Nick (Sequel to JP)

Growing Bigger…


By luvyalots

“Come on, Nick, just two more reps!” JP urged his young protégé, spotting him carefully on his brand new bench press. Nick yelled in determination as he pushed the bar two more times above his chest. “Good job!” JP exclaimed, helping him rack the bar. “145 pounds…that’s awesome for a 13-year-old!”

“13 and one week!” Nick quickly reminded him. JP could tell the kid was proud of his body and his strength. He didn’t know any other guys his age that could bench 145 ten times in a row; Nick was truly one in a million.

“You need water?” JP asked. Nick nodded and he tossed a towel and a bottle of water over to him. As the boy chugged and wiped the sweat off his face, JP couldn’t help looking at him and feeling a sense of amazement come over him. His little pecs were flushed and pumped and his shoulders were practically pulsing. JP could almost see the muscles growing bigger underneath his skin. The kid was unbelievable; he never seemed to back down from a challenge. And he certainly didn’t know the meaning of the word quit.

JP went back to the bench and prepared to unload the weights. As soon as Nick came home from school on his birthday a week ago, he called up JP and persuaded him to help set up the weight bench in his bedroom. So, with the aid of Mr. Angelakis, the three moved the couch into the basement and replaced it with Nick’s personal mini-gym. Then, JP showed an eager Nick all the basic weightlifting exercises so that he’d become big and strong like him. Not surprisingly, he took quickly to each one and now – after a week – JP was checking up on him.

“How much can you bench?” Nick suddenly spoke up, having fully recovered from his workout.

JP smiled. “More than you,” he teased. Nick laughed, though it was obvious he wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

“I bet you can curl that easily,” he stated, pointing over his shoulder at the 145-pound bar. “I bet that’s nothing for you.”

“Are you challenging me, little man?” JP chided, rubbing his hand in Nick’s hair. Nick giggled childishly and darted out from under the teen to his bed, plopping playfully down to watch his idol. JP smiled; he sometimes forgot that he was still a little kid. The bulging – and growing – muscles on his body were beyond his years.

“I bet you can’t curl that bar more than ten times,” he gushed.

“I bet I can,” JP answered, placing his hands on his hips and comically puffing out his chest so that the T-shirt he was wearing stretched wildly. Nick laughed again. Shaking his head, JP whipped the shirt over his head, causing Nick to gasp at his hero’s ripped musculature. JP smirked to himself; everyone always had some kind of reaction to seeing him topless – it made all the girls drool and Matt practically cream in his pants.

Confidently – though mainly just for Nick’s amusement – he sauntered over to the rack and theatrically placed his hands under to the bar. Then, he easily lifted it up and began curling like crazy. Hell, he could curl almost 200 pounds with one arm, so curling 145 with both was a breeze. Nick was beside himself as he watched JP’s biceps pump up tremendously, every fiber of muscle shifting and sliding in perfect motion, the veins becoming bigger and fuller with each rep. By the 12th rep, he started slowing down, but kept pushing until he reached number 20. With a satisfied breath, he dropped the bar back into the rack. Nick cheered enthusiastically.

“I hope I’m as strong as you someday,” he breathed.

“Don’t worry,” JP assured him, “you will be.” And with that, he exploded into a most-muscular pose, his muscles bulging insanely out of his skin and his face screwed up into a growl. Nick immediately returned with a growl of his own – though at an octave higher. Suddenly, JP pounced on the kid, but Nick was ready for him, bracing his weight as best he could. The two began wrestling lightly with each other on Nick’s bed, Nick’s little hands barely able to grab any kind of hold on JP’s slick, giant muscles. But just as JP was about to let Nick put him into a hold, the boy jumped out of the fray, looking suddenly embarrassed about something.

“Nick,” JP asked, “what is it?”

“Uh, nothing,” Nick mumbled. “I just have to go to the bathroom.” And without another word, he hobbled out his door and down the hall, leaving JP to only wonder what that was all about.

Nick couldn’t believe what had just happened. He burst into the bathroom and hurriedly locked the door behind him. Immediately, he pulled down his pants to see a river of semen running down his inner thigh. Shit, why did that have to happen? He quickly grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and began cleaning himself off. God, he felt so embarrassed. He had felt his dick getting harder and harder as he watched JP show off his incredible strength; his muscles looked so hot, Nick couldn’t help but get turned on. And then when the two started wrestling around, he had just lost it, spewing a torrent of cum in his gym shorts. He hoped to God that JP hadn’t seen it. Suddenly, a knock sounded on the door.

“Nick, you alright in there, man?” It was JP.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he answered, his voice cracking with humiliation, desperately throwing the paper into the toilet and readjusting his shorts. Still shaking, he reached for the door and unlocked it. JP immediately poked his head through.

“What happened?” he asked, a look of genuine concern on his face. Nick nodded meekly. “Did you…” JP’s eyebrows curled up questioningly. Nick looked at his idol with his mouth slightly agape. JP’s eyes were so soft, he almost couldn’t help but answer truthfully.

“I ejaculated on myself,” he muttered, half-expecting JP to suddenly break out into hysterical laughter…but he didn’t. He only cracked a half-smile – but not one of jest, one of recognition.

“Is that why you’re embarrassed?” he asked. Nick jerked his head, biting his lip. Then, JP squatted down next to him and lowered his voice. “You know what?” he started. “The same thing happened to me when I was about your age.”

What? Nick thought to himself. He looked at the teen jock in utter shock. “But it wasn’t when you were around another guy, was it?”

“Yeah, it was.” he nodded, his eyes more sincere than Nick had ever seen before. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to a lot of guys.”

Nick was almost at a sudden loss for words. “But…” he began, completely confused. “But, I like girls.” JP looked into Nick as if he was reading his mind.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” he asked, the question almost taking Nick by surprise and he blinked a couple of times. “It’s alright,” JP soothed. “I won’t tell your parents or anything.”

Nick took in a deep breath and nodded. “I had sex with her,” he let out. He couldn’t believe he had just told his deepest secret. But JP seemed to have absolutely no reaction.

“Did you use…”

“Yes, I used a condom,” Nick answered before the question was finished.

“That’s good,” JP went on. Tenderly, he took Nick’s head in his hand and gazed at him intently. An electricity seemed to flow through Nick from JP as they met stares; Nick couldn’t take his eyes off of the high school jock. “Promise me,” he continued, “that you will be very careful.” Nick almost felt like he had no other choice but to nod yes. “Trust me, as you get older, especially with looks like yours, it will get harder for you to resist temptation. But I’m not saying what you did was wrong.” JP smiled, his eyes sparkling brightly. “You have a great future ahead of you and I don’t want to see you screw it up. Alright?”

“Alright,” Nick answered solemnly. He didn’t know exactly what JP was saying, but whatever it was, he took it to heart.

Ryan splashed cold water onto his face and looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. Why was he doing this to himself? Why was he putting his body through this? It seemed like after nearly every meal – no matter how big or small – Ryan found himself compulsively going to the toilet to throw up what he had just eaten. He glanced at his body. It looked immaculate; every muscle was clearly defined – a feat almost impossible on someone 245 pounds. But on the inside, Ryan Maloney felt like shit.

Since the end of football season, he had shed all the extra fat and had replaced it with hard muscle. Mr. Jansen was loving him for it – never before had the old man seen a body so impressive – and all the chicks he fucked were in ecstasy. And Brionna…fuck, he couldn’t get Brionna out of his mind. Every other girl he had been with paled in comparison to her. He must have screwed her a hundred times and each time seemed better than the last. Plus, he didn’t know a girl who could go all night like he could.

Ryan carefully peeked his head into the hallway to make sure it was clear. He couldn’t let anyone know about what he did in there. He was the top stud on campus; if news of his bulimia got out, that would be the end of him. Putting on his best arrogant jock face, he sauntered out of the bathroom and back to his dorm. As he made his way down the hall, a red-head stumbled out of another room, obviously drunk and probably high. She took one look at Ryan wearing only a pair of jeans that barely constrained his gigantic legs and nearly feel over.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped. “Ryan Maloney!” Ryan smirked conceitedly. Yeah, everyone knew who he was. How could they not, with a body like his?

“Yeah, baby,” he crooned, watching the girl’s eyes glaze over as he neared her. Her hands were shaking as she speechlessly reached out her hand to touch his muscular torso. “Where you from?” he asked. She had to have been from another school. Ryan was sure he hadn’t done her yet. He reached down and kissed her passionately on the lips. Her body shuddered as he held her, his strong arms easily holding up her entire bodyweight, keeping her from collapsing to her knees.

“Uhhhhh,” she squealed the unmistakable sound of near-climax…and Ryan had only kissed her; damn, he was good! Well, there was no use in letting her go by herself. Ryan instinctively undid the button and zipper of his jeans and pulled out his massive cock. Expertly lowering the red-head’s pants, he began fucking her senseless, their bodies rubbing up against each other in sheer delirium. In barely a minute of thrusting and grunting, he spewed gallons of his cum into her. He looked into her eyes; sure enough, they were dilated. Her head rolled back in ecstasy, completely overcome by the sex-god that was Ryan Maloney.

Suddenly and for no reason, Brionna popped into Ryan’s mind. Shit, she was probably waiting for him in her dorm. “I gotta go,” he whispered to the girl, who was now almost unconscious, her body slowly lowering to a heap on the floor. Ryan didn’t even bother zipping his jeans back up as he left her there. Someone would find her eventually, he thought. With that, he brushed his fingers through his jet black hair and headed toward the exit, his cock already hardening again.

Ian yawned and, looking up from his homework, stretched his limbs. He checked himself out in the wall mirror. Yeah, he was growing bigger – his pajama bottoms no longer reached down to his ankles and his shirt rode up substantially, letting his stomach show whenever he lifted up his arms. In fact, he had weighed 105 this morning and measured 5 feet 2-and-a-half inches. His parents hadn’t yet noticed their son’s sudden growth spurt, but pretty soon, Ian was sure they would have to. He had religiously been taking the creatine every day and while the results were slow to start, he could feel it building his muscles inside. He knew they were ready to explode with power. Fuck, he’d make Nick look like a wimp.

Every day at school he would look over at Nick and see how he was progressing – he was now 5’5” and 125 pounds. By the summer, Ian would be at least that big for sure. I mean, even Billy – that fat piece of lard – was starting to grow. The retard said that he was something like 140 pounds, but most of that was fat, no doubt. Soon, though, Ian would be leaving them both in the dust.

Desperate to catch up, he had done his homework. He researched online about protein and whey and other supplements besides creatine that would help him get big. He spent nearly all of his weekly allowance on the stuff and hid his stash in his closet. And starting tomorrow, he’d be adding all that stuff to his diet. Then, he read that he had to work out to build muscle. He couldn’t go to a gym and he didn’t have enough money for weights or anything, so he made up an exercise program that used what he had. He used his own body weight for push-ups and sit-ups, he used the frame above his closet for pull-ups, he used heavy paint cans he found in the basement for makeshift dumbbells. And every night, he went through a grueling routine that he knew would make him massive.

Ian threw down his pencil. All he could think about was getting big; he couldn’t concentrate on his homework. He walked into his bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He took off his shirt and checked himself out. Fuck, he was already starting to see the growth, his arms and chest were getting thick with size and he felt heavier. But damn, he looked ugly! The rest of his body was getting huge, but his face wasn’t much to look at. Nick, on the other hand, was a stud. He had dimples and eyes that twinkled; he certainly didn’t have a uni-brow like Ian.

Ian opened up a drawer and pulled out the electric razor he had pilfered from his dad’s bathroom. He had to do something. Carefully, he began trimming the hairs above the bridge of his nose. He wanted to look normal…no, he wanted to look better than normal – he wanted to look gorgeous…like that JP guy. Once his eyebrows had become two again, he looked them over. Shit, they didn’t look even. Carefully, he dragged the razor across the top of his left eyebrow, making sure he didn’t take too much off. There, that was better. Ian stood back and admired himself one more time. Already, he looked better looking.

“Hey, baby,” he snarled arrogantly at his reflection, pretending he was talking to a hot chick. “You wanna stay with me a while?” He thrust his chin toward the mirror as he spoke. He didn’t look like much now, but once he put some muscles onto his body, he’d have the girls falling all over him. Suddenly, Ian felt his cock grow inside his pants. Blindly, his hand wandered down to meet it. He smiled to himself. Yeah, they’re gonna what a piece of this, too, he thought. Just wait, I’m gonna make Nick look like a loser compared to me.

Brionna sat on Ryan’s bed and gazed across the dorm room at Dave as he rummaged through his drawers for a shirt. The guy wasn’t bad to look at. Obviously, he was nowhere near Ryan – not even in the ballpark – but he did have a nice ass. Too bad he was such an idiot. But Brionna knew she could use that to her advantage.

“Hey, Dave,” she called sweetly over to him. “You having trouble?” He looked up at her, his eyes wide in his seemingly permanent blank stare. Brionna smiled becomingly. As far as men went, Dave’s type was the easiest to snag.

“Uh, not really,” he bumbled, unable to take his eyes off of the hottest girl he no doubt had ever seen. “I think I just misplaced my black shirt.” Brionna shook her head to herself. God, the guy was dumb!

“Maybe I should help you,” she suggested, slowly getting up and walking over to him. He nearly dropped the shirt he was holding and gulped audibly. She could sense his cologne as she neared. “You smell nice,” she purred. “Has anyone told you that before?” Now speechless, all Dave could do was shake his head. “Aww, that’s too bad,” Brionna continued, reaching around him to gently grab his butt, “’cause you’re pretty hot.”

“Really?” he asked hoarsely. Brionna nodded. The guy had gotten so used to playing second fiddle to alpha males that he didn’t know what to do when a girl came on to him.

“Yeah,” she placed her other hand on the back of his head. “Why don’t you show me how much?” She had him now – his eyes were staring at her lips as she spoke. She pulled him over to Ryan’s bed, slipping off her bra as she did. Dave’s mouth dropped open as he sighted her bare breasts. It was probably the closest he had ever gotten to a girl – and he was loving it. Or maybe it was the ecstasy she had slipped him at the last party before. She never went to one without it; her personal stash was always in the glove compartment of her car.

Clumsily, Dave undid his jeans and pulled down his pants as the couple lay down on the bed. The sheets smelled of Ryan’s pure jock testosterone, but that only turned on Brionna even more. “Fuck me,” she whispered into his ear as he pulled out his cock. She glanced quickly at it; it wasn’t too bad, a bit on the average side, but a nice-looking one. This shouldn’t be too boring, she thought as he started pumping her, his motions more like those of a pre-teen kid rather than an experienced college boy.

“Dave,” she breathed softly. He immediately looked at her distantly. “Are you liking this?” Dave froze for a second, as if he couldn’t think and have sex at the same time, but Brionna pressed against his bare ass to get him going again – she knew how to physically control a guy, too. As long as you controlled his cock, you controlled his entire body. “Do you like this?” she repeated.

He nodded.

“Good, would you like to do this again?”

He nodded again.

“Great, now roll over,” she sighed provocatively.

Dave obeyed her and shifted his body so that she could move out from under him. But in one swift movement, she rose off the bed, pulled up her panties and headed across the room to grab her shirt. Dave just laid there half-naked – his dick throbbing painfully – looking stunned.

“Get up and put your pants back on,” she ordered dryly. Dave hesitated for a moment, not quite believing what he was hearing. She hadn’t even given him a chance to climax! “Do it!” she hissed gently. He did what he was told and zipped up his pants, a puzzled look on his face.

Her shirt covering her large breasts, she walked over to him and took his face in her hands. “You did a good job,” she smiled. “I’d love to do that again sometime.” And with that, she planted a kiss on his lips and headed out of the room.

Brionna smiled to herself as she walked down the hall. Dave had passed his test. She now knew that she could make him do whatever she wanted. •

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