Nick (Sequel to JP)

And Then He Looked At Her


By luvyalots

Nick ran out of the school without looking back. He didn’t even bother putting his shirt back on. He didn’t care; he just wanted to get away from Jen. He couldn’t believe he had almost been duped into having sex without protection. I mean, he had been aching to be with a girl again, but not like that, not so blindly. His hands still shaking, he unlocked his bike from the rack and – his shirt flung over his shoulder – hopped on, pedaling home as fast as his legs would allow.

Now he knew what JP meant when he had said it would get harder for him to resist temptation. He should have known that girls would be drooling all over him and his body. But he should’ve been strong enough to say no from the start – maybe told her he wanted to take it slow. Why couldn’t he? He felt nothing for Jen – no feelings at all – only pleasure as she blew him, moaning over his muscles like he was some kind of god to her. Yeah, she was hot, but Nick never had a desire to even start a relationship with her, much less have sex with her. How did it go downhill so fast?

Millions of thoughts flew through Nick’s head as he rode through the streets, the wind blowing against his body, cooling the sweat that covered his chest and abs. As soon as he got home, he threw his bike next to the garage and jogged through the front door, heading directly for the stairs…and neglecting the greetings from his family. He didn’t want to deal with them right now; he wanted time to himself.

He burst into his room – slamming the door behind him – and immediately bolted for the weight bench. Working out always calmed him down; it let him get his frustrations out without having to think. Without even pausing to look at how much was loaded on the bar, he heatedly began benching it. He didn’t keep count of the reps; he just kept pushing it up and down, up and down, up and down. He ignored the pain of his muscles screaming for rest as he forced the anger out of his body. “Fuck me.” He couldn’t get those words of Jen's out of his head. Her whispers seared through his mind.

“Nick?” Chrissy’s voice called from outside the door. “Nick, are you ok?” Nick paused at the top of a rep and lifted his head up. Beyond his heaving chest, he could see his sister’s head peeking through the crack in the door. He swallowed hard, not answering her, and his arms and pecs suddenly began to shake, finally realizing the weight they carried. Quickly, he racked the bar and bitterly sat up. “What’s wrong?” Chrissy asked.

“Nothing,” Nick grunted. But of course, that wasn’t a good enough answer for her.

“Something’s up,” she went on, moving into his room. “I can tell.” She sat on the edge of his bed, gazing at him worriedly. “You shouldn’t be lifting that much without someone spotting you,” she said, nodding toward the weights. Nick looked over his shoulder and noticed for the first time how much he had just been benching. 120 pounds…and he had done it for at least 20 reps. He glanced at himself in the closet mirror. His pecs were flushed and sore – they were actually twitching from the sudden exertion of energy – and his tan skin was glistening with sweat.

“Sorry,” he muttered, not sure of how else to respond.

“So, what’s up?” Chrissy repeated. Nick looked back at his sister, directly into her eyes. He knew she loved him, but how could he tell her what had just happened. But he had to talk to someone…

“I almost screwed up,” he let out, his voice cracking with emotion. Chrissy stared at him confused. Nick’s mouth was trembling, his throat dry. “I almost had sex with a girl,” he finally blurted.

“What?” Chrissy whispered, but it was a reaction of surprise more than disappointment. Here it comes, Nick thought, she’s gonna lecture me now. “What do you mean you almost?”

“I mean,” he began to explain, “she wanted to – she asked me to – but I couldn’t. I…I didn’t want to do it without….without...” Chrissy’s face brightened as he spoke, her mouth open slightly.

“Nick,” she endeared, “is there something you want to tell me?” She knew there was something more. Nick felt as if he was going to cry. He swallowed, flexing his jaw muscles…and nodded. “What?” she encouraged. And then, Nick began to tell his sister everything. He told her about Angela and how he broke his virginity. He told her about cumming when he wrestled with JP and what JP told him afterwards. And he told her about Jen and what the two of them did that afternoon in the school bathroom. It was as if he couldn’t stop himself; the words just spewed out of him. Chrissy took it all in with a blank expression, listening to it all quietly. When he was finished, the two sat there in silence, sweat still pouring profusely down Nick’s face. Finally, Chrissy smiled. “I’m proud of you,” she said.

Nick blinked. “You are?” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Nick,” she explained, “you’re only 13 years old and you’ve shown more maturity than most people twice your age. Girls are always going to be attracted to you – that’s something you just can’t help – but you know what the most important thing is?”

Nick looked awe-eyed at his sister. “What?” Chrissy leaned forward and placed her hand behind his head.

“You’ve been able to keep a good head on those little shoulders of yours,” she answered, grinning. Nick pursed his lips comically, now back in a better mood.

“What do you mean, little shoulders?” he taunted, the dimples in his cheeks deepening. She giggled. And with that, he gently pounced on Chrissy, mock-wrestling her to his bed.

“You have the present, Erin?” JP asked his sister as he pulled his car up in front of Matt’s house for his graduation party.

“Yes,” she answered automatically, clutching the wrapped package on her lap. “Come on, let’s go,” she urged him as he fixed his shirt collar in the rearview mirror; the top button was refusing to stay closed. The sky blue polo he was wearing was starting to get too small on him, but even Erin had to admit he looked good in it nonetheless. It brought out his beefy chest and powerful shoulders well. At 6’1” and over 200 pounds, there was little that could hide his huge muscles.

“Hey, if I didn’t know any better,” JP smirked, “I’d think you have a crush on Matt.” Erin blushed and looked away from her brother, rolling her eyes as she climbed out of his car. Man, that was awkward, especially since JP was the one who was really in love with Matt. But he couldn’t know she knew…yet.

JP and Erin headed up the front walk and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Andersson, a tall, blond woman in her 40s, answered it and greeted them warmly. Somehow, it didn’t surprise Erin that Matt’s mother would be pretty. In fact, she almost looked like she could’ve been a supermodel or something in her younger days. She hugged JP warmly as if he were her own son.

“I’m glad you could make it,” Mrs. Andersson chimed, smiling brightly at the boy before looking over at Erin. “And you must be JP’s sister,” she addressed, offering her hand for her to shake.

“Yeah, I’m Erin” she replied, shifting the present to her left arm so she could take Mrs. Andersson’s with her right. “Oh, and this is for Matt,” Erin handed her the gift.

“Thank you,” she said, leading the two into the house. “Matt, JP’s here!” her voice carried into the next room. Erin followed her brother into the living room where nearly two dozen people were gathered. She immediately spotted Matt. He looked so hot in the blue dress shirt and tie; Erin could see the shape of his broad shoulders underneath the material. She sighed in the way a girl does when she sees her crush.

“Congratulations, Matt!” JP greeted his boyfriend, both their eyes gazing longingly into each other’s as they embraced. To most everyone else, it seemed like the hug of two best friends, but to Erin – who knew the truth – it was obvious it was one of love; they almost didn’t seem to want to let go. “Did you hear me cheering for you when they called your name?” JP asked. “The whole trumpet section was.” Then, for a split second, Matt’s eyes caught Erin’s, causing her to blush girlishly.

“Hi, Matt,” she waved. He smiled and she looked away, biting her lip. Yeah, he knew she had a crush on him.

“So, where’s the food,” JP jerked his head around absurdly. “I’m starving.”

“JP, you big hunk,” Chrissy suddenly called from across the room. “Aren’t you going to say hi to me?” She bolted over to JP to hug him, grinning goofily. But Erin couldn’t hear anything else they said. Instead, her attention was stolen by the boy who was behind Chrissy. She had never seen him before and didn’t know who he was, but the whole room seemed to suddenly get quiet. All the other people seemed to disappear; she could only see him and no one else.

He was considerably shorter than JP or Matt, but he was beautiful…possibly the most beautiful boy Erin had ever seen. His features were strong, yet gentle, his tanned skin looked soft and seemed to shimmer in the dim light. His shiny, black hair hung perfectly over his forehead, ending just above his eyes. And wow, what eyes! They haunted her, but comforted her at the same time.

And then he looked at her…

Erin suddenly felt a swirling feeling in her stomach. The boy’s eyes were a deep hazel, but a hypnotic kind of hazel…the kind that envelops you in their beauty. They softened as he gazed at her, bringing her even further into him. She felt paralyzed and she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

“Erin, come over here,” she heard JP call to her, almost as if from a distance. She snapped out of it and re-focused her sight on her brother. He stood right next to the boy and was motioning her over to him; she obeyed. “Erin, this is Nick. Nick, this is Erin,” he introduced them.

She gave JP a puzzled look, her mind slow to decipher his words, but then she found her attention automatically drifting back to the boy…who apparently was Nick. Her heart started beating faster, but her breathing slowed. She sensed her blood pump, but every muscle in her body felt completely relaxed. Never before had she experienced what she was experiencing as she looked at Nick. It was like some change had suddenly come over her. Erin was simply dumbstruck.

Finally, Nick blinked and held out his hand. “Um, hi,” he said, “I’m…I’m Nick.” His voice rang through her head, echoing off every part of her brain. “I’m Nick...I’m Nick…I’m Nick…” It sounded so angelic to her. She glanced down at his hand. It looked strong and powerful; thick veins snaked up his forearm, which was ripped with muscle. And his upper arm filled the sleeve of the T-shirt he was wearing. Not only was he gorgeous, but he looked like he had an amazing body, too. Erin drifted her eyes back up to his; they peered at her softly and it felt as if they were calling to her…encouraging her to speak.

“Hi,” Erin muttered, raising her hand to meet his. “I’m Erin.” As soon as their skin touched, Erin felt an incredible warmth pulse through her body, almost as if powered by some electrical source. Instantly, she no longer felt nervous, no longer confused. And she realized she was in love.

Ian fished in his pockets for change as the cashier stood patiently behind the counter. “I know I have a few quarters in here,” he assured her. He dug his hands deeper – the jeans were a little tight around his waist, so this was tough – and finally fingered the coins. “Yeah, there they are,” he smiled.

Ian was at CVS – again – buying more supplements. And he was beginning to run out of money; the allowance from his parents would soon be no longer enough to pay for it all. Plus, he was eating nearly twice as much as he used to. And he was constantly starving; he’d even stop on his way home from school to grab a snack – usually a burger or something at Five Guys. Quickly, he paid the cashier, grabbed the bag and hurriedly headed for the exit.

He was so quick to get out of there that he didn’t see the huge guy coming in…and ran smack into his chest, landing with a grunt on his butt. Ian looked up to see a mountain of beef tower over him. He looked impressive – muscles filled every inch of his clothes and his blond hair was perfectly combed. But his face was gorgeous – deep blue eyes and flawless skin…exactly what Ian wanted to look like.

“You gotta watch where you’re goin’, kid,” the guy growled. His voice was thick and deep as it rumbled through Ian’s bones.

“I’m…I’m sorry,” Ian stammered, rushing to re-fill his bag with the contents that had spilled out. The guy bent over and picked up one of the bottles of creatine and looked over at Ian with an amused look.

“You tryin’ to get big or something?” he asked. Ian looked away for a second and then nodded. The guy let out a smirk and squatted down next to him. Ian could feel his heart pumping. What was he doing? “You gotta do more than take this stuff,” he said.

“I am,” Ian replied. “I’ve been working out a bit and eating and stuff.” He swallowed hard. “And I’ve put on quite a bit of weight.”

“Really,” the guy smirked. “Let’s see.” Bravely, Ian raised his right arm and flexed it as hard as he could. A little mound of muscle popped out of the skin, making him smile. He was proud of what he had built; in fact, he had gained another few pounds in the last few weeks. Any day he knew he’d break 120 pounds. The guy squeezed the bicep with his thick, strong hands. Ian’s eyes widened as he saw how they dwarfed his arm. “That’s not too bad, kid,” the guy commented, “but you could probably do better.”

Ian had his attention now. “What do you mean?”

“You wanna get really big?” the guy asked. Ian nodded immediately. “Well, stick with me and you’ll be the biggest mothafucker in the whole school…” he grinned broadly “…and I’m not talking middle school.” Ian’s mind raced at the thought of that. “Do we got a deal?”

“Yeah!” Ian beamed. He couldn’t wait to get massive like this guy. He climbed to his feet and followed him outside. “By the way,” he said, “my name’s Ian.”

The guy looked at him with a piercing glare. “I’m Luke.”

“I can’t believe we’ve never met before,” Erin said. She and Nick were standing on the back deck overlooking the wooded area behind Matt’s house. They hadn’t left each other’s side since they met. “I mean, we both go to the same school and our older siblings have been good friends for years.”

Nick shrugged. “I know, it’s weird.” He couldn’t stop looking at Erin’s eyes. They were so beautiful – she was so beautiful – he felt like he had been hit over the head with a sledgehammer. When he had first laid eyes on her a few hours before, he was hypnotized and couldn’t move. He was so taken by her angelic features that nothing else in the world mattered to him. And when their hands touched, he felt like his knees would buckle underneath him.

“So, you’re in seventh grade,” Erin went on, gazing thoughtfully at him. He nodded. So many times girls had looked at him this way, but that was because they lusted over his looks or his body. Erin was different; her gaze seemed to be more powerful and they cut into Nick more deeply than any girl had before. “You look so much older than seventh grade.”

Nick shrugged again. “Really?” He felt his face turn red.

“Yeah,” she continued, “maybe it’s because you’re bigger than most guys your age.” Nick was really starting to turn red now and he leaned his back against the deck railing.

“Well, I do work out with JP,” he mumbled, barely able to get the words out.

“It’s obvious,” Erin smiled. Nick’s stomach instantly began to churn. God, that smile! “You must have a nice six-pack,” she lowered her voice. Nick looked over at her bashfully. “Come on,” she urged. “I know you do!”

“Ok,” he chuckled and lifted up the bottom of his T-shirt to reveal his shredded abs.

“Sweet!” Erin exclaimed, rubbing her fingers up and down over the rock-hard ridges of steel muscle. Her eyes drifted back up to Nick’s and he practically felt his heart skip a beat.

“Like you’ve never seen abs like this before,” he rouged. “You must see JP’s all the time.”

“Yeah, but he’s my brother,” she replied, her voice at a whisper now. “That’s different.” Erin moved so that her body was directly in front of his; their faces were now only inches from each other. With her hand still on his stomach, her other hand reached up to his head and gently brushed his hair. “God, you’re gorgeous,” she breathed. Nick grinned sheepishly, feeling his dimples deepening as he did.

And then, Erin leaned even closer and their lips touched. Instantly, Nick felt a rush come over him that he couldn’t explain. Every muscle in his body tensed and relaxed at the same time, his blood pulsed through his veins, his head went into a spin. He gently wrapped his arms around her waist as his tongue danced lightly with hers in their mouths. This obviously wasn’t the first time he had kissed a girl…but it was the first time he had felt this way when he did. It felt so real, so true; never before had his entire body tingled as if it was glowing. He closed his eyes and let her body soak into his. He wanted her to melt into him and him into her. He wanted to taste her and hold her for the rest of his life. He didn’t want to ever let go.

Even when they released, Nick felt dizzy and breathless. He slowly opened his eyes; Erin was staring wistfully at him. She apparently was feeling the same way; he didn’t know it, he felt it. The two stood silently for a moment, just looking at each other, neither knowing what to say next. Finally, Nick opened his mouth and whispered the same words he knew Erin was thinking inside her head.

“I love you…” •

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