the semen that had splashed up from his crotch.

“Thank you,” she breathed. Nick – completely exhausted – could only smile back.

After that, Nick and Erin fell asleep in each other’s arms, dreaming peacefully. The next thing he could remember was waking up with her arm lying across his chest. It was still dark outside and her breathing was perfectly in synch with his. He glanced over at the clock; it was 4:30 in the morning. He should start getting back to JP’s room before he woke up. Carefully, he lifted Erin’s arm off of him and began climbing out of her bed. She groaned softly as his body left hers. Turning around, he hovered over her form.

“I have to go,” he whispered. “I’ll see you later.” She still looked asleep, but he knew she heard him nonetheless. Quietly, he slipped his boxers back on, snuck out the door and started down the hall. Suddenly, a strange sound startled him. Nick whipped his head around behind him. Ryan’s bathroom door was ajar and light was flooding into the hallway. He heard the sound again, a retching that sounded almost painful. Curious, Nick tip-toed over and peered through the crack.

Inside, Ryan was kneeling over the toilet and vomiting violently. At first, Nick smirked. That must have been some party he was at, he thought to himself. He had come home drunk as a dog. But then, Nick saw something he couldn’t believe. Ryan jammed his fingers down his throat and instantly began gagging. A few seconds later, he threw up again. Nick’s mouth dropped open. No, it couldn’t be.

Ryan was forcing himself to throw up. •

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