Nick (Sequel to JP)

Secrets and Lies


By luvyalots

Brionna curled her bare feet onto the passenger-side dash of her Jaguar convertible as the southern Virginia countryside whizzed by her window. Ryan was driving her home for winter break and boy, did he know how to drive. She had never heard her car sound better as it weaved through traffic. She gazed over at him. God, he was steaming! One hand was on the wheel, the other on the stick, as he glared out the windshield with that debilitating glare of his.

Ryan Maloney just may have been the hottest guy Brionna had ever slept with. He had everything: painfully good looks, a ridiculous body, a huge, thick cock…but his arrogance was the biggest turn-on. The way he looked at her, the way he held her, the way he fucked her…it sort of reminded Brionna of herself. Ever since she was young she seemed to have the power to control men; she was able to get them to do anything she wanted. In a way, she had met her match in Ryan…and she liked the challenge. But he had one weakness…

“Hey, Ryan,” she ringed, “I’m getting lonely over here.” He glanced at her with a smirk. He knew what she wanted.

“I’m already waiting,” he sneered, expertly unzipping his pants with one hand. Brionna looked Ryan over again. He had gotten bigger and more ripped since she first met him. The long-sleeved shirt he was wearing was way too tight on him, but that didn’t matter; it showed his massive muscles off even more. In fact, Ryan looked amazing in everything he modeled, whether it was a full suit or merely a pair of briefs, his huge cock barely concealed beneath the material – so much for the Irish curse! Brionna nimbly stretched across the front of the car and fished for that cock, eager to taste the juicy nine-plus-inch monster in her mouth.

“Oh, shit,” Luke exclaimed from the back seat, looking up from making out with his own girl. “You’re not gonna do what I think you’re gonna do.”

Brionna ignored him as she pulled out Ryan’s dick, its tremendous girth filling her hand. She wished Luke would just shut up. I mean, he was pretty hot and not a bad fuck himself, but he could be annoying sometimes. She wanted to enjoy this. Lustfully, she wrapped her lips around Ryan’s cock and began giving him road head. Immediately, he started groaning and grunting, his body shifting in his seat.

Suddenly, Ryan jerked the car to the right. “Oh, fuck!” he hissed. Brionna instantly sat up and looked behind her through the rear windshield. Fuck was right! Cops! She hadn’t heard any sirens or seen any lights, but Ryan had pulled over and now a state trooper had parked behind them.

“Don’t worry,” Luke spoke up nervously. “I’ll just tell him who my dad is.”

“Your dad owns a country club,” Ryan scoffed, speaking to his best friend through the rearview mirror. “That’s not gonna help us jack shit! Put your damn seatbelts on!” he yelled. “Idiot!” he said under his breath. Luke and the other girl hurriedly fastened their seatbelts and tried to look innocent.

Brionna shook her head. “Let me handle this,” she told Ryan. “And whatever you do,” she whispered into his ear, “do not look at the glove compartment.” Ryan gave her a strange eyebrow-arched look, but he seemed to get the jist of what she was trying to say. She had learned her lesson from Miami.

The officer sauntered up to the driver’s side window as Ryan rolled it down. “Did you realize, sir,” he drawled, “that you were weaving all over the lane back there.”

“Well, officer,” Ryan stated probably a little too condescendingly, “my girlfriend, here, was sorta…well, you know…” and then he did a quirky tongue against his cheek gesture.

“Sir, I don’t think I do,” the cop responded unaffectedly.

Brionna sighed. You’d think he’d know how to handle cops, she thought to herself.

“Officer?” she chirped in her cute-little-innocent-girl voice, leaning strategically over Ryan’s lap so that her ample cleavage was clearly visible to the trooper. “I was just giving him a little birthday present,” she smiled amorously, giving him her best bedroom eyes.

The officer just stared at her for a moment – at what she couldn’t tell behind his sunglasses, but she had an idea – and then finally cleared his throat. “Well, I’ll just let you two off with a warning,” he said, his voice suddenly a bit hoarse. “Just keep your hands to yourself while you’re on the road, alright?”

“Sure, officer,” Brionna chimed. “Thank you!”

“Uh, yeah, thanks,” Ryan added and stared at Brionna as she sat back up, looking very proud of herself. I guess he isn’t as good as I thought, she said to herself.

Nick swam another lap of the swimming pool, the Florida sun feeling warm on his back. He had read somewhere on the Internet that swimming was good for your body. In fact, he had read a lot of things on the Internet about what was good for him, like protein – he already had a lot of that in his diet, and exercise – even though his dad said he was too young to work out with weights, he did sit-ups and push-ups religiously in his bedroom. That way, he’d already have a solid base for weightlifting.

Nick climbed out of the pool, walked over to his towel and dried himself off. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught two bikini-clad girls looking at him from across the deck and giggling. He bit his lip, suddenly conscious of himself. He was only wearing his swim trunks, so anyone could see how fit he was. I mean, he was proud of how he looked – his pecs were starting to fill his chest, his abs were visible without flexing now and his small biceps balled up slightly when he bent his arms – but it was still weird to know that girls were checking him out. It was just something he had never really experienced before.

Forgetting it, he sprawled out on one of the deck chairs to catch some sun. The last four months had been crazy. He had grown 5 inches since August and weighed 115 pounds the last he checked – though it might’ve been even more now. He was growing up so fast. None of his pants fit him anymore – not only were they too short, but they were getting painfully tight around the crotch – and his shirts were beginning to feel small. The fabric would always stretch tightly across his chest and upper back and he constantly had to pull at the bottom to keep them from riding up.

But none of that mattered right now. It was winter break and since his family didn’t celebrate Christmas until January, they always went on vacation to Sarasota – and always at the same boring hotel. Nick didn’t want to go this year, but he had to. His parents wouldn’t let him stay in Virginia by himself, but they agreed to give him his space while they were there. So, while they and Chrissy were doing some boring touristy thing, Nick stayed at the hotel to swim and hang out.

“Hi,” a female voice broke Nick out of his daydream, causing him to flinch a bit. He snapped open his eyes to see one of the girls from across the pool standing above him, smiling ashamedly. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she apologized. “Did I wake you?”

“No,” Nick shook his head flustered. “I was just lying down.” Both of them just looked at each other awkwardly, neither knowing what to say next. The girl seemed to be about a few years older than Nick and she looked pretty hot. She had nice, curvy hips and her bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination as it barely covered her decent-sized breasts.

“Hi, I’m Angela,” the girl finally said, offering her hand to Nick.

“I’m Nick,” he answered, sitting up and taking it.

“My sister and I were, um, wondering how old you were,” she seemed ashamed by the question, shrugging her shoulders as she sat down on the next chair over.

Nick looked at her puzzled. “Uh, I’m 12,” he said. Immediately, Angela’s eyes widened.

“12?” she shouted, and then covered her mouth, giggling more quietly. “I could’ve sworn you were more like 15.” Nick furrowed his eyebrows. Angela pointed at his chest. “You have a nice body. None of the boys I knew when I was 12 had muscles like yours.”

Nick absently looked down at his stomach and grinned, feeling his face turn red. “Thanks,” he said. “How old are you?”

“I’m 14 – 15 in a two months,” Angela lifted her chin up proudly.

“Well, I’ll be 13 in three,” Nick answered back in a similar fashion, smiling broadly.

Angela giggled, biting her lip nervously. “You’re cute,” she said. “I like your dimples.” It wasn’t the first time he had heard that compliment, but for some reason, it felt different when this girl said it. There were butterflies in his stomach.

“Well, you have really pretty eyes,” Nick returned, looking into them. She did have beautiful brown eyes. They fluttered and twinkled as she smiled back at him. Then, another awkward silence began, but this one didn’t last as long.

“Do you work out?” Angela suddenly blurted, almost as if by accident. It almost took Nick by surprise.

“Not really,” he answered. “I do push-ups and stuff, but I don’t lift weights…yet.” The way he added the “yet” sent a chill down his spine. It felt good saying that. Angela leaned forward a little bit.

“You must have all the girls at school going crazy,” she whispered, her voice a bit different now.

Nick shook his head. “Not really.”

“Why not? You’re pretty hot.” As she said this, Nick felt the butterflies moving faster. What was going on? Angela seemed to have no reaction; she just kept gazing into his eyes.

Suddenly, both their lips met. Nick hadn’t realized they were so close until they actually touched, but it was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Angela took his hand and he automatically grabbed her other arm and the two continued kissing. Nick closed his eyes as he felt her tongue dance with his, sparks shooting through his body. He felt his dick begin to harden as he slid his hand up to her shoulder, while hers moved to the back of his head.

After what seemed like an eternity, their lips released. Nick’s eyes remained closed for a second as his heart rapidly beat in his chest. He looked over at Angela who was also breathing hard. Wow, his first kiss was nothing like he thought it would be.

“Thanks,” Angela breathed, though he didn’t know why she was thanking him. She gazed at him longingly.

“Your welcome?” Nick answered, his voice ending upward as if it were a question.

“I guess I’ll see you later,” Angela said softly as she stood up and headed back inside, all the while looking back at Nick, who was left sitting on the chair breathless, over her shoulder.

Erin zipped up her jacket as she made her way up the front walk to her house. Fishing around her pocket for the key, she wondered what the scene inside would be like. Her parents were away for the weekend, and no doubt with Ryan home from school, there had been a huge party the night before. That’s why she had been sleeping over at Kim’s house.

As quietly as she could, she opened the door and slunk into the house. Sure enough, the place smelled of bleach. Let me guess, she thought, JP did the cleaning up. Unsure of where her brothers – or anyone else for that matter – might be, she laid her backpack by the stairs and tip-toed into the den. There, sitting on the couch was Ryan, making out passionately with a half-naked girl. Their backs were to her and they hadn’t yet noticed her presence. Erin narrowed her eyes at them and began to turn away, but then movement on Ryan’s other side caught her attention. Another girl had popped her head up and stuck her tongue in his ear. He turned his head and began kissing her, too.

Erin rolled her eyes and turned away to go to the fridge in the kitchen. She opened it and – shit, where was the milk? Grinding her teeth, she looked over at the sink. An empty milk carton was sitting in it, the last few drops collected in a puddle at the very bottom.

“Nice of you to finish off the milk, Ryan,” she called sarcastically to her brother in the next room. She glared at him through the doorway as he finally broke his lip-lock to look at her.

“Hey, I was thirsty,” he sneered. Erin grabbed the milk carton and went back into the den.

“Mom always says,” she lectured, “that the person who finishes it off has to throw it away” – Ryan just smirked – “in the garbage, not in the sink.”

“Oh, go play with your Barbies or something,” he jeered, apparently proud of his retort. The two bimbos, who hadn’t taken their eyes off of him this whole time, seemed just as amused. “I’m a little busy right now.” Just then, yet another girl – previously unseen – lifted her head from between Ryan’s legs.

“What’s going on?” she whined groggily, swallowing hard and smacking her own lips.

That’s when Erin realized what was going on: while Ryan was making out with one girl, another was probably worshipping his body, licking it up and down, and a third was giving him a blowjob! She screamed in both frustration and disgust, threw the milk carton at her brother – hitting him squarely on the forehead – and stormed out of the room.

Erin headed upstairs to her bedroom. She was going to go to sleep – and try to get the picture of her own brother’s orgy out of her mind. As she walked down the hall in a huff, she almost didn’t realize that JP was in his room, talking on the phone. If he hadn’t said Matt’s name at the exact moment she walked past, she wouldn’t have heard it. Stopping dead in her tracks at the mention of her crush, Erin silently leaned her ear toward the door, which was open just a crack.

“No, Matt, it’s fine,” JP said mid-conversation. “I know you have a college audition that weekend….don’t worry, there’ll be another district tournament next year, trust me…” He laughed. “I know, I’m gonna miss you, too.” There was something in the way her brother said those words that sounded strange. She leaned in even closer. “Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow…I love you, too, Matt.”

JP hung up, but Erin remained at the door, frozen in shock. There was no way what she had just heard could possibly be true. Were Matt Andersson and her brother…boyfriends?

“So, you’re going home tomorrow?” Angela asked Nick sorrowfully as she held his hand while lying down on her hotel room bed.

“Yeah,” he confessed. “Our flight leaves in the morning.”

“I won’t be able to see you again,” she leaned into him, her eyes practically on the verge of crying. The last few days had been a whirlwind for Nick. Nearly every moment he could get away from his family, he had spent with Angela. She was amazing; she was pretty, she was so fun to talk to and she tasted good when he kissed her. In fact, the couple had gotten more and more into it each time they made out. She had even let Nick fondle her breasts – second base, she called it. Nick had always wondered what that meant.

“I’ll probably be back here next year,” he reminded her.

“And all these muscles will be bigger,” she continued for him as she placed her hand on his slender pecs. He wasn’t wearing a shirt – he hadn’t all week since Angela kept telling him he shouldn’t hide his body anymore – and her hand felt good on his warm skin. “Can you kiss me one more time?” she pleaded.

Nick grinned, knowing his dimples were making her tingle inside, and planted his lips onto hers. It no longer felt strange, but powerful, like his body was becoming rejuvenated. When they let go, Angela’s eyes were only inches from his.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” she whispered. Nick suddenly felt his heart skip a beat.

“You mean…” He couldn’t bring himself to actually say the word. Angela nodded. “But I don’t have any…”

“That’s alright,” she interrupted. “I have condoms. Actually, they’re my sister’s.”

Nick gulped as he looked at Angela. What was he getting himself into? A few days ago, he had had his first kiss and now they were talking about sex? But she was so awesome and his dick was already growing at the thought of it. That had to mean something. Angela slowly got up and walked to the suitcase on the chair across the room. She didn’t seem nearly as nervous as he was.

“Take off your shorts,” she said calmly, gazing at him seductively. Nick felt his dick get even harder as he blindly obeyed her words. He slipped both his shorts and underwear down his legs, letting his penis swing free. This was the first time he had ever let anyone see his privates, but somehow, he didn’t seem to mind. “Wow,” Angela raised her eyebrows, “you’re pretty big down there.”

“What do you mean?” Nick asked hoarsely.

“Most guys are not that well-endowed,” she almost seemed to lick her lips. “How big is it?”

“Um,” Nick stalled, trying to remember, “about six inches.”

“That’s huge for a 12-year-old.” Nick started feeling more confident now, knowing that he was being called a stud. Angela handed him a small square package. “Do you know how to put this on?”

Nick nodded. He could figure it out. His hands shaking slightly, he carefully tore open the wrapper and pulled out the condom. It felt sort of like a deflated balloon.

“I hope it’s big enough,” Angela smiled, calming Nick’s nerves down again. He slipped the condom delicately over his throbbing cock. He could see the veins pulsing as he fit the thing around the head. Finally, when he was certain it was on correctly, he looked over at Angela who was by now lying on the bed, completely naked. “Come here,” she gently told him. Nick walked over to her, not able to take her eyes off of his first look at a real nude female body. Her breasts seemed to sit on her chest heavily, her back arched becomingly and her legs were open wide so that her cunt was offered to him. Nick looked down at his cock and then at Angela’s crotch and wondered how it was going to fit.

With a deep breath, he climbed onto the bed and straddled Angela like he had seen on the porn videos that Ian found one day in his dad’s closet. Angela held on to his arms and gazed up at him with desire. “Relax,” she said as Nick slowly lowered himself upon her, concentrating on aiming his cock into her vagina.

It slipped in surprisingly easily and the sensation that shot through Nick’s body was so strong, he almost felt like he was going to pass out. Angela moaned softly, gliding one hand up to his head, encouraging him to keep going. He did. Nick gently pushed his pelvis against hers and then pulled out again. With each movement, his body fought unconsciousness, the intensity was so powerful, but he kept going. Each stroke felt better and better, his nerves becoming more at ease, as he realized he was fucking a girl for the first time. After a minute or so, he began to enjoy it and he started to pump faster and faster and harder and harder. Soon, Angela was practically shrieking and sounds erupted from Nick’s own throat that sounded like nothing he had ever heard before.

Suddenly, Angela grabbed Nick’s butt and pressed him against her body. His mouth instantly connected with hers and they kissed violently as he blew his wad into her. The feeling was crippling. Unable to breathe, Nick squirmed around and finally thrust himself off of Angela, plopping down onto the bed next to her, the last few drops of his cum flying through air. His chest was heaving rapidly and he couldn’t speak as she leaned over him and kissed him on the forehead.

“Thanks,” she whispered. “I hope that was as good for you as it was for me.”

Even though he couldn’t answer and was more tired than he had ever been in his life, Nick knew it was good. And not only that, he knew he had become a man. •

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