Nick (Sequel to JP)

The Closest Ones


By luvyalots

Chrissy glanced at herself in the bathroom mirror one last time. Good, she looked normal again; no bags under her eyes, no messed up hair. She had completely recovered from Prom Night. It had been wild; sex with Danny was better than she would have ever thought…but then again, he was a wrestler and wrestlers are supposed to be amazing in bed.

Walking out into the hall, Chrissy immediately heard the thumping of loud music coming again from Nick’s bedroom. She smiled and shook her head. I guess he’s up, she said to herself. And there was only one thing he would be doing at this hour. Making her way to the door, she pressed her ear against it. Sure enough, soft grunting and the clink of metal could be heard – her little brother was working out. He was just determined to become a muscle-bound jock. Chrissy knocked on his door.

“Come in,” the teenage voice of Nick called.

Chrissy cautiously opened the door and leaned inside. Nick was sitting on the weight bench, doing bicep curls, performing rep after rep with a 10-pound dumbbell. He made it look so easy. With each rep, his right biceps balled up to a peak that seemed to get more and more pumped. He looked up at her, acknowledging her presence, but didn’t even slow down. He no longer felt shy when his sister walked in on him; he was proud of his body. And what a body it was! Nick had not a single ounce of fat anywhere on him and his muscles bulged impressively. His arms were covered with a complex network of visible veins and cords of muscle fibers all over his body twitched whenever he moved even the slightest bit.

“Hey, Chrissy,” Nick grunted, pumping out a few last reps, his face grimacing with the effort. He placed the dumbbell on the ground and stood up. He was only wearing boxers, but they hung so low on his athletic hips that you could fully see his obliques as they slashed down from his side. His abs condensed and relaxed as he breathed and his taught pecs rippled slightly as he shifted his weight.

“Man, Nick,” Chrissy gasped, “you’re looking more and more like JP every day.” She stepped into his room…and was immediately overcome by the stench of her growing brother’s sweat and testosterone. “Whew!” she waved her hand in front of her nose. “And you’re smelling more and more like him, too.” Nick grinned broadly before lying down on the floor to begin a grueling set of crunches. Chrissy walked around the bed so she could see him as she talked.

“Don’t forget to come home directly after school,” she reminded him. “You know you don’t want to miss when grandma arrives.” She gazed awestruck at the ease at which Nick blasted through those crunches. It was as if he had some kind of superhuman energy; he was blindingly fast. He breathed efficiently – in going down and out coming up – and his abs were so tight and shredded, they were downright scary on his 13-year-old body. He must’ve already done 50 or so and he still showed no sign of slowing.

“Tomorrow’s the big day, huh?” he puffed, the question not even coming close to breaking his concentration on his workout.

“Yep,” Chrissy beamed. “Graduation. And we’re going over to Matt Andersson’s for the party after the ceremony.”

“Will JP be there?”

“Of course,” she answered. “When are those two ever apart?” She paused as Nick continued powering through sit-up after sit-up. Surely, he had done over a hundred by now. Finally, he forced himself through a few more – his eyes shut tight through pain – and propped his arms behind him against the floor, his triceps popping out of his skin dramatically. He looked up at his sister with a big smile.

“I can’t wait to show JP how big I’ve gotten,” he remarked.

“How many of those did you just do?” Chrissy asked, still astounded at her brother’s stamina. Nick casually got up, seemingly unfazed from the exertion.

“150,” he said nonchalantly. “I usually do two sets of those every morning.” Chrissy just shook her head as she looked her bother’s body over. His stomach was red and flushed and looked even more ripped than it had been only a few minutes before.

“Wow, Nick, you’re really starting to thicken up,” she commented.

“Really?” he smirked.

“Seriously, your neck and traps are really starting to grow.” They were wider and fuller than she ever remembered them to be. Chrissy placed her hand on her little brother’s striated shoulder – and felt nothing but hard muscle.

“Thanks,” Nick replied, turning a little red. “JP taught me a few neck exercises and Billy showed me how to work my traps.”

Chrissy looked down at him, amused. “So you and he are trading workout tips now?” Nick grinned. “Boy, the girls are probably all over you at school.” She playfully rubbed her hand in his hair, making him giggle. Yeah, he was still a little kid, though, she thought. “Come on, take your shower, or you’ll be late.”

Ryan pulled into the driveway of Luke’s house and headed up the winding front walk. The Johnson’s had a huge ass home in the nicest part of town. Since Mr. Johnson owned the local country club, they were loaded – Luke had even gotten a Porsche convertible for his birthday. Lucky bastard! Ryan rang the doorbell and Marina, the housekeeper, almost immediately answered the door.

“Oh, hello Ryan,” the middle-aged woman greeted him with her heavy accent. She was Bosnian or Bulgarian or Romanian or something and had been the Johnson’s housekeeper for as long as he could remember.

“Hey,” Ryan grunted, brushing past her into the house. “Where’s Luke?” he asked, his voice echoing off the high ceilings of the foyer.

“He’s in the back by the pool,” she answered. “You be working out?” she started making conversation. “You look big.”

“Yeah,” Ryan mumbled automatically, having already headed toward the back door.

The Johnson’s had a big ass swimming pool to go along with their huge ass house. And Luke seemed to spend nearly all of his free time there in the summer working on his tan. Ryan slid open the sliding glass door to the patio, where Luke was sprawled out on a pool chair, wearing only briefs and sunglasses. Hm, looking a little porky there, he thought. Indeed, Luke had gained a bit of weight since high school; he was beginning to loose his definition, unlike Ryan, who was bigger and more cut than ever. He sauntered his tremendous bulk over to his best friend and stood so that his huge shadow loomed over him.

“Yo, lardass! Wake up!” he boomed. Luke jumped a bit.

“Shit, Ryan,” he laughed. “You’re home.” He sat up and took off his glasses, revealing a faint sunglasses tan in the process. “I heard you got kicked—”

“Yeah,” Ryan interrupted him, not wanting to actually hear the words. He wasn’t proud of being kicked off the football team, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. Therefore, he just decided to drop out of Tech altogether. There was nothing keeping him there, and he could continue modeling with Jansen’s near home. “That fuckin’ faggot prick roommate!” he grumbled.

“I heard about Dave,” Luke remarked, noting Ryan’s hatred for his former roommate, and shrugged. “I guess sometimes the people closest to you are the ones who stab you in the back.”

Ryan glared over at him with an odd look. “What the fuck are you talking about?” Luke looked back at him blankly. “Where’s the beer?” Ryan changed the subject.

“Over there, in the fridge,” Luke pointed to a small patio fridge near the table. Ryan strutted over to it and grabbed a bottle. “Dude, how’s the modeling goin’?”

“Sweet,” Ryan answered. “I got a swimwear shoot coming up this weekend.” Luke shook his head.

“Man, it must be awesome seeing all those chicks in bikinis all day.”

“Yeah, it is.” Ryan took a large swig of beer.

“You still doin’ that Brionna chick?” Luke continued.

“Yeah, all night, every night,” Ryan grinned. “As soon as we finish, thirty seconds later it’s like, ‘Oh, Ryan, my pussy’s wet for you,’ or ‘Ryan, my pussy wants you.’” Luke chuckled enviously.

“Dude, how is that all bad?”

“I’m not saying it is,” he sneered smugly. “I’m the only guy who can do her, like, seven times in a row.”

“Fuck, man!” Luke howled, obviously awed at his friend’s virility. Ryan smirked; Luke probably couldn’t keep it up for more than ten minutes. Suddenly, Luke’s cell phone rang on the table. “Shit,” he exclaimed as he picked it up, rolling his eyes. “Hey, mom,” he answered. Ryan bit his lip to keep from laughing out loud. Mama’s boy, he thought. “Yeah, I’ll do it,” Luke droned. As he hung up, Ryan could still hear Mrs. Johnson yakking on the other line.

“No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend,” Ryan commented.

“Shut up,” Luke protested. “I have to go pick up my sister from school. You can let yourself out.” And with that, he got up, grabbed his clothes and walked into the house.

“Man, I’m loving this!” Billy suddenly blurted to Nick on their way to class.

“Loving what?”

“My backpack,” Billy answered. “It doesn’t fall off my shoulders anymore.” He pulled on the straps so that his bag rose up and plopped back against his broad back.

“Oh, yeah,” Nick grinned, “me neither!” He was right; his backpack used to keep slipping down all the time, but ever since he started growing, he no longer seemed to have that problem. “I guess our shoulders are getting wider.” Nick looked up at Billy who was smiling brightly. Man, he was really looking huge. But then again, at 5’8” and 160 pounds, Billy was gigantic for a 13-year-old.

“How big are you now?” the larger boy asked. Nick chuckled; he must’ve asked him that every day, as if he was just as interested in his growth as his own.

“I finally broke 130 this morning,” Nick reported, flexing his arms. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt, so his muscles were fully visible as they jumped on command. Billy gasped.

“Dude,” he exclaimed, “your shoulder muscles are looking awesome!” Nick looked over at his delts. Yeah, they were shredded, alright, he thought.

“You remember what they’re called?” he quizzed his friend. Billy bit his lip and stared up at the ceiling in concentration.

“Um, del…toids?” he answered slowly. Nick smiled and nodded. “Yes!” Billy pumped his fist in celebration. He was getting smarter, it seemed, the bigger he got. Or maybe it was just because he was more sure of himself. He waved goodbye as they parted in the hall.

“Well, I’ll see you later,” Nick said, ducking into his science class just as the bell rang. He took his seat in the back row and immediately leaned his chair against the wall, closing his eyes. This class was so boring, but at least he was getting an A in it…just like every other class. It was great being a genius!

“Hey, Nick,” a female voice called him out of his nap. Nick turned his head.

“Hi, Jen,” he said, smiling. Jen Stengel had been Nick’s lab partner all year…and she obviously had a huge crush on him. Well, a lot of girls did, but Jen constantly gazed at him dreamily.

“You look great in that shirt,” she commented, eyeing his chest beneath the black fabric of the muscle shirt he wore.

“Thanks,” he whispered.

“Can I feel your muscles?” she asked. Without hesitating, Nick raised his right arm and flexed his biceps within inches of the girl’s face. Instantly, Jen’s hand shot to it, feeling its steel hardness. “Wow,” she gasped. “I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten since last year.” She was right; Nick had grown 7 inches and gained nearly 40 pounds in less than 12 months. It was simply nothing short of amazing.

“Yeah,” he crooned, peering intently into Jen’s eyes, “and imagine how big I’ll get by next year?” Her body seemed to shudder at the thought of it. Nick watched her eyes drift from his, down his body and to his crotch. He felt his cock twitch eagerly in his shorts, as hard as it could be. Damn, he was so horny right now! Hell, he was horny all the time! He would jack off, like, three times every night – each time more pleasurable than the last – and then once or twice more the next morning. Man, would he have liked to bone Jen at that moment, but just then, class started. “Meet me in the boys’ bathroom by the cafeteria after school,” he whispered into her ear. She stared back at him with wide eyes.

“Did you see Rick Stevens the other night?” Kim gossiped with Erin on their way out of the school building. “I saw him at Springfield Mall. He was practically sucking Jessica Brainerd’s face off. Isn’t he going out with Kristen?”

“He must think he’s God’s gift to women,” Erin added. “Wait ‘till I tell her, that jerk!”

“I mean, he is kinda cute,” Kim continued, “and he’s ripped like Jesus!” Erin stopped dead in her tracks and eyed her best friend suspiciously.

“Are you saying you think he’s hot?” she interrogated.

“NO!” Kim had a ridiculous look on her face. “I said he was kinda cute. That doesn’t mean he’s hot. That’s two different things.” They started walking again. “Plus…”

“Plus what?” Kim was biting her lip mischievously.

“Plus, I’ve seen him. He doesn’t have much down there.” She giggled foolishly as Erin rolled her eyes. By this time the two girls had arrived at the pick-up area along the front of the school.

“Who’s picking us up today?” Erin asked. Kim shrugged.

“I don’t know. My dad’s really busy and my mom’s at some spa again, so…” Suddenly, her voice trailed off as she caught sight of the car that pulled into the middle school parking lot. “Damn!” she cursed under her breath. Erin followed her gaze…and saw Luke’s Porsche squealing around the bend. Great, she thought. The car screeched to a halt right in front of them and Kim grudgingly opened the back door.

“Hey, aren’t you gonna say hi to your own big brother or anything?” Luke sneered at them over his shoulder, flashing that permanent smirk of his.

“Shut up,” Kim replied bitterly. Then, he noticed Erin standing there, waiting for Kim to crawl in. “Hey baby,” he cocked his chin at her, “you wanna ride shotgun with me?”

“In your dreams,” Erin retorted, giving him the meanest glare she could. He was almost as bad as Ryan. She climbed into the backseat with Kim and slammed the door shut. No sooner had she done that, than Luke floored the gas and the car sped toward the exit.

Meanwhile, Nick made his way to his locker and unloaded his books. Quickly, he glanced at himself in the little mirror he had mounted on his locker door and fixed his hair…though it already looked pretty good. Satisfied, he closed it and headed toward the bathroom for his meeting with Jen. As soon as he rounded the corner, he spotted her waiting impatiently right outside.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” she returned. And without another word, the two stole into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. Once they made sure the coast was clear – no one in the stalls – Jen immediately grabbed Nick’s shoulders and pushed him up against the wall, ferociously attacking his lips with hers.

“Oh, my God,” she breathed, “I can’t keep my hands off of you anymore.” Nick could only moan in reply as he lustfully slid his hands up her shirt, toward her breasts. God, he hadn’t tasted a girl in so long, but now that he was, it felt so natural; it felt so good! As the couple continued to tongue-wrestle, Jen pulled at Nick’s shirt, motioning him to remove it…which he gladly did. It was getting hot in there anyway! “Shit!” she gasped, viewing his shredded torso for the first time. “You’re so hot!”

“You, too!” he grunted, as she started worshipping his body. Her tongue drifted from his mouth, down his chin and neck, to his pecs. Nick felt his cock grow rock-hard as Jen began licking his aroused nipples. Fuck, that felt so good! His eyes were closed, his mouth open, searching for air.

“Uhhhh!” she groaned in approval, making her way to his washboard abs, fixating her mouth around each section, tasting his sweat, which by this time was pouring from every pore. Nick had the back of her head in his hands, urging her to work harder. By the time her fingers held onto the waistband of his shorts, he almost couldn’t take the anticipation. His cock was pulsing so hard, it was almost painful.

“Oh, yeah!” he sighed as Jen slowly began lowering his shorts, revealing Nick’s cock to her eyes. It was so hard and so pumped, it looked bigger than it ever had before…as if it wasn’t big already. In fact, it was nearly seven inches long now and thicker than ever.

“Holy shit!” Jen exclaimed when she saw it. No doubt, it was the biggest, thickest, most beautiful cock she had ever seen in her life. Instantly, she lunged her mouth around the head, licking every inch of it. Nick felt like he was in ecstasy; he leaned his head back – his mouth open wide, legs spread apart. Within a minute, his heavy, low-hanging balls erupted with the biggest load he had ever blown – straight down Jen’s throat. She began gagging; it was almost too much for her, but she seemed determined to swallow every last drop.

When he was finished, Nick – surprisingly not exhausted from all of that – gazed down at Jen, who by now had plopped down into the floor in front of him, staring up at him like he was some sort of a Greek god. At the first sight of his eyes, she was hypnotized. At the same time, Nick felt his testosterone churning again in his balls…and his dick began erecting again – barely 30 seconds after spewing!

“Fuck me,” Jen wailed as if she were under a deep spell. But just then, something entered Nick’s mind, like a voice…and he found himself looking away. Immediately, Jen broke out of her trance. “What’s wrong?” she asked, looking dazed.

“I can’t,” Nick murmured, barely loud enough for her to hear.

“What?” she was confused. Nick couldn’t understand what was happening either – just that he suddenly didn’t want to have sex with her. Then, the reason came to him…

“We don’t have any condoms,” he explained. “What if you get pregnant?”

“That’s not going to happened,” she protested incredulously.

“But it could!” Nick immediately blurted, his voice echoing off the walls. He stood up straight and pulled up his pants, his dick already starting to return to its flaccid state. “I have to go,” he said plainly.

“What!?!” Jen looked shocked. Nick kneeled down and took her face in his hands.

“Look,” he said, “you’re an amazing girl and I’d love to have sex with you, but not now…not like this.” Jen gazed back at him fondly, taken by every word that came out of his mouth; she seemed to get what he was saying. Slowly, Nick stood up and made his way toward the door, leaving Jen sitting quiet and stunned on the floor. •

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